tagLoving WivesEvening Up The Score Sheet

Evening Up The Score Sheet


Our first with a guy (Rob) was spontaneous; we had returned from a brief holiday, where I had tried to arrange a birthday present for Allyn. I had met the sister of an old friend, who had agreed to be the "gift". Unfortunately, she had got the plan slightly wrong, deliberately I think, and after her and her boss Rob (he had a hotel restaurant) had managed to get us drunk over dinner, said she had run out of papers to roll a joint, and suggested that Allyn and her go to our room get our papers. Suffice to say, she left me alone with her Rob, and she seduced Allyn. As they were gone a long time, Rob had managed to talk me into removing my pants and had eaten me, but as I was pissed at Allyn for taking so long, had not really gotten into it.

We had left some personal items in our hotel room, so Rob had rung, suggesting we could pick up the goods from his house, which was closer to where we lived.

We got on OK, went out for dinner, and had copious amounts of wine and smoke, which loosened the inhibitions; totally, as it turned out...

Strangely, think I was the first to realize "more" than a chat could eventuate, Allyn & I had frequently discussed possibilities, and often fantasized about inviting another person into our bedroom, (though he would have preferred a girl) and I was ready to play, as well as get some revenge so I set the scene by complaining of a tired back..

This ruse always gets someone interested in helping out with a back massage,,,, and Rob came in on cue. He asked me to lay on the lounge, and pressed a few pressure points on my back. I suggested we might as well have a full massage, as I had two willing masseurs, so Allyn placed cushions on the floor, while Rob prepared oil and towels.

Slowly my clothes came off, as I began to wonder if this was really what I wanted and if Allyn really wanted to make our fantasies a reality, but his encouraging smile reassured me. Standing in front of the guys in only my knickers, I asked which way they wanted me to lay down. Allyn suggested on my stomach first, as this would allow me to relax into the massage.

As I dropped to my knees beside the cushions, Rob piped up and suggested that I should be naked as the oil would soil my panties, so I deftly removed them, keeping my privates well hidden, and flopped face down legs tightly together, feeling the apprehension building. I felt warm oil being sprinkled on my back, then the show began, quite innocently at first, as the guys had remained fully clothed, even the massage was more therapeutic than erotic.

The combination of soft background music, a few joints with wine, and four hands caressing my back relaxed me after a while, allowing my mind to wander, remembering the numerous fantasies we had played with, and wondering just how far I / we would adventure on this night. I became aware that the tempo was changing, and felt one set of hands kneading my buttocks sensuously, making my whole body tingle.

Then, it was time to roll over, which made me a little nervous, all my womanly bits were now in view, and I saw Rob's eyes open wide when he noticed my hairless pussy on full show. Anyway, the massage began again, still business like, as I think the guys were waiting on each other to make the first move. I discreetly spread my legs a little more when they took a leg each, stroking from my toes to my groin, occasionally allowing fingertip access to my private parts..., then the hands became more intense, four sets of fingers roamed closer to heaven; internal investigations began.

You must remember that though this was my first time with two guys, my inhibitions were lowered, I was becoming incredibly turned on, and my pussy was just dripping, which seemed to spur my gallant knights on.

I was thinking about Allyn allowing himself to be seduced by Monica, deciding that I would give him something to think about. I felt fingers spreading my lips, opening my pussy up, and other fingers invading me, which encouraged me to spread my legs a little wider. The guys played with my pussy, one set of fingers would gently push back the folds covering my clit, and another set would stimulate my bud; then a tongue, I didn't know whose, began a trail from my inner thighs, working gently upwards, expectation creating goosebumps over my whole body. The tongue found my wet pussy, and went to work. I was curious as to who the tongue invading me belonged to, so opened my eyes a little, and saw it was Rob on the end of the tongue.

"How come I'm the only one naked" I asked.

Without answering, Rob removed his pants, revealing a fine semi erect cock.

Allyn had taken over on my pussy, flicking his tongue around my clit, while Rob moved to the top of my bod, kneeling at my head, his manhood standing upright above my head, so I grasped him, drawing him closer, and gently licked the underside of his balls. Apart from the obvious erotic stimulation, I suddenly became aware of the scene developing, aware that Allyn was watching me with another man, and this seemed to increase my desire. I held eye contact with Allyn to gauge his reaction as I nuzzled Rob's balls, popping one into my mouth; he was watching intently, looking a little unsure.

"I'll teach him a lesson" I thought.

I pushed Rob onto his back, and positioned myself on my knees between his legs; I ran my tongue around the tip, then slowly engulfed Rob's penis. Allyn had moved beside us to watch, still fully clothed; I knew from his fantasies that he was keen on watching as well as playing so I decided to give him something to watch.

I glanced at Allyn, smiling as I continued my oral endeavors on Rob's cock, sucking on the knob, then slowly swallowing as much as I could. Allyn did not seem perturbed by my actions; "time for the next step, then" I thought.

I maneuvered myself up Rob's body sitting astride our friend, feeling my lips blanket his cock. "What was Monica like" I asked, making him subtly aware that it was now my turn to have sex with another person. Raising my body a little, I slowly let his full length to slide into me, bit by bit; arching my back so Allyn could watch every move; he took it well, removed his clothes, and sat back for a while, enjoying me showing off for him.

It excited me intensely, knowing he was there beside me, doubling the pleasure, as this was the first time, and Allyn had never seen another man in me. He was observing intently, stroking himself, now waiting for his turn. I wanted to give my voyeur hubby the show of his life rode our friend like my life depended on it

Allyn was playing with my butt from behind, and fondling Rob's balls with his other hand, increasing the tempo, until I felt Allyn oiling my "other" entrance. I begged him not to enter me there, so he began rubbing his cock all over my bottom, then slowly tried to inch his way into my pussy which was already filled by Rob. Suddenly, Allyn's cock forced itself into me, stretching my pussy to the limit, the two of them inside me, cocks rubbing together as they gently moved in and out. This was heaven; I reached my hand behind my feeling for their balls, grasping both sets in my hand, rolling them together around and around until it became too much for Rob, who erupted inside me. After a moment recovery, we separated, I moved down his body taking his cock in my mouth again, licking him clean, and still on my knees, invited Allyn to enter again from behind; he was so turned on, it didn't take long, and he to filled me up.

I was not ready to finish here, I was only starting, and I wanted more.

After a short pause in proceedings, Rob went to fix some drinks.

He returned to find me sucking Allyn back to size. As he was sitting behind me, I moved onto my knees, spreading my legs wide so that he could view my creamy pussy. I felt his hands caressing my bottom, his fingers spreading my cheeks, then he proceed to play with my pussy, sticking first one, then two, then who knows how many fingers inside me.

"This is so stimulating" I thought. "How come I had waited this long to experience the pleasure of to guys pampering me. I had seen a few 3 way videos, and had wondered what it would be like; now, I knew.

Rob was providing an excellent digital workout for me, and as Allyn had by now reached full size again, I just held him in my hands and pushed back onto Rob's fingers. With is other hand, he smeared the mix of cum and my juices all over my cheeks, then a finger rested on my anus, gently running around and around the hole. I experienced a mixture of trepidation and excitement as he inserted a fingertip. It felt great, sending tingles throughout my whole body.

"Let's get more comfortable" Rob suggested, so we moved into his bedroom, the three of us just playing with each other. Allyn went to get some refreshments, and returned to find Rob on his back, and me between his legs, once again with a cock in mouth and my butt ready and willing jutting towards him, so, he discarded the drinks, spread my bottom cheeks, and slipped into my pussy again, this was heaven, and I wondered again why it had taken so long for me to discover this type of pleasure.

Allyn was increasing his tempo, Rob, on his back with my mouth around his cock was egging him on with suggestive crudities, "give it to her" "fuck her hard" etc.

"How'd you guys like to switch places" I asked. In a Jiffy, I had Rob in behind me, and Allyn in my mouth. I could feel his ball sack was tightening, then he trembled a little and erupted, filling my mouth with his warm come. I turned my head towards Rob, and the sight of Allyn's come around my mouth brought him to his climax.

We all collapsed on the bed, taking time out to regain our composure, me a little disappointed, as I had not had my "O" . Then, the strangest thing happened,,, Rob kneeled at the bottom of the bed, and rolled moved me onto my back, I thought he wanted to fuck me again so spread my legs invitingly, and was surprised to feel him kissing my inner thighs, tonguing his way upwards to my pussy...

This spun me out, as my pussy had received at least three loads of come, and was very full and squishy, I caught Allyn's eye,,, and beckoned him to look down,, he smiled,, already aware,, as our friend proceeded to lick at the juices around my pleasure dome. He worked on me for ages, eventually, his tongue found my clit. He flickered it rapidly up and down, around and around; It became too much for me, my clit was far too sensitive for this sort of treatment, so I gently put my hands on his head, attempting to push him away. He responded, only to run his tongue downwards along my wet slit. I spread my legs wider, inviting him to continue.

His fingers gently pulled my lips apart, his tongue worked it's way inwards, he was kissing, sucking, not wanting to miss a drop; inserting his tongue as far as possible.

"This is SO decadent" I whispered to Allyn. "Never thought I'd have a man clean the cum from my pussy like this, is this normal"?

"Allyn just shook his head, and being ever so helpful, reached for my fanny, holding my lips apart, opening me for Rob to delve deeper. I was totally embarrassed, but loved the feeling too much to stop...

Allyn ran his hands down to my knees, lifting them outwards, and back towards my side, holding me wide apart, anything to give Rob full access, while he kissed and licked me clean, I'm a respectable lady, but was acting like a tart... but I loved it, loved it enough to finally feel I was ready to have my "O"

Rob must have sensed I was close, so trailed his tongue back towards my clit, the tip circling the bud; My body began to tremble as my orgasm neared, then flickering it rapidly, raced me to my climax.

As the wonderful sensations subsided, I rolled into Allyn's arms, kissing him and thanking him for allowing me this ultimate pleasure. He had an erection again, and pulled my top leg over his to allow him access. I felt his tip on my opening, then he pushed his way in.

"Gently please" I begged, "I'm a little tender down there.

Rob was now lying behind me; he too had an erection

"God, when will they tire" I thought.

I felt Rob's fingers stroking my pussy, running up and down that sensitive area between pussy and anus; then a finger popped inside my butt.

I trembled, allowing myself to overcome my inhibitions (I'd never been taken anally) and relaxed onto his finger, which was now fully inserted.

I reached behind me, grasping for his cock; then pulled him closer, an unspoken invitation. He placed his tip at my second entrance, and pushed slightly, popping the knob inside me.

I kissed Allyn, and whispered to him, "Rob's knob has just slipped into my bottom; it feels great, should I let him take me this way"

"Up to you Darling, it's your night" he replied.

Allyn reached over me, and pulled Rob closer; I felt his length slip slowly inside me, I now had both holes filled; I was in heaven.

"No more vigorous activity guys" I pleaded, "I'm too tired, just hold me tight, and rest inside me".

We must have dropped off to sleep this way; I awoke much later, and quietly hopped off the bed to go the toilet. Returning to the room, I looked at my two lovers, totally spent and fast asleep.

"What a night" I thought

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