tagGroup SexEscort Girls Ch. 04

Escort Girls Ch. 04


A Trip Report

Late that evening I had a telephone call from Marc, which I took in my cabin. He and Eve were stuck for the night in Nimes because a thunderstorm had delayed their departure until after the airport curfew. They would be staying at a hotel, but I was not to worry about Eve's safety. I thanked him for the courtesy of the call and assured him I had every confidence in him and Eve.

The following morning I felt better, as the soreness in my rear had receded. After swimming several laps around the yacht, I sunned topless on the afterdeck waiting for lunch and Eve's return. I was stunned to see Julien appear, looking hung over. I rolled onto my stomach, ignoring his presence and hoping he would leave. Instead he began to mumble a sort of apology. I was stupefied, hardly expecting that Jean's son would stoop to asking forgiveness for anything he did to me or Monique. I surmised that Monique had told Jean about Julien's rape (not that he would regard it as such), and Jean had forced him to come to me.

In our calling it gains little to bear a grudge, so for Monique's sake and mine I determined to be as gracious as possible, saying that it had all been a misunderstanding and no damage done. Julien acted relieved that I had not remained totally hostile, and mentioned that my account in Geneva would be credited in recompense for any inconvenience.

With relative peace reinstated aboard, we awaited with anticipation Eve and Marc's return, which occurred just before lunch. Eve looked very happy and Marc even showed a smile from time to time. We four listened to Eve's excited account of their trip, and especially the bullfights that they had watched in the arena at Nimes. I don't have a high opinion of bullfighting as a sport, but Marc was an enthusiast and explained in gory detail all of the finer points.

"Wasn't it awful watching them kill those animals?" I asked Eve.

"It was at first, but it was exciting too. They had six fights. At the end I was cheering along with everyone else."

"Meredith is afraid of being gored; the sight of blood scares her," added Monique slyly, winking at me. Julien almost choked on his drink, while Jean laughed aloud.

"What's so funny?" Eve wondered.

"Never mind! I'll tell you later," I said, glaring at Monique, who continued eating calmly as if nothing had happened.

After lunch, Eve, Monique, and I went to Eve's cabin to hear how her adventures had progressed.

"It's just like junior high," she began. "In the plane going he didn't touch me, but then at the roman bridge, we walked across holding hands. He had to tell me the whole history of aqueducts and all, and I'm a good listener. He likes people to pay attention to him. Then we drove back to Nimes in the rental car. He drives like a maniac by the way. Anyway, at the bullfight he was telling me all of the details about who does what, how the bulls are bred, and everything. At first I didn't like watching, but it really does get to you. When they killed the bulls I grabbed his arm, and he put it around my back. And what was the joke about you being gored?"

"You tell her Monique!"

"Monsieur Julien invited us to his cabin night before last for some entertainment, and he gored your sister's ass with his horn. There was a little blood as a result."

"He fucked your ass. What a jerk!"

"He has made up now, and no one is the worse for wear," Monique said. "Meredith has gotten a little experience and a large tip for her pains. Now, tell us about your night together."

"It wasn't together. He got a suite at a fancy hotel, and we had separate bedrooms. It was pouring rain and we had room service, then watched football on the TV. I did snuggle against him on the sofa, and he had his arm around me, but nothing further, except he kissed me good night."

"How sweet! Young love in flower," said Monique.

"It's a good start," I said. "There's four more nights before we leave. What are you doing today?"

"I think we're having dinner ashore. In the meantime, it's been two days since I've gotten laid. Any chance one of you could help me out?"

Monique and I were agreeable, and she went to fetch the strapon that she had used on me with Julien. When she returned, we all stripped naked, and Eve helped her put it on, not without some mutual foreplay.

Monique announced the program. "My plan is that Eve should lie on her back, and I will give her the pleasure of this magnificent cock. During this activity, Meredith can straddle her face." This plan was agreeable to everyone, and soon we were in position. I reached down to hold open the lips of Eve's pussy, and Monique pushed the thick dildo into her very slowly. I was surprised at the length Eve took, since when Monique's stomach was pressed against the back of her thighs only a centimeter of the shaft was still visible.

"You took all of it. I couldn't get that much into me."

"You can leave the guys with big cocks to me then. By the way, I think Marc has a big one."

"You saw it?"

"No, but when we were on the jet ski I kind of put my hand in his lap. It felt pretty big."

"That is something to look forward to, my little Eve," said Monique, pulling the dildo out and then stroking smoothly in.

"Ooh, that feels so good," Eve trilled. Monique continued to pump back and forth slowly, and as I sat back, Eve parted my cheeks. "Your ass looks OK from here. Does it still hurt?"

"Just a little."

She licked around the edge, then pushed the tip of her tongue into me. "It tastes OK too."

We continued on in this manner for more long minutes, with Eve licking and rubbing my pussy from below and Monique fucking hers from above. I came hard first, and then brought off Eve's climax by bending forward to lap her clit each time Monique pulled the dildo out. Afterwards we both offered to return the favor for Monique, but she said she had been sufficiently fucked by Jean the night before.

That evening I went to the casino with Jean. Monique and Julien had gone to a nightclub, and Eve and Marc to their dinner à deux. This time Jean lost heavily, so no nice tip was forthcoming. We returned to the yacht before any of the others, and Jean led me directly to his cabin.

Conference with Jean

"Marc seemed almost normal at lunch today. Eve is having a salutary effect on him. Have they slept together?"

"Not yet. Perhaps tonight. The plan was to proceed gradually so as not to frighten him."

"So Monique told me. I agree that was the best approach. Do you know why I decided that Eve was the right one to teach him?"

"Tell me!"

"At first I thought of Monique, but Marc knows she has been often with Julien and myself. That might have disgusted him."

"He is certainly cool towards her."

"Then I thought of you, since he didn't know you. But I considered that you might desert me for him afterwards."

"How could you think that?"

"Very easily, and I would miss you very much. Marc would not agree to share. Then too, he is impressionable, and if he fell in love with you it would be a problem to disentangle."

"What problem?"

"Marc is idealistic. Would you be tempted if he asked to marry you?"

"Perhaps. Would that be so bad?"

"Not for you, but for Marc very bad. He will be in society and in the government some day, a prefect or even higher. A wife with your background would be fatal. He would be exiled to some post in Martinique or a remote embassy. That is a shame, for I think that in many respects you would be well-matched to him."

"So why Eve then?"

"First, she is too young to accept any such proposal, and even otherwise it could be prevented. Second, she is not tainted in his eyes as you and Monique are, and she has an air of innocence that fits well with my desires. They will have a summer romance, some sexual pleasure, and she will go home. Marc will continue his studies, and will not be too repressed to find a suitable match afterwards."

"You have planned everything it seems."

"With the young one cannot plan for every eventuality. I understand that was the case with Julien and you."

"You know it already."

"He apologized, I believe. Did you accept it?"

"Of course. I know you told him to. So it was really your apology. He would never think of it on his own."

"Very acute. I was sure you would understand that. It's a reason I continue to employ you."

"I thought there was another reason."

"Beautiful young women for sex can be had with ease, cheaper and with less trouble than you. Monique is compliant, but she is rather dull out of bed. The two of you together interest me much more. It is well for her that you love her. When you finish your schooling, I will find you a position in my company that will be suitable to your talents."

This announcement was a pleasant surprise, at it implied he would engage me for the next several years at least. I ventured a jest, "Your secretary, or rather under-secretary?"

"I am being serious. But now that we have finished our serious discussion for now, we can pass to other topics. I take it you did not enjoy your introduction to sodomy."

"He hurt me."

"Very unfortunate, but you have benefited from the experience in the end. I thought of venturing there myself at a suitable time."

"You never said so."

"I supposed that some other of your clients would open the door. I never like being first in that respect. Monique quite likes it you know."

"I know."

"I shall convince you that it can be pleasant."

"I'm still sore."

"Not tonight, but someday soon. Now I am tired and want to sleep."

"Shall I stay with you?"

"Not tonight. I'd like you to suck me, and then you can go."

He sat on the edge of the bed with me on my knees before him. I opened the front of his tuxedo trousers and brought out his cock, but it was a long job to get him hard, and many minutes before he pulled my head to him as he spent into my throat.

Marc in Love

When I left Jean's cabin, I noticed that the tender was moored at the gangway. Marc and Eve must have returned from their dinner, and I was eager to see what progress they had made. I went to Eve's cabin and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Neither was anyone in Monique's, so I went to bed disappointed.

Eve did not appear for breakfast, nor did any of the others, so I ate alone with only the Figaro for company. As I finished my third coffee, the steward came with a message that Eve wanted to see me and was in her cabin. I immediately went down and found her in bed dressed only in her robe, the remains of a breakfast tray on the bedside table. Her long hair was tousled and fell in untidy array over her shoulders, and what remained of last night's makeup was evident in random smudges on her face. The top of the robe was open showing most of one plump breast. I climbed in beside her for a kiss before chiding her.

"Had a long night? Too lazy to come eat with me? I hope you don't let Marc see you like that."

"He has seen me. He just left. We had breakfast in bed."

"He spent the night?"



"We did it. He was very sweet."

"Tell all!"

"We went to this little bistro place. Only a few tables, and we sat in one of those booth things."

"A banquette?"

"Whatever you call it. Anyway, we were side by side and close together, so his leg was against mine. I was wearing that black dress with the scoop neckline, and I could tell he liked looking down at my tits when he thought I didn't notice."

"Mmm, nice."

"We had some Kir cocktails first, which made us both a little tipsy, and then we had some nice wine. When our food arrived, I gave him a taste of mine, and fed him from my fork. Then he did the same. By the time dessert came, I was leaning into him and he seemed to enjoy that. He was feeding me bites of his profiteroles, and I had my hand on his thigh as I leaned over to take them off the fork. I can tell you I was feeling really horny by then."

"Go on."

"We walked back to the waterfront with his arm over my shoulder and mine around his waist, kind of leaning into him. I was feeling tipsy from the drinks. He called for the tender, and while we were waiting he bent down and kissed me."

"Oh, how romantic! What did you do?"

"Kissed him back of course, more than once. He put his arms around me, kind of awkwardly at first, but I hugged him and stood on tiptoe to kiss him. I put my tongue out, but he had his lips clenched like he'd never kissed anyone before."

"That's possible. What did he do then?"

"He got the idea and opened up so that we touched tongues, and then I nibbled his lower lip. I was pressed up against him and could feel his cock getting hard against my stomach. He seemed embarrassed by that and let me go, 'cause at that moment we heard the tender's motor coming. On the way over we just sat calmly side by side, but when we were back I asked if he wanted to come to my cabin."

"And he did, obviously."

"He acted like he had to think about it, so I just took him by the hand and led him here."

"Well done!"

"Thanks. When we got inside, I kissed him again, and this time he kissed me back like he meant it, for quite a while. I told him to get undressed. He asked me if I was certain about it."

"A true gentleman. Then?"

"He went into the bathroom and had a pee, and eventually came out carrying his suit with just his boxers on. By then I had taken off the dress and hose, and just had my bra and panties. I asked him to undo the bra, and he did with a little fumbling. It was funny, him standing there holding the bra like he didn't know what to do. I slid of my panties then, and I guess you know they were pretty moist by then, and got into bed. Then I told him to take off his pants and get in with me."

"Was he nervous?"

"Really. He was only half hard. I said he should relax and let me take care of him. So I snuggled up to him and started kissing him, and put his hand on my breast. I showed him how I liked to be squeezed, and them had him put the nipple in his mouth. He was actually pretty good doing that, running his tongue all around, so both nips were sticking out."

"Very nice. Sort of like right now."

"Yeah, I'm excited thinking about it."

"By then he was hard and had his boner pushing on my thigh, so I just said he should lie back and let me love him. I got on top with him into me, really slowly so we could both feel it. He was just staring at my face with his mouth open, like he couldn't believe he was actually doing it. Then I started riding him nice and slow."


"He even thought to reach up and cup my breasts for a couple of seconds, but then he came."

"Predictable I guess."

"Yeah, but still it was nice. He was all sorry about being so fast and almost crying, but I said it was OK. We'd do it again as soon as he could. In the meantime, I showed him how he could bring me off with his fingers."

"A fast learner."

"Not really. He was pretty awkward and after a couple of minutes I knew it wasn't going to happen, so I faked it."

"Too bad! Did he get it up again?"

"I said we should sleep for a while, and turned out the lights. I heard you knocking on the door after that."

"I forgive you for not answering. That was about two this morning."

"He woke up again about four and went to the toilet, and when he came back I said we could do it again. This time I sucked him until he was ready, then let him get on top for missionary so he could go at his own pace. This time was a lot better 'cause he lasted for ten minutes."

"Did you cum too?"

"No, but I was pretty close, and when he got off I fingered myself for a few seconds and did. He wanted to know what I was doing, and then why he didn't satisfy me. So I told him it takes practice and it's harder for women. I said we could practice as often as he felt like."

"You might be busy the rest of the week."

"We had another go right before breakfast. Doggy this time."

"My favorite."

"I know. This time I could reach between my legs and rub my clit, so I came before he did. He felt it, and asked me if I'd cum then. I said 'yes' of course, and he wanted to know if he should stop. I told him to keep going."

"Very nice."

"Then we were hungry so I called for breakfast. He went into the bathroom when the food came. I guess he was embarrassed to be seen by the crew. It was funny."

"I forgive you for not eating with me in that case."

"You can eat me if you're still hungry."

That suggestion fell in with my inclinations, as her story had made me hot. We assumed a 69 position with me on top, and the thought of licking her freshly-fucked cunt with three loads of cum inside, along with her mouth on my pussy caused me to have a quick hard orgasm. Thereafter I was calmer and our mutual cunnilingus gave me a second while she came shortly thereafter.

"That was nice," I said when we were more composed. "What are the plans for today?"

"I don't know. Maybe fucking all afternoon. How about you guys?"

"We're all going fishing. I made up with Julien, so at least we can be civil. You two can have the yacht to yourselves."

The remainder of the week passed quickly, and at its conclusion Marc was truly smitten by cupid's arrows. He and Eve spent every minute together, much of it in his cabin, where she moved for the last three nights. Julien smirked at him and made snide comments that bounced harmlessly off. Jean seemed pleased at this new found personality. Monique personally took all of the credit for Eve's success, saying that it was her plan for the seduction that had yielded the hoped-for results.

For myself, I was happy for both of them, and even happier when a call to my banker in Geneva showed a substantial increase in my credit balance. I resolved to treat myself to a Hermès handbag when we were home.

The Rentrée

All of us flew back to Paris on the jet. In France the word rentrée applies to the period where people end their summer vacations and return to studies or work. It was the last week in July, and Eve was scheduled to fly back to the states the following week. Marc would not hear of it and begged me to convince our mother that she could remain through August. Mom's cruise had been a success, and she was enjoying being alone with her new flame. So it was not too difficult to persuade her to allow Eve to stay in my custody two additional weeks.

I calculated that Eve had earned an equal share of our fee for the week, excepting the bonuses Monique and I received for delivering Eve for Marc. The reparations from Julien I reserved for myself. Monique did not totally agree with this division, but I was firm and she relented without much of a fight. Once my calculations were made, I spoke with her.

"Our fees for the week are two grand each per day, so your share is fourteen thousand."

"So much? Just for that?"

"For them it's pocket change. It won't be a good idea for Mom to know you have this kind of money, so I think it's best we invest it for you. What do you say?"

"It's OK I guess. Can I have some now, though?"

"Of course. Here is a debit card. You can withdraw or charge what you wish as long as you're still here."

Monique spent many days with Julien, and in August I had little escort or exposition business. I spent the days preparing for my own rentrée. At Jean's advice, I switched my course of study to economics and political science. He had recommended a great deal of advance reading, so I spent most of that month studying in the apartment, going out mainly to shop for food or going to the gym.

I saw very little of Eve during those weeks, as she spent every day and evening with Marc, often returning only to change. As a result she never needed to use the card. Marc lived with his mother, Jean's second and current wife, but he had a separate apartment in their house in Le Vésinet (a posh Paris suburb). Thus he was able to bring Eve to his bed without being observed, or so he thought. The day before her departure, Eve returned to pack her belongings.

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