tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEvil Secretary Ch. 06

Evil Secretary Ch. 06


I cooked tea for Joe as he sat there looking a little embarrassed. I just wanted him out of my house now. Besides, my mind was on his brother and how I could get at him.

"What are you going to do about Freddie and her?"

"That doesn't concern you, darling, and keep your mouth shut. I want you in bed after tea."

He looked at his watch.

"I know it's early but you won't be disappointed. I'll come up and tuck you in, but I have to make a few phone calls first. Now move your hand so mummy can see."

I smiled down at his little stiff cock sticking out of his trousers. At just after 9 he went up to bed.

"Hi Freddie, Amy here," I said, brightly into the phone.

"What do you want?" he grunted.

"I just want a little talk. Come round and see me on Thursday afternoon."

"What the fuck for?" he snapped.

"Please don't swear at me darling, after all, I'll soon be your mother," I said sweetly.

"The fuck you will. I know all about you tricking dad. He'll see through you soon. He might be caught up by what a babe you are, but when his dick lets go he'll soon kick your ass."

"Oh, I'm a babe am I?" I said, with a chuckle.

"You don't fucking get it do you? I've got a friend who knows what you are playing at."

"Oh is that right? Now you listen to me, I love Harris, and you are going to accept me as your stepmother, the sooner the better."

Now he laughed at me. OK, he could have his little victory, but just for a few seconds!

"Fuck you, slut!" he snapped.

"Oh I bet you would wouldn't you. I bet you are getting a little fed up with her now. She's getting on a bit, what is she now, 50?"

The line went quite for a few moments.

"Now you get your ass round here Thursday afternoon, or I show daddy the pictures of you and Mandy."

I closed the phone even before he thought of an answer. I poured myself another wine and left the phone to ring for ages. Finally I picked it up.

"Amy? Look, don't do anything stupid. If dad sees those photos he'll go crazy."

I just loved the panic in his voice.

"So you'll be round here on Thursday then?"

I heard a big sigh.

"Yeah, OK," he mumbled.

I finished the rest of my wine and went up to Joe's room. He was already in bed. I stood over him watching his little red face. I grinned as I trailed my finger over my nipple ring that was hidden under my blouse. I moved forward, and watching him gulp as I jerked back the quilt. I smiled at his hard cock. I took my stocking from his hand and he stiffened as I trailed it over his cock head.

"Do you like that?" I asked, in a whisper.

He nodded, and I smiled down at him.

"Can I see your nipple ring, a, again?" he asked with a stammer.

I lifted my top up off my tits and he gasped.

"Are you a virgin?"

He nodded.

"Put the stocking on your cock and wank," I whispered.

"Can I, can I fuck, you?"

I shook my head telling him no. He fumbled with the stocking, feeding it onto his throbbing cock.

"My pussy belongs to your father. His is the only cock that goes there now. But, I guess, I could use my hand," I cooed.

I watched his red face almost explode. He groaned and thrashed about. I barely tugged him twice before his spunk oozed into my stocking. He was gasping and jerking around. His back arched way off the bed, as I pulled him harder.

"You're fucking beautiful," he panted.

"So, you like your new mummy then?"

"Oh fuck, yeah," he gasped.

I watched him slowly regain control of his breathing. I kissed his forehead and he even gasped at that!

"Amy, I promise I'll never tell anyone about us," he said, as I went to the door.

I grinned back at his excited face.

"Darling, I only tucked you in. It's not my fault I made a mistake and grabbed your cock instead of the sheet, is it now?"

He shook his head and grinned again. I winked at him and closed the door behind me.

"One son down, one to go," I mumbled to myself.

I was now turning up for work on Harris Silver's arm! People looked and stared, some with smiles, and some in shock. I suppose they were all just jealous because Harris had picked me. I was by his side where I was meant to be, and I loved it when people stared. I kissed his cheek, and then he went into his office. One day soon when I was his wife, he would have to get a new secretary. But I would do the interview. I didn't want some little bimbo with ideas above her station now, did I?

So there he stood in front of me, my stepson the one who was shagging Mandy. I dropped the photos on the kitchen table.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't show these to your father?"

"Go ahead, see if I care," he said, staring me in the eye.

"OK, then give me one good reason why I shouldn't show these to your mother?"

I watched him look down at the photos. He swallowed a little, and I could see his mind racing.

"Would you be that cruel?"

"Let's just say, if you accept me and we get on, you won't have to find out."

"You really are a scheming bitch," he snapped.

"No, I love your father and he loves me. Soon I'll be his wife. I'll be your stepmother. All I'm asking is that we get on. Mandy was using you to get back at Harris, she loves him, but I got him first, so we should try and get on."

"I'm not stupid. I knew she was trying to get him."

"Then we have a deal, be nice to me, and mummy doesn't get to hear about you fucking your dad's ex fancy woman."

"What have you done with mum's portrait?"

"I've put it in storage," I said, moving towards him.

I looked up into his cold blue eyes.

"You know, you and I could be real friends if you wanted. I like you better than Joe. I want us to be best friends."

I watched him gulp as I put my hand on his chest.

"Those pictures are a little strange, the way you are holding her down. Is that what you like?" I asked softly.

I moved my hand up to his face and he grabbed it away. He held onto my wrist squeezing it tightly. I let out a little whimper as he forced my hand down. He gritted his teeth and pushed further until I was down on my knees.

"You're hurting me," I mumbled.

He pushed me back and stood over me. I started rubbing my wrist. As I went to get up he stood on my hand. I looked up at him and winced.

"You are lucky the decorators are upstairs," he snapped.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Now, help mummy up," I purred.

He got off my hand and pulled me roughly to my feet.

"So, I'm to be nice to you in front of dad. And when we are alone?"

"Just don't be so rough," I mumbled.

I moved forward again and stretched up to kiss him. He grabbed my hair and yanked me away. I twisted and stumbled throwing my hands on the kitchen table to break my fall.

"See you soon, mummy," he hissed, with a sarcastic tone.

A little smile spread over my lips as he left. It wouldn't be long until he knew his place.

The following week I was back at work. Well the decorators had now started work on the lounge. Harris was a little hesitant at first, but I managed to persuade him I knew what was best.

"Good morning, Mr Ashford," I said, from behind my desk.

"Well I hear you have moved in with Harris. You know Mandy is still pretty pissed with you, she is working for me now."

"So I hear, I'm sure she'll do a good job, and yes, Harris and I are living together," I said, with a beaming grin.

"Well that is a shame, I have a £3,000,000 contract up for grabs, it's his but only if you spend some time with me."

I watched the sick grin spread over his face.

"Think about it, I'm sure one night with me would be worth it."

He slipped his card on the desk in front of me. His podgy fat fingers squeezed my neck as he chuckled. I heard Harris greet Ashford as he went into the office. I slipped Ashford's card in my handbag. I took coffee in and Ashford ran his eyes over me. Harris noticed and shuffled a little in his chair. An hour later the meeting was over.

"Amy, I want to see you in my office."

Harris went back in and Ashford gave me a wink as I brushed past him.

"Nice ass," he whispered, as he pinched it.

"Amy, Ashford was quite suggestive about you, did he try anything when you got the contract a few months ago?"

I looked down at the carpet.

"He touched me, but that was all. I didn't let him go any further than that."

He walked round and lifted my head up.

"Amy, I need a new secretary, I don't want him, or anyone else touching you."

"But I like working for you, we are good together," I said in panic.

He opened a little box, and there was the biggest diamond I had ever seen!

"Amy, I want a new secretary because I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?"

This warm feeling spread through my body. I offered him my trembling finger. I threw my arms around his neck and cuddled him tight.

"How does next weekend sound?"

"My god, I, haven't got a dress, or, or...."

"Take the rest of the day off, go get a dress."

A £9,000 dress was ordered later that day. I mean, for just one day I didn't want to spend too much. The shoes cost £400 as well, and sexy underwear added another £199 to the bill. The last time I bought a wedding dress it cost £180 second hand. I waited by the church for 2 hours. Eventually I went home in tears. I soon found out that my best friend had done a runner with my husband to be. 3 weeks later a gas cooker exploded in their silly little love nest. Yes accidents do seem to follow me around, and let's just say, I didn't lose too much sleep over the tragic, accident?

The wedding went well even the boys managed a smile. My mum couldn't make it unfortunately, but I would take her some cake, and I might even go and see Kath and tell her the good news. But that would have to wait until after our honeymoon, 3 weeks in Canada, and 2 weeks in Italy.

I interviewed several women for my old job. Two were dismissed straight away. The third though I liked. She was nearly 50, presentable, experienced, and married.

The Ashford contract was close to being completed, but he was holding out. I went into his hotel room and found him reclining on the bed in just his pants.

"So you are a married woman now then?" he asked, as he sipped his whisky.

I nodded slipping off my coat. I reached behind my back and pulled the zip down on my dress. His eyes watched as it fell to the floor.

"You know it is all the more sweeter knowing you are his wife."

My red bra and panties were soon on the chair and I stepped out of my shoes. I crawled on the bed and pulled his boxers down. My mouth was soon working on his cock and I hadn't said one word to him yet. He chuckled and sipped his whisky.

"You know, it is much more thrilling having a young married pussy."

I wanted to bite his cock off, but I held back and just licked and sucked.

"Hey you didn't have this the last time we were together."

I felt his fat finger push into my nipple ring. He pulled it and chuckled, as it stretched my nipple. I started sucking him harder and deeper. His other hand grabbed my hair and he pulled my head off his cock.

"Ride me, slut," he ordered.

I straddled his cock and guided it into my pussy. I ground down on his silly little fat prick. He grabbed my hand and looked at my rings. I snatched my hand away.

"Oh feeling a little guilty are you?"

"Let's just get this over with," I growled, as I ground down harder.

He chuckled again, and then stopped, as I started milking his cock with my pussy.

"You know, you really are good at that."

"Am I better than your wife?" I hissed.

"Yes, and Mandy, and a few others I've had recently."

At last I seemed to be getting him more aroused, or rather a response.

"You have fucked Mandy then?"

He nodded.

"She's a little old for you isn't she?"

"Meaning what, exactly?" he mumbled.

"Well, I'm sure you can imagine how frustrated I'm going to get, in that big house all day."

He grabbed my nipple ring again, and started twisting it.

"Your wife gets frustrated too doesn't she? I've heard on the grape vine you like that sort of thing. You fuck around and she fucks around, which turns you on more?"

He was panting and thrusting up into me now.

"You fuck around on, Harris?"

"Well let us just pretend I'm married to you for a second. You would be really annoyed by the length of time the builders are taking?"

He nodded, and now started panting.

"You married a slut wife, surely you can feel how stretched my pussy is?" I hissed.

"Oh, god, oh fuck," he panted.

I pulled off his cock and pushed it up my ass.

"There is that better, a nice tighter hole?"

He nodded, and I watched his face going red. Sweat was running down his temples and his fingers now mauled at my breasts.

"Oh you know those 6 builders work in shifts, four on the job, and two on me!"

I felt him judder as his cock emptied into my ass. His head lifted off the pillow and he strained and gasped. I was still just looking down on him. His fat face was still contorted but slowly it relaxed. I got off and went to the loo, I dressed in front of him, as he lay there taking deep breaths. I dialled from the hotel phone.

"You have something to tell my husband," I stated.

He nodded, as I cuddled into him kissing his hairy chest. He started tugging my nipple ring as he spoke to my husband.

"Harris, Ashford here. I'll be in to sign the contract at 3 o'clock."

I tucked my breast back into my dress, patted his bald head, and then smiled at him.

"Do you really fuck around on him?"

I smiled back from the door, "no, never."

He tipped his head back on the pillow with a satisfied grin.

I took the wedding cake to my mother, there she was rocking back and forth, and she seemed not to know who I was this time. I went and saw the doctor. He seemed to think she was getting worse, and she seemed to spend more time in her own little world each day.

"And how is Kath coming along?"

"Let us just say she is responding to treatment. I have high hopes for her," the doctor said with a sick grin.

I went out into the garden and sat with Kath.

"I hear you married Harris," she said.

"Are you OK with that?" I asked.

She tipped her head back looking up at the sky and feeling the sun on her face.

"Well, when I sort myself out, I think Dylan might pop the question to me."

"He's Freddie's father, isn't he?"

She kept her head up to the sun and grinned.

"Harris told you then? You will keep quiet about it won't you?"

"Of course, I'm not a heartless bitch. I care about you. I still like to think we are friends."

"You didn't go after Harris, did you? I mean, Harris did the chasing, didn't he?"

"Here have some wedding cake," I said quietly.

"It doesn't bother me if you did. Harris and I were finished long ago, and keep your fucking wedding cake."

I left her still with her head tilted up to the sky.

Two months later I had a visit from Freddie. It was quite out of the blue, and unexpected.

"You really have changed things here. Is my room still where I left it?"

"Very funny, so what do you want?"

"I hear your mum died last month. I just wondered if it what she died of was hereditary."

"No it is not, and thanks you for your concern. Now what is it that you want? I've got tea with the Women's Club at 4 o'clock."

I watched him drop 3 albums on the coffee table. I recognised then straight away.

"I found them in the garage last week."

I was panting hard and trying to keep calm, but I guess it just wasn't working. I had forgotten all about the albums. I had meant to burn them, but for some stupid reason they slipped from my mind.

"Do you know what dad would do if he saw these?"

"Then we both have secrets to keep, don't we?"

"I wonder what would hurt dad the most. A son screwing his bit on the side, or finding out his wife planned to seduce him all along?"

I stared at the albums trying to think what was in them to upset Harris, well everything I guess.

"He loves me, and I love him. OK I planned to seduce him. But your mother and father were finished."

"Yeah well, you helped by putting the nails in the coffin, didn't you?"

"There is something you ought to know."

"Don't worry mum told me last week. I went to see her in the clinic. We took our own doctor and he is going to get her out of there. So dad isn't dad, so why should I care?"

"Because he brought you up as his own, you ungrateful little shit!"

He grabbed my hair pulling it back.

"Don't worry, I won't let on I know," he spat in my ear, pulling my hair harder at the same time.

"So I think we can trade off, your albums for the photos of Mandy and me, what do you say, stepmother?"

I was desperately trying to find ways to get the albums back without letting go of the photos. I didn't want this little prick dictating to me. I had come too far to lose out now.

"OK, let go of my hair and I'll get the photos."

"Bring them round to my flat next Wednesday. We'll have a little party, you and me."

"Why wait until then?"

He let go of my hair and I twisted towards him. I slowly kissed his cheek and started rubbing the front of his jeans. I slowly moved my lips to his and started kissing him. My fingers fumbled with his zip.

"Take me upstairs and fuck me," I whispered.

I pushed my tongue in his mouth but the prick wasn't responding. He grabbed my head and pulled me away from him. I let out a little gasping ouch.

"Wednesday I want you at my flat. I want you to dress like the whore you are. If I'm not happy with the clothes and make up, Dad gets the albums. You know, maybe you should have picked one of the other guys."

He gripped my hair again and gave me sick little triumphant grin.

"Now walk me to the door, mummy," he snarled.

He pulled me along by my hair until we reached the door. He threw me against it and forced his lips onto me. I started to respond, hoping we could settle this now.

"Take me," I panted, as I reached for his cock.

He grabbed my hand away and pinned it behind my back. His lips forced back on me and he chuckled as he kissed me.

"Later, bitch," he snarled, as he threw me out of his way.

OK he had won the first round. But I had to now make up my mind just how I could get control back.

At the Women's Club I had something on my mind that didn't go unnoticed. Marsha cornered me in the loo. She was nearly 60 and had taken me under her wing. I liked her and she liked me. But I think her liking of me was a little more than just friends. She encouraged me to show my assets off to get stupid old men to part with their money for charity. Last week I did a kissing booth, most of the old goats asked for a little more for a little more, if you know what I mean. Even Marsha closed the curtain as she paid her money. Her tongue was in my mouth before I could react, but I did eventually, I pushed my tongue in her mouth too!

So there we were in the loo. I explained Harris's son was being a little shit. I showed her the bruise on my leg, Ok that was when I stumbled into a table, but well, I had her convinced Freddie kicked me. Marsha was comforting, me by rubbing my ass! She told me that if I needed her, she would support me. Of course I ended up sealing our agreement with a kiss, and a quick fondle of her huge tits that she insisted upon! When I went to leave she pulled me back.

"Not so fast, dear," she said with a devilish smile.

She pushed me into a cubicle and shut the door.

"Now, you want my backing so you can become an important member of the Country Club, don't you dear?"

I sunk to my knees and spent 10 minutes with my head up her long skirt. I had never seen a pussy so juicy in all my life. Well, that isn't really true. This bitch and her friends cornered me one night. I was sort of forced on my knees, and told to eat her out. It wasn't really my fault she got over excited and fell back into the well she was sat on. It took the fire brigade an hour to get her out, she ended up with a bad back, and a messed up head after that. Still the gang had a new leader. They were all shitless wimps that I managed to control for the next few months. I soon got bored though, and ended the gang just before my 19th birthday.

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