Ethan & Brenda


"Oh God I'm gonna cum," he whispered. Brenda bobbed her head a few times and her mouth was suddenly flooded with his sperm. It caught her off guard while she was grinning and spurt back out past her lips, but she clamped them tight around his cock, with a giggle, and eagerly swallowed his cum as it gushed from his cock like a runaway firehose.

Finally, his penis was just throbbing, and very little cum was left. She licked up the last drop, letting the head rest on her tongue, and laughed. Ethan looked exhausted.

"What's the matter?" she said. "Are you tired?" To her slight amazement, although it was no longer as hard as a rock, his penis was still mostly erect.

"I've been working too hard," Ethan groaned, and laughed with her. He picked up his penis like a limp, lifeless, rubber hose.

Brenda wiggled her beautiful, round ass in his direction. "Don't you want to give it to me one more time?"

Ethan started to get up and grabbed her ass. "If you're ready, I'm ready."

"Oh no," she said, laughing. "I've got to get to class." She picked up her tights and Ethan leaned back against the wall. She pulled the tights up and pulled the pink shirt on over her head. He admired her legs and the way her tits jiggled. "If I miss this class, I'm going to blow the mid-term."

Ethan pointed to her pants. "You've got a problem there."

Brenda looked down at her crotch. Right where her pussy was outlined in the snug fabric was a big, spreading wet stain. "Shit," she said. "It's all your cum." She laughed. "It's going to be dripping out for hours."

"I'm sorry," Ethan said.

"I'm not. I love it." She looked down at his penis between his legs. "You are some kind of superman."

"Any time you want to see me again, you know where to find me," Ethan said.

"I will," she said. "You'll see me soon." She waved and closed the door. Ethan sighed with a satisfied smile.

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