tagErotic CouplingsExecutive Platinum Ch. 09

Executive Platinum Ch. 09


The phone woke me instantly; I just didn't know where I was. Since my years as a Marine, I've always had the ability to come awake and assess the situation around me rapidly. When I'm sound asleep, like I was this time, it takes a little longer for the comprehension of where I am, and how I got there, to catch up.

"Hello?" I already knew it was Gloria, thanks to caller ID. I'm sure my voice sounded sleepy.

"Were you asleep?" I glanced at my watch.

"Yeah." I answered groggily. "What's up?"

"In bed early?"

I glanced at my watch again. Had I read it wrong? "It's 2 am," I answered simply.

"Two? Where are you?"

"About 4 hours south of Buenos Aires."

"Oh my god Jimmy, I'm so sorry. I completely forgot."

"'Sokay. I'm awake now." I was silent for a moment. "What's up, babe?"

"Not much. I was just thinking of you."

"Hmm. Lonely?" I queried.

"Oh, I was just lying here, dreaming about you."

"Uh huh. Anything good?"

"Just dreaming about what it would be like if you came wandering through my bedroom door and joined me."

"Umm." My mind was beginning to catch up. "Horny are we?"

"How'd you know?"

"When aren't you horny?"

"I wasn't that way before I met you!"

"Yes you were. You just didn't know it."


"No 'maybe' about it." I knew I was right, I'd heard it in her voice.

"Where are you? In bed?"


"Umm, that would be fun if I could join you. Whatcha wearing?"

"Nothing." It came across somewhat sheepishly.

"What're you embarrassed about?" I asked. "I'm naked too."

"I wish you were here naked with me or I was naked there with you."

"Me too"

And what would we do if we were together?"

"Fuck each other's brains out." No pulling punches with that answer.

I was wide awake now, my slow motion brain finally catching up with the one driven by adrenaline. I reached down to scratch myself. Finding more than just the beginnings of an erection, I left my hand in place, enjoying the pleasurable sensation.

"My, my. We really are horny aren't we?" I chuckled.

She didn't answer immediately. "You forget, I don't get it as often as you do. You get to go home to Janet; I have to wait for whenever we can get together for a weekend somewhere."

"I'm sorry, Babe. I won't even be back in the States until the end of next week."

"Can you stop and see me?"

I thought about my flight schedules, probably wouldn't be able to stop by even then. "I don't know, babe. I'm not thinking it looks real good that way with my schedule."

"Can't you change it? I need a Jimmy fix."

"I don't know, Hon. It's kind of hard to say - but you never know, something might come up." I didn't think so, but stranger things have happened. "You need a Jimmy fix, huh? Haven't you got some toys you can use instead of me?"

"I've already played with them. I want you."

I laughed out loud; I'd never heard her quite like this. "My goodness, what turned you on so much?" She didn't answer - which told me more than if she had just answered with anything.

"Ahh, so there was something, wasn't there?" The phone was still silent.

"Come on, what was it? You know you want to tell me. Something on TV?"

"No." Just as I thought, she would answer if I guessed correctly. She'd probably eventually tell me anyway, but she wasn't going to give it up now unless I asked the right question.

"Something at work?"

She didn't answer immediately, which after the previously rapid "no" again told me I'd guessed correctly.

"OK, so it was work. Tell me about it. Male?"


I gave her a few silent moments, and then urged her on. "Want to tell me about it?"

"You've corrupted me, you know."

"Why, what did I do now?" How is it that when she does something, I'm the one who corrupted her?

"You've just got me thinking about being naked and having sex with you all the time."

"So what does that have to do with today?"

"Everything. You've changed the way I think, the things I do."

She didn't immediately continue, so I probed. "And the point is?"

She started slowly, almost sheepishly, "I've always been pretty conservative in what I wear at work. I mean, I still am, at least, most of the time. But you started making me feel sexy, and Melissa keeps telling me I need to quit dressing like a grandma..." Her voice faded out.


"I mean it wasn't like I was dressing like a floozy or anything, nothing different than what I've seen others wear hundreds of times. It was just a white blouse and a skirt."

This conversation was going nowhere fast. "Are you going to tell me what happened or are we playing twenty questions?"

She giggled. "It's kind of embarrassing."

"Ok, so just start at the beginning and tell me what happened?"

She sighed. "It was this morning; I was getting ready to go to work. I have this new blouse that I got when Melissa and I went shopping. I never would have picked it out by myself. It's got this little bit of a scoop neck, it shows a bit more cleavage than I normally would show at work, but it's pretty and I decided to wear it. I went to look at myself in the mirror and realized with this blouse I could tell I had my old granny bra on. You know Melissa made me get almost all new undies?" She didn't wait for a reply. "Anyway, I have these silky and lacy bras we bought, I know you're going to like them, and decided to try one on instead. I hadn't worn them to work yet, but I changed my bra and put the shirt back on, and although it doesn't cover me quite like the granny ones, I thought it wasn't out of line for business dress and decided to wear it."

"Umm, new bras that I'm going to like, huh?" She giggled in response.

"You'll like them on and I'll like you taking them off."

"No way." I laughed back, "When you're with me we stay naked all weekend."

"Ooh, now that sounds enticing. Are you offering?"

"Always. Now quit stalling and tell me what happened."

There was a pause, then she continued. "My new bra is lacy, when my blouse is pulled tight against it, you can see the lacy pattern. It's not revealing or anything, just a pretty pattern, you know? I wasn't looking to show off or draw attention to myself or anything, it just felt good and made me feel good, you know?"

I wasn't certain, but suspected that maybe the protests were driven by maybe just a tinge of guilt. "It made you feel good; meaning, it made you feel sexy?" She ignored my question.

"So there's this computer tech guy, just a young kid really, kinda nerdy. I mean, I've never enticed him or led him on or anything, I mean really he's just a kid. Maybe 27 or 28 or so."

"And that's a kid?"

"God yes, he's got to be 10 years younger than I am."

"I guess I could say the same about you and me?" She again chose to ignore my jab.

"I've seen him looking at me a few times. You know, just one of those "he was looking at me" things. I don't see him that often, but I've sorta known he must have a crush on me. But it's the office, ya know? I've never encouraged him or anything, but he always seems to come by and say hi when he does...." This time I didn't say anything, just waited.

"They've got this new software we all got, and everyone's been having trouble getting it installed. Something about some configuration setting. Anyway, Ron -- that's his name, did I say that earlier?' Ron came by to help me. He was standing there, right beside my desk telling me what to do. I looked over at the instruction sheet which was right by him, and... well, I realized that he was... he was aroused. I mean he didn't have a total hard on or anything, I just realized he had a pretty good bulge in his pants. I didn't want him to know I'd noticed, I didn't want to embarrass him -- or me, so at first I just ignored it. I figured he'd be pretty embarrassed if he knew that I'd seen. But then when I looked back again, he had obviously gotten harder, I could see where his cock was sliding down his pants leg. And just like that -- I realized why." She stopped, so I had to push her to go on.

"Well? Come on girl, quit teasing me."

"I wasn't thinking about where exactly he was standing, but when I saw his cock had gotten harder, I realized he was slightly behind me where he was looking over my shoulder. I was leaning slightly forward, my hands on the keyboard. I suddenly realized my blouse was hanging open, what I thought was just a little. I wanted to check myself without his knowing, so I just looked down without moving my head. When I glanced down at myself I could tell that he was looking right down my blouse and I'm pretty sure he was seeing everything!"


"Absolutely. I mean, if I could see my nipple -- he could too."

"Ohh, I'd like to see your nipple."

"You have, you dirty boy."

I laughed. "So, what did you do?"

"Oh my god, I was suddenly embarrassed. I was worried about him knowing I'd seen he had a hard on, and suddenly realized it was because he was looking right down my blouse. I had this flash of heat all over my face. I'm sure if he'd been in front of me he'd have seen it, but he wasn't. I almost grabbed my shirt to pull it closed, but realized he was probably watching and he'd know I knew, and I didn't want him to know, and... and I didn't do anything. I just pretended I didn't know, but I really did and then I realized it wasn't just my face, I realized I'd practically creamed my undies! I knew it was naughty, but I just let him look! Oh my god, I was sitting there, knowing he was looking and I was getting so horny..." She paused momentarily, "It was only a couple of minutes more and we had everything working. I thanked him for the help and the poor guy could barely walk away."

"When he left I couldn't just sit there, I went into the bathroom to compose myself. I guess that was probably a bad move. You know, with my old granny bras, if my nipples got hard they didn't really show, but with the lacy bra they totally showed through my blouse. I mean, not that you could see them or anything, I mean it wasn't see-through, just that anyone who saw me knew my nipples were hard. I realized that I was walking through an entire office of mostly males and that I might as well not have had a bra on at all. I probably would have been better off actually. I didn't have a clue before then but the new bras don't hold me quite as tight, they let my boobs move a little, and with my nipples hard the lace just kept rubbing them while I was walking, and I was getting more turned on and my nipples were getting harder... By the time I got to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror I was so turned on I went into the stall and made myself cum."

"God, that's hot, Gloria."

"All I could think about was getting naked with you and fucking your brains out. I really had made a mess of my undies. They were so wet I had to take them off and put them in my purse and went back to my office without."

"You masturbated in the bathroom at work, and then went back to your desk without undies? Umm. That would have been fun hiding under your desk!"

"You bastard!" She giggled and continued, "That's exactly what I was thinking. By the time I got back to my desk I was just as bad off as when I left. I kept thinking about what it would be like to sit there and be completely naughty. I imagined what you could do to me if you were under my desk." Her voice took on a teasing quality as she continued, "I could sit forward until I was just on the edge of my chair and you could spread my legs and no one would know you were there. You'd push my skirt back and your fingers and tongue would play their magic, and I got so horny sitting there, I tried it. I slid forward and moved my skirt up so my bare bottom was on the edge of the chair which was a turn on just in itself, feeling the leather instead of cloth and... And I made myself cum again."

"You masturbated at your desk in a busy office?" By now I'd totally risen to the occasion and was gently stroking myself to her tale. "Did anyone notice?"

"It's not quite like that. I'm normally in a room with two other people, but they weren't there, so it was just me. They would have been able to tell what I was doing if they were, but they weren't. There were people just outside our room, though. There's one guy that sits about 3 feet from me in the next room only there's a wall between us, so he couldn't have known. But the door was open, anyone could have come in, but I'm pretty sure I would have heard them coming down the hall before they got there."

"So nobody knew?"

"No, nobody knew."

"Then what was the harm?"

"None, I guess, except that I could smell my sex on my fingers. I was afraid that if anyone came near they would too, and I couldn't even think about work, so I decided I just couldn't stay, and packed up and came home."

"Oh my god Gloria, you've got me hard just thinking about you. That is so hot."

"I'm still horny. I need you, Jimmy. I need you to be here and make me cum the way you do. It's just not as good when I do myself."

"I know, Babe, but I can't right now. You'll just have to take care of yourself."

"I've been trying."

"You have? Like when you did yourself while I was watching on the deck?" It was silent on her end for a moment before she answered.

"Yeah. I mean, no. I mean, yeah, I made myself cum, I've done it three or four times already, but it's not like when we were together."

"Why is that?"

"I don't know. I make myself cum, but somehow it isn't as good."

"What do you mean, not as good?"

"I mean... it's like... it's like my clit gets off, but when we were together my whole body got off. Like my mind locked up and my knees locked up and I didn't even want you to touch me for a while. And this, it's like... it... it's good, but I know it can be so much better. I need you."

We continued to talk for a bit. I listened to what she was saying; thinking about what she was telling me. "Tell me, when you make yourself come, do you do it the same as when you did it - say two years ago - before we met?

Her answer wasn't instantaneous. "No..."

"Do you do it the same as when I do you?"


"So how is it different? How did you masturbate back then that's different today?"

I could tell she really did have to think about it. "I don't know, I mean, I do, but..."

"But what?"

It took a bit, but finally she began telling me; telling me about how before we met she really didn't know exactly how to touch herself. Telling me about how she got so tired of her husband attacking her clit, about how she got numb and it didn't really feel good; about how she did to herself exactly what she didn't get from her husband, how it took long protracted stimulation to make herself cum.

"So that's why you treated yourself so roughly. I've never known a woman who liked it quite like you did."

"Yeah, I guess."

"And how is it different now?"

"You... and Steve and Mary too... you knew how to touch me and do what I needed, and... and I guess I learned. I can touch myself or use my toys to make myself cum practically at will now."

"You don't treat yourself as roughly as you used to?"

"No, I can, that still feels good, but I don't have to. It's just that now when I get to where I want to cum I can do it without any trouble."

"Ahh," I said, the light going off in my head. "And maybe that's just the problem. Making yourself cum too soon. Instead of letting it build, you're scratching the itch too early."

"What do you mean?" she asked with a puzzled tone.

"You're getting yourself off physically, but not mentally. What would you say is your main sex organ?" I asked, knowing I was on the right track.

"My clit." She answered without hesitation.

"No, it's not. It's your brain. Sex is something like 90% mental; maybe only 10% is physical. Like your getting aroused at work - was that because this guy physically touched you, or did you do it to yourself just knowing that he was looking? Just knowing that your change of dress style was letting you be a little naughty?"

"I... uhm...

"Truthfully, when you put on that sexier bra and lower cut blouse, didn't it at least cross your mind that maybe sometime, somewhere, there would be an "oops" where something might happen? Where someone might see something that you hadn't totally planned on?"

"Well... Yeah. But, I mean, a girl always checks her clothes..."

"Of course." I interrupted, "But you admitted that it was lower cut than you normally wear, that it was a bit more revealing than normal. So if you checked your clothes, and thought that it might be a bit more revealing and that it might inadvertently show some flesh, might just be a little bit naughty and decided to wear it anyway, isn't that saying you really wanted it to happen? If you had wanted to make sure it didn't happen, you would have stuck with your old grannie stuff. Maybe you didn't know who, or when or where, but when it did happen -- didn't it excite you?" I waited, the phone was silent.

"Well, am I right?"

Here I waited another second or two, her silence was deafening. "So your brain got aroused, which got your body aroused," I continued in an explanatory tone, "and then you paraded those cute little nipples of yours through the office to the bathroom just hoping someone else would see, knowing they would see. I'm betting you actually saw some eyes do a double-take, didn't you?" I didn't wait for her to answer.

"And then in the bathroom, you decided to diddle your bean. Or at least that's what you reasoned, but in reality that's why you left your desk, wasn't it? You knew you were going to the bathroom to get yourself off when you left your desk."

"I... I don't know..." Yes she did -- but I let her little lie go. I continued, a bit softer.

"You were alone in your office, you could have slipped your panties off there, and no one would have been the wiser. You've told me before you've actually not even worn panties to work a couple of times, right? When you had some boring meetings to go to?"

"Yeah," She answered sheepishly.

"When you did yourself in the bathroom, it was quick, wasn't it. How fast? Thirty seconds... a minute?"

"How'd you know?" She admitted without admitting it.

"And the same at your desk?"

"How do you know that?" she asked again, wonderment in her voice.

"Because that was the physical. You felt the itch -- so you scratched it. That's ok -- we all do sometimes. But that felt good physically without including your mind. But just think -- if you'd walked to the bathroom and taken your panties off, and then walked back without having gotten off, and then sat there at your desk with your little bare bottom on the seat -- thinking about me under your desk... or better yet, how about Mary under your desk? How much better would that have been?" I heard a slight inhale through the phone. "Wouldn't that have been nicer?"

"Yeah," She practically breathed into the phone. Even if she hadn't told me she was horny when she woke me, I'd have recognized her arousal now.

"Believe it or not sweetie, one of the troubles with getting yourself off is that it's too easy. We get the 10% physical, and the 90% mental just keeps going, unsatisfied. Are you playing with yourself right now?"


"Ummm. Me too. Nice, isn't it? Tell me what you're doing; are you touching your clit?"

"Just sort of touching myself, thinking of you."

"No, be precise. I'm holding the phone with my left hand and I've been stroking myself with my right. I've got it wrapped around my cock, just holding it right now, right below the head. I'm going to put my phone on speaker, I want you to do the same, and then tell me exactly what you're doing." I pushed the button, heard some rustling through the phone and then her voice came back, obviously on a speaker. "Can you hear me?"

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