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Evangeline Lilly: Outside the Arena


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the conclusion of the story!


"Right now show us some passion, arch your back a little more," the photographer said, staring into his camera at the slender form of Evangeline Lilly. She cocked her hips and arched her back tighter whilst mock licking her lips.
"That's it, that's the kinda stuff we want," he said, snapping aware at her brightly lit body under the lights and umbrellas. She looked out and flashed a smile to her young runner, who shifted nervously and smiled back, idly raising his hand in a half wave. His heart jumped slightly as she smiled at him, amazed she was paying any kind of attention to him. He was 22 and just getting into the business. Being a runner was his way in, so long days and low pay was what he had to in order to make his way up. He'd landed this job with Arena Magazine by pure chance really, since a TV show he'd got some running work on had just finished its series of filming.

"Ok Miss Lilly, leave it there for that, we'll take a break and you can get the next outfit," the photographer said, snapping his camera off. Evangeline clicked across the floor on her heels towards her dressing room. He quickly nipped over to her so she knew he was there.

"Need anything Miss Lilly?" he said, trying not to appear nervous around her or be caught ogling her dressed in just a black skirt and bra.
"I already said, call me Evie. It's not like I'm Madonna or something here," she said with a giggle, smiling at him warmly.

"Sorry, Evie. You need anything?" he said, smiling at her joke.
"Well we've got a bit of a break, so if you wanna grab us some coffee that'd be good," she said as she leaned on her door handle.

"Sure I'll go get you one," he said, turning to go.

"Wait, I said us. You can have a coffee with me can't you?" she said, biting her lip playfully as she smiled.

"Well...umm...sure I can, if you want me to?" he said, not quite wanting to believe she'd just invited him to have a coffee with her.

"That's what I said isn't it?" she said, looking into his eyes with a flick of her well shaped eyebrows.

"Ok then, how do you take it?" he said, before realising how that sounded.

"Hot, strong and sweet," she replied clearly, looking deeply into his eyes for a moment whilst giving a slight smirk to him.
"Want any milk or anything in that?" he asked, wanting to make sure he didn't disappoint her.

"Mmm...well...do you think you could get me whipped cream?" she said with a tiny subtle flick of her tongue.

"You like whipped cream?" he asked, afterwards realising it was pretty obvious she did.

"Yeah. I'm not always eating it though," she said, smiling at him with a sexy glint in her eye. He stared into her gorgeous eyes for a moment before realising he better get on with his job.

"Um ok sure, I'll see what I can do," he nearly stuttered.

"If you grab that I'll just go get changed and be out in two secs," she purred, emphasizing the sound of final word. She opened the door to her dressing room with a click that broke the atmosphere and flashed him a smile as she slipped inside. He took a deep breath and headed off to find them coffee. For whatever reason that he wasn't about to question, there was a can of whipped cream on hand. He poured them both coffee and added her a generous swirl of whipped cream, before spotting some honey. He pondered for a moment. She hadn't mentioned liking honey, but she had said she wanted her coffee sweet. Deciding to take the gamble, he drizzled a little honey onto the top of the whipped cream and headed back towards the chairs by her dressing room.

She was already waiting for him, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw her long tanned legs stretched out in front of her in high heels. Her hair was styled, some hanging down over her face and some behind, and a little more eye makeup had been added to the already heavy effect. His gaze followed her legs up to the short gown she wore, hiding her evidently delectable outfit from his gaze. Not wanting to be caught staring he walked straight over to her and offered her the coffee.

"Oh wow you found some whipped cream!" she said excitedly, looking up with a smile and reaching to take the cup from him.

"Yeah, I added you some honey as well, hope you like that. Just you said you wanted it sweet and all..." he trailed off, hoping desperately for approval.

"Ooh fancy touch. You know how to make a girl feel special," she said with a giggle.
"Well I try," he said with a slight laugh and a smile.

"It's good, I like honey. Thank you," she said, giving him another significant look and a smile.

"You're welcome," he mumbled, taking a sip of his coffee.

"So you gonna sit down?" she said with a giggle, nodding to the seat next to her. He quickly sat down with her and took another sip of his coffee. Lilly giggled a little at his haste, somewhat amused at the effect she seemed to be having on the young runner.
"I love whipped cream," Evie sighed, running her finger round the rim of the coffee cup, running a swirl of the light cream onto it. He watched wide-eyed as she slid the finger into her mouth closing her eyes, a smile crossing her lips as she tasted it, slowly, teasingly dragging the finger from her mouth past her full lips. She murmured in satisfaction as she swallowed, opening her eyes slightly and looking across at him sexily with just the tip of her finger in her mouth.
"Mmm honey, just perfect," she muttered.

"You don't have to call me honey," he blurted in a moment of confidence with a smirk. She looked at him and giggled as she slid the tip of her finger from her mouth.

"Cute," she said simply and looked back to her coffee mug. He grinned at her comment and his pulse started to race as she raised her coffee cup to her lips. She leaned on the rim and extended her tongue, sliding it round inside to gather up the remaining cream. Her tongue gracefully slipped round the cup, catching every scrap of cream before sliding back into her sweet mouth, eliciting another soft murmur from her. She flicked her eyes to him with a slight twitch of her forehead to him before starting to actually drink her coffee. They both drank their coffee in silence, catching each other taking glances more than once but neither was eager to break the moment.

"Are you ready Miss Lilly?" one of the shoots directors asked. She looked up, having just finished her coffee.

"Sure," she said, turning and handing the cup to him.
"Thanks for the coffee," she whispered, and shrugged off her robe, casting it onto the chair and walking into the light of the shoot area. He practically dropped both their mugs as he started at her, wearing just a little black bra and knickers with a thin see-through top over it. She clacked across the floor on her heels, her tight little arse wiggling hotly. His cock swelled to semi hardness in his jeans, causing him to shift slightly in his seat. He watched intently as she struck up the required pose and the volley of camera flashes begun.

He pulled himself together and carefully stood up with the coffee mugs to take them back. He glanced to her and saw her smile knowingly at him and then cocked her head in a different position for another shot as he headed back towards the food and drink area. After cleaning up their mugs he walked back and retook his seat by her dressing room, watching in awe as she made the final shots, casting off the flimsy top to do a few shots in just the underwear. The photographer called that he had all the shots he needed and again she walked back to him on her black heels. He stood quickly and offered her the robe.

"Nah it's alright," she said with a wave of her hand, "It's not like I have far to go, and everyone's seen me now!" she said with a giggle. He dropped the robe back down on the chair as she gave him a smile and a quick wink before walking to her dressing room and disappearing inside. He stared after her for a second before returning to his seat to await her return. Over 15 minutes went by as she got changed and make upped for what he'd been told was her final outfit by one of the other crew that gave him the time of day. The sound of a door handle broke his thoughts and his head fairly snapped round to see the hot Canadian emerge from her dressing room. His jaw practically dropped as he saw her sashay towards him from her room on her black heels. She wore a different set of sexy black underwear, a loose light tan coloured top and black socks that ran all the way up to mid-thigh like stockings.

"That good huh?" Evangeline said with a giggle and a light-hearted expression as she reached him.

"Wha...umm...I err...it's just that..." he stumbled, blushing slightly at having been caught staring.

"It's alright, after all that's why I'm doing this right? I'm sposed to be looked at," she said with a giggle, standing in front of him with one tanned, toned leg slightly forwards to tease him as he struggled to choose where he should look.

"Yeah I guess so," he mumbled, still a little embarrassed.
"Last outfit this, then we can go home for the day eh?" she said, flicking her eyebrows and turning to walk away from him. He was sure she gave her arse a deliberate wiggle as she walked away from him into the bright lights by the cameras. The photographer was just finishing changing set-up as she stepped into position, and with a snap of his camera he called for action. He watched from his chair as Lilly moved through all the poses she was asked for, eyeing her beauty and finesse as she moved around, flaunting herself for the camera. He couldn't help but get another semi as she cavorted, and his heart lurched as she stared directly at him whilst striking a half crouch pose with one of her long sock-encased legs stretched out, hair shaken out hotly.

He stared back mesmerised by the Canadian beauty, unable to see her beautiful eyes but the image of them burned in his mind from their coffee earlier. She did a few more poses, then the director called for the end.

"That'll do, thanks very much Miss Lilly. You can go change now, if you want to..." he said with a cocky wink and a laugh, walking to the photographer to ask something.

"Haha you wish," Evangeline said with a smirk as she headed off the lit area. She wandered towards her dressing room, and he got up and scooted towards her, offering her the gown.

"You looked great," he mumbled.
"Thanks, I noticed you watching," she said with a giggle. He smiled nervously, his eyes flitting to her sock covered legs.

"Yeah well how could I not? Anyway is there anything you need?" he said quickly, trying not to be embarrassed.

"Sure, could you just grab me some fruit, like an apple or something? I'm a tad peckish," she said with a sexy smile. He nodded and headed off to find her fruit. She rolled her eyes with a smile and went into her dressing room to change. After a few minutes chasing around amongst other crew for where food was. He found the fruit, and there was one apple left lying on top. He grasped it and headed eagerly back to her dressing room to give it to her and chat to her some more. Arriving at her dressing room, he turned the handle and walked straight in, not even thinking to knock. Evangeline snapped round, her arm held across her topless form to cover her perky breasts, wearing just her knickers and a pissed off look on her face.
"Oh my god I'm sorry!" he stumbled, catching her deep eyes. Evie's face softened and she smiled.

"It's alright, I did ask you to get it for me after all," she said with a shy giggle. She extended her spare arm to take it from him, carefully keeping her slender arm across her chest.
"I guess that was always a possibility," she said, slowly reaching out to take the gown from the back of a chair where she'd cast it, using a couple of fingers on her apple hand to lift it. She slid it up her slender body and clutched it over her chest with her spare hand. He was embarrassed about having walked in on her and his heart rate was stupidly high at having caught her almost topless. She smiled shyly at him, shifting a little.
"Thanks for the apple, I'll see you in a minute." She said.
"Umm yeah sure, I'm really sorry..." he trailed off as he left her room.

"It's ok, really," she said after him as he closed her door. She smiled to herself and took a bit of the apple before continuing getting changed. He walked out and cursed to himself as to how he could be so rude as to not knock on the door of her dressing room. Hell the name suggested the obvious. He paced around a little and then sat back down, nervously perching on the front of the cushion.

He sat with his mind racing for around 10 minutes before he heard the click of her door and looked up to see her walking out towards him. She was just dressed casually now, a pair of loose combats and a vent top. He immediately walked over to apologise to her, but she stopped him in his tracks.

"Look, I told you it was OK didn't I?" she said, looking him in the eyes with a raise of her eyebrows.

"Yeah you did," he said, smiling slightly.

"So it's OK. It was just an accident. So what you doing after this? Got another job or anything?" Evangeline said, striking up a proper conversation between them.

"Nothing yet, I'm just a runner, not exactly a highly valued person around here," he said, giving her a half smile.

"I'm sure that's not true. You're a valued member of the team to me," she said, giving him a smile.
"Really?" he said, not quite believing that she'd just complimented him.

"Yep. And after all, who else matters?" she said in a mock arrogant tone before giving a laugh.

"How long you staying here then? You flying back to filming or what?" he asked, already feeling much better. End the day it may be, but it was a good one.

"Am staying at a hotel tonight, flight is late tomorrow morning. Why?" she asked curiously, sensing he was going somewhere.
"Well, it's just...there's a bar down on the beach, nice little place, am gonna go down there and have a few drinks later. I was just wondering, you know, if you felt like it, maybe you'd like to...you know...drop by?" he said, trying to make sure it didn't sound too hopeful.

"You asking me for a date?" She said in a slightly humoured tone with a smile and a cocked eyebrow.

"Uhh...well, it's not exactly a date as such, just, you know..." he mumbled, unsure quite how to say it wasn't when he wished it was.

"Maybe I'll drop by," she said with a giggle, "But right now I need to head off. Things to do and all, you know how it is." She said, shrugging slightly.

"Yeah sure of course," he said, stepping aside slightly.

"Maybe I'll see you later," she said, before leaning in and giving him a peck on the cheek. In that moment it felt to him like time has stopped as her soft lips just grazed his left cheek.
"Bye bye," she said cutely, giving him a stunning smile and a little wave before heading for the exit. He watched her go then sat down on the edge of a table and took in what'd just happened. A grin spread across his face and he felt high as a kite as he took a deep breath and headed off to find out what needed to be done to help clear up the studio and so forth. After around an hour all was cleared and packed and he was allowed to leave. He'd have to look for more jobs, but he'd worry about that tomorrow. His concern now was going home, getting a shower and something to eat before heading out for a few drinks, where by some tiny hope, the delectable Miss Lilly might join him.

He'd been at the joint for a while, made his way through his first pint of beer and was just hoping someone would show up he could play a game of pool with. He walked over to the jukebox at the side of the room past the pool table and dropped a coin in. With a quick tap of the buttons, he selected one of his favourite songs and walked back to his stool. He'd just sat down when the opening vocals and notes of Queen's 'Don't stop me now' kicked in. He smiled and listened to the first minute or so of the song, nodding and somewhat singing along. Deciding he wanted another drink, he raised his hand to catch the eye of the barman.

"Having a good time are you?" a familiar voice said behind him. His heart stopped and he felt his blood surge cold with adrenaline as he slowly turned round to see Evangeline Lilly standing behind him. She looked absolutely gorgeous, hair pulled back into a ponytail with some strands down the front framing her beautiful features, pink tank top, tight blue jeans and high-heeled strappy sandals.

"Having a ball? Maybe I don't need to join you then," she said with a sly smile as she quipped from the song he'd put on. He realised he'd better respond in case she actually did walk away.
"Wow....I mean...I can't believe you're here," he said, standing up to greet her.

"Well you did ask me out remember?" she said with a grin, bringing back memories of his nervy attempt.

"Yeah," he mumbled, trying to forget it. "Can I get you a drink?" he said, indicating the bar.

"Sure. Tequila slammer please," she said with a smile as she walked towards the bar, slipping her handbag off her shoulder. Lilly sat down on a stool next to his and he sat back down again with her and got the barman's attention.

"Two tequila slammers please," he said. The barman gave a glance to Miss Lilly and then gave him a slight smile as he fixed their drinks.

"Gonna join me huh?" she said with a smirk.

"Yeah I might as well," he said giving her a smile.

"Tequila man are you?" she said interestedly, leaning forwards slightly.
"Yeah I like my tequila sometimes...why?" he said, raising an eyebrow to her.

"You'll see," she said enigmatically, sticking her tongue out slightly with a slight flutter of her eyelashes.

The barman placed their drinks down and he paid before sliding one along to Evangeline.

"Thanks," she said with a smile, slipping her soft feminine fingers around the glass. He picked his up and turned to chat to her some more. She raised her glass for something of a toast, so he slightly confusedly raised his and clinked hers.

"To your success," she said with a giggle before taking a sip.

"Success?" he said, wondering what she meant.

"On getting a date with me of course, surely something for you to celebrate," she said, smiling at him. He almost choked on the slurp of slammer he was taking. He composed himself and swallowed.

"You serious?" he asked, finding it quite unreal she was being flirty with him.

"Of course, took guts for you to ask me out. But don't get too confident, you haven't pulled yet," she said with a look out of the corner of her eyes and a sly smile before taking another drink. His eyes must've almost bulged out of his head at that, the suggestion of pulling her almost making him hyperventilate. He quickly took another drink as she slid from her stool with a click onto her heels and sashayed over to the pool table, drink in hand. She picked up a cue and leaned on it, looking at him with a slight pout of her sexy lips.

"Fancy a game?" she said, twirling the cue. He looked over and eyed up her gorgeous form for a second.

"Sure, course" he said, walking over and setting his drink down. She popped a coin in and the balls released. Lilly bent to get them out and started dropping them on the table. He stared as her tight jeans pulled low down her back, just above her tight arse with her smooth back displayed.
"How about some more music?" she said, looking over her shoulder at him sexily through the corner of her eyes, saucily blowing a strand of hair out of her face.

"Um sure Miss Lilly," he said, snapping back to reality then realising what he'd called her. He sighed as he dropped another coin into the jukebox, hitting a couple of random buttons. After a pause, the unmistakeable notes of Bon Jovi's 'Livin on a prayer' started up. She stood up and turned to him.

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