tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEuropean Vacation Ch. 01

European Vacation Ch. 01


Disclaimer: The following story is an entirely fictional work based on fictional characters for adult entertainment. It includes details of no real people or events.

Feedback and suggestions for future chapters is greatly appreciated.


"You are a fucking pig!" Cathy yelled at the pencil necked clerk. "You're such a fucking bastard!"

The young girl continued her verbal assault between yanking off her shoes and unfastening her tight jeans.

"What are you doing?" Melissa asked, astonished by her friend's extreme course of action.

"This pervert wants us naked in the pool, so let's give him what he wants," she replied, pulling her pink blouse over her head.

The clerk stood with his mouth hung wide, watching the hot tempered girl undress before his eyes. From the moment the two ladies had walked into the lobby of the Motel One, he knew they were tourists. They had initially approached his desk and shared a long sob story about losing their money and being stranded in Europe. It ended with Cathy asking to spend the night for free, to which the clerk responded with what he felt was a reasonable request—strip naked and take a dip in the pool.

"You can't be serious," Melissa pleaded with the clerk. "Can't we work around the motel like they let people do in a hostel?"

The clerk was so focused on Cathy's hasty undressing, that Melissa's plea fell entirely on deaf ears.

"What are you waiting for?" Cathy asked. "You seriously aren't going to make me do this on my own."

Melissa weighed her options as she watched her friend unhook the red silken bra from around her large chest. Did they really have to do this? Observing the reaction on the store clerk's face, she could tell that he was in utter disbelief. He obviously had thought his advances would get him a fast slap to the face and nothing more. Feeling anxiety take over, Melissa let out a nervous giggle that caught the clerk's attention.

"What's so funny?" Cathy asked, now standing topless in full sight of everyone.

"Nothing," she responded, finding humor in the crazy situation they were in. Taking a deep breath, Melissa kicked off her shoes and started to unbutton her pants.

"Thank God!" Cathy shouted. "I thought I was doing all this for nothing."

Melissa's jeans dropped to the floor, revealing her purple thong that heavily accentuated her round ass. She reached under her shirt and around her back to unclasp the matching purple bra, which she planned to completely remove when Cathy was ready to make a swift run for the pool. The thought of being exposed to everyone was exhilarating and Melissa could feel her heart attempting to rocket from her chest.

"Are you ready?" Cathy asked, peeking at her friend's slender body. Melissa was more reserved about her physique than Cathy, which is why she was attempting to stay completely covered until the very last second. Cathy on the other hand had no problem standing almost entirely nude in front of the stranger.

With a nod, Melissa acknowledged that she was prepared. In a nearly synchronized motion, both girls slipped off their panties and dashed out of the lobby. Melissa tried not to think about all of the people who could be watching her scamper across the asphalt. It was the summer season, but the temperatures in Frankfurt were still a little low for a swim. While the water might be cold, Melissa was eager to dive into the water and hide her nakedness.

A loud splash sounded as the girls dove in. Melissa felt a chill consume her skin and rush through her body. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Cathy darting across the pool with the speed and grace of an Olympic athlete. Melissa treaded water for a moment, then picked up her stride. Halfway across the pool, she watched her friend rise from the icy water. It would be quite a sight for anyone aware of what was going on. Cathy's firm ass glistened in the sunlight as she used the stepladder to pull her wet body out of the pool. Melissa had always admired her friend's curvy figure, but now was not the time to appreciate Cathy's form—she needed to get out of the water and hopefully into a warm room.

Melissa made her way across the pool and rushed in the direction of the lobby. Her fleeting eyes caught the glances of a few onlookers, which made her even more nervous. Most of them were hiding behind curtains, but she saw one brawny man sipping a beer in the doorway. He whistled at the two nude bodies loping about.

When the ladies made it back into the lobby, they hustled to get dressed. Melissa had moved so fast, that she was sure the clerk had not caught a decent glimpse of anything she didn't want him to see. Even if he had, it made her feel better thinking that he had seen nothing. Perhaps he had focused most of his attention on Cathy?

The clerk still stood surprised behind the desk and hoped that his memory was good enough to savor and remember every moment of what he had just experienced. In what seemed like less than a minute, he had watched two girls strip, swim a lap in freezing cold water, and then get dressed right before his very eyes.

"Give me a key!" a dressed Cathy demanded, extending her hand to accept her prize. The weasely clerk was still bug-eyed, but managed to unhook the key for room #2 and hand it to the soaked young woman.

"Fucking pervert," she screeched. Both ladies left the lobby with large grins beaming from their shivering faces. Neither of them could believe what they had just done to earn a free night at a rundown motel.

The clerk watched the ladies leave and immediately locked the door to the lobby. He turned over a sign that read "Keine Leere", which is the German equivalent of "No Vacancy". The clerk lived in the back of the lobby in a dingy spare room. It was tiny, with a dirty mattress on the floor and bottles of vodka and porno magazines sprawled about. One thing that stood out of place was a laptop computer that rested in the corner of the room. The clerk fell face first onto the mattress and reached for the laptop. When he moved the mouse, a screen popped up that showcased a live video feed of all the rooms. He clicked on room #2 and glued his eyes to the screen.

It was pitch black in the dreary motel room as the girls surveyed their temporary abode. A king size bed took up much of the space and covered most of the shag carpeting. An old television sat atop a filthy dresser that probably hid an entire nest of nasty critters within its drawers. Cathy flipped on the bathroom light and gasped as she saw a roach scurry down the drain.

"Hopefully we won't be staying here long," she told Melissa, who was wrapping a musty blanket around her chilled body.

"I'm sure Jack will wire us some money tomorrow, so we just have to make it through the night."

"Your boy better come through. There is no way I am doing anything else for that pervert up at the front; what a loser," Cathy said as she began to undress.

"Is it impossible for you to keep your clothes on?" asked Melissa.

"I'm going to take a hot shower," she explained. "I don't care how dirty the tub is...this day has been...uhh!"

"I know what you mean," Melissa agreed, curling up on the hard mattress. "Things will get better."

The spraying shower muffled Cathy's response, but Melissa knew that whatever she said wasn't important. She lay on the bed, reflecting on everything that had happened to them so far. This was supposed to be their dream vacation to Europe, but it had quickly turned into a nightmare when both their luggage and money came up missing.

Melissa tucked her legs close to her body and let her tired eyes rest. Her thoughts wandered as she dozed off to the soothing sound of pouring water and Cathy singing.


"Get up girl!" Cathy yelled, hovering over her sleeping friend. "I'm starving."

Melissa woke in daze, disappointed when her eyes focused and she realized it hadn't been a dream.

"Let's go get something to eat," Cathy continued. "We haven't had anything since the plane ride this morning. Come on!"

Very groggy, she rose off the bed and balanced herself on the nightstand.

"We don't have any money," said Melissa."How are we going to get food?"

"That's just it," she explained with a grin. "While you've been out of it for the last two hours, I've been coming up with something."

"And what is your plan?" Melissa asked.

"We need to beg for money," Cathy answered.

"This is the best you could come up with?" Melissa said, rolling her eyes.

"Hear me out. Back home, you see the same people begging for money on the streets all the time. How hard could it be? They seem to get plenty of money or else we'd find their dead bodies lining the sides of the road."

Melissa stretched her limbs, letting Cathy's idea bounce around inside her brain. She wasn't too proud to beg, but Melissa didn't think it would be as easy as Cathy made it sound.

"Let's go!" Cathy hollered. "I need food."

"Alright," Melissa agreed. "Let's go begging like a couple of hobos."

Cathy let out a chuckle. "I think we'd be considered tramps."

Dusk was settling in as the girls traipsed through the parking lot of the Motel One. Neither of them knew what they were doing, but they hoped it would end with dinner. They spotted a man smoking a cigarette in a parked car and Cathy instantly put on the charm. She knocked on the car window, startling the unsuspecting man to the point where he dropped his lit cigarette onto his lap. Fumbling for the hot bud, he looked up at the wide-eyed beauty staring into his.

"Sir," she whimpered with pursed lips. "Me and my friend have no money and are really hungry. Is there any way you could spare a few Euros to help us out?"

The man saw straight through her fake demeanor. "I'm not giving you or your friend anything," he said, his eyes ensnared in her chest. "but I may be interested in letting the two of you work for it."

Cathy balled her fist and bit hard on her tongue. What the hell was with all of the men in Europe? Did everything have to be about sex? Melissa grabbed Cathy by the arm and yanked her away from the car.

"You weren't really considering that?" Melissa asked Cathy who was visibly upset by the offer.

"I don't know," she replied. "Would it really be that big of a deal?"

"You would seriously have sex with that guy for food?"

"Not sex," Cathy replied. "I wouldn't go all the way."

"Well what would you do?" posed Melissa, intrigued by her friend's lack of inhibition.

"I would be willing to give him a handjob," explained Cathy. "How difficult could that be?"

"You are a piece of work," Melissa bickered.

"We need money and this would be easy," whined Cathy.

"He may not even want that," suggested Melissa. "What if he wants more?"

"Then I'll tell him no and walk away," said Cathy as she walked back to the car window.

Cathy leaned into the car, exposing her hefty cleavage to the stranger.

"I will give you a handjob," she offered," if you agree to give us money for dinner."

"I could get that anywhere," scoffed the stranger. "However, I'm willing to bargain. Care to haggle?"

"Of course, but I'm not fucking you," Cathy replied with frustration. "Let's get that out off the table now."

"I know you're not going to fuck me," the man laughed. "Neither of you look like whores, but I'm sure you have your reasons."

"We do," she exclaimed. "So what's your offer?"

"Your friend seems really shy. What's her name?"

"I'm not going to tell you that," Cathy jeered.

"Fine. I'll give you money for a handjob, but your friend has to watch."

"I told you I would do that earlier," Cathy snapped. "She wasn't going to leave me alone with you..."

"Let me finish," the stranger interrupted. "I want to see her tits while she watches you work it. I don't want her eyes to leave the action for a second and I want her to talk dirty to me. Very dirty."

Cathy considered the man's request, then looked over at her friend. Cathy knew that Melissa was a shy person and while she had heard her say a few vulgar things in the past, she wasn't too sure her friend would play along.

"What do you think?" Cathy asked, gazing toward Melissa who was resting against the car.

"I'll do it," she hesitantly answered. "But I still think you're crazy."

Cathy winked and returned her gaze to the man.

"Where do you want to do this?" she asked.

"Right here would be fine with me," he replied.

Melissa grew flush, embarrassed that she was going to do this in the parking lot. However, it quickly came to her that this was probably the safest place, considering this stranger could do unspeakable things to them if they were behind the closed door of a motel room. The sky was growing dark, which made the idea of being topless in the parking lot a little less frightening.

The man opened the driver's side door and the girls got their first good look at him. He looked to be in his later thirties, with thinning blonde hair and a lean body. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, both of which smelled like an ash tray.

"Let's go," he ordered, twisting in his seat so that his feet were placed firmly on the pavement. The girls looked at each other, a feeling of exhilaration overtaking them both. This didn't seem the same as the earlier stunt they had pulled, which was the equivalent of a sorority hazing or a silly spring break prank--they were seriously about to please a man for money.

Cathy took the initiative and sat on her heels. She leaned in close to the stranger and searched for his zipper. Thumbing the sliver of metal with her manicured fingers, she listened nervously as it whirred down the length of his crotch. From the dashboard light, both ladies could now see the ghastly bulge outlined in his boxer shorts. Cathy's hands shook as she dipped her fingers into the small opening at the front of his underwear. The heat of his erection thawed her cold hand, which she gripped firmly and exhumed from his fly.

"You like what you see?" he arrogantly asked. The sight of the man's large cock sent an overwhelming shock of reality over the girls. Cathy had seen many dicks before, but never under such circumstances. The situation the girls had placed themselves in was so taboo and dirty, that it made the stranger's cock appear that much more powerful.

"I do," Cathy lied. His cock was impressive, but the thought of what she was about to do repulsed her.

She began by getting a hard grip on the stranger's throbbing shaft. It was thick and veiny, standing at attention in the cool night air. The sweat of her palms made it easy to slide her fist up and down the length, gently stroking his member from the base all the way up to the pulsing head.

"Your friend isn't doing anything," said the stranger, his gaze focused on Melissa. "I need you to fulfill your end of the bargain."

Cathy looked at Melissa, who appeared overwrought with fear. The situation had become too real.

"Come on girl," Cathy said in a calm, serene, tone. "Let's do this."

Melissa slowed her breathing and clutched the hem of her purple blouse. She timidly raised the thin garment over her breasts, revealing the black bra she wore underneath.

"That's lovely," the man commented. "Now let's see the rest."

Melissa reached behind her back and unsnapped the tiny hooks that held her bra together. When she felt it come loose, the young girl lifted the cups to expose her supple breasts. "

"Check out the tits on you," said the stranger with a wry smile.

Cathy eyed her friend's bare breasts. She had seen Melissa without a shirt many times before, but had never looked that closely. Melissa's breasts weren't as big as Cathy's, but they were absolutely beautiful. Cathy was impressed at how high they stood on her chest and the deep pink color of her small nipples.

"Say something," he commanded, his eyes passing between the two women.

Melissa drew a blank. What did he want to hear? She stood with her arms at her side, unable to piece together anything worth saying.

"So shy," he muttered. "Maybe I can help you out."

She shrugged her shoulders in disdain.

"Why don't you tell me what you would do with this cock if you had the chance?"

Melissa wanted to say that she would cut it off, but she knew that could get her in trouble. She hoped that Cathy's technique with handjobs was "quick and easy", so that she wouldn't be forced to babble for any longer than she had to. Melissa thought back to the handful of guys she had been with in her life and all the things she had heard them say in the heat of passion. Was that what he wanted? After a few seconds of thinking, she broke her silence.

"I want to take your cock," she managed to get out, before turning her head in shame.

"And?" he moaned, feeling Cathy's palm rubbing the sensitive head of his member.

Melissa watched as Cathy worked the stranger's cock. She paid close attention to the way she alternated between pumping the shaft and teasing the tip with her palm. It seemed to bring a lot of pleasure to the stranger, who was having noticeable trouble containing himself.

"I want to take that cock and put it in my mouth," she gathered the courage to say. "Then I want you to push it down my throat as far as it will go."

The man raised his eyebrows at the words coming from the young girl's mouth. It was not what he had expected from someone so reserved. Cathy's hand was drying out and the friction was making it difficult for her to gracefully slide her hand. She opened her fist and spat into her palm, lubricating the stranger's cock with her own saliva. Disgusted with herself, she shook it off and continued to work.

"I'll suck it hard and let you fuck my face," Melissa added, her lips rousing a thin smile. "Once you start to feel like you're going to cum, I'll pull it out and bury my face into your balls." The words were coming a little easier.

The man was visibly straining to sit. Sweat was pouring from his forehead and he began bucking with each stroke of Cathy's grip.

"I'll lick and suckle on your sac, until both of your balls swell to the size of grapefruits in my mouth," she continued. "You'll beg for me to let you finish, but I won't."

Cathy was surprised by her friend's dirty words. The man seemed to be enjoying the details and Cathy could feel his excitement building within her grip.

"I'll press myself against the side of your car and let you rip off all of my clothes. Once I'm naked, you can take your cock and bend me any which way you want. I'll touch my toes and you can fuck my tight pussy from behind with your big cock. I'll lie down on the hood and you can suck my tits while you pound your giant dick in and out of my cunt."

Wildly pulsating, Cathy could feel the man's erection growing closer to an orgasm. Melissa kept searching for the words, her brain tapped into some dirty zone of her mind she barely knew existed.

"I want that dick inside me," Melissa howled. "You'd ride me hard and long, slamming your cock deep into my pussy. When you're ready to cum, I'll get down on my knees and open wide. You can spew your hot cum inside my mouth or all over my face. I'll make sure I lick up every last drop and swallow whatever you can dish out."

The stranger exhaled a thunderous groan and globs of cum poured from the tip of his cock. Cathy continued to pump, ignoring the sticky fluid that was oozing between her fingers. Melissa watched in awe, thankful that it was almost over. She snapped her bra back into place and hastily lowered her shirt.

Once his cock was flaccid and satisfied, Cathy released her grip and rose to her feet. She immediately flipped her wrist, flinging the excess of runny liquid onto the pavement.

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