tagRomanceEvelyn and the Admiral

Evelyn and the Admiral


The salty sea air swirled Evelyn's hair into her deep, quiet eyes. As she lifted her delicate hand to brush it from her face, she couldn't help taking in the dreadful environment she had been thrust into. Her family, languishing in jail for their revolutionary actions against the king, could only be saved by someone in a high position, and Evelyn signed herself into service of the S.S. SeaPlow in hopes of throwing her request upon the Admiral, the one man who held the kings favor.

Life at sea, however, was far from the romantic voyage that one hears of in storybooks and fairy tales. From the first, Evelyn had been forced into hard labor; scrubbing the decks on her hands and knees, washing the sailors clothes, cooking, cleaning, and every other imaginable chore unbefit a woman of her station. Not to mention the unbearable harrassment from the sailors, unaccustomed to the presence of a lady.

"Hey there, missy, I've got a plank for you to walk." "You can shine me mast any day, lassie." These taunts and countless others rained upon her all day long, reddening her cheeks and sending tears streaming from her eyes, humiliated and ashamed at these uncouth words. Six weeks of this treatment, and still no glimpse of the Admiral. Was this worth it?

As Evelyn began to rise from the deck, she lifted her head and was greeted by the sight of a giant phallus flopping in her face. "Ya can polish this now you're done with the deck," spat Poop Deck Pete, by far the crudest of the crew. While the sight of a cock that huge would normally send shivers thru Evelyn's shaved pussy, on this day she had had enough. Without thinking, Evelyn smacked Pete's swollen member as hard as she could, and, for good measure, spat on his hairy stomach protruding above it.

As Pete stumbled back, his pain turned to anger. Howling to the wind, he reached out and grabbed Evelyn by the hair, yanking her to her feet. "I'll teach you, you little bitch!" Pete snarled. Grabbing the front of Evelyn's dress with both hands, Pete ripped the fabric straight down the front of her tight, tiny body, exposing her bare breasts to the sea air.

Evelyn's nipples immediately hardened due to the stinging salt water whipping across her chest, and she froze with fear of Pete's revenge. Once again grabbing her by the hair, Pete forcefully bent Evelyn over the ship rail, balancing her between the deck and the sea. He leaned into her ear and whispered, "Just relax and don't struggle love, I'm going fuck you so hard that you won't even be conscious when I dump you in the drink."

As the head of Pete's giant cock nestled against her maidenhead, Evelyn closed her eyes and could think only of her parents, and how she had failed them. She tried not to cry in anticipation of the ravaging about to take place, but her strength had left her body and tears rolled down her beautiful face.

As Pete reared back to penetrate her tight, virgin vagina, a gun shot rang out. Evelyn felt the weight of Pete's clumsy body fall off of her with a thud, as Pete's dead form hit the deck. Evelyn looked up in surprise, confused about who would rescue this poor, abandoned wench, when, thru her tears, she saw him at last, holding a smoking pistol and extending the rags of her dress to her.

"Cover yourself, dear, and come to my cabin. I know there's something you've been meaning to talk to me about. The rest of you rotting carcasses," he said, to the masses who had gathered to watch the rape, "get back to your posts and know that all rapists will be dealt with in this way."

As the Admiral strood off, Evelyn humbly covered her quivering body, amazed at the kindness of this powerful man. She followed him quickly, eager to escape the greedy eyes of the men, still trying to catch a glimpse of her breasts. The Admiral held open the door to his cabin for her, and her eyes met his as she passed, silently thanking him for saving her life.

As Evelyn entered the chamber, she was shocked at the spartanness of the room. She had assumed the Admiral to live a life of opulence, but here was a sparsely furnished room, with nothing save a few maps and candles adoring the desk. Evelyn turned around to speak to the Admiral and thank him, only to be cut off by his finger to her lips and his gentle. voice.

"I know why you are on this ship. The king and I have shared correspondence, and he has informed me of your situation. He has agreed to release your parents and grant them diplomatic immunity, provided they leave the country and never return. As we speak, they are on a boat to the new world to start a new life." Evelyn's heart race with joy as she heard the news and tears began to well in her eyes.

"However, there is a price to pay. In exchange for your parents freedom, you shall no longer have yours. You are to be endentured to this ship, and with that, to me. You will spend the rest of your natural life serving the country that granted your parents such extraordinary mercy, and do so on this boat serving my every command."

Evelyn began to speak, and was once again silenced by the Admiral. As he spoke his next words, he locked eyes with Evelyn, boring straight into her soul, silently pleading with her. "You have two choices: you can serve as a common sailor; cleaning, sailing, look out, all the chores of sea life and live as one of the men; free to roam the deck, take shore leave in port, and be paid the standard rate. You will make an honest living, and be as free as able in your situation. Or you can serve me directly, obeying my every order, giving me all your time and energy and everything else I desire; including yourself. It's your decision."

The Admiral let these words sink into Evelyn as he sat himself on the edge of his desk, never breaking eye contact with the girl. Evelyn looked into the hazel eyes of the Admiral, and while she saw the kindness that he had offered her, she also saw the harshness that had allowed him to rise to such a position, a willingness to do whatever needed to be done, regardless of the situation or consequences. And there was one more spark in his eye, the spark of desire, and as Evelyn looked over the Admiral, she noticed a swelling in his groin, a massive bulge where the head of his cock was throbbing against his breeches.

Without saying a word, Evelyn let the rags of her dress fall to the floor, exposing her naked body to the Admiral. As she stood, her body began to flush with the anticipation of what was to come next. She could feel blood rushing into the lips of her vagina, and the nectar of her sex began to flow. She stepped forward, and placing her tiny hand on the massive bulge of the Admiral's cock, whispered the words, "I'm yours."

Unable to contain his desire, the Admiral swept Evelyn into his arms, passionately kissing her lips with his, running his hands over every inch of her body. Together they stripped his clothes off, exposing a truly beautiful penis, hard and throbbing in its desire for the girl.

The Admiral laid Evelyn upon his desk, and softly stated, "I'll be gentle." He began to swab the tip of his cock up and down the length of her pussy, coating the head with the juices of Evelyn's desire. As small shivers began to run thru Evelyn's entire body, she began to flush in anticipation of the Admiral's entrance. Her tight pussy began to quiver as the Admiral tickled her clit with his cock head, and he placed his thumb inside of her, thrusting it in and out as she began to softly moan. She could feel herself about to explode in passion, when suddenly, the Admiral stopped.

Evelyn's eyes opened and met his, and as he looked at her, he began stroking his perfect cock, slowly working his hand up and down the full length of it. "Take me, take me now." Evelyn whispered. The Admiral nodded, and placed the head of his penis at her opening. He slowly began to slide his majestic cock into her, and as he did so Evelyn exploded in pleasure, never before having felt manhood inside of her, and never wanting to lack for it again. As the full length of his member nestled in her, Evelyn looked at the Admiral, face overcome by pleasure, and said, "I think I made the right choice."

With that, the Admiral began to work his magic. He thrust heavily into Evelyn, ramming his entire cock in and out of her tiny cunt. If Evelyn thought the entrance of this man into her was amazing, she was now overcome by the ferocity of the attack on her flower. The Admiral grunted and moaned as he pounded on Evelyn. "Oh, Evelyn, your tight pussy feels so good wrapped around my hard cock. You feel so good."

Wave after wave of pleasure ran thru Evelyn's body, sensations she didn't know could exist.She began to scream as the feelings built to a peak, sending her into a dizzying orgasm. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! God, your cock!"

This was all the Admiral needed to push him over the edge. With one more frantic thrust, he shot his seed inside of her, his cock spasming as ropes of hot semen flowed within Evelyn. She could feel the pulsing of his cock inside her, which sent her to another dizzying peak. As the Admiral emptied the last of himself into her and collapsed his body onto hers, Evelyn felt the last of her orgasm seep out of her, and her body went limp, unable to support herself anymore.

The Admiral rolled off Evelyn's hot, flushed body, and as she felt his cock slip from her exhausted pussy, Evelyn couldn't help but wonder what other adventures the Admiral might have in store for her.

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