tagLesbian SexEvey Green: Career Woman Ch. 02

Evey Green: Career Woman Ch. 02


It's very early when Pete crawls into bed. Close to 4 am on Sunday. Vivien and I didn't talk all day Saturday after she left while I was still sleeping. I had to wash the sheets, pillow cases, my clothes... her scent was everywhere. My mind keeps taking me to a place that I don't want to go.

Her hands on my thighs. Her tongue between my thighs.

No. I have to snap myself out of this. Pete drapes and arm over me gently and kisses my head, trying not to wake me. A feeling in the pit of my stomach gnaws at me and I want to spring out of bed and tell him what happened. I want to tell him that Vivien made me come over and over again. I want to tell him that if he wants to leave me I'll understand.

Thankfully, my body obeys my command and does not move.

I wake up to the sun shining through the curtains. Pete is sound asleep and I sneak out of bed. I put on a pot of coffee and my phone beeps from across the room. My heart stills. I can hear it beating in my ears, so I know it hasn't stopped completely. I walk gingerly over to my phone as if I'm sneaking up on it.

I nearly collapse when I see that it's a text from my dear from, Kim. Kim and I met over 10 years ago and we were instantly best buds.

"Call me when you can."

I pick up the phone and dial right away.

"Hey!" her sunny voice beams through the phone at me.

"Hey, you. Just got your text. What's up, love?"

"Well, I was hoping that since I haven't seen you in FOREVER that you could get lunch with me today. I'll be down by you anyway for rehearsal around 11, but I'm free after noon," she sounds hopeful.

"I would love that. Call me when you're out of rehearsal."

We hang up and for the first time since Vivien left I feel a giant sense of relief. I'm pouring coffee into a comically large mug when Pete stumbles into the kitchen. He smiles his gorgeous smile at me and nearly throws himself at me.

"I missed you! I barely heard from you, too. You must've been some busy lady," he says into my hair.

"I'm sorry, darling. I am so happy that you're home," I take his face into my hands and I'm suddenly wearing a scarlet letter. I can feel my face turning bright red and I glance at the couch where Vivien made me come so hard that I had to clean my own juices off the leather and the oak beneath where I sat.

"Are you OK?" he gazes at me.

I blink hard and look back at him, "Fine, why?"

"You just seem a little distracted I guess," his brow is furrowed.

"I'm just thinking about work stuff. That's all. I'm sorry. Shall I pour you some coffee?" I turn around so that I don't have to look at him anymore and pour him a cup.

Pete and I sit on the couch and he tells me that the publisher loves his stuff and wants to work out a deal. Pete tells me that he's got to go back to New York from Monday morning until Friday afternoon or so. I tell him that I'm sad he's going, but I'm also scared to be left alone now.

What if Vivien wants to come over and do it again? The thought brings that familiar warmth between my legs and I cross them. Pete starts to pack so that he can leave again tomorrow and I go to meet Kim for lunch.

Over BLTs and bloody marys, Kim and I talk about everything as usual. I am disappointed when I can't bring myself to tell her about Vivien. This girl is my best friend and has never judged me, ever. I just can't. I glance up when I see a vivacious blonde woman strutting down the sidewalk and for a moment I am petrified.

It's not Vivien. I tell Kim that we should get together again soon, but I know I won't see her for awhile. She's an opera singer. I hug her tight, proud of my opera singer friend, and make my way home.

I open my work email thinking perhaps Vivien might have emailed me at least about something work related. Not a peep. Pete walks into the room wearing a very tight t-shirt and his skinny jeans from years ago.

"Do you think this is too revealing for my interview on Wednesday?" he poses in the doorway.

I giggle and nod emphatically. He turns to go back into the bedroom and looks back at me, "If you follow me, maybe I'll let you take it off of me... if you can," he smiles and walks into our room.

I want to follow him. I know what he wants from me. I just... don't feel it. He peeks his head around the corner, "Evey? You coming?"

"I just have a lot of work emails to sort through before tomorrow," I say and blush instantly knowing it's a lie.

"But I'm leaving tomorrow. I won't be back for a whole week!"

"I know... tonight, baby. OK?"

He nods and shakes his butt at me as he walks back into our room.

I am in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I find myself lost in thought. I'm half thinking about Vivien and half thinking about how to get out of what I promised Pete. Why don't I want to have sex with him? Does one lesbian encounter make me gay?

I walk into the bedroom to see Pete sprawled out on the bed, fast asleep. Problem solved. I take my phone and lay down on the couch. I close my eyes for what seems like only moments and wake up when Pete strokes my hair.

"Why are you out here?" he looks concerned.

"Oh, you were spread out all over the bed earlier and I didn't want to wake you," I get up off the couch and settle into bed with Pete.

He rolls over and kisses me in the dark. His hands roam underneath my shirt and down my pants. Even though I am feeling nothing in this moment aside from anxiety, I let him inside. He kisses my forehead, my neck, my breasts. He's quiet and so am I. I can feel him slowing down.

"I don't want to finish until you do," he pants.

Oh, no. I can't come. Not tonight. I'm terrified about work tomorrow. I'm scared that all I can think about in this moment is Vivien fucking me with a strap-on. It's all too much. So I make an executive decision.

"Please, don't stop," I say, desperately.

He scoops an arm under my neck and cradles me while he fucks me. I give it a moment before I tell him I'm close.

He says he's going to come and I tell him I am too. While he has a real orgasm and fills me up, I have a fake one.

When he rolls off of me, he pulls me close so my head rests on his chest. He kisses my hair and we fall asleep this way.

I kiss Pete goodbye and walk into the lobby of my building. The elevator ride is too short and my knees are shaking as I approach Vivien's office. Vivien is wearing a silky, flowy top and a black pencil skirt that hugs her hips divinely. She is on the phone, so I walk in and sit down at my desk.

I open my computer and start my Monday morning. I hear her put the phone down.

"Good morning, Evey," she says dryly.

"Good morning, Vivien," I smile at her and immediately return my gaze to my computer screen.

"How was your weekend?" she says and sips her coffee.

I want to jump on top of her desk and scream. How can she be so cool about this? I worried about this all weekend! That's how my weekend was.

"Fine, and yours?" I finally say.

"Eh, a bit boring, but fine. I've just saved some files to the shared folder. I need you to go through them and delete anything that's more than five years old. Please archive the rest," she picks up the phone and is on a call for the next hour or so.

I work through lunch, hoping that she'll let me leave a bit early for doing so.

The week is fairly mundane compared to what I thought was going to happen. I imagined Vivien pushing me down on her desk and pulling a vibrator from her desk drawer and making me come for her mouth. I thought she might at least grope me inappropriately at some point. Nothing.

I'm wrapping things up on Wednesday afternoon and just as I stand up to leave, Vivien does too. She smiles at me, "I'll walk out with you."

We walk through the revolving door into a chilly evening.

"Listen, Evey..."

I freeze. This is it. We're finally going to talk about it.

"Tomorrow's schedule is fairly clear. We can probably both work from home if we get a few hours of work done tonight. It would really help me a great deal if you wouldn't mind. I'd be happy to spring for takeout if you wanted to come to my place..." she says, all business.

I'm disappointed once more, but I agree to help her. We share a cab to her place. The lobby doors whisper open and closed and a doorman watches me closely as we head for the elevators. Vivien opens her door and I gasp when I see her place.

Hardwood, granite, stainless steel, white. So much white. It's breathtaking.

"Help yourself to some wine," she gestures to a fully stocked wine rack. I pour myself a glass and sit down at the beautiful hand-carved dining table.

Vivien's voice comes from behind me, "Was it hard?"

I turn to her, "I'm sorry?"

"Was it hard keeping it from Pete? Or did you just tell him?"

Oh, NOW she wants to talk about it.

"I didn't tell him. And I'm not going to," I look down at my wine. "You've been awfully cold to me this week," I say, sounding more childish than I mean to.

"Cold? No. I've been your boss, Evey."

"The things you did to me on Friday..."

"Stand up, Evey,"

I stand up and turn towards her. She begins to unbutton her blouse.

"Vivien..." I look down.

She finishes the buttons and lets the silky top fall to the floor. She walks to me and instructs me to take her bra off for her. I am shaking and my fingers fumble with the clasp before it releases and her breasts spill out.

I'm on fire. I wanted this. I wanted to wake up to her Saturday so that we could do this, but she was gone. And here we are. It's now or never. I cup one of her breasts in my hand and bring it to my mouth. Her nipple hardens quickly between my lips and her saltiness fills my mouth.

She puts a hand under my chin and brings my eyes to hers.

"When we are in my office, Evey, I am your boss. Nothing more. But as soon as I am alone with you outside of my office, I will take advantage of you every moment I get. I craved the smell and taste of your pussy all weekend. You're incredibly sexy, Evey," she kisses me hard and moves my head back to her nipples.

Everything in me is on fire. I suck desperately at each nipple. She pushes me away and breathing short, shallow breaths, she tells me to go to her bedroom and open the middle dresser drawer.

Opening the drawer I find several toys. A dildo, two vibrators, some handcuffs, a blindfold, and a strap-on. I look up at her and she tells me to pick one.

I take out the strap-on and she takes it from me, tossing it on her bed. She walks to me slowly and unbuttons my pants. She pushes my shirt up over my breasts and moves my bra, sucking gently at my nipples. I shiver and concentrate all of my energy on not letting my body fall to the floor. She kneels in front of me and pulls my pants halfway down my thighs.

She puts her thumb over the very obvious wet spot on my panties and rubs lightly before grabbing the backs of my thighs and pushing her mouth to my panties.

I gasp. I can feel her hot breath against my clit and I need to sit down. Vivien pushes me down on the bed.

She kneels over me, kissing her way down my stomach. When she reaches my very wet pussy, she breathes deeply.

"God, you smell so good, Evey," she says before covering my clit with her mouth. I feel her tongue exploring me and I moan loudly, not caring about anything else in the world. She slides her thumb inside me and pinches my clit between her fingers with the same hand.

She sucks hard on me and licks hard. The friction of her tongue against me brings on that familiar sensation of everything falling away. I close my eyes and shout out something incoherent before I'm lost. I'm gripping the blanket so tightly that my knuckles are white. I look down and Vivien is licking me ever so softly.

"Please, Vivien. Please let me taste you. I've never licked a woman before and I need to have you," I have never wanted anything more than this. Ever.

Vivien kisses me and instructs me to lick her chin clean. She pulls my shirt off and swiftly removes my bra. Her mouth finds my nipples and sucks each one before rolling over onto her back.

"Let's see what a natural you are at eating pussy," she spreads her legs wide and I move between them. I touch her through her panties and she is just as wet as I am. I move in close, letting her feel the warmth of my tongue on her clit.

Pulling her panties down, I discover something I hadn't noticed before. Vivien has a clit piercing. I know that I'm supposed to kiss her thighs and tease her like she does to me, but I want it too much. I take her into my mouth. I suck her gently at first, then harder. I rub my tongue against her exposed bump as rough as I can and I feel her jump.

I take the piercing between my teeth and tug just gently. Her body rolls and she's moaning my name. She mumbles something about me lying that this is my first time, but I don't stop. I lick her up and down her delicious slit before slipping a couple of fingers inside her. She props herself up on her elbows, pinching her nipples and watching me intently.

I lick and finger fuck her until she throws her head back and cries out. I can feel her squeezing around me as her cunt leaks all over my fingers. I lap it up and before I can say a work she instructs me to get on my back.

She stands up and retrieves the strap-on. She clasps the black strap around her hips and strokes the large, flesh-colored dildo. She pulls my legs so I am at the edge of the bed.

I look up at her and I am brave again, "Fuck me. Please fuck me hard," I push my dripping cunt towards her. She pushing the head in just a little bit and runs the tip up and down my wetness. I throw my head back and cover my face with both hands.

"Please, Vivien," I shout.

She pushes inside me and I feel so full. My eyes shoot wide open and I stare up at her. Her face is soft and focused. She thrusts into me hard and I cry out.

"Is this what you wanted? You wanted me to fuck your tight little hole?" she grits her teeth and fucks me harder. She lifts my legs and pushes them up, leaning into me to get deeper. I can feel the cock all the way inside of me and Vivien slaps my tits.

I'm surprised but so close to putting my come all over the big dick that I can't think or even utter a word. She falls over me and pins my arms above my head. Her mouth finds my nipples and bites at each one while she fucks my pussy with reckless abandon.

Like a flash, I feel everything in my body tense and then I'm gone. I am completely silent with my head thrown back and she's buried the cock deep inside me and stopped the thrusting. I finally cry out when the orgasm has ripped through me, leaving me completely drained. I am limp. I want to speak and I can't.

Vivien takes off the strap-on and holding the shaft, she brings it to my lips.

"Taste," she says and pushes it against my mouth. I lick one side while she licks the other. She moves the toy and our tongues tangle up in each other. I realize that I'm exhausted and Vivien pulls me close to her. As I'm falling asleep I hear her whispering to me, "You're mine now..."

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