tagNonConsent/ReluctanceExclusive Club Remembered Ch. 02

Exclusive Club Remembered Ch. 02


In Chapter 2 of this series, Melody is recalling an experience that happened to her two months ago. In the last chapter she being prepared. Prepared for what?


Chapter 2 -- The Making of a Movie Star

They marched her through a door and she heard from what sounded like people murmuring. She tried to see under her blindfold, but both women held her firmly and she couldn't move it to see. They stopped and turned her around.

She felt the presence of a third person. She smelled a musky cologne and realized that it was from a man. A strong hand grasped her wrist before releasing the link holding her hands behind her back. Her arm was lifted and she heard a click after it was raised to a two o'clock position. The hand let go of her wrist and she found that the wrist restraint was attached to something and she couldn't move her arm back down. The process was repeated with her other wrist at a ten o'clock position. "What's going on?" she mumbled into the gag, but her question went unanswered.

There was silence for a moment and then she heard loud clapping. She didn't have any idea what was going on and her mind was confused. She felt that she should be afraid, but for some reason she had conflicting feelings of arousal.

She heard an amplified voice talking about her husband. "What is happening?" she tried to say through the gag in her mouth. She felt the back of a masculine hand brush her cheek and then his fingers moved down the side of her face and neck. She bent her head to the side to move away, but she felt him lean in and kiss her neck. She tried to move her head away but couldn't. She felt him move around behind her.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you my cherie," the male voice behind her said soothingly in with a slight French accent. "Listen only to my voice and ignore anything else you hear."

His hands were caressing her body and breasts under the silky dress. She could feel his erection against her backside as his hand slid under the slit in the dress and met bare skin. He kept softly crooning to her; telling her to stay calm and oddly his voice did have a soothing effect.

His hand was hot against her skin and he moved it under the dress to the V between her legs. His fingers caressed the soft down between her legs, sending chills up her spine. He kept kissing her neck. She felt a warm sensation in her groin and she shuddered. She thought there was someone talking about her and her family in the background, she concentrated on his voice and ignored the rest.

He moved his hand out from under her dress and she found that she was breathing heavily, almost panting as she wondered what he would next. He moved around in front of her and pulled the gag down around her neck and then he gently took her face in his hand before kissing her on the side of her mouth and then full on her lips.

She tried to move her head away, but his lips were insistent. Someone untied a shoulder strap on the dress and she felt his hot breath against her exposed breast. His hand caressed her breast, teasing her nipple while he resumed kissing her lips. She felt her nipple harden against his fingers. "Nooo," she moaned.

"Just relax and let the sensations overwhelm you," he purred as he gently moved the gag back in place.

She did not want the man to touch her so intimately, but her body didn't seem to care what she thought. The other side of the dress was untied and his lips moved to her nipples, spreading the warmth in her groin. She felt a wonderful moistness between her legs and felt a strong desire to have him touch her there again.

She tried to think of her husband, of the children at home, anything but how his hands felt on her body, his lips on her nipples. He moved his hand to her back and slowly unzipped the dress. He grasped her buttocks while his lips and tongue teased her nipples erotically. Again her body shuddered.

She felt his hands grasp the sides of the dress and push it down. As it slid down her naked body, the silk felt sensuous against her skin until it dropped to the floor. She became aware of other people talking; murmuring approval.

A hand, a female hand, grasped her ankle and lifted it to free the dress and then did the same with the other foot. The man's body seemed to glide around her and he kissed the back of her neck, sending more chills up her spine. His lips moved down her spine until she felt his hands on each side of her hips.

His tongue went down the crack of her ass and she squeezed her buttocks when she felt it lick her nether opening. No one had ever done that to her before and she was surprised at how sexual it felt. She felt his face press between her ass cheeks and she shuddered.

He kissed her between her cheeks and then used his tongue and lips on her buttocks. He sucked part of her butt cheek into his mouth which made her quiver. He sucked so hard it almost hurt, but it was also very sexual and she felt her face flush and the moistness between her legs seemed to only be increasing.

He drew his head back and Melody inhaled deeply through her nose and her vagina was getting so hot she thought that she could smell her own sex. Then she felt the female hand again on her ankle. But this time her foot was lifted and moved apart from the other. She felt a leather belt attached to her ankle. While another woman supported her, her other foot was moved. They took her hands and had her grasp metal poles. She now realized that she was chained between two poles with her feet at five and seven o'clock and her arms at ten and two.

The man resumed kissing between her butt cheeks while his hand moved between her legs and palmed her groin with his hot hand. He ran his tongue down her crack and she reflexedly tightened her sphincter muscles when his tongue probed her anus. She let out a small whimper as he licked and it sent a lightning bolt through her groin.

He slid a couple of fingers between her vulva and she gasped. With his fingers inside of her it was apparent how wet she'd gotten. She knew that she should be dismayed that her body was responding pleasurably. She moaned involuntarily against the gag as his fingers slid in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

She felt the warm of someone's breathe near her crotch and then her high heels being removed. Instead of moving away after removing Melody's heels, someone darted there tongue between her pussy lips and licked her clitoris. It had to be one of the women since the man was still behind her licking and kissing and moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. Melody knew that if they kept this up she was going to have an orgasm and she wanted to plead with them to stop.

She now had the man behind her, using his tongue on her anus with his fingers in her pussy and the woman licking her clit while the woman's hands caressed her through the soft nylon encasing her legs. Another pair of soft lips encased her nipple. Marissa could help herself, she moaned through the gag as an orgasm took over her body. She gripped the poles and her head went back while she involuntarily pushed her hips forward and squeezed her vaginal muscles against the fingers inside of her. The woman licking her clit sucked it between her lips and Melody let out a clearly audible moan and her head fell forward. Her sphincter muscles tightened against the tongue that was probing her anus. "oooohhhh!" she moaned into the gag in her mouth.

As her orgasm subsided, she slumped, exhausted, hardly able to keep her grasp on the poles on each side of her. She heard people applauding as the three people working on her moved away. Then the gag was removed and she filled her lungs with fresh clean air, licking her lips to add some much needed moisture.

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