tagTransgender & CrossdressersExhibitionism and its Consequences

Exhibitionism and its Consequences


I stood waiting in the shadows; hidden from view. His car was parked in it's usual spot and I'd watched him walk across to the adult store earlier, just as I'd watched him do every day for the last week while painting this apartment.

Like clockwork he would soon come out, cross the street and unlock his car. He'd glance up like he did every night and only then would I step forth into the bright pool of moonlight streaming in thru the open patio door leading to the balcony.

Every inch of my skin was tingling, either from being so freshly shaved or in the anticipation of my soon to be accomplished exhibitionism. My heart was already racing and my breathing barely under control. What would it be like when he saw me, when I felt his eyes on my lingerie' clad form?

I'd been thinking about this for a week now, fantasising about it, dreaming about it ever since the first time I'd noticed him walking across to the adult store. At first I had no idea what it was about him that caught my eye. It took another two days before I realised that in age, build and even the way he moved he reminded me of the first man I'd ever dressed this way for. The man who'd introduced me to and shown me how incredibly exciting exhibitionism could be.

So, here I was waiting for him. I knew the black lace garter belt, bikini panty and breast halter set would stand out starkly against my pale skin, even under the sheer black nitie overtop them. The dark band along the top of my sheer black nylons would do the same and accent my thighs perfectly while the four inch black stiletto's on my feet shaped my legs so perfectly.

I knew he'd never notice my glossily deep red polished nails or have any idea how long I'd spent doing my face, if he even noticed I had. He wouldn't be able to tell that I'd shaved my legs and body till there wasn't a hair below my neck. He might notice the glossy pink lipliner I'd used on my nipples and he should notice how I'd styled my hair but that was probably it. Still I'd had to do those things or it wouldn't feel right, I wouldn't have felt as completely feminine as I did right now.

I'd been so busy between work and caretaking the apartment building that I hadn't had time to dress femininely for a few months. I'd forgotten how tingly fresh preparing myelf felt, how intoxicating and exciting just dressing could be by itself!

Then suddenly he was there; across the street, opening his car door and looking up. Quickly I stepped forward into the bright light of the full moon. Shaking and trembling on my rubbery knees I stared down at him willing him to see me, needing him to see me desperately. He obviously did as he didn't get into his car but continued to stare up at me.

My hands were shaking so badly I don't know if I could have managed to unbutton the nitie if it had had buttons, even the velcro tabs were proving to be difficult enough. As the first one parted the nitie slipped off my shoulders. The second one opened it completely and it slid down to pool around my heels.

My mouth was dry and I was gasping for air as my pulse pounded madeningly in my throat. My knees buckled and I sagged before I could reach out one hand to steady myself. More frosted then covered I felt more exposed then if I'd been completely naked and more excited as well. I felt his eyes travelling up and down my body.

Yes this was what I'd dreamed about, what I'd needed and hoped for. My belly was convulsing uncontrollably, making it hard to keep my shoulders pulled back to push my small breasts out. My nipples had crinkled so tight they ached and throbbed. Oh Gawd it had been so long since I'd stood before anyone like this. I took another step forward and another till my feet bumped against the bottom of the patio door, stopping me.

I felt my body shudder and spasm as, unable to contain my excitement, I orgasmed in front of him. The suddenly cool air along the front of my panties let me know that I had lost all control. I gripped the sides of the open door with both hands still lost in the ecstasy of my exhibitionism and slowly sank to my knees as my body continued to spasm and shuddeer. My knees caught on the ledge of the door and I didn't quite realise that I was hanging out of it at first.

It didn't matter aside from the fact that I was a bit closer to him, a bit more open and more clearly in sight. If I'd been on the first floor I know I would have walked over to him, offered myself to him shamelessly. My hands slipped down further and I sank out of sight as I sprawled across the floor still shuddering and spasming.

I lifted my head a minute later and he'd gotten into his car, started it but still watched the open patio door in hopes I might pop up again. I would have if I had had the strength to. By the time I did he was driving away and I used what little energy I had regained to crawl back into the shadows.

I had accomplished what I had set out to do but it wasn't enough yet. I changed my panties, smiling at how wet they were then stood waiting in the shadows again. Two couples walked past but I waited for a single male to entice before I stepped forward again. The first didn't seem to notice me but the second stopped to stare as I preened and posed for him.

I ran my hands down my body, cupped my breasts, turned and twirled feeling more feminine and female with every second. He started to cross the street but I stepped back into the shadows and disappeared from his sight. Still I wasn't fully satisfied so I did it again and again until a police cruiser drove down the street, slowing as it passed the building.

When it disappeared I started to continue my show until a second one drove by ten or fifteen minutes later. This one used his alley lights to discourage me. I didn't want it to end yet but I knew better then to stay there. Leaving the apartment unlocked I crossed back to my own. There was a message from the police trying to find out the apartment number and who lived there, I didn't return the call at that time.

Still I wanted more, needed more. This hadn't happened before as I had always been with someone who helped rein me in sexually. With my nitie back on now I slipped on a coat and headed out the door to my car. Where I'd been nervous and cautious going out the door before this time I never hesitated never stopped to consider whether anyone was in the hallway.

I removed my coat as soon as I got to the car feeling so wicked, so naughty, so incredibly alive as I drove away. It wasn't till I was on the freeway and had slowed to drive alongside a half ton that I turned the interior light on. A wave of excitement gripped me fully as the truck kept pace beside me and the driver stared in at my lingerie clad body.

Using one hand to steer I ran the other over my body, squeezing my breasts, lifting the nitie to bare my legs, display my panties and nylons, undoing the velcro tab to let the nitie drop around my waist to bare my small breasts. When he tried to get me to stop I sped up and took an off ramp then several turns to make sure I lost him before going back to the freeway to find another victim to tease.

I did this about five or six times before I noticed a police car coming up behind me. I drove carefully but he contiued to follow me for a mile or so before his lights came on. My stomah dropped thru the floor as I started to panic. Why oh why had I not stopped earlier? What the hell was I going to say or do now?

I pulled to the side and was trying to get my nitie done up and my coat on before he got there. I managed to get the nitie in place and the coat over my shoulders but that was all.

"License, insurance and registration please Miss. We've had some complaints about a half dressed girl driving a car like this and distracting other drivers."

Oh Christ! From the way he was staring at my open coat and pointing his flashlight he already knew that had to be me. I might have been inwardly pleased that he thought I was a girl but that would change as soon as he looked at my license. The light suddenly moved up to my face and he looked startled when he did.

"Would you get out of the car please sir and place your hands on the roof.", as his eyes rose from my license.

I got out and tried to put my coat on properly but he grabbed my hands and handcuffed me too quickly. My coat fell to the ground and he shook his head as he left me there to go back to his car to radio in.

A couple of passing cars honked their horns as they drove by with me standing there hands cuffed my back in lacy, frilly, sheer lingerie. It felt like hours before he came back and pulled me around to the other side of the car, even going so far as to drape my coat over my shoulders again.

"I'm really not sure what to do so there's a sergeant coming to advise me. We'll have to wait for him to get here tho I should just run you in, pervert."

Again it seemed to take both forever and no time at all before the sergeant arrived. He went back to talk to him and I have no idea what was said but he handed the sergant my papers and shaking his head got into his car and drove off leaving me there for the sergeant to deal with.

"From what I was told you've been a very naughty girl, Miss. Very naughty indeed! Turn around and face me."

When I did he used his nightstick to lift one side of my coat then the other and it fell off my shoulders again. He chuckled and shook his head.

"I could and should run you in and charge you. Do you want to be taken in like this? The other prisoners might get a chuckle out of it and you might find yourself being very popular with some. The others would probably beat the shit out of you.

It isn't against the law to be dressed like a woman here but that implies that you be fully dressed, not in just lingerie and certainly not exposing yourself like you have been."

Another car honked as it went by and he looked around for a few seconds then told me to get in the back of his car. He drove off telling me it seemed we needed to go to a less public place to continue this. He pulled into the entrance to a park about a mile away and drove in far enough so we were out of sight of the freeway then parked and opened the door so I could get out. Taking me around to the drivers door he undid one cuff then leaned in to recuff my hands around the steering wheel.

"There now you can't run while I frisk you to make sure you don't have any hidden weapons or drugs."

"Where in hell would I hide any?"

"That's what we're about to find out."

He ran his hands over my shoulders, down my arms then back up my front to pinch both nipples painfully. I squealled but he just grinned. Then he squeezed both breasts and I squealled again. His left his hands there and flicked his thumbs over my nipples making me gasp a bit as lines of fire were lit between them, my slightly convulsing belly and my groin.

"That's a good gurl, let it out. You seem to like that, don't you?"

He made me spread my legs wide with light kicks against my heels then ran his hands down the outside of my legs and back up the insides. He paid special attention to the bare flesh above my nylons making me lean more against the car to stay up as my knees became rubbery again. Finally he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of my panties and slowly eased them down to my nylon tops.

Using his nightstick he pressed it between my cheeks then eased it into me. I lurched back trying to stop it till he slapped my cheeks and told me to be still. Twirling the nightstick he pressed it deeper and deeper till I started to moan loudly. He swatted my cheeks again.

"Not so loud you little slut. Such a naughty little slut too. Out there driving around, teasing all those drivers like that. Then getting so aroused and turned on while I frisk you that I have to tell you to be quiet. What kind of a slut gets turned on and moans during a simple frisking? I bet you want me to fuck you, don't you slut? Well don't you?"

He continued to twirl the nightstick inside me but began pulling it out then plunging it back in deep again and again and again. Aroused and just discovering how incredibly excited I was now that I had something filling my ass I complied quickly!

"Yes Sir , please, please fuck me! Please fuck my ass, please. Oh MIGAWD please fuck me, I need you to fuck me! I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!"

He swatted my ass again. Then leaving the nightstick deep inside me he reached around to cup my breasts and flick my throbbing nipples.

"Quiet down I told you. This has taken too long already. I'm going to undo the cuffs now and tonight you're just going to suck me.

I want you here tomorrow. Here, got it. Ten pm when the park closes dressed like you are right now. Then I'll fuck you slut."

He released the cuffs and undid his zipper. I fumbled his cock free and swallowed it whole, licking and sucking it deep. It wasn't very long before I felt his spurts hit the back of my throat. Try as I might I couldn't swallow all of it but he didn't seem to care.

He gave me some tissues to clean my face and drove me back to my car, reminding me to be there tomorrow before he let me out. Finally sated I drove home sedately while wearing my coat and slept in my lingerie.

I woke up with a big smile on my face from what I knew were wild sex dreams, in some of which I pictured myself as an actual woman. I removed my lingerie and slipped on a short black satin robe to clean the smudged make up from my face. The breast make up I used to accent them would come off in the shower.

I removed the polish from my nails over two cups of coffee, showered then shampooed all the hair spray I'd used so liberally last night out. Back to the more mundane male role again.

Not as mundane as I first figured. A squad car stopped by to ask me who lived in the apartment I'd been flashing from. I told them it was empty but that the door was usually open while it was undergoing renovation. I took them down there and opened the door to show them the empty apartment. I'm not sure they believed me when I said I had no idea who it might have been. They did believe me when I said I wished I'd been there watching.

They didn't mention the half dressed girl flashing on the freeway a bit later, or that it turned out to be a crazy transvestite sissy, for which I was thankful. I hoped that part would remain secret or as close to it as possible.

In the interests of keeping it that way at ten pm my car was parked in a deep shadow and I was walking over to where I saw the Sergeant stop.

"Good, you made it. I'd have hated to have to drive over to find you. So much time to reconsider what I should have done last night before I got there.

So shy tonight too! Coat all done up. Making me guess at what's under it. I wanted you just the same, remember. Now show me you listened."

I undid my coat and removed it, trembling wildly as I exposed myself to him. He took my coat and tossed it into the open window of the back door. My oufit was basically the same type and style as last night but just not last nights.

Four inch black stilettos, the midnight blue nylons that suited my legs so well. The hot pink with wide white lace trim garter belt, high cut French bikini panty and quarter cup bra set was different, but I'd been sure he wouldn't mind when I put it on. Just as I was sure he wouldn't care that my sheer nitie was a matching pink and not black tonight either. He just grinned and walked around me.

"Well it's not the same but I like it even more Sissy. I like the way it sort of glows in the moonlight.

I'm glad you did your hair, nails and face so sluttish too. It'll come in handy where I'm taking you!"

He grinned at me and went on, " You didn't think I was going to fuck you here did you? No, not here, but a special place where girls like you are admired, appreciated, and even worshipped by a few. I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

Placed in the back of the car he again handcuffed my hands behind me. This time tho he pulled my leg to the far side of the car to cuff it there and my other leg to the other side spreading them wide. He placed a restraint around my throat to force me to keep my sholders back and my head up.

My breasts were pressed out as far or further then I had ever managed to thrust them before. My belly was sucked in in this position too. He told me he had toyed with the idea of blindfolding me but decided to do that later. For now he was just going to drive along the freeway with his prisoner. He must have missed our exit as he turned around and drove back past two other exits.

All the time I was on display in the back of his squad car he encouraged me to struggle and shake my small breasts. We slowly came up to and passed other vehicles as he maintained a steady speed so it wasn't quite so obvious that he was doing it purposely. I think he enjoyed it nearly as much as I did when he told me he was thinking of making this a nightly thing. Wouldn't I like that?

I was never really sure where he did take me, save that it was an adult theater. He never removed the blindfold he put on me several turns before we arrived, until we were seated in the front row of the theater.

I'd been in adult theaters before but never as a feminised sissy! Certainly never while blindfolded and wearing only lacy frills that anounced to everyone who saw me what I was. Embarassing, humiliating, and so exotically, erotically, undescribably exciting.

He'd removed the handcuffs and ankle cuffs when I got out of the car, now he tugged my hands behind me and told me to pretend that my hands were still cuffed or they soon would be. I clasped my hands around my elbows as he smiled at my obedience.

"Very good gurl. Now you stay like that for me no matter what."

He cupped my far breast and flicked the nipple then leaned down to lick, kiss, nibble and tease the close one with his lips and tongue. I wanted to reach around and grab his head to hold it there. I felt my body shudder and spasm wildly and helplessly moaned loudly.

He was very pleased from the look on his face as he lifted his head before doing the same to the other nipple. I shuddered and spasmed again as I gasped for air and fought to keep my hands behind me!

My body continued to shudder and spasm uncontrollably as he moved back and forth from nipple to nipple. I was lost in a haze of sensation and excitement like I'd barely ever experinced before. I don't remember him tugging my panties down and off or whether he lubed just himself or both of us until his cock was half into me; and at that point it didn't matter.

I'd been turned sideways on the double seat but now I was forced more upright as someone behind me tugged first one arm then both over the back of the seat. I felt a hard cock pressed between my hands and wet kisses raining down on my neck and shoulders and spasmed again.

The hard cock inside me relentlessly pounded in and out and in and out. I smiled as the sensations flooded my mind. At that moment I was completely a sexual plaything. I was truely a whore driven sloely by lust, a slut ready to take on whoever wanted to use me.

What had he done to me, how had it happened, who really cared as long as it had? Focusing my eyes I could see that we were surrounded by men stroking their cocks, possibly waiting for a turn to fuck the sissy, get sucked by the sissy or just cum all over the sissy. (None did while he fucked me, but some did after.)

My nipples and breasts were being squeezed and teased again. The guy behind me had moved to get his arms around the seat or over it. He continued to fuck my clasped hands. Focusing my attention I moved one hand down to cup and tickle his balls and stroked him with the other. That was all it took! He shot over my hands and arms and the back of the seat. Before I could move my arms I felt hard cocks being placed in each hand.

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