Expanding Horizons Ch. 04


"Turn around," he orders, and she complies. He massages the soap into her shoulders and down her back, over the swell of her ass cheeks and down to her thighs.

"Spread your legs," he says, and she does, planting her feet a little wider. She places a hand on the tiled wall for balance, and casts a wanton gaze back over her shoulder. The look in his eye is purely predatory as he squirts some more soap into his hands, returning them to her lower back and ass. He swirls his hand around on the firm round orbs, and then spreads her cheeks, allowing his finger to slide along her crack. Keira gasps as it grazes over that sensitive spot.

Weeks ago when they were chatting and flirting online, she'd told him only one of her lovers had ever done this to her, and she liked it. He'd told her that he had never had an opportunity for any kind of ass play with his wife. Although he had wanted to, she would never let him.

She arches her back, presenting her ass to him, and he slips his fingers through her crack again, grazing more firmly over the spot. It makes her jump and shudder. Her breathing is coming fast again, anticipation making her tingle. Again he slides back and forth, grazing over the sensitive spot again and again, teasingly, tortuously.

He swirls his finger around the rosebud hole, around and around, sending shivery tingly sensations through her body from the spot. He keeps swirling for a few moments more, drawing out the tease, almost agonizingly -- and then he pushes slightly.

"Oh god," Keira moans as his soapy, slippery finger only barely penetrates her ass. He sticks the tip in and then draws it back out. It feels oddly empty. He swirls the soap around some more. He turns her body slightly, one hand sliding around her belly.

His hand slides up over her abdomen, tracing the curve of her breast, and he rolls her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Meanwhile his other hand slides through her crack. He swirls his finger around and around the puckered little hole again. As his finger lightly penetrates her ass, he pinches hard on her nipple, making her shudder and cry out. The sensation of her nipple and her ass combine in an exquisite cocktail of sensations.

He slides his hand to her other nipple, circling it with thumb and forefinger as he draws his finger out of her ass. This time he swirls around again, and then gently pushes it back in, further this time as he again pinches her nipple hard. She cries out again, arching her back and reaching out, taking hold of his shoulder while bracing her other hand against the wall for balance. He draws his invading finger out slightly and presses back in slightly, very lightly fucking her ass with his finger, going a little deeper on each thrust.

Nico slides his finger out and, placing two fingers together, presses them into her hole. The feeling is an exquisite combination of pain and pleasure as he sinks two fingers into her while pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He draws his fingers out and pushes back in again slowly. Keira whimpers and moans as he begins a steady rhythm, plunging his fingers in and out of her ass while the hand that was on her breasts slides down over her belly and in between her swollen pussy lips.

Keira's pussy is so slippery wet, his fingers slide easily inside, and he presses deep into her and pulls his fingers out. He slides them up to her clit, squeezing it between two fingers, and glides back into her slippery pussy again. Now he's coordinating the movements in and out of her pussy and over her clit with the two fingers thrusting into her ass. She's panting and moaning an endless stream of vocalizations as her hips start to thrust with his rhythms, intensifying every movement.

"Mmm... you like this, don't you?" he whispers lowly in her ear as he thrusts both hands into her two holes simultaneously.

"Yes!" Keira cries out. "Oh god yes!"

"What do you like?" he asks in a low rumbling voice as he pulls his fingers out, squeezing her clit again. She shudders.

"Unh," she whimpers as all her holes are suddenly empty.

"What do you like?" he asks again.

"I like it in the ass," Keira replies desperately. He plunges both hands into her again, going deeper than ever into her ass. She cries out loudly.

"You want me to fuck your ass, don't you?" he demands as he pulls his invading digits out again. She trembles helplessly as he squeezes her clit between his fingers.

"Yes!" she cries out. She whimpers, shaking on unsteady legs when he doesn't push his fingers back into her, but he only keeps up the pressure on her clit.

"Please," she whimpers.

He places his mouth against her ear and whispers lowly, "Tell me what you want."

"I want you to fuck my ass!" she cries, and then lets out a shriek as he plunges both hands deep into her again.

"I AM going to fuck your ass, Keira," he growls in her ear as he withdraws his fingers, squeezing her clit, making her shudder and whimper. "But first, I want you to come for me again," he says firmly as he plunges his fingers back into her holes.

"Oh god..." she cries out, and he does it again. The sensations are building to an unprecedented level within her. She cannot believe how intense this is, how full she feels with his fingers in both her pussy and her ass. She's afraid her legs are going to give out soon.

Nico pulls out and thrusts both hands into her again, a little harder and deeper this time.

"Oh god!" she cries out again. He starts thrusting in and out of both her holes, simultaneously, faster and harder. Her cries become a continuous long loud wail, her muscles tense and her body starts shuddering. He keeps pounding into her and she shrieks as her legs become liquid and her knees give out, the spasms inside her body too much to take. He feels the contractions of so many muscles around his fingers, and is practically supporting her weight with the palms of his hands. Finally he relents, allowing his fingers to slip out of her. She turns and grabs his shoulders, letting her body melt into his.

She turns her face to his and captures his lips, the hot water still coursing over their bodies. He wraps his arms around her and pulls her body close, pressing against her. She finds that Nico is rock hard again. She grinds against him, making him groan. She smiles wantonly at him and he returns the smile with mischief in his eyes.

"Get on your knees," he says.

"Gladly," she breathes in acquiescence, and as she slithers down she drags her hands and mouth along his chest and stomach. She kneels in front of him and smiles as the object of her longing is standing straight up at attention in front of her.

She licks her lips and wraps her hand firmly around his cock, stroking it a couple of times, looking into his eyes. She loves the excitement, the anticipation on his face. She watches him for a moment, stroking slowly. Then without any further preamble, she plunges down on his cock, taking as much as she can into her mouth and throat.

He groans loudly as his cock fills her mouth. The feel of him in her mouth again is blissful. She loves the clean and slightly salty taste of his smooth skin. It's such an incredible feeling as the warm water sheets over her face, down over his stomach, rivulets swirling around his balls and shaft.

She pulls her mouth back almost to the tip, sucking as she goes, looking up to catch his eye. His eyes go wide seeing her make eye contact with his cock in her mouth before she plunges back down again. Her other hand comes up to caress his balls. He groans and breathes deeply. She continues pulling back slowly, sucking hard, swirling her tongue along the underside of his shaft as she slides upward.

Keira pulls off completely, letting the tip go with a pop. She pauses for a moment, admiring his beautiful hard dick in her hand, and looks up to meet his eyes again. The dark and intense look in his eyes is priceless. She licks all around the glans, staring into his eyes. She sucks the head into her mouth again, putting pressure on it, feeling it swell within her mouth. She smiles before plunging down on him again, and opens her throat to take him deep.

Once more she pulls up, slows down near the top and looks at him with his cock in her mouth. Water courses down over her hair and face. As his gaze meets hers, the look in his eyes is so dark, raw, and intense. She slides the hand that was caressing his balls back a little further and swirls it around his tight hole. He shudders and moans at the new sensation.

She knows from their previous conversations that no one has ever done this to him before, but he admitted that he's been curious to try. She's never done it to a man before either, but has read enough to know that he will like it.

She draws his cock back out to the tip again, swirling her tongue around the underside as she goes, while she swirls her finger around and around. Then she presses her soapy finger into his ass, while she plunges back down, hungrily sucking his cock into her mouth.

"Oh gawwwwwd," he groans loudly and shifts his weight slightly, perhaps unconsciously allowing her better access to his tight virginal ass, one hand resting against the shower wall, the other lightly on her head.

She licks around the tip of his cock, gazing at him wantonly, as her finger lightly circles his ass. She pulls back and plunges down, thrusting her finger into him again. She presses her finger a little further in as she sucks his cock as far into her throat as she can. Holding his cock deep in her throat, she strokes her finger inside, running over a hard ridge. Nico's body convulses and he moans loudly.

She does it again, and he moans deeply again. Again she moves her finger inside him, teasing that little tell-tale ridge she has found deep inside, and again he moans and convulses as though she had applied an electrical shock.

She begins a continuous movement, swirling her finger inside him, as she slowly pulls off him withdrawing her mouth with strong suction all the way to the tip, and letting the tip go with a pop.

Leaving her finger inside, she looks up at him lasciviously.

"You like that," she says. It's not a question. It's a statement of fact. She strokes his prostate again and he groans.

"Oh yeah," Nico moans again. She strokes again. Nico moans out loud. She strokes again, and licks the tip of his cock. He groans again -- a deep guttural sound.

"Ohhh gawwwd." He pants looking down at her with a wild look in his eyes as she continues stroking within him.

"Unh. I never ..." Panting for breath, he grinds out, "God Keira... I never... felt... anything... like this."

Keira smiles wickedly and takes his cock back in her mouth again and plunges down quickly. She begins going at him with wild abandon, sucking hard on both the upward and downward movements, coordinating her sucking with the pulses of her finger over his prostate. His breathing becomes faster and shallower. He moans almost continuously now. His pelvis starts to pump in time with her movements. She feels his muscles contract.

"Ohhhhh gawd... gonna come," he moans through heavy breaths.

She smiles inwardly. Perhaps he's distracted from his role of playing the Dom by his encroaching orgasm, being so polite as to warn her.

She keeps going, sucking hard, bobbing up and down, pressing into him over and over. She feels the pressure in the vein on the underside of his cock. She knows its coming. She wants it. She wants to drink him all up.

He cannot hold back any longer and with a long guttural growl he finally explodes his hot load into the back of her throat. She swallows and keeps sucking, catching the next spurts in her mouth, and then swallows those too. She sucks a few more times till he has nothing left to give, and finally, gently, she releases him.

Keira leans back on her heels, and looks up at him with a satisfied smile. Water courses down over her face, over his stomach, over his now softening cock. Suddenly realizing her knees are a bit sore, she straightens up.

Nico smiles broadly at her. "Damn, you are so fucking good at that," he says.

Keira giggles and kisses him. He pulls her close and kisses her almost desperately, with such intensity, as the hot water continues to run down over their entangled bodies.

"You liked it in the ass," she says raising her eyebrow with a wicked smile.

"I've never felt anything like that," he admits, by way of confirmation.

"What did it feel like?"

"It's hard to explain. Not like when I usually come. That I can feel in my lower abdomen and my balls. Well I could feel that too, but this was also like incredible pressure and explosions going off deep inside."

"Hmmm. Well they do say the prostate is the male G-spot," Keira smiles. "We'll have to practice a bit more so you can describe it better."

They step out of the shower and kiss each other playfully and passionately as they towel off.

As they walk out of the bathroom he smacks her ass playfully, but hard enough that it makes a sound. She squeals, and turns to him to grab at him, but he catches her wrist. He has a stern look on his face.

"We're not done yet," he says pulling her close, the return of his authoritarian voice sending shivers through her.

'Oh," Keira gasps as her eyes widen.

"I know what you want," he whispers in her ear. "And I'm going to give it to you," he adds darkly.

Keira whimpers and her pulse quickens again as he captures her mouth in another hungry kiss. She feels excitement course through her body in anticipation.

"Get back on the bed," Nico says firmly. "On your hands and knees," he says in a more commanding tone.

Keira quickly complies, her heartbeat stronger and louder than it's ever been. Excitement tingles throughout her body and liquid heat pools in her pussy again.

Nico goes to his suitcase and pulls something out. Keira tries to watch him, but the angle is awkward. As he turns back toward her, he has two black neckties and a small bottle of lube. Keira gasps as he prowls toward her with a predatory look on his face.

Nico circles her on the bed, looking at her from all angles with a wicked grin on his face. Keira turns her head to follow him, waiting, panting with anticipation, a tingling sensation ringing throughout her entire body. She feels so exposed, on her hands and knees as he slowly stalks around the bed watching her.

Nico stops behind her and leans forward. Placing his hands inside her knees, he spreads her legs a little wider. He pauses for a moment and inhales deeply, drinking in the unmistakable heady aroma of her arousal. She is so turned on her body is humming with excitement.

She watches as he moves again, gazing at her hungrily.

He stops beside her shoulder, leans down close, looks in her eyes, and whispers, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes," she breathes through ragged pants.

He covers her eyes with a neck tie, and ties it firmly behind her head. Her heartbeat picks up even more, if that were possible. Then he gently, but firmly presses her chest and shoulders down to the bed, leaving her up on her knees, forcing her ass more up into the air. She feels so exposed, so excited, so aroused.

She feels his breath at her ear.

"If you want me to stop at any time, just say 'stop', and I will," he whispers.

"Ok," she whimpers, panting, barely able to form words.

He grasps her hands and pulls them up behind her lower back and ties them with the other necktie. She gasps. She feels so vulnerable; blindfolded, her hands tied behind her back, balancing on her chest and shoulders, her ass high in the air, her knees spread wide.

And yet...

Her body is humming. She feels more excited than she's ever been in her life. She's craved this. She's wanted to give herself completely to a trusted lover, a man with the confidence to take her, control her, to do to her what she wants and needs.

She hears him moving back to the end of the bed. Suddenly she feels a firm slap on her right ass cheek, firm enough to make a smacking sound. Keira lets out a startled gasp. He smacks her other cheek, just as firmly, and Keira lets out a sound somewhere between a gasp and a moan.

Not being able to see, not knowing what's coming next, only increases the anticipation and excitement for her.

Keira hears Nico moving around again, and another smack lands on her cheek, followed quickly by another, slightly harder this time. She is startled and cries out. The sensations are making her skin so hot. The short bursts of pain dissolve quickly into tingly heat and heightened sensation.

Another smack on the other cheek. And another.

Each time, she utters that same moaning gasp. After a few more good smacks, her ass is burning all over and so sensitive. The tingly heat spreads throughout her pelvis and up her torso. She had no idea how the spanking would make her entire pelvis and torso so hot. She can feel her pussy lips swell and liquid gather between them. She's panting and her breath is ragged.

He rubs gently soothing the burning red skin, and then smacks it again. Keira cries out again. She is practically vibrating now. Her nerves are on edge. She can feel the wetness literally dripping out of her pussy.

As suddenly as the onslaught started it stops. There is silence. Nico is not moving. Keira doesn't know what to expect next. She tries to slow her breathing so she can listen. She waits. There is no sound.

Thirty seconds pass.

Sixty seconds.

It feels like forever. Her heart is pounding madly in her chest.

'How can he not be making any sound?'

Two minutes.

'What the hell is he doing?'

The waiting is driving her insane.

Finally she feels the bed creak and depress. He's on the bed behind her. She waits, not knowing what to expect next. The anticipation is killing her. Her ass cheeks are red, burning and exposed. Her pussy is swollen and dripping. She cannot see, her arms are tied behind her back, her legs are spread uncomfortably wide, and she's never been more aroused than she is at this moment.

Finally she feels him between her thighs. His tongue slides up her dripping slit and over her clit. She cries out in ecstasy and her body quakes violently from the suddenness and surprise. She wonders how he's doing that, what position he's in, and then it becomes clear as he slides his tongue and mouth back through her slit, past her pussy, to graze over her sensitive ass.

She arches her back even more and cries out. He slides his tongue along the entire circuit again and back to her ass. Electricity shoots through her body. Again she cries out and moans deeply. She feels a finger slide in her pussy, as his tongue is probing at her other hole. Another finger slides into her pussy as his tongue penetrates. The feeling is so intense. She moans. He licks her and lifts his face away, replacing his tongue with a finger that's clearly been coated in lube. He swirls the slippery lubed finger around her puckered little hole.

The fingers in her pussy slide out and up over her clit as his lubed finger penetrates her ass. She feels like she is going to explode from pleasure. His digits all slide in and begin in a relentless rhythm, like in the shower. Within a few short minutes she is crying out loudly, coming so intensely. Again. She didn't even know she was capable of coming so many times in such short succession.

Suddenly, all his fingers are gone for a moment. She feels empty and she whimpers at the lack of contact. She hears him opening the bottle of lube and squirting it. She realizes he's probably coating his cock with it as she hears the movement and waits for the next contact.

As the shuddering from her last orgasm is subsiding, she feels his fingers swirl over and into her ass, clearly providing some lubrication. She hears him squeeze the lube bottle, and again, his fingers swirl around and into her tight rosebud.

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