tagErotic CouplingsEva Down Under Ch. 05

Eva Down Under Ch. 05


They wandered down, climbed into the two-door, and set off , out of Darwin. They drove south, then turned off the highway, heading for Berri Springs, then on around to Mandorah. and found the camping ground. After setting up camp, they went down to the beach, walking and paddling their feet. Later, they drove out to Charles point and back. They caught a couple of fish, which they cooked and ate at the tent.

In a silly mood, he said, "Hey, I just need to hear you say it. Will you marry me?"

"Oh you're a silly goose, aren't you?" she laughed. "Of course I'll marry you, darling!" She leaned over, giving him a big kiss on his cheek.

That night, after a subdued love making session, sleep came really easy to them. The sun was up early, as was Alfie. When Eva woke to the smell of frying fish, and fresh coffee, he was sitting beside her, bending over and kissing her face all over, laughing, knowing she wasn't expecting it. They ate and packed, then left, heading for the highway again.

He took her out along the Arnhiem highway, to Annabaroo station, where they lunched at the "Bark Hut Inn", a pub built out of split logs and built as though it belonged in the nineteenth century. It was real outback stuff, but offering all the mod-cons. Even the tables and chairs were made from rough hewn timber, all polished up and looking real good. They then went across the road, to the billabong camping ground, and set up camp again. Most of the day was spent just lazing around the waterhole, swimming and talking, formulating a plan for the future.

That night, they ate at the pub, shared time with the locals, then crept back to bed at midnight. In the morning, they were woken at dawn by the 'croc patrol', who were checking that no crocs had come overland into the billabong. It was a task performed every morning, as crocs often tried taking up residence there.

After breakfast, they left, heading on out to Arnhiemland, and the Kakadu national park. After setting up camp, they went on a tour, looking at Aboriginal rock drawings, some dating back thousands of years, and then on to look at the local wildlife, before returning to "the big croc" hotel in time to change and have dinner. Again, sleep came easy to them. The next day saw them heading back to Darwin, and the end of a wonderful weekend.

Back in Darwin, Eva found herself wondering what she was to do. The tour bus had departed, on the assumption that she was remaining behind with her new fiancé, she supposed, but also because the rest of the passengers needed to be back where they could get back home on time. Where was she to stay? Neither she nor Alfie had addressed that issue. She supposed she could stay in Darwin at the hotel, but she didn't think she could do so indefinitely, and she knew nowhere that she could go to rent a room or a part of a house. She sat silent in the two-door all the way back, trying to keep her rising alarm to herself. She didn't quite know how to raise the question with Alfie without making it sound as though she were asking him for a place to stay. She didn't want to begin by seeming dependent and helpless.

He unloaded the camping things while she went back to her room, and sat disconsolately on her bed. Alfie's knock on the door brought her out of her brown study, and she let him in, and went back to the contemplation of the little embroidered birds on the coverlet on the bed.

"What's the matter, hun?" he asked, coming behind her to sit on the bed. "What's wrong?"

Eva hesitated, and he took her hands in his own. "Tell me!" he demanded.

"I'm just a little concerned about where I'm going to be staying," she confessed at last. "I can probably stay here for a few more days, but then what happens after that?"

He pulled her into his arms, and stroked her hair.

"Hun, I'd offer to take you with me on this next run, but it will be a long one, through hard outback country. I'll be away for a couple of weeks at least picking up and dropping off supplies. That's not the best thing for you right now. I don't want you living out of the truck for that long a time." He kissed her cheek. "We'll go and get you a couple of more weeks here, and I'll swing by and pick you up." He turned her to face him. "Okay? I don't want our last night together for a while to be sad, hun!"

She smiled at him, a small smile, and let him kiss her mouth.

"Let's go eat. We can have an early night..." His voice trailed off suggestively, and Eva blushed. Alfie chuckled. "I love it when you blush, baby!"

They went for a leisurely dinner in a local eatery not too far from the hotel, preferring to eat "out". Walking back, he stopped in a little out-of-the-way store and bought her a pair of earring shaped like hearts.

"I saw them in here, and liked them. I thought you'd like them."

Back in her room, they showered, and Eva soon forgot her anxiety about where she was going to stay. Alfie made her forget where she was, with his roaming hands, his nimble fingers, and his tongue. Oh God, his tongue drove her wild! He washed her slowly, letting the bubbles from the shower gel slide down her breasts, where he blew them off and exposed her erect nipples. He held them under the spray and rinsed them, then sucked one into his mouth while he fondled the other. Eva's moans echoed around the walls of the little bathroom, but Alfie kept up the sensual torture. When she was on the verge of an orgasm, he seemed to sense it, and he slowed his pace, leaving her breasts for her mouth, but once she was calmer, he slid a trembling hand between her legs, pushing them apart.

"Open for me, baby!" he begged her, and when she did, he knelt in front of her and slid his tongue along the edges of her swollen lips. His tongue swept past that most desperate point of need and desire, and he teased her and drew her to the very edge of another high place, before slowing his pace again.

"Alfie!" she cried out to him. "Don't stop, honey!"

He smiled, loving the way she was uninhibited with him.

"Soon, hun, soon!"

He lifted one of her legs, and put it on his shoulder, and this time he sucked her clit into his warm mouth, and blew on it, and loved it, until Eva didn't know whether she was standing or sitting. And when he plunged two fingers into her waiting, wanting center, she came, hard, over and over, and he pumped in and out if her, lengthening the orgasms.

"Oh God, Alfie, please!:" she begged him, when he lowered her leg, and she could move. She ground herself against his cock, feeling it throb with need.

"I'll give you anything you want, hun, anything. Just say you love me!" His voice was a ghost of itself, as he waited for her to answer.

"Honey, I love you! So much! And I want you..." Her voice shook with the force of her feelings.

Alfie shut off the shower, and dried her lovingly. He hurriedly dried himself, and then picked her up and took her to the bed, which he had turned down. He didn't appear to be able to wait, but he kissed her ferociously, hard, wet, deep kisses, all the while fucking her with his fingers, playing with her clit, goading her, teasing her, until she could hold out no longer and she crashed again. Her cry was so loud he swallowed it in his kiss.

Before she could recover, he was over her, opening her up to his gaze, and the heat she saw in his eyes, and the way his hands trembled, told her he was on the ragged edge of his control. She raised her hips, begging him to take her, and Alfie lost it, plunging into her wet heat, taking her over and over. He stopped before she could come again, and turned her over, urging her to her knees, widening her legs and plunging back in. He was out of control, pumping her hard, fast, groaning with each press in, calling her name, and gripping her hips as though he needed to anchor himself. He slid a wet finger around her anus, making her moan with need, and then he slid his hand around and fondled her clit as he fucked her, working her in both places, and getting higher and harder with each thrust.

"EVA!" he cried as he came, moving faster and faster, and she could feel him shooting and pulsing his cum into her channel. She fell over the edge again, groaning with the intensity of the pleasure.

They collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and sated, for the moment, and too tired to move. Alfie moved tot he side, and pulled her into him, kissing her damp neck, her cheek, fondling her breast, and then he said, "I love you, Miss America!" and fell asleep.

When she woke, it was dawn, and Alfie was already up and dressed.

"I'll make the arrangements for you to stay on here, hun!" He walked over to kiss her. "Don't get up!"

She raised a languid arm to pull him in for a kiss, and he sat on the edge of the bed and obliged her. There was silence in the room for a minute as they kissed, each feeling the need rise. But Alfie ended it, pulling her arms from around his neck and standing up.

"Hun, I have to go now!" He saw the look in her eyes, and he smiled.

"If you keep wanting me like this, we'll be in bed an awful lot!" He chuckled as she tried to punch him on the arm, and sidestepped her.

"I'll call you when I make the first stop, okay?" He blew her a kiss. "Take care, my love!"

And then he was gone.

She was still languishing in bed, tingling from their night of sexual debauchery, the feel of his body still with her, when a knock on the door startled her, and she called "Come in!" It was a waiter, with a breakfast trolley for her.

" Excuse me, Mrs. D'Augustino, but Alfie thought you might be hungry, and, the executive suite will be ready for you in an hour, will you be ready to move by then?"

"Ahhh, yes...yes, I'll be ready, thank you!"

The waiter left. Alfie?? The hotel staff called him by his FIRST name??? These Aussies are weird, she thought, laughing to herself. An hour later, she was standing in the executive suite, feeling a little lost. The hotel staff had transferred all her gear, and Alfie's, there for her. Suddenly it hit her that waiter had called her" Mrs. D'Augustino." She laughed in delight. The phone rang, and as she answered it, she heard, "Hello, Mrs. D'Augustino! Are you comfortable in your new room?"

"Yes thank you, MR. D'Augustino, you cheeky monkey! What did you tell the hotel staff?"

"Oh, nothing, hun, just that you're my wife! Thought you'd need practice in hearing your married name, is all!" he laughed.

After a brief conversation, they hung up. She went shopping, looking at all the stores in Darwin, then back to the hotel for lunch. Over the next few days, she looked all around Darwin, checking out everything. Then, on Saturday night, the usual nightly call from Alfie didn't come, and she began to worry, as he'd told her he'd ring every night. At 8.00 pm. there was a knock on the door, and a worker gave her a note,

"Meet me in the dining room. Wear something nice!"

That's all it said. No name, nothing.

When she'd dressed, she went to the dining room, and it was empty. A waitress came to her, and guided her to a table, where a bouquet of roses waited. She sat, and looked at the flowers, and saw a card with her name on it. As she reached to pick up the card, a kiss landed on her neck. It was Alfie.

"Hello, Mrs. D'Augustino!"

"Hello, Mr. D'Augustino!" she answered, turning her face for his kiss.

"You look wonderful, hun!" he said, bending to sniff her. "And you smell delicious!" He planted a kiss behind her ear, and took his seat across from her. "How was your week?" he asked, pulling one of the roses from the bouquet and presenting it to her. "Sweets for the sweet!" he said, and smiled at her.

Eva sniffed the fragrant bloom, and said, "It was okay. It would have been much better of you had been here to share it with me." She smiled at him. "I bought you something."

"Oh yeah?" He lifted an eyebrow. "Where is it?"

"In the room," she replied, and winked at him.

Alfie chuckled, and signaled the waiter to bring the first course. As they ate the special house salad, he told her about his week, the places he had made drops at, the trouble on the long back stretch between two towns that cost him half a day. He told her about how he missed her, and how at night he grew hard just thinking of her as he lay in his bed in the truck. Eva sat enthralled, listening to the lilting cadence of his voice, and remembering suddenly how that had been one of the reasons she had come to Australia in the first place.

Suddenly, she noticed he had stopped speaking, and was staring at her. "What?" she asked. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Miss America! I'm just admiring my treasure!" He took her hands and brought it to his lips. "I never thought, after Laila, that I would ever find someone to love again. I had stopped looking. I figured I would grow old and gray, and no woman would want me anyway." He kissed her hand, but didn't let her go. "And then our eyes met across the room that night in Alice Springs." He kissed her hand again, letting his tongue rest in the palm. "Did I ever tell you I love your brown eyes?"

Eva looked into his blue ones, and saw the love he felt for her blazing from them.

"I know you recognize an old maid when you see one, Alfie! You've let loose the "sweet young thing" in me! Thank you, honey!"

She reached across and kissed his fingers holding her hand and he smiled again.

"How come you're here?" she asked. "I thought I wasn't going to see you again for a fortnight!" "I did the long runs, and now I'm taking a little break," he said. "I have an addiction, and I needed a fix! Bad, baby!" He lowered his voice as the waiter approached with the main course.

Eva fought against the color that rose in her cheeks, wondering why he could still make her blush like a schoolgirl. She barely noticed what she ate, and told the waiter she'd prefer to have dessert and coffee served in her room.

"Let's go for a walk before bed, hun!" Alfie said, and led her out into the balmy night air. They strolled arm in arm through the grounds, stopping to steal kisses like young lovers. Eva could only ever remember one man making her feel anything close to the joy she felt with Alfie, and he had turned out to be a rat.

"Ready to go in, hun?" he asked, and when she nodded, he escorted her back to her room, where he let her in and closed the door behind them.

Once in the room, he took her in a tight embrace, and held her, his hands moving down to the globes of her bottom, massaging them as he held her. Her arms went around his waist, then moved down to his butt cheeks, and she too massaged his. He kissed her, tongue probing everywhere in her mouth, and she felt the stirrings within her loins. Damn, this man turned her on so easily!

He felt his cock stir as he kissed her, marveling at how easily she got him going. Just a simple touch from her stirred him so much! As they kissed, they started to undress each other slowly, not wanting to rush things any more. With her top off, and the bra discarded, he played with her nipples...nipples that had become erect just by him looking at them. She also played with his, then broke the kiss, so she could suck on his, as she dropped his pants, taking his organ in her hand. It felt good to feel him grow, while holding it.

He reached down, and pushed her clothing down as far as he could reach, then pushing her away, kneeled and took her nipples in his mouth, and pushed her clothing to her ankles, and as she lifted each foot, he removed them entirely. He sank lower, kissing and licking his way to her mound, where he snaked his tongue into her womanly folds, feeling her knees buckle as he did. He stood, and pushed her naked body on to the bed face down. As he admired her beautiful mounds, he lowered himself, and licked the entire length of her butt crack, extracting a moan of pleasure from her. He opened her legs and found her cock canal, then gently pushed two fingers into the very wet pussy, his thumb on her clit. His tongue kept licking her rear crack, but each stroke provided more saliva, therefore allowing him in just a little deeper each time.

As soon as his tongue touched her sphincter, she moaned loudly, and arched back, allowing him more access. He pushed two pillows under her, so that her bottom was in the air, and he could lick it more. He felt her orgasm building, then releasing, her cunny juices pouring out over his fingers. He rubbed some of these juices on her butt hole, then adding copious amount of his own saliva, stabbed at her rear hole with his tongue, while he put the fingers back in her cunt, and continued to play with her...

"Oh my fucking....oh shit...I'm cuuuuummmmming!" she cried, as he stabbed into her arse with his tongue, her whole body trembling.

"Hun, can I fuck you here?" he asked, using his free hand to touch her anus.

"I.....I....I've never done that before" she stammered, "but if you are gentle, I guess so."

He left her for a minute, and went to the bathroom, returning, with a tube of gel. He climbed behind her and she felt him smearing it on her arse. Then he gently inserted one finger, all the way in and stopped. His other hand pried her pussy open, and her finger fucked her as he allowed her to get used to the finger in her butt. Then after she relaxed, he began to double fuck her, as she moaned in ecstasy. After a couple of minutes, he had her cumming, then pulled the finger from her butt, added more lube, and gently, slowly, pushed two fingers into her. She was hardly aware of this, until he began to really stretch her hole. He stopped, but kept fucking her cunt with the other hand. She again relaxed, and he pushed in deeper. Soon, he was all the way in, and finger fucking both holes, driving her to a crescendo of orgasms, both vaginally and anally.

As she kept cumming, he stopped all activity and told her to masturbate while he watched. She knew this was a turn-on for him, and happily obliged. As she diddled her clit with one hand, she used the other to finger fuck her now drowned pussy, taking time to lick her juices off her fingers. She heard the slushy sound of him wanking his now lubed cock, watching her intently. As her orgasm began to build, he pushed two fingers into her butt, making her cum immediately. He took the fingers out, wiped them on his rampant cock, and knelt behind her.

He put the head of his cock at her anus, with just a little pressure on it. It felt enormous to her, but good. She arched her back, raising her bottom, and his cock moved in just a bit. As she went down again, he followed her, cock still in the same place. Once she was down on the pillows again, she wriggled about, and then arched up, and he remained where he was, thus, forcing his cock in a little more, and again, followed her down. This happened three more times, until the cock head was in, past the tight sphincter muscles.

"Ow! Oh shit, it hurts! It's so big! Oh fuck! Don't move! Oh hell...fuck!" Eva was almost incoherent with sensation.

Alfie stayed still, as she slowly got used to his anal invasion. He felt her relax, and slowly pushed inside her, stopping when she asked him to, going again, when she relaxed, until he was balls against cunt with her. He stopped altogether then, feeling her fingers jamming in and out of her cunt. He lay there, feeling her starting to cum again...

"Oh fuck! Shit, that feels so good, Alfie! I'm full in both holes darlin'! Oh fuck! Oh shit! Ahhhhhhhh! I'm cumming!"

At that point, he slowly began pulling out, then moving back in, driving her crazy, her body shaking with orgasm, cumming like there was no tomorrow. He kept fucking her now, and she kept playing herself in the pussy. He felt his balls begin to contract, knowing he was going to cum soon, and he told her.

"Cum in me lover! Fuck me till you cum! Yessssss! Ahhhhhh! Oh fuck me, Alfie! Fuck me hard! That's it, slam it in! Yesssss!" "Ooohhhhhh fuck! I'm cumming, I'm cummmmmmmminnnnnnn!" It was Alfie's turn to be incoherent, as he blew his cum into her rear oriface, fucking her till every last drop came out of him.

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