tagNonConsent/ReluctanceExhibitionists Encounter

Exhibitionists Encounter


Kym and James Rollins found the clearing they were looking for with ease. As soon as they were there Kym pulled her black tee-shirt off and began undoing her jeans. James watched as his attractive, 32-year-old wife, stripped down, admiring her slender body and her long, sexy legs. Kym's auburn hair hung to her waist, draping her thin body. Her hard, half-inch nipples protruded from her perky 34-B tits. James couldn't help but smile as her well trimmed, red bush, came into view as she dropped her panties. While the clean shaved look was so popular, Kym just had to leave some of her red pubic hair on display.

33-year-old James Rollins was an overweight, mild mannered guy. He was a good husband, but it was Kym who ran the household. They had been married for six years. They had chosen not to have children, thus James had undergone a vasectomy. Kym earned more money than James. That, and her more outgoing personality, had made it so that Kym was the main decision maker. Something that James went along with.

Kym was a good wife. But she had been a wild girl in her youth. Now she was living the prim and proper life of a wife, business woman, and the children's director at their church. All was well until James began gaining weight and their sex life slowed down. Seeking to spice things up Kym suggested that they try some new things. They experimented with porn, something their church would now approve of, and began getting some interesting ideas. Kym decided that sex in public places was something that she wanted to try. They were always careful, but once when they were making love in the woods and Kym spotted a young couple spying upon them she was so turned on that she couldn't stop experimenting.

Next came bondage. Always being in control of everything in their relationship made Kym want to try something to take that control away. So she started having James tie her up and control her during sex. She never permitted torture or other painful things, thus maintaining control even when tied up, but it gave her more satisfaction.

Putting the two together was the obvious next step. Now they sought out places where James could tie Kym up and have sex where there was a risk of being caught. This place along a scenic parkway had become one of Kym's favorites. They could park their car and take a short walk in the woods to this clearing, where she could be bound and James could have his way with her while they could hear the sounds of people stopping at the scenic overlook only yards away from them. They couldn't be seen, but there was always the chance that someone could come walking by and discover them.

Once she was completely naked, James tied each of Kym's wrists and tossed the ropes over branches on trees on either side of her. He pulled the ropes so that her arms were stretched up and apart before securing the other end to the trees. Then he tied her ankles and pulled her legs apart, securing them tightly. Now Kym was standing spread eagle, making a very sexy 'X' in the middle of the woods. Her long red hair hanging freely behind her.

As was their normal custom, James began by undressing and then feeling his wife up. Taking his time before dropping to his knees so he could lick her wet pussy. He had just started when they heard the unmistakable sound of Harley-Davidson motorcycles pulling into the nearby overlook. Kym grinned at the thought of bikers being so close by as her husband was licking her snatch.

They heard male and female voices. The sound of people talking while she was having sex was a total turn on to Kym. She knew that no one would suspect that they were there because they had parked their car at the foot of a hiking trail up the road before walking down to the overlook. There was a part of her that wished the car was there so someone might come looking and watch them from afar.

Kym closed her eyes, blocking out everything but James' tongue as it caressed her clit. She knew that it would not be long before she was cumming and he would jump up and thrust his hard cock inside of her. Then she heard something that caused her eyes to open wide.

"What the fuck do we have here?"

James stopped licking and turned around. Kym opened her eyes and saw two men and a woman at the edge of the clearing. "Hey Chuck, you guys get up here, quick!" One of them yelled.

"You raping this woman?" The other asked James.

"No, we're just role playing." James said, holding his hand over his swollen cock as he stood in front of Kym's exposed body.

Three men and another woman rushed into the clearing. "Well, look at what you found." The newcomer, the one called Chuck, said.

"He says that they were just having some fun." One of the bikers told him.

Chuck smiled, "I can see that, do you mind if we join in?"

"Fuck you." Kym yelled. "Untie me James."

James turned and began undoing Kym's left wrist, but the five bikers rushed him and wrestled James away before he could free his wife. Kym struggled against the bonds that held her in place as she watched James being wrestled to the ground. The bikers used the extra rope that James had brought with him to tie him standing up with his back against a tree.

Chuck approached Kym and began fondling her perky tits. "I am sure glad we decided to stop and rest, and even happier that Sadie wanted to take a walk so she could piss. You are going to make this trip extra special."

"Leave me alone you sick bastard." Kym demanded.

"I guess we'll just have to get you in the mood first." Chuck suggested, "Sadie, eat her cunt until she cums for us"

"No!" Kym protested as the dark haired biker chick willingly dropped to her knees and began licking Kym's already wet and aroused pussy. Kym had never considered lesbianism before, and being forced to be licked to orgasm by another woman for the entertainment of these men was more than humiliating.

Sadie slipped a finger up into Kym's pussy and began probing her G-spot as she licked Kym's clit. The redhead squirmed against the ropes holding her upright as she felt her body betraying her and her orgasm approaching. Soon she was climaxing, but Sadie did not stop licking.

"The girls are going to keep this up until you beg me to fuck you." Chuck told Kym.

"That's not going to happen." Kym spat, as she struggled to maintain control as Sadie continued to lick her pussy.

Soon Kym was cumming again. The non-stop sensations were driving Kym crazy. If it wasn't for the ropes holding her up she would have collapsed to the ground. When Sadie became tired of licking Chuck had Brenda, a skinny blonde, take over. Now Kym was being forced to orgasm by a fresh mouth. She was pleading for them to stop, but Chuck would not let her abuse end. She looked around and saw that all five men were now naked and hard. Kym realized that she was about to be gang raped and that they were going to force her to grant them permission to fuck her. She was determined to hold out as long as possible. Then she looked to her husband and was shocked to see that he was as hard as the rest of them as he watched her ordeal.

It wasn't that James was happy with what was happening to his wife, but the sight of her being forced to endure orgasm after orgasm was just too arousing for him and he involuntarily got hard. Seeing the look on Kym's face told him that she felt betrayed by his reaction.

Kym cried out as another orgasm filled her body. She couldn't take it any longer. "Okay, stop, you can do whatever you want to me, just stop!"

Chuck stepped forward and nudged Brenda aside. He had the blonde woman suck his cock for a bit before motioning for her to move aside so he could step in front of Kym.

Kym regretted her surrender as soon as she felt Chuck rubbing his cock between her wet pussy lips. "Please don't." She whispered, but he ignored her and thrust his cock up into her pussy. Chuck wrapped his arms around Kym and pulled her close as he began fucking the redhead. His buddies cheered him on as he slammed his cock up inside her over and over again. His shaft rubbing against Kym's oversensitive clit caused the woman to orgasm once more. She moaned loudly as Chuck made her cum as he fucked her.

When she heard the biker's grunts of pleasure she realized that he was on the verge of his own orgasm. "Please, don't cum inside me. Pull out!"

Chuck ignored her please and began thrusting deeper and faster. "Oh yes!" He called out as his cock unleashed a steady flow of cum up into Kym's pussy. He continued fucking her until his cock began growing limp, making sure that ever drop of his cum was released into her.

"Who's next?" He asked as he pulled his wet cock out of Kym's pussy.

One of the two men who had discovered them came around behind her. "Hey Sadie, lick her pussy while I fuck her from behind." He suggested.

Kym closed her eyes as she felt him shoving his cock up into her from behind. Then, as he began fucking her, Sadie knelt before her and began licking her clit. This caused Kym to orgasm almost immediately.

Chuck observed James' erection and said, "Brenda, why don't you have a little fun with his cock, but don't let him cum."

As Kym was being fucked and licked at the same time she opened her eyes to see the blonde kneeling before James and start sucking his cock.

James was unable to contain his pleasure at having his cock sucked. This was something that Kym rarely did, and never to release. He looked down at the blonde woman sucking his cock and began thrusting his hips forward to meet her face as she sucked him. He was about ready to cum when she pulled away; leaving his thrusting his hips back and forth as his climax was denied. The blonde woman laughed at him and began playing with his balls instead.

Kym was crying out in orgasm as the male and female biker used her. Only when the man came inside of her did Sadie finally stop licking her pussy. By now Kym was dangling in exhaustion with only the ropes holding her upright.

Sadie joined Brenda and the two women continued to toy with James, stroking and sucking his cock but never allowing him to reach orgasm.

Two more bikers approached Kym. This time one got in front of her and the other behind her. It took a moment for her to realize what they had in mind. When she felt the cockhead of the man behind her slipping between her butt cheeks she cried out, "For god's sake not there. I've never done that."

"Look's like you're getting some ass cherry, Benny." The man before her commented.

"I guess this is my lucky day, Frank." Benny replied as he began to force his cock into Kym's asshole, ignoring her cries of protest. Once he pushed past her anal ring he paused so Frank could shove his cock into Kym's pussy.

Kym jumped and thrashed between them as the two men fucked her pussy and ass together. She could feel their cocks rubbing together on either side of the thin layer of flesh separating them. Never before had Kym felt so violated and humiliated at the same time. She was filled with pain, but at the same time her body was responding with pleasure. The twin cocks invading her caused Kym to have the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. Now she had completely given in. It no longer mattered that she was being raped, her body had succumbed to lust and she was no longer in control of her reasoning.

James watched as his wife squirmed in what appeared to be endless orgasms. He wished that the two women toying with his cock would allow him to have one, but they were content to tease and deny him. The first two bikers who had taken his wife were now kneeling behind Sadie and Brenda, fucking them to climax as they mercilessly teased James' cock.

Frank blew his nut in Kym's pussy and pulled out, leaving Benny ramming her asshole. Axel, the fifth biker hurried over to take Frank's place, sending Kym into orgasm as soon as he began fucking her. When that subsided she felt Benny blasting his cum up into her asshole. When he finished her pulled his cock out, causing Kym to jerk forward as her asshole spasmed from the vacuum created by the sudden exit of his prick. She feared that she would crap herself in the process. She rested against the last biker as he fucked her, waiting for him to cum inside her. When he did she was left suspended by the ropes, completely spent. She could feel the mixture of cum and her own juices running down her inner thighs.

Chuck pulled his cock out of Sadie's pussy. "Untie her and bring her over here."

Kym was freed of the ropes holding her in place and dragged over to the tree where her husband was bound. "These ladies need to cum." Chuck informed her. "Since they got you off it's only fair that you do the same for them."

Sadie rolled over and spread her legs. Kym was too exhausted to speak, so she just shook her head in protest. Chuck's response was to shove her down between Sadie's legs. Giving in, Kym began licking the woman's shaved pussy. As she did, Chuck knelt behind her and shoved his cock into Kym's asshole.

Brenda continued to tease James' cock as she watched Kym licking her friend's pussy. The biker who had been fucking her had stopped, waiting his turn to fuck Kym again.

Sadie's eyes rolled back as Kym's tongue brought her closer and closer to climax. When she finally came her juices splashed out over Kym's face. Chuck continued to ram his cock into Kym's asshole. He held her long red hair tight in his hands as he fucked her tiny opening. Once Sadie had cum he directed Brenda to get into position for Kym to eat her pussy. The blonde woman did not waste any time as she needed to cum more than anything.

Kym gasped as Chuck began pounding her asshole harder and faster. "Here goes, girl!" He cried out as he began cumming in her butt. He pulled her hair so hard that she was unable to lick the woman before her until he let go.

As she resumed licking Brenda, Chuck pulled out of her ass and the second biker to have fucked Kym got behind her. When she felt his cock rubbing her asshole she dared to raise up and say, "Please fuck my pussy."

"Shit, she wants it now!" Chuck informed everyone.

In response, the biker drove his cock into Kym's pussy. The girl began cumming at once, and as she orgasmed she used her tongue to get Brenda off. Soon the three of them were climaxing together.

When Kym was pulled away from Brenda, Frank and Benny both jumped on the two biker chicks and began fucking them. Kym was dragged over to kneel before her husband, where Chuck said, "I think he's been made to wait long enough. Suck his cock."

Kym leaned forward and took James' cock into her mouth. At the same time Axel got behind her and began fucking her. Kym looked at James, knowing that he was about to get something that he always wanted; the chance to fill her mouth with cum. Kym detested the taste of cum. She would sometimes suck James' dick, but never let him cum that way. Well today she was going to have to endure it.

James was unable to enjoy his wife's blowjob for long. The continued teasing by Sadie and Brenda had taken its toll and he was beyond ready to cum. He forced his head to remain in place so he could watch his wife's face as he blew his load into her mouth.

Kym felt the first blast of her husband's cum dribble onto her tongue, followed by a larger wad that shot into the back of her throat. What followed seemed like an endless flow of semen filling her mouth as James shook with delight as he came in her mouth. Kym had no choice but to swallow her husband's load until he had finally finished.

Once done Chuck pulled her back by her long red hair. Frank pulled out of Sadie's pussy and rushed over to shove his cock between Kym's lips and force her to make him cum in her mouth. When he was finished, she found Benny waiting to do the same. Now she had the first cock that had ever fucked her asshole ramming into her mouth. Benny held onto her hair and fucked her face as Axel continued fucking her from behind. She came once more before Benny blew his wad into her mouth. When he was finished Axel pulled out of her pussy and came around before her and shoved his cock into her mouth. Kym began sucking him and he came in less than a minute.

Once done, Kym curled up on the ground. She had been used and humiliated by a gang of bikers, but at the same time she had been satisfied more than she could have ever imagined. More than she dared attempt again.

She lay there for a while until she heard the sound of Harley's leaving and the voice of James telling her to get up and untie him. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and then jumped to her feet and released her husband from the ropes holding him. She was about to grab her clothes when James pushed her to the ground saying, "Not yet. I want my turn in your pussy."

Kym rolled over and spread her legs, eagerly waiting one more cock. She wasn't sure that she could handle another orgasm, but she was damn sure going to give it a try.

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