Excert 1


It is a late Sunday afternoon in September and still very warm for the time of year. The countryside is awash with colour. Russets, reds, browns, oranges, yellows, and all other shades of autumn are visible. The scent of recently cut grass hangs in the air. Chirping birds complement the sound of the church bells ringing in the distance. Little Wiggington is the sort of place where litter, sleaze, and crime simply don't fit. This is an extremely pleasant and quite area.

After pottering around in the garden and hanging out the washing, Jenny went back inside the house. She and Roger were just beginning to enjoy a few free weekends together. Roger looked up at her from the breakfast table as she entered the kitchen. He noticed a wicked glint in her eye. It was obvious to him that she was thinking about doing something extremely naughty! Jenny had only just begun to reveal her devilish side, a side that Roger hadn't known existed before. She seemed to enjoy teasing and shocking him on an increasing scale lately.

Jenny suggested that they go for a walk around the golf course, and then disappeared up the stairs. When she re-appeared a few minutes later, she was wearing a cropped top, micro-mini skirt, ankle boots, and patterned stockings. The skirt was so short that the elastic tops of her stockings were partially visible. Roger became aroused the moment he set eyes on her. He wanted to stay in, but Jenny was adamant that she wanted to go out for a walk.

"You can't walk around like that!" he protested. "Not here anyway. It's not fitting."

"Who can't? Watch me!" Jenny replied testily.

"You precocious little minx," he said, a grin appearing on his face. No matter how much she infuriated him, he couldn't stay mad at her for long. Eventually, after batting her eyelids and pursing her lips a few times, Jenny got her way.

A few moments later, they walked out through the garden gate together and set off along the road. It soon became apparent to Roger that all passing men were scrutinising his wife's body very carefully. To his alarm, he realised that this excited him, and his arousal was starting to become somewhat apparent! He started to blush slightly, dropped his head a little, and moved on with a bit more urgency.

They made their way towards the golf course. As they headed towards the nearest entrance, the two of them became aware of two men standing near the path that they intended to use. Both men looked quite unsavoury and out of place in this particular area, but they appeared to be doing nothing more than loitering. Jenny was feeling supremely confident though, just as she always did in Roger's company.

Speaking aloud Jenny took real pleasure in informing Roger that she had no panties on! This remark was timed perfectly to coincide with the passing of the two sleazy looking characters. Roger gave her a jolt, but noticed that her eyes were fixed firmly on the bulges now forming unnaturally quickly in both men's trousers. He quickly dragged Jenny off into the golf course, as he didn't share her confidence at this precise moment in time. The two men appeared to be a rough looking pair of specimens and were of completely unknown origin to Roger.

The golf course was an extremely popular spot for young couples, mainly due to the woodland that surrounded it. In certain areas the woodland provided small, well-hidden clearings. The clearings were obscured from general view by the surrounding trees, as the leaves hadn't begun to fall properly yet. Some of the clearings near the edge of the golf course were covered in grass and surrounded by shrubs.

It wasn't long before the two of them found somewhere that appeared fairly secluded and out of the way. The small clearing was approximately three metres into the woods at the edge of the course. The area itself was just about large enough for what the two of them had in mind. It also included the cover of some shrubbery. Roger was literally throbbing by now. He grabbed Jenny and kissed her hard, her response being impulsive and immediate. Instinct took over and Roger pulled Jenny down onto the ground. The combination of her appearance, her smell, and their situation was stimulating Roger's senses to the extreme.

Jenny was feeling quite sordid and sleazy, but very much alive. It was a delicious feeling that she hadn't experienced before. Both of them were too excited and aroused to bother with any kind of foreplay. Their lips remained locked hard as they rolled around in a frenzy of passion, grasping desperately at each other's bodies.

Before long, they were both fumbling frantically with Roger's belt and zip. It was as if their minds were working in perfect harmony, the two of them having one instinctive aim---the release of Roger's erect and aching manhood in the shortest time possible. They were both equally desperate for penetration. Jenny stretched out on her back underneath Roger and spread her legs in anticipation.

After freeing himself from his trousers, Roger forced his way inside her eager, sodden cavity. Almost immediately, they began to pummel away at each other's naked groins with such ferocity that a loud slapping sound started to become extremely audible. The two of them put everything into satisfying both their own and each other's immediate needs. Jenny managed to climax twice before Roger finally exploded inside her.

Covered in perspiration the two of them collapsed into a heap, the initial furore over. A few minutes passed by, but the intensity of their combined arousal didn't seem to dissipate; soon, they found themselves at it again!

However, within a short space of time, Roger started to experience a slight feeling of unease. He remembered the two men that they'd spotted near the entrance and how uncomfortable he'd felt in their presence. His level of concentration began to suffer as a consequence. Roger listened intently for the sound of any movement in the immediate vicinity. Eventually the feeling started to subside, and he began to relax a little. Before long, he was hammering against Jenny's luscious, bulbous, mound again, and into her sopping wet lovehole for all he was worth.

She reciprocated, while remaining completely oblivious to Roger's anxiety. The two of them became completely enveloped in an act of wild and ferocious outdoor sex. Their frantic mating was creating a slurping sound, while accompanied by the sound of their lower abdomens coming together. Even though they weren't in general view, they could be heard quite clearly from a few metres away, especially during the moments when Jenny was experiencing her orgasms. It would have been blindingly obvious to anyone that came within earshot what was going on.

Within ten minutes, Roger was exploding inside Jenny for the second time. She froze solid and hung onto him for dear life. Her legs were wrapped tightly around the back of his, her ankles against the inside of his legs, while her feet pointed outwards, being tucked tightly under his shins. She positioned herself in this way to create leverage while she savoured the exquisite, tingling moment.

Eventually they separated, relaxed, and lay back on the grass. Roger lit a postnuptial cigarette. He inhaled deeply, held his breath for a second, and then exhaled loudly. His actions were complicit with those of a man experiencing complete satisfaction. The pleasure he was feeling as he indulged his senses was blatantly obvious. However, due to the underlying, unexplainable feeling of unease that kept returning to him, Roger continued to remain alert to his immediate surroundings. Ultimately, it dawned on him that this feeling was hindering a fantastic experience, so he decided to ignore it completely and enjoy the moment.

Jenny's head was still spinning as she stood up, straightened her skirt, and then gave herself a quick brush down. Roger remained where he was, while observing the trim, firm, young body of his wife, realising how lucky he was.

'I need to relax more and please her properly,' he thought, noticing that Jenny was now standing with her hand held out towards him. He took hold of it and pulled himself up onto his knees, but no further. Letting go of her hand, he slid both his hands up the outside of her thighs and beneath her skirt.

"Roger! We've only just finished!" she exclaimed.

Ignoring her, Roger hitched up the front of her skirt and gently pulled her vaginal lips apart with his thumbs. Jenny found herself automatically parting her legs slightly, her head still away with the fairies. It was as if her body had subconsciously taken over in response to the inner warmth that she was feeling, and the tingle between her legs. Roger leaned forward with his tongue outstretched and attempted to locate her clitoris with its tip. The eventual writhing and jerking of her hips, as her hands clamped his head firmly into place, told him that he'd succeeded.

"I didn't think you'd have the energy for another round," she giggled, as she finally seemed to become aware of her surroundings. "I'm sure someone is watching us!"

"Funny, I have the same feeling," said Roger, feeling slightly uneasy.

"Does it bother you?"

"Not if it's purely sexual, that would just make me hornier," he commented, without realising the implication of what he'd said.

"Why, is there something else on your mind?" she asked in a concerned voice.

"There was something odd about those two men standing by the entrance," he admitted, "but that's probably just me overreacting."

"Of course it is. If anything it adds to the excitement," she replied, having cottoned on to Roger's previous comment. His remark caused her to share some of his anxiety though.

"You're right, let's just enjoy the experience," he agreed. "Someone could be standing behind a bush masturbating, while observing your inner lips being thoroughly stimulated."

Roger paused to look up at her for a second and gauge her reaction.

"Oh, what a huge turn on!" gasped Jenny, as Roger's tongue resumed its game with her clitoris. It wasn't long before her body was stiffening again, causing her to clamp onto his head even tighter.

"Ok, if someone is watching, how do you fancy giving them a show to surpass anything they've ever witnessed before?" he suggested, after she'd finally released his head, and allowed him to look up at her again.

"Oh yes please!" she begged, drooling.

Roger stood up, stripped from the waist down, and then lay down on his back. Jenny understood immediately and took off her skirt. She squatted over Roger's body with her hands resting on her knees, while gazing down into his eyes. Her legs were as wide apart as was physically possible. The only point of contact between them was the tip of his erection nuzzling against the entrance to her vagina.

The neatly trimmed and exquisite little mound that she'd paid so much attention to was now on full display. Jenny seemed to understand the effect that visual stimulation had on a man perfectly, and her present position of control made her tingle immensely. She slowly eased herself onto his purple head, and then started to work herself up and down the tip of his shaft.

A minute or two later, they both heard a noise that appeared to come from the shrubbery surrounding them. The two of them froze and stared at each other in silence. A second or two later, another sound came from the same place. Jenny squinted and focused her eyes onto the area where the noise had come from. Gradually the faint broken outline of a man started to become visible. She could feel herself beginning to shake. As her eyes grew even more accustomed to the area of light that she was staring into though, she began to relax. The image of masculine right hand started to become apparent. It was vigorously masturbating a generous shaft adorned with a bulbous purple head, and not too far in front of her!

Roger remained frozen and silent the whole time, watching Jenny's face for a reaction. Eventually he saw her lick her lips.

"It's ok, somebody's watching and wanking," she whispered to him, whilst not being able to contain the excitement that this was causing her. She was an object of desire and could feel herself beginning to quiver from head to toe. Jenny slid her hips all the way down onto Roger's full length. At the same time, she began to manipulate her clitoris with the tips of her fingers.

Before long, the sound of somebody grunting his way through an explosive orgasm became extremely audible. Jenny had been watching the area very closely and spotted the generous spurts of creamy fluid travelling in her general direction. Through the shadows, she managed to observe them being ejected from the tip of the handsomely proportioned shaft with impressive force and pace. The hand that had been stimulating the shaft was now being pulled back as hard as was physically possible, generously enlarging the appearance of the guilty member. Some of the fluid was landing in close proximity to her and Roger. Jenny immediately thrust herself down harder onto Roger's erection, before stiffening and letting out a small squeal in the process.

The sound of someone else grunting became apparent, and it seemed to come from somewhere behind her. Due to the sudden realisation that she was capable of satisfying a multitude of men at once, Jenny began to experience a sensation that she hadn't known was possible before. It was absolutely luscious.

Everything was happening at once, as Roger also began to groan loudly. He started to hammer back up against Jenny's groin with every ounce of energy he possessed. Within seconds, he could feel his own warm sperm pulsating along his manhood before spurting out into her body. The two of them gazed intently into each other's eyes. After a moment or two, the look changed from that of a loving gaze, to one of a knowing look. They grinned at each other, collapsed into a warm embrace, and then lay motionless for a while. Roger felt much more relaxed now. 'So it was just a sexual thing,' he thought gladly.

Finally, they got up and dressed. Jenny didn't seem to be particularly bothered that someone might see her. In fact, the thought made her tingle even more! Roger was surprised by how much Jenny's nonchalance turned him on. Once they were completely dressed, Jenny embraced him. They kissed each other gently, allowing their lips to linger a while. After a while they set off towards home hand in hand. Jenny felt slightly sore and Roger was aching, but the two also shared a feeling of extreme satisfaction.

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