tagIncest/TabooExcuse Me..Could You Please Tell Me

Excuse Me..Could You Please Tell Me


Once upon a time, long ago, in a land far, far away there was a young orphaned boy who had a little sister. The lad was 14 and the girl but 9. He was a strong, handsome, straight and going to be tall, she but a wisp of a child, petite and pretty and all who saw her remarked what a beautiful woman she'd be one day.

This young brother and sister had no parents. Their father was called to war, and was killed fighting their nation's enemies. The news of his death brought their mother to despair and she died a young woman. Nobody knew for sure how she died. Some thought it was a broken heart; some thought it was flu or pneumonia. Phillip, the boy thought his mother had just given up. But, nobody knew for sure.

Their nation eventually prevailed and became the victors in their war with their enemy; Phillip and Susan, the young sister of Phillip, travelled from their village to the nation's capital to seek their fortune.

For there, the returning armies and navies would gather to accept their accolades, their medals and it would be there that the nation's military would be disbanded and reorganized as a peace time force.

Phillip was a resourceful lad. Hunger, danger, peril often stalked the pair of orphans and Phillip learned that, to protect his sister and himself, he needed to learn the ways of survival on the mean streets. That survival included stealing, strong-arm robbery occasionally, pickpocketing, fighting and even murder.

He learned the art of murder when a group of ruffians attacked his sister. There were three of them, they had her on the ground and were going to have their way with her. He came to her aid with only his hands, feet, teeth and desire. All three of Susan's attackers lay dead, Susan not worse for the wear-though frightened, after the incident.

Susan, too, found it necessary to cultivate and use whatever talents with which she had been blessed; charm, beauty, innate innocence, intelligence and an undying love for her brother.

Each of these two waifs, they only had the other in all the world. To them, it was 'us against them'.

Phillip and Susan needed to flee the provincial capital and be on their way to the nation's capital that night after so violent a confrontation. They jumped on a moving train and took their comfort together in a corner of a clacking boxcar full of cattle. They drank milk from the udder of a cow that was in that car, and sated their hunger, nourishing their bodies for the day in which they had their being.

A night and a day and part of another night passed. They'd arrived in the nation's capital and waited for the men to open the doors of the car and offload the cattle. Nourished, rested and strengthened by the abundance of fresh milk the young pair surreptitiously made their way along the dark streets seeking whatever opportunity would present itself.

It was outside a theatre, there was great turmoil, men shouting, someone was being carried across the street into a house, a man rushed past them in the shadows.

The man who rushed past them, stopped, turned and whispered in desperation, "Hide me. They'll kill me if they find me."

Phillip knew of no hiding place, except the rail yards from whence they'd just come, "Go to the rail yards, that way, find the cattle cars which have just been unloaded. Wait there I will bring you supplies, you must go." He said pointing in the direction they'd come.

"We must find a mercantile." Phillip said to his sister as he grabbed her arm and fled through the mayhem taking place on the street.

"But, we have no money," Said his sister.

"I will steal what is needed," Phillip replied.

"You'll be caught and imprisoned, my brother. Please, this is not our fight. Don't do this." She pleaded.

Phillip was caught, and Susan too. She had yielded to his persuasions and tried to help. The military officers took them to the local police and the police questioned them about their thieving.

"For who were you stealing bacon, and gunpowder and blankets?" They pressed.

"A man", Susan said. "A man we did not know, he asked for help, he was running from the turmoil."

"What'd he look like? Where was he running? Where is he? Is he waiting for you?" The policeman asked little Susan.

"I didn't get a good look at him, he smelled of whiskey. Phillip directed him to the rail yards, to the stock cars there." She said with fright.

"Get a detail together" barked the police man to his underlings. "We'll catch our murderer tonight."

Susan shrank in fear, thinking they were speaking of the murders Phillip had she committed two nights previous in her defense against her attackers. How she needed to see and talk to Phillip.

Phillip was not so forthcoming with information. He lied and told the police officer that the supplies were for him and his sister, that they were orphans and needed provision to keep from starvation, from the cold.

"Gunpowder? You stole gunpowder. You don't have a gun. Explain that..."

"I was going to steal a gun...for protection." Phillip said.

"You lie, boy." The policeman smashed the back of his hand across Phillips face. "The President has been shot and I think you are involved in his murder."

"Lock them both up. Keep them apart. Don't let them see one another or speak to one another. We need to check our lead. I'll be back for you, boy." The policeman rasped.

The man who fled to the rail cars escaped into the night, but would be caught weeks later in a bog, south of the city, and his real cohorts also would eventually be caught and hanged or died in gun battles with the law.

There was chaos and fear in the city. Confusion ruled the night. Phillip was left alone for but a moment. When the guard came back to the room, Phillip jumped him and ended his life. Phillip took the guard's rifle and pistol, ammunition belt with powder and lead shot, and then he grabbed the ring of keys and went in search of his sister.

He found her in another room in the building, and he killed another guard. They were free and running for their lives.

Phillip and Susan made their escape amidst the confusion and went to the shipyards near the city, on the sea. In the dark of night, they walked up the gangplank of a ship that looked to be heavily laden with cargo, ready to sail at the dawn. They stowed away in the bowels of the ship and waited.

Came the morning, and the ship sailed for parts unknown, with its' hidden occupants shivering in the ships' hold.

Phillip and Susan were at sea for 7 days. Their ship landed at a dock, they heard it called New Orleans. They hid as the cargo was off loaded and sneaked off the ship late that night while nobody was watching.

"Excuse me, please sir. Could you tell me where I am" asked Susan demurely of the well-dressed man as he hurried down the street the next morning.

"Naw'lins, sweetie. You'ns in Naw'lins, Lewweeseeanna." He said and rushed off.

Fresh boiled crawdads and rice with corn and vegetables was their meal. They'd asked a dockside food stand if they could work for a meal and the man set them about separating crawdads and shucking corn for him for a couple of hours. It was delicious and they ate voraciously, not knowing when the opportunity would present itself again.

The young couple watched, wandered and worked where they could, living here and there as they could find shelter and thriving in the free-wheeling, lawless atmosphere of the New Orleans of 1865.

Eventually, they both found jobs; grunt jobs, hard smelly jobs, but it was work and they got lots of it. It paid enough for them to get a room in a boarding house. For the time being, they were safe, fed, dry and together.

Ten years passed. It was 1875. Phillip was 24 and Susan was 19. Times were better; they had a small amount of money, a wagon and a pair of oxen to pull it. Phillip had a horse. They had the makings of a home; bed, stove, table and benches, a few dishes, pots and pans, and grubstake for the trail.

They loaded their belongings in the wagon, hitched up the oxen, and set off in a wagon train to Saint Louis, which was then bound for Colorado. Colorado would be admitted to the Union the next year and there was rich river bottom farm ground there, along the South Platte River basin in the Northeast Part of the State, they'd heard. They'd come from the farm in Northern New York, so Phillip thought he'd hire out as a hand, and eventually buy some ground and raise crops on his own. They had a plan.

Susan had blossomed into a remarkable creature of southern grace, beauty, charm and poise. She was in love with her brother, Phillip who, had also matured into a strapping, handsome man. She swooned when she saw his rippling muscles strain against some burden or obstacle. And, after years of living in the same room, sleeping in the same bed, she well knew of his manly attributes of girth and length, though he'd never ever laid a hand on her in that way.

Phillip also, had seen his sister develop with a thin frame, flat belly, petite hips round bottom and supple round breasts whose nipples pointed skyward, puffy and symmetrical. Her light brown hair and light eyes stunned those on whom she fixed her gaze.

Once on the trail, following the Mississippi River North to St. Louis, leaving the cauldron of pressures of what had become home to Phillip and Susan, they relaxed. Long days of sitting together on the seat of the wagon, talking, planning and sharing one another's thoughts were a luxury not often indulged. Mostly, their lives were fraught with encroaching problems, how to find food, where to sleep, how to stay safe.

But, there in the buckboard seat of the wagon, Phillip and Susan began a romance. It was unplanned, but had history, because both were committed, unreservedly, to one another, they both trusted the other; they both knew the other as well as each knew themselves.

The heart of each sibling was an open book, and the language with which it was written was well known to the other.

"Susan, I've been thinking," Began Phillip.

"I know me too," She replied.

"It's just that all the girls and women I meet don't have anywhere near what you have. I mean, I don't feel like I can trust them, they are shallow, or so full of themselves. I haven't met anyone I want to be with, and I can't imagine not being with you any longer, going off and marrying someone and not having you around every day," Phillip opined.

"Phillip, I love you. No man has ever come close to showing me that I am safe with him, that I am loved like you have," Susan spoke with eyes intently blazing into his.

"Even when we were little, you took care of me, you ate after I had eaten, you protected me with your own body, you kept me warm and safe, and nobody could replace you in my life." She mused.

"Even when I started having periods and we both thought I was dying, you held me, you bathed me and comforted me, remember?" she continued.

"Yeah, I remember that. Looking down there between your legs and wiping away that blood, I wondered how you cut yourself so bad." He laughed.

She balled up her fist and hit him on the arm, "Oh, Phillip, quit!" But, she was smiling too.

"At least I don't have that big tumor between my legs, always getting in the way and getting so big every morning, or whenever you see me taking a bath." She mocked.

"You are so beautiful Susan. You know it isn't a tumor, right? It's the way babies are made."

"Yeeeess, I know. I know all about it." She said dramatically.

"Have you ever wanted to...touch it?" he asked.

"Maybe," She teased.

"You know you can, if you want to. I wanted to touch your, your little cut too. After I wiped all that blood off, I wanted to look at it again closer when it wasn't bleeding and play with it." Phillip said. He sniffed the air and detected an odor that seemed to come from between his sister's legs.

The thoughts he was having made his virile manhood harden and he shifted in the seat there, next to his sister. She noticed the huge bump that ran along his stretched out thigh, placing her tiny hand right on it, rubbing it gently.

She rubbed up and down the lump in his pants only two or three times and he began to moan, acting like he was hurt, then a large wet spot began to form at the end of the lump. She wondered what had happened.

Phillip, being older and having seen life from a male perspective, knew that he'd just come. What he didn't know was how to share with his sister, in her innocence why and how.

"Are you ok, Phillip? Is that blood, did I hurt you?" She asked pointing to the shrinking lump with the huge wet and sticky place on his thigh.

"Yeah, you made me come, sis." Phillip said.

"I made you c-come? What is that?" she asked.

"I made baby juice and it squirted out the end of my growth, what you call growth, it is a cock, Susan." Phillip explained. "When it gets big, it is supposed to be put in where you look cut. Then, when it gets stuck up inside your cut, it squirts and that's how you make babies."

Susan's eyes were wide, her imagination running wild. She lifted her dress and looked between her spread legs, pulling aside her underpants and looking closely at her 'cut'. She touched it, all around it and found that it was highly pleasurable to touch, especially right at the top of the cut, that little hard nubbin there.

"Look, Phillip, it feels good, you do it." She said.

This all took place as their wagon was rumbling along the trail north to St. Louis from New Orleans. They made camp that night and crawled into their bed together, as they had hundreds of times in the past.

"Susan, let me touch your cut now that the wagon isn't moving and we can see why that feels so good to you." Phillip offered.

"Ok, give me your hand," she said spreading her legs and pulling down her underpants. She placed his hand along the outer lips of her vagina and he felt the velvet smooth feel of her outer lips.

Susan moaned and raised her hips to meet his gentle touch, her hand brushed her nipple. She rested it there, caressing herself, pinching and pulling as he circled and pushed on her down below.

Phillip loved his sister and knew that he was strong, so instinctively he seemed to sense that she needed to be touched very gently here, around where her cut was. He noticed that it was becoming quite moist, wet even and he scooped up a finger full of it and brought it to his nose, and to look at it to see if she was bleeding again. It was clear, and smelled of her arousal. It made him get very hard and he started to become urgent with his own needs.

"I want to stick my cock in there, in your cut, Susan. It is very hard, feel it." Phillip suggested, pulling her tiny hand down to his erection.

"Ooooh, I guess. I feel very funny right now. Something seems to be happening, I feel very much like I need to push or rub my cut. Maybe you could do that a little more for me, Phillip." She asked.

"Ok, but I want to put it in there and rub it with that, ok?" He asked.

"Ok, hurry, I need to have it rubbed. Rub it with your cock then, hurry."

Phillip wasted no time, he unfastened his pants and yanked them off, his very long and wide, steel hard cock bouncing in the night air and oozing his clear pre-cum out its' tip.

"Let me get between your legs" he said as he knee walked between her splayed appendages. He lay his cock on her vagina and shoved it forward then pulling it backwards right over her swollen clit.

She began to orgasm, digging her fingers into his buttocks and pulling, then pushing him forwards and backwards.

It seemed inadvertent, neither actually meant it, though neither was avoiding it, but at the end of one of the times he had pulled his cock back, he pulled back to where the tip of his cock was laying right at the entrance of her vagina.

When he pushed, it slipped inside the fiery depths of his sister's velvet glove, bumping against her hymen. Her eyes now open wide, and he not realizing what was happening in his vigor and quest for satisfaction, he pushed, ripping through her veil of flesh.

"Oh, ow. Stop. Phillip you are hurting me, stop." She cried.

Immediately Phillip pulled out and brought with him his cock coated with her blood. Blood oozed out her newly stretched vaginal opening. Phillip knew he had just killed his sister and fell beside her weeping and apologizing for his murderous, lust filled intrusion.

"Forgive me, oh, Susan, I'm so sorry, it just felt so good...I...I...don't die...," he wept.

"No, I'm ok. It just hurt there for a little bit. But, it felt really good before it hurt. It isn't bleeding any more, look, just a little bit is all." Susan reassured her remorseful brother as they looked closely at her 'cut'.

Lying there in one another's arms, nude, weeping and afraid, each of this duo of brother and sister had lost their virginity to their one true love; each other.

As they calmed, as they realized Susan wouldn't bleed to death they dozed off and soon came the morning.

Susan woke first; she saw Phillip's massive hard cock laying against his belly. It was coated with her dried blood and vaginal lubrication. She gently took a damp rag to clean it. As she grasped the shaft and bathed it with the wet rag, it belched and out came great amounts of white fluid. Rope after rope launched forth from the member and it squirted clear up to his chin and shoulder. Susan, with wonder touched the white sticky fluid and brought her finger to her nose, smelling the wonderful smell of her brother's arousal, the seed that makes life.

She dipped her finger back in the pool of white fluid and scooped it up bringing it to her lips and sucking her fingertip into her mouth, tasting him. She licked his body where the semen had landed, cleaning, sucking and swallowing all that he had ejaculated.

Phillip woke to his orgasm in progress, he didn't move, just allowed his sister to minister her magic to his cock. When he finished, she bathed him with her tongue. He knew she loved him as much as he loved her. He was sure that this was what life was meant to be.

"I love you little girl," he told his sister as she lay in the crook of his shoulder, breathing on his chest and chin.

"I love you big brother," she replied, hugging his body with both her arms and legs.

They decided that they'd be married. They already each had the same last name, they didn't need a service or preacher, and they just sat there that morning and made up loving and kind things to say about each other and said them. From this day forward, they'd be husband and wife, and introduce themselves that way.


Thank you for reading. The courtesy of your vote is greatly appreciated.


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