tagIncest/TabooEveryone Wants Lolly! Ch. 01

Everyone Wants Lolly! Ch. 01


Part 1, Lolly's Pops


This story is centralised around incest, and is a work of pure fiction. The author does not condone incest and this work has been written for fantasy entertainment value only. If taboo subjects offend you, then please do not read.

Written by a British female!


I know that I am a very lucky girl and I have the best family in the world who love me to death and spoil me rotten, but I am an only child so, really, it is expected!

My parents are not rich and we live in a small house in a quiet lane that borders a large dairy farm. My Daddy is a semi-retired mechanic and has been slowly doing the house up - but he is a bit of a fat, lazy geezer and it's taken him 10 years so far!

I absolutely adore my Daddy - he is 52, completely bald with a typical middle-aged man beer belly who loves sport, big boobs and drinking beer. He never, ever calls me anything but 'Princess' or 'Babygirl' and I could easily describe myself as a Daddy's girl.

I am really close to my Daddy, and even though I'm 18 now, you'll often find me bouncing on his knee or cuddled up in his lap. Every night, without fail, I kiss my Daddy on the lips before bedtime and I still nag him to come and tuck me in each night after I've washed my face and cleaned my teeth.

My parents' friends think that I act quite naive young for my age and they all say that it's my Daddy's fault for spoiling me, and my Mam's fault for not putting her foot down enough. I don't think that I'm naive though - I just adore my Daddy and I am the biggest attention seeker going!

I'm not that close to my Mam though - I do love her and appreciate all the hard work she does in the house and for our family but we've never really bonded. I think it's because she has always worked long, late shifts and I do sometimes get jealous of the attention my Daddy gives her when she is home.

My Daddy's best friend, JJ, who is also a mechanic with Daddy, is always over our house. I call him Uncle JJ and he loves it! He says to me "Don't stop calling me Uncle JJ now, gorgeous, you make me feel like part of the family!".

Uncle JJ is younger than Daddy, but he has got an even bigger beer belly! My favourite game to play with Uncle JJ is to call him 'Fatty BooBoo'. Wherever we are in the house, Uncle JJ grabs me, throws me on the sofa or on the floor, pins me down and lies on top of me whilst tickling my sides. He has me in stitches of laughter squirming underneath him. I don't know why, but I secretly like the feeling of his big, fat belly squashing me.

Uncle JJ's nickname for me is 'Titty-licious'. Even though I'm thin and only 5"2, my boobs are size 32DD. They are really perky and stand up high on my chest. I am really proud of my looks - big boobs and bright blonde, long, wavy hair - I think every girl wants to look like me! I wish I had long, slender legs though instead of being short like a little doll!

My other favourite man in our family is my Pops. He is such an old pervert but he gives me lots of attention, so naturally I get really excited when he comes to visit.

Pops is in his late sixties now, but he has lots of energy and likes cycling and gardening. He is my Mam's Daddy and she is still his princess, even at 36!

It was Friday afternoon and I was skiving school. My Mam was kicking off saying that I would fail my last year's exams if I missed school, but I just winged to Daddy that I had a headache and he said that one day off wouldn't hurt.

I was sitting on the sofa inbetween Uncle JJ and Daddy, who were playing on the playstation, each with the recliner out for their legs. Neither of them worked on a Friday.

My hair was plaited down on side and I was wearing light blue, cotton hotpants and a tight, pink vest without a bra. I spotted Uncle JJ taking a look at my boobs a few times, but he wasn't very subtle. My nipples were poking through the vest and when I saw him looking it just made them get even harder! When I caught him looking a couple of times, I pulled my vest down a bit to show more cleavage and grabbed my boobs playfully. He must of liked it, even though he didn't say anything.

"Right, guys - I'm off to work. Lolly be good for your father and see you all in the morning," my Mam called from the kitchen. Daddy got up to give her a kiss goodbye.

"Can't wait until the morning, wake me up with a blowie, won't ya, sexy?" I watched my Daddy pinch my Mam's bum.

"Don't I always?" my Mam joked, holding my Daddy's head, leaning in for a snog.

"Grr, you make me want to fuck you up against the counter," Daddy teased, leaning my Mam over the kitchen worktop. I saw out the corner of my eye my Daddy grabbing my Mam's foof with the palm of his hand and massaging her there.

"You'll have to wait 'til tomorrow love!" My Mam pushed him off and picked her bag off from the living room floor, stopping to kiss me on my forehead as she went.

"See ya Mam!" I said.

I raised my eyebrow at my Daddy when he sat back down.

"You're disgusting," i joked, poking my tongue out at him.

"So? You're allowed to be disgusting when you've been married as long as we have, Princess," Daddy sighed, pulling me up into his lap.

I looked at Uncle JJ; he was grinning and I noticed a bulge in his joggers.

There was a knock at the door.

"Alright lads? What are you doing home girly-wirly? Skiving school, are we?" My Pops strode into the living room with a carrier bag of beer.

"Pops!" I leapt off my Daddy's lap and ran to my grandfather, giving him a big hug. I stepped up on my tip toes and gave him a kiss on his lips.

"Mm mm, you smell good Lollypop!" Pops said, wrapping his arms around me and sniffing my neck hard.

"Good one Al!" Uncle JJ said, taking the carrier bag off my grandfather and passing a beer to my Daddy.

"Afternoon drinks I thought, my lads, whilst my own girly is at work!"

"Pops! Come upstairs, let me show you my new room - Daddy's finally finished it." I grabbed Pop's wrinkly hand and pulled him towards the stairs.

"Ooh, hey hey! Finally finished at last, well done Mick!" Pops said, obediently following me. He didn't hesitate to slap my bum a few times as we went up the stairs.

"What do you think, huh?" I asked as I pushed open my bedroom door. My room was quite big, with it's own ensuite bathroom; fitted, mirrored wardrobes opposite my brand new, double bed and all painted in very girly hot pink - my favourite colour.

My Pops whistled. "Absolutely gorgeous, just like our little star of the family!"

"Sit down!" I beckoned, bouncing over to my bed, stopping to check my appearance in my new mirrors. Gosh, I thought, no wonder Uncle JJ couldn't stop looking - my boobs look huge in this vest!

Pops sat down on the side of my bed like I asked.

"I love the colour, sexy pink just like sexy little you!" Pops grabbed my arms and pulled me into his lap, wrapping his arms around me and squeezing me tight into him. I fell naturally straddling my grandfather, knees either side of his legs.

"Mmm, Pops, I'm glad you like it," I giggled, wrapping my legs behind my Pops and pulling myself tighter into his lap.

"Do you want to play our funny game, Lollypop?" my Pops asked. His voice sounded a bit huskier than usual. I nodded, grinning and Pops pushed me off him onto the bed.

"Right, hmmm, you need to stand infront of me whilst I close my eyes then," Pops said.

I stood infront of him, like he asked, as he closed his eyes. We had been playing this game for a long time, and I never got bored of it - even though it was a bit childish.

The game was only that Pops tried to guess what colour knickers I had on, but for some reason we both really enjoyed playing it, and we always seemed to only ever play it when we were in a room alone together.

Pops held my hands and breathed in deeply, and looked like he was concentrating.

"Okay - first guess! I think your little knickers are the same colour as your bedroom - hot pink!"

"Wrong!" I giggled as Pops let go of my hands. I turned around and wiggled my bum in his face. he slapped it, quite hard.

"Try again!" I was giggling so hard, but trying to be quiet.

"I think your little knickers are beautiful baby pink!" Pops guessed again.


"Umm, I think your little knickers are innocent and white!"

"Haha, Pops, I'm not that innocent, silly!"

"I know, you're a naughty little thing! Come here, this is hard. I'll have to use my hands to guess!"

Pops pulled me closer to him and ran his hands up my bare legs. He stroked my legs up and down as he made heavy breathing noises, pretending to concentrate. His hands were hard and scratchy from years working as a builder, but it made me feel quite tingly. I always liked this part of the game.

Pops then proceeded to move his hands over my shorts and then underneath my waistband. He slowly ran his hands down my hips then over to the inside of my thighs and up again, slowly, to the little mound in my knickers.

Usually, at this point in the game, Pops would only run his fingers around the material of the front of my knickers, but today he was rubbing my little mound quite hard.

"Pops," I murmured. It felt weird, but really nice at the same time. I didn't think perhaps he should be pressing quite so hard on my mound - it wasn't the object of the game, but I wasn't going to say anything.

Pops licked his lips, looking straight at me and moved his fingers around the outline of my knickers. He traced his fingers around the edges and outlined the shape as my knickers went around to my bum, exposing my cheeks. Pops continued to look me in the eye as he felt the string run down the crack of my bum. He pressed his fingers hard as he passed my asshole.

"Well, well, well, these are a naughty pair of knickers, young lady!" Pops said.

I bit my lip, but I wasn't embarrassed. Instead I was smiling.

"Go on, guess then!" I laughed.

"My guess is.... hmmm..." Pops put his hands down the front of my shorts again, massaging his fingers into my slit. Then he pinched the sides of the material, and I could feel his bare skin touching my slit. I was quite wet down below, but I couldn't explain why.

"Red?" Pops asked.

"Wrong agaaaain! Pops! You're rubbish at this game!" I giggled, pulling away from my grandfather and threw myself onto my bed. I lay down, with my head on my pillows and wriggled off my cotton hotpants.

"Black! Even naughtier!" Pops laughed, climbing next to me on my bed. He leant his head down and kissed me on my mound.

"You smell so delicious, Lollypop!" Pops proceeded to blow raspberries on my thong-covered slit.

"Thank-you, Popsicle! So do you!" I said, inbetween giggles. My Pops was making me feel really tingly down below and my knickers were sticking right to my foof. I had a mad urge to slap myself down below and make it feel good, or better still - make my Pops do it! - but I stopped myself as it was probably inappropriate behaviour to be doing with my own Pops.

Pops stopped playing with me and lay down besides me. I pulled myself up and straddled him. I could feel something hard digging right up upon my foof. I wiggled down on it because it felt nice. I think it was my Pops' willy! I leant down and kissed my Pops on the lips. We often would kiss on the lips in private, and Pops let me use tongues on him. He said it was good practise for when I had a boyfriend of my very own.

Pops was moaning and pushing his hips up, making his hard willy push and rub against my foof. It felt amazing so I was pushing and rubbing back down on him. Neither of us said anything, but Pops was groaning more and more into my mouth. As I swirled my tongue gently against his, as if my Pops was my lover, I rubbed my foof hard up and down on his willy, getting a bit faster. Pops put his hands on my bare ass cheeks, squeezing them, then moved the string away from my asshole and started gently tapping my asshole. I had never even done that to myself before. It felt really good and I was longing for Pops to push his finger inside my hole. I was definitely going to do that to myself later!

We grinded and humped eachother, getting faster and I knew deep down that it was a naughty thing to do but so what? We were both enjoying it. My foof was throbbing and aching - I would have thought something was wrong with me but it was so pleasurable.

So this must be what 'dry-humping' means, I thought to myself.

Then all of a sudden, Pops groaned out and froze, but his big, hard willy was jerking and flicking against my wet foof through the material of his trousers.

"Ohh, Lollypop!" Pops sighed into my mouth. I sat upright, still straddling him.

"What's the matter Pops?" I asked, a little bit concerned why we had stopped.

"That was a fun little ending to our game, my naughty, sexy little granddaughter!" Pops was grinning from ear to ear.

"Yeah, that was really fun," I agreed. I realised that I was panting and flushed.

Pop looked up and into the mirrored wardrobes at the end of the end.

"Woww, your ass looks incredible like this, Lolly!" Pops exclaimed, stretching my ass cheeks apart as I continued to straddle him. I turned my neck to look. I was suprised at how sexy we looked!

"Pops... we look like a real couple who's just been doing the naughty!" I whispered into his ear wickedly, unintentionally pushing my DD's into his face.

"Ohh Lolly, the things you do to me!" Pops groaned again and I could feel his willy jerking and flicking up at me again.

I was a little bit disappointed when Pops then pushed me off him and advised me to get dressed. He said Daddy and Uncle JJ would be missing us and that he needed to visit the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was pink and flushed, my boobs seemed more perkier than even and my nipples were straining so hard at my vest that they were hurting. I decided I had better put a bra on and maybe even change my knickers as they were uncomfortably sticky.

I was also feeling a little bit confused why Pops had just acted really strange with me, but was making me feel good and sexy - and then that was it. Perhaps 18 year old virgins weren't supposed to play games with their grandfathers. But we were different in our family and I adored the attention! I was secretly wishing that Pops and I had played the ending of our knicker-colour guessing game naked! That would have been really fun!

I tidied up my hair, changed my knickers to a polka dot comfy pair, put my shorts back on and went downstairs. I fancied a cuddle with my fatty Uncle JJ!


Look out for part 2 coming soon, where this time Uncle JJ is naughty with Lolly!

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