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Exotic Vacation or...


"Hello, love. How are you feeling?" he tenderly smoothed the hair from her temples as she stirred and awoke.

"Michael? What's wrong with me?" she breathed, coughed, tried again. Her voice sounded funny, husky and low.

"Shhh, you've been very ill." He murmured.

"But I feel okay, just odd…"

"Really okay? You aren't dizzy or nauseous or hot?" he asked curiously.

"Well…I'm thirsty. And my face feels kinda stiff. But really, I feel good!" she smiled tentatively at him. "How long was I out?"

"Three days. Are you sure you feel Ok? Or is this for me so we don't miss out more on our vacation?" he seemed suspicious of her sudden return to health.

"No. really! What I want is a big glass of juice with ice and you. In that order. I want to start our vacation like we intended, alone with our fantasies.." she kissed him softly on the lips, licking her tongue seductively into the edges of his mouth.

"If you're sure…" he groaned, already feeling his temperature rising at her words, her kisses.

"Oh yessss" she whispered against his mouth before her warm, wet tongue flicked out again, and her full lips settled against his, sucking on his lower lip before he grasped her nape and buried his hand between her legs, kissing her deeply as he felt her honey seep onto his questing fingers.

"no." he wrenched his mouth from hers. "If you want to play we'll do it right, like we planned!" he flexed his fingers within her and withdrew them, covered with her response.

He stroked along her body, hands finally cupping her size B breasts, thumbs circling the large nipples.

"ohhhh." She breathed and started to reach for him…

only to find herself immobile! She struggles a bit but quickly realizes she can't so much as lift her head. Eyes dilated, she glances at him, questioning her situation. "You were really violent while you had that fever luv. I had to keep you from hurting yourself or me." He explained, fingers firmly rolling her taut nipples, pulling them upward before firmly latching on with his mouth, suckling her deeply as his other hand suddenly pinched fiercely in time with his swift bite. Sudden pain rippled through her nipples even as he gently stroked and licked the spots. He saw the confusion mixed with pain and arousal in her eyes. "I re-thought our agreement dear. I never realized your potential for danger, so I think I'd better just keep you restrained during our… relationship." He smiled gently into her face, fingers stroking her cheek.

"No! We just agreed to play! You can't do this!" she shouted. "But darling, I already have." He crooned against her lips, sucking her breathe as he sealed his lips over hers, vacuuming her tongue deeply into his hot mouth, bruising the tender surfaces with the suction. She could feel herself being pulled into his control, her will succumbing to the erotic play of his mouth and body. "You are mine, aren't you?" he growled upon breaking contact. "NO" she breathed deeply. "YES!!" He quickly strapped her mouth tightly shut with shiny silver tape. "Nod when you are ready to be my slut slave.." and he pinched her nose closed too. Slowly, so slowly, she began to heave for air, then chest pumping faster and faster as the darkness crowded her vision. Her breasts jiggled with the effort and just before she passed out he released her. Nostrils flared wide as she sucked the desperately needed oxygen into her lungs. "Ready?' he smirked as he reapplied his nose grip. It took less time now for her eyes to glaze over but still no nod of defeat. "Again then, bitch…" he barely lets her chest expand before the flow is cut off. "I can do this as long as it takes luv" he murmurs gently. This time she looses consciousness, then comes awake to see his hand again hovering over her face. As he clamps down once more she finally nods, sure he will not stop until she does and she is feeling very woozy and nauseous. Instantly she is free to inhale, tears of fear and relief falling down into her hair.

"Good girl. You have earned a reward!" he congratulates her, kissing her damp lashes and licking away the tears tenderly. "You know I like your tits, when we finish here on the bed I'm going to love them."

He chuckles darkly, showing her a huge syringe full of liquid. "This is sterile saline solution and I'm going to inject it into those tiny little titties until you look like a nursing mother!" he ejects a small stream, then grasping her left breast at the base he clenches it up and eases the needle into the center of her nipple, guiding it firmly to its full 3 inch length into her cringing body. He suctions just a bit out to be sure he hasn't hit a blood vessel, then applies strong, steady pressure to the plunger, forcing the fluid into her suddenly aching breast. "Relax, baby, this'll take awhile." He watches intently as her breast begins to slowly accept the alien substance, mounding and rounding, stretching her skin tight. She begins to writhe in pain, begging him to stop, promising anything, everything, if he'll only quit but he just increases the pressure, ignoring her muffled entreaties, slowly bloating her pert B cup into a C, then a short rest and increasing to a D! The intense stretching is pure agony, but he begins massaging the swollen flesh with strong strokes, forcing her body to accommodate the entire syringe-load. Her body jerks frantically within her bonds, her whole breast feels like he has heaped hot coals on it. Somewhere before the last cc's enter she passes out from the intensity, but she is stretched to a huge E cup when he removes the needle! Her right tit surges proudly upright, the skin so tight it looks ready to burst, a perfectly rounded mound perched upon her twitching chest. He relaxes with a cigarette and wine while waiting for her to regain her senses.

"Hello my pet, ready for the rest?" he smiles into her drenched eyes and starts on the other tit…only a little faster this time, ensuring she stays awake throughout the painful process!

Chapter 2

She gazes blurrily at the ceiling spinning above her, blinks, tries to wipe her eyes, but she is still restrained. His face floats into view. "Awake? Lovely! It's time to find your new place in life darling, you'll love it here…or maybe not. No matter." He frees her and helps her to her feet beside the wide bed. She groans as the full weight of the saline injections stretch her hugely distended breasts. The slightest brush of his fingers makes her gasp painfully, yet she also feels electricity flash straight to her groin, dampening her hair. A firm hand beneath her chin brings her eyes to him and he calmly outlines their situation and her role.

"Go get the things.They're over there in your bag in a white box." He demanded quietly, gesturing across the room.

Quickly she scanned the room. It was completely unfamiliar to her and she noted the 'rustic tropical island' decor with delight. Spying her suitcase against the wall she walked gingerly toward it trying to balance the several new pounds he'd added to her breasts. God, they hurt! An intense pulling weight on the engorged tissues combined with a burnng, itching sizzle as the salt seared the cell walls. Unconsciously she cupped them, supporting them to ease the pain.She had little time to notice the large airy room.

"Drop those hands!" snapped across the room at her.

Startled and apprehensive she jerked them away, the sudden surge of the weight yanking on the chest wall dropping her to her knees in agony. She rummaged for the bag, noticing absently that she certainly hadn't packed the clothes, heck she'd never even seen them!. Returning with the bulky package she handed it to him.

"On you knees." She dropped down slowly, running her hands up her sides to cup her breasts, lifting them as if offering him a taste, just as he decreed she must do anytime he summoned her. He pulled a thick leather collar from the bag and affixed it snugly around her neck, the golden clover nipple clamps swinging from the attached chains brushing against her skin as if in warning, already uncomfortable against the tightly filled tissue. The rich lavender dyed leather glowed against her tanned flesh, erotic and sensual yet threatening her freedom as well as promising pain. She flinched slightly as he buckled her in and then snapped shut a lock, ensuring she be collared until he freed her.

"I really think you need some rest after your illness," he mused " and I intend you get it."

He fished two leather cuffs lined with sheepskin and dyed to match the collar from the bag. He locked one to each wrist, then led her on her knees to the porch of the bungalow, across the wide wooden boards and pulled her upright against the bamboo railing. He secured one wrist chain to the overhead beams, then tugged her other arm wide and secured her other chain as well so she perched high on tiptoe. He wandered slowly around his captive lover, touching and fondling her, kissing her all over. When she began moaning deep in her throat he returned to her mouth, thrusting his tongue deeply again and again, sucking her tongue into his mouth as his sinewy fingers grasped her nipples and pulled and twisted them. She groaned in aroused pain as he stretched and tweaked them, then screamed as he clamped first one and then the other with the clover devices. Tears welled and slid down her cheeks as he stepped back and sat on the railing, watching her torment as he slowly lit a cigarette.

"I love hearing you scream, love. I'll be hearing it a lot you know. " he smoked and stared at her shaking body, planning his next move. Her breasts swung heavily, nipples dragged upwards by the short chairs on the clamps, making the perfect globes bulge ripely. He stripped the tape away and splayed his hands possessively over her chest, barely flexing his fingers as the heat of arousal and tears filled her eyes. His next visit inside brought a wide lavender beltlike device, which he showed her. He placed this about her waist, fastening the tiny hooks in front and began drawing the lacing tight. He would tighten the top from waist to chest, reposition her bosom in the cups, then tighten the lower part. Slowly, inevitably, the corset drew in, the waist smaller and smaller, her breaths shorter and more shallow.

Finally satisfied, he knotted the cords and stepped back to admire her. Balanced on the very tips of her toes her body stretched high, the corset defined an impossibly small waist above wide flaring hips topped with nearly translucent skinned breasts straining to overflow the half cups of the corset. Her dusky pink nipples glowed deep rose beneath the vicious clamps bruising the sensitive peaks as her tear streaked face and bitten, swollen lips gave evidence of her distress. He could scarcely breathe she was so beautiful! His semi-erect cock burst to attention instantly and he reached for her, kissing her eyes, face, mouth, fiercely, deeply, his agile fingers tunneling through her pubic hair, thumb stroking her engorged clit as two fingers drove into her hidden cunt. She was damp already, and the thrusting fingers and hard tongue ravishing her mouth caused a new stream of fluid to ooze over his hand as she began to convulse around it.

"Shit!" he ripped free. "You can't cum now!" he snarled. Seeing the unfocused look on her face he swung two wicked slaps full against her clamped, fluid taut tits. The blossoming agony in her breasts brought her immediately from the sexual haze starting to flood through her! "You cum when I let you, slave meat, never without permission!"

He returned to the bedroom, leaving her to shiver in the humid heat of the day as a light breeze gently swung the chains from the clamps to her collar. Shocked at his absence, she was still very turned on by the helpless position and the constant stimulation of her aching breasts. Anyone walking by could see her, approach her, touch her…the images crowded her mind as the eroticism of her situation seduced her.

Eventually she heard a tapping from the building behind her, a sort of rhythmic pattern she half recognized. A typewriter? He was typing while she was helpless and so horny? A flash of anger swept over her, "Michael!" she yelled. Footsteps presently approached behind her and his hands cupped her tender mounds as he nuzzled her neck.

"Yes, darling slave?" he mouthed below her ear, followed by a sharp nip of his teeth.

"You're typing! I'm out here suffering and so turned on I could die, and you're FUCKING typing???" she blurted angrily.

"Let me explain dear. Only once so pay attention! YOU agreed to be MY slave. How I act is NONE of your concern. You are alive to please me. However I want to be amused. Right now your position and torture please me. Your question and anger don't. You have earned more discipline. You will cry, scream, moan or whatever Without holding back or it will double each time you don't!" he stated coldly, bent his head and suckled mightily on the bite, wringing a moan from her lips.

He admired the rapidly bruising mark, then jerked hard on the golden chains viciously tightening the clamps so they bit deep into her swollen pink nipples. She screamed, high and thin, then abruptly choked off as she dangled semi-conscious from her hands.

Michael stepped back, viewing her body critically as she slumped from the chains. Perhaps a spanking would convince her…or perhaps something more severe, he smiled to himself, well knowing her stubborn independent streak. They were going to ignite in their bid for pleasure!

He slackened her bonds enough to bend her forward over the stout bamboo railing, arms pulled tautly up and back, beautifully curved ass beckoning his palms caressing. He steps quickly behind her, nestling his erection into her, feeling her damp cunt juices seep through his simple baggy cotton drawstring pants. He reaches forward, lying on her back, and presses his mouth to her shoulder, stringing kisses up to her ear, cheek, tasting the drying tears. His hands again cup the plump mounds of breast as she gasps, wincing, cringing back ever so slightly. "No love, you don't get it yet. You bear whatever pain without complaint, proud that I chose you it suffer it!" His fingers dig into the tenderness, stroking, pinching, gripping deeply, barely brushing with the fingertips as he revels in her grunts, groans, whimpers and pleas. She cries, but in agony of pain or pleasure? The one is wrapping around the other until she cannot find the difference, only knows she is burning and swirling in a sea of intense sensation.

"Michael, please, …please..." she begs him for release, relief, redemption, on the jagged edge of cumming.

He drags himself away, every sinew screaming at him to bury his raging cock in her trembling, feverish body. Half blind with lust his lifts his hand, landing a powerful stinging slap to her shaking buttocks, drawing a yell of anguish from her throat. He rapidly establishes a rhythm, alternating cheeks and slowly working his way down across the curve and into the extremely tender skin between butt and leg. She sobs continuously now, snuffling and sniffling, breath catching on each blow.

Then there is no energy left to scream, or even jerk much anymore, her muscles twitching, tears soundless. He slowly recognizes she isn't responding and stares at the bright red and purpling flesh of her ass, burning against his hand. Unable to stop, he loosens the drawstring and shoves his pulsing rod into her, driving deep, pounding heavily again and again before he explodes, jism spurting in great bursts within her as the heat of her abused cheeks glows against his belly. He rests tiredly against her sorely used body as she drapes limply over the railing.

Soon he will release her, soothe her bruises, praise her obedience, take her to bed and make love to her, but for now … for now she can wait, and hurt, and cry, she is only a slave.

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