tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExhibitionist Wife Ch. 06

Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 06


Compelled to play

While Felicity built up enough courage to walk into the mall, she stood looking into a store window. It was grubby, just the way she felt. Although conceding to her husband's demands over the past few weeks, this was going way too far. Owing so much to Philip, and needing to make it up to him, made it impossible to refuse this awful demand. She'd let him down badly at Margaret's party, so she was determined to fulfil his instructions, however dirty they made her feel.

Felicity wore a pair of shorts, and a boob-tube, without underwear. They were stretchy, tight, pink, brief, and very cheap. Maybe, just maybe, they could have been worn with a min-skirt. What made it so bad, were the slogans printed on the radiation pink outfit. 'I'm a Sexy Barbie Doll', across her breasts, with 'Barbie Booty 4U', over her bottom, and 'Barbie Ready 4U', across her sex.

With the sun glancing upon it, the dirty window was a mirror. Looking at the sordid state she was in, a heavy sigh escaped her lips. There was nothing to be done except, carry out the challenge. The car had been moved somewhere, and she had no money to buy clothes. As anyone could see, she didn't have car keys, or change. The outfit was plastered to her skin, showing every bump and lump.

The only thing preventing her from running and hiding away, was the thought that she deserved this as a punishment. It was so terribly humiliating, and was having an unpleasant effect upon her. It made her feel small and insignificant, as though she were a worthless slut. It didn't say much for her state of mind, that the humiliation was stoking her up.

Brian looked up from his work, to see a woman stop outside and look in the window. He was bored enough with work to watch anyone walk by, but this was exceptional. The clothes and faraway look gave the impression, she was a dim bimbo. He chuckled over what was written on the shorts and top. Was she really ready for it?

Her nipples were swelling, and there was a damp patch between the legs, so maybe it was right, she was ready for sex. Wearing such slutty clothes, and those words, must mean it was her usual state of being. Maybe she was a slut, and advertised the fact to get what she needed. The poor thing looked bewildered, as though she were left without a strong man to tell her what to do. She was the type to get into trouble with men, if left alone for only a few minutes.

He wondered what it would be like to play with a big breasted airhead. Would she do whatever he wanted, to get what she wanted? A dumb bunny wasn't his type, but it might be fun to play with a bunny-girl for awhile. Getting up from the desk, he walked toward the door,

Felicity hoped her husband had arranged something, so she wouldn't have to walk into the mall. That girl at reception had been brought into their game to handed over instructions. Maybe someone else had been unwittingly brought into their game, and would hand over the keys, and instructions how to find the car. It was embarrassing acting like a dumb bitch, but that went with the clothing, and was her husband's instruction. Being someone else, was better than showing herself up in such a horrible outfit.

Felicity wished someone would rescue her from the dire prospect of walking into the mall. It was unsafe to include someone into their games, though right then she would willingly play along. How far would she go with a stranger, if they rescued her from the mall?

Brian smiled to himself, from watching the dumb bitch talking to herself. It looked as though she were straining a brain cell. He wondered what it was she was trying to work out. Bringing her into the store and bamboozling her wouldn't take much effort. Could he talk her into his apartment upstairs, and keep her around as his sexy bimbo? That was what he needed right then, as he was in-between girlfriends.

As he reached for the door the woman turned with the scrape of high heels and walked off. Opening the door he watched her wiggling ass, until she disappeared into the mall. A close escape he called it. That wasn't his type, and would be boring after a short time. What would he do with her if she clung on, not wanting to let go?

He chuckled as he sat down at his desk. The day had been pleasantly broken up, and he was thankful for that.

Felicity walked in to the rundown mall, and rocked to a halt. A memory of something bad brought on a feeling of anxiety.


A couple of young black guys had grabbed her, to run her as one of their whores. Philip talked them into letting her go, by pretending she was his whore. In return for letting her go, Paul promised they could keep her, next time she was here. Her eyes swivelled madly from side to side, afraid of meeting them again.

Taken away by those strong black guys, would be devastating. Dressed like a whore, they would expect her to work for them, and wouldn't take no for an answer. They would force her be their whore! Was this Philip's punishment, in retribution for what she did at Margaret's party? It was hoped with all her heart that he checked they weren't here, and he was just frightening her.

Looking around for the two big guys, she began to take in the familiar stores. They were cheap outlets, selling out of date goods, last year's fashions, and all sorts of shoddy stuff. The stores were familiar from being in every run down mall across the country. Then it sank in, this was just another mall, not the one the black guys worked. There might be other men doing the same, so she had better get a move on. Philip must be protectively watching or waiting for her.


Continually whispering a phrase, 'be calm', would be noticed in her usual mall, marking her out as a mad woman. The clothing would have been too much of a distraction for anyone to notice that she was talking to herself. In this place there were others muttering to themselves, as well as those talking into a discreet microphone. Spot the mad person would be an interesting game to play here.

'You alright?' a man asked.

Felicity wasn't too sure what to do. This could be a part of her husband's plan, so immediately didn't dismiss him.

'Sort of. I need to buy some clothes,' she said.

A sweep of her hands indicated the clothes were unacceptable.

'See what you mean. Nice figure though,' he smiled.

Purposely ignoring the compliment, in case it led to more detailed discussion of her state of undress, she moved the conversation on.

'Do you have a message for me?' she asked.

'Well. Maybe,' he hedged.

'Do you, or don't you?' she pointedly asked.

'Alright, you're pushy, arrogant, and your crotch is wet, how's that,' he laughed.

'Thanks, I'll be seeing you, maybe,' Felicity said, and moved off.

'Hey, don't you want the message?' he asked, and stalled her by grabbing an arm.

'Is it from,' she began to say, her husband.

'You! Leave my man alone!' a brutish looking woman shouted.

Felicity looked from one to the other, and wondered how they fit together. The woman was dressed cheap, though not as trashy as she was. The man was well dressed, in a casual suit. If she needed help he would have been chosen above most others in the mall.

'I was thinking of moving on, Trisha,' he taunted the woman.

Trisha didn't find it humorous one little bit. Her face screwed up in anger, and she slowly turned on Felicity.

'You bitch! You're not having my man,' the woman growled.

Felicity took a step back in fear, but not quickly enough. The ugly look was daunting enough, but the missing tooth gave her a fearsome appearance.

'Come here, you slut,' the woman snarled.

The woman grabbed Felicity's hair, and slapped her face. Wearing high heels Felicity slipped, and tumbled to the floor. Felicity tried to crawl away, but Trisha grabbed a leg. Felicity's efforts left her circling Trisha over the slippery floor. Like a plastic toy soldier, she was making the crawling motions, but getting nowhere. The yelling attracted a crowd, who thought it better than a trashy television show.

'Keep going bitch, cause you're not going anywhere,' Trisha laughed.

Still holding onto a leg, the woman tried to turn her over.

'Come here bitch, I'm going to slap you hard,' Trisha screeched.

Letting go of a leg, she pulled at the top, but it gave way. She flung it into the crowd, and received a whoop of amusement. Felicity tried to cover her bare breasts while wriggling away from the nasty woman. Playing to the crowd, Trisha grabbed Felicity's shorts, and pulled. Felicity had the choice of bearing her breasts, or saving the last of her modesty.

Felicity twisted around and grabbed at her shorts. They were pulled from around her shoes by the time she managed to hold on to them. The shorts were twisted around one of the high heels, needing time to undo. Sitting on the cold tiles, revealing her breasts, and bare pussy was horrendous. The nasty woman was holding her legs apart, watching her victim, with a gap toothed grin.

'Take a good look at the skanky bitch,' Trisha told everyone.

Felicity was dying inside from the intense humiliation. With legs spread, she was showing off her engorged sex. It had opened up before entering the mall, now it was gaping, and soaking wet.

Felicity went into attack mode, taking Trisha by surprise. Having taken more than enough abuse, she took a wild swing at the woman, and hurt her fist. The woman must have been in more pain, for she let go. On her ass, Felicity backed away, too concerned with her tormentor's reaction to pull her shorts up.

Seeing the woman's man comfort her, and feeling her bare bottom on the hard floor, she stopped backing away. Felicity pulled up the shorts, stood up, and looked around for an escape route. Showing off her breasts all this time, with them swinging around wildly in the fight, it no longer seemed important to cover them. There wasn't much she could do about them anyway, except leave them exposed.

A security guard should have stepped in, but like everyone else, he enjoyed the cat fight. The security guy moved to grab hold of Felicity, and arrange her arrest for lewdness. Her large breasts were bouncing as though they were ready to fight it out. It was her trembling that kept them jiggling around.

A man loomed above her crouched form. Before she could react, Philip wrapped a coat around her shoulders, and guided her away. They quickly disappeared through the crowd, into a store.

'Go pick some clothes,' he told her.

'Will I have to give some disgusting guy a blow job, to pay for them?' she sarcastically asked.

'Go on and get dressed you hussy,' he told her.

He missed the point. She was being sarcastic, but not in fun, or a good way. Felicity couldn't cope with these games he put her through. She guessed this one had gone wrong, and he hadn't planned for her to be naked in the mall. At least she hoped not. The whole morning had been a disaster for her. Some moments had been fun, but it had all been too much.

Walking back to the car, they were both silent. Philip had set his wife up, because he thought that's what she wanted. Seeing her naked in the mall was a shock, and a big mistake. The way she reacted told him he'd gone too far this time. Once in the car, he waited for her to gather her thoughts, and give him a bad time. He figured it was best to get it over and done with.

'Sorry, darling. It was all too much for me. Can't we go back to the simple flashing? An accident, even contrived, would be better than all this,' her voice quavered with emotion.

He was surprised she didn't flare up with anger, and condemn him. He didn't know she felt guilty and wanted to please him, by trying to do whatever he wanted.

'Of course. It was my fault for pushing you too far. We'll cool it for awhile if you like,' he offered.

'Well, alright. If you want to, we could go to the park tomorrow. Like we did at the beginning,' she tried to smile.

'OK. If you're up to it,' he said, with concern for her wellbeing.

'Yes, I'd like that. We'll do something nice and simple,' she said, and began to giggle.

'What?' he asked.

'Something nice, like showing off my tits to a stranger,' she managed to say, around a fit of giggles.

Philip laughed loudly with relief, joining her in the good mood.

'That's another mall we can't go back to. You gave that woman a right shiner!' Philip laughed.

'Did I? Oh, yea, my knuckles ache. It was a lucky punch,' she said.

'A black eye must be developing right now. Just don't hit me, and we'll do something nice,' he said, and they burst out laughing again.


Felicity was nervous as they set out on a drive to a distant park. Adults used the park for exercise, jogging, cycling, skateboarding, and other activities today, such as flashing. Philip looked at his wife as they got out of the car, and couldn't help smiling. He knew she wouldn't be doing this, except to please him. That made it all the more exciting. Right now he wanted to hug and kiss her. They might even return home for an afternoon session, before they even got to play a game.

Glancing at him, she caught the look on his face. The look of love and tenderness made her heart skip a beat, and she couldn't help giving him a big smile. The look on his face was wonderful, just because she was there, he'd told her.

He didn't know what she had planned, which was a different sort of game to the usual. Planning the naughty games was his job, though, with things going wrong and getting out of hand, she decided to surprise him.

They looked around for a place to unfold a small seat, where she could sit and read a book. The memory of that first time came to mind. Two joggers had looked up her skirt, and eventually started to walk over to her. Subtly interrupting their approach worked out well, for they scuttle off to continue their run.

For both of them it had been a fun escapade, resulting in a wonderful sex session at home. He wondered if she might consent one day to having sex in the park. Today was her game, and again he wondered what the plan was. Maybe there wasn't one, and she would merely take advantage of what accidently happened.

Felicity almost laughed at his look of consternation. He wanted to know what she was up to, yet didn't want to spoil the surprise in store for him.

'Go and leave me now. Don't go far, I might need you,' she warned.

There weren't many people around, which wouldn't do for a mere flashing of her panties. She would need a big audience, which also meant safety in numbers. She was an attractive woman, with a good figure, so of course men would give her the look. They started with her breasts, then eyed her further down, and might eventually look at her pretty face. Even while talking to her, men rarely looked her in the eye. They spoke to her breasts, not her.

A couple of men jogged into view, puffing and panting, looking unhealthy. So were they trying to get healthy, or was the jogging killing them? Felicity stood up, bent over to pick up the chair, and stood on the long skirt. It had been prepared with sparse stitching, so it came apart.

She went to grab the skirt, but the wind caught it. A pantomime of hand movements, just missing the skirt, looked almost real. It ballooned out, and took off across the field.

'Oh, no! Help!' Felicity yelped.

Crouched over protecting her near nakedness, it was difficult to run after a skirt. The two guys changed direction toward her, unable to do anything else except come to her rescue. Taking in the beautiful woman, wearing a thong, they didn't notice what else she was wearing. She turned around, not wanting them to see the front of the panties, which didn't cover much. Instead she showed off her bottom in the flimsy thong.

'What happened,' Jerry asked.

His friend looked at him as though he were an idiot, then swivelled back to the woman, struggling to cover herself. The struggles looked as though she were trying to protect her nakedness, but in effect, she was showing off her ass, then her pussy. The damp panties were see-thru at the front, so she didn't want them to see that. Neither did she want them to see her bottom. While deciding which was least offensive, she was caught flashing one, then the other.

'How can we help?' Freddy asked.

'My skirt, can you get my skirt, please!' she desperately pleaded.

'Sure, look it's over there,' they both said.

'I'll be ever so grateful, if you could, please,' she said, sounding anxious.

Felicity was purposely giving them a good look at her body. While manoeuvring, she caught her husband watching. He had a look of sexual excitement on his face. Imagining his hard-on, and playing with it on the drive home, stoked her up. Already hot, she was boiling from both the exposure, and her husband's arousal.

The two guys were clearly more than interested, which drove them to eagerly help. They ran off chasing her skirt, like boys after a kite. Returning like dutiful boy scouts, they eagerly awaited their reward. Felicity was trying to keep her bottom covered, by crouching and pulling at the top. The tactic was from desperation rather than being effective.

Standing in a park, showing off her damp panties, and bare bottom, was frowned upon by good society. Although her two rescuers spoke nicely, they were apart from good society for they didn't frown at all. Maybe it was because they were men, that they took a keen interest in her nakedness.

'You promised a reward,' Jerry eagerly mentioned.

Freddy smiled, and gave her the skirt back. He stood close, giving her some shelter while the skirt was pulled into place. It looked as though it had been through the wars, and was ripped enough needing to be held together.

'At least I'm covered, not too well, but I can get home. Thanks to you two,' she beamed at them.

'So do we deserve a reward as you promised?' Jerry asked.

'Freddy, leave the poor girl alone,' his friend cajoled him.

'I was just asking,' he defensively said.

'A promise is a promise,' she laughed. 'A hug and a kiss, will that be a just reward for my two trusty knights?'

'Two nights of hugging and kissing, sounds good to me,' Freddy laughed.

'Thank you for putting me at my ease, it helps a lot,' she said.

She opened her arms for a hug, and the skirt dropped to the grass. She quickly pulled it up, and tied a knot in the skirt. It seemed to work, but she held onto it, just in case. Freddy was standing closest, so he put his arms around her, and held on tight. He kissed her mouth, rather than a cheek that was on offer.

The quick peck on the lips was over so she opened her mouth. He took advantage, though who was to say she hadn't enticed him in. After all that was the whole game plan, enticing someone, and pushing them along.

How far was she willing to go was the real question. Philip watched the guy kissing his wife, and wondered what the answer was. He was a complete stranger caught in her net admittedly, but the guy was deeply kissing his wife. Losing her skirt had been embarrassing, and that warmed her up. Now this man was stoking her up. He could tell from the way she squirmed in his embrace.

Shit! The man gripped her bottom in both hands. He was grinding himself against his wife's pussy. Was she asking for his help? With the guy's tongue down her throat, and her body gripped tight, Philip couldn't tell. A tell tale wiggled against the guys hardness, told him she was too far gone to seek assistance. Lifted up to be dropped onto the guys cock was the assistance she wanted. Pulled away from the source of excitement, wasn't what she wanted.

What was he to do now? If he marched over there to grab her, they might feel protective of her. One man he might be able to tackle, but two would be difficult. If she was willing to be carted off by him, it would be easy enough. Being so sexed up meant she wouldn't make a sensible decision, and might let them take her away. The two men would think they were rescuing her from a pervert.

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