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Expense Account

byDecayed Angel©

After work, I decided to head up Twenty-Third Street for a bite to eat and perhaps some entertainment. There were a number of nice places all very conveniently located between where I worked and the hotel. I decided I'd save a bit of money on the meal and then spend that money on the entertainment. Since I was traveling on business, none of it came out of my pocket, but I wanted to avoid getting too extravagant. Well, for good food at a cheap price, you can't beat the old "Golden Arches," so I crossed the street and walked up to the Suzuki's and stepped inside. I'm not sure about anyone else, but it just seems so strange coming in and ordering a Big Suzi with extra special sauce. Poor old Ray Kroc just has to be squirming in his grave.

I stepped up to the counter and passing on the Big Suzi, I ordered the sashimi salad with a bratwurst on the side and a Halliburton Cola to drink. My total came out to one hundred fifty seven and twenty two cents, so I leaned over, let the retinal scanner do its job and I waited as the cash register printed out a receipt. Carefully folding the small paper, I slipped it in my wallet and waited for a few more minutes. Suddenly, there it was, appearing before me: a steaming bratwurst, a nicely chilled sashimi salad and an always refreshing Halliburton Cola. I picked up the tray and sat down at a table, looking out through the windows at the traffic hovering in the streets.

Eating quickly, I stepped out of Suzuki's just to see the same traffic, the very same hover cars as when I first sat down to eat. Glad I was on foot, I took a few steps down the street and stepped into the holo-brothel adjacent to the restaurant. Compared to the bright shining "Golden Arches" this place was completely dark except for a small, had to be a 40 watt, light bulb hanging over a nondescript door. I knocked and then peeked in the peek hole letting them run a retinal scan on me. Confirming that I wasn't a cop, that my credit was good and I was free of communicable disease, they opened the door for me and a short man said, "Good Evening Mr. Alphonse. Please step inside and you can make your selection."

Moving into their lobby, I was suddenly surrounded by the holograms of about eight beautiful women. Of course the holo thing was a ploy to get by the local prostitution laws. If a customer pays to have sex with a woman, well that's prostitution, but if he pays to have sex with a holo construct, that's masturbation for pay, perfectly legal even if it does sound a bit foolish. The reason I like this place is the special things they allow. The holo constructs are nearly impossible to distinguish from the real thing and well, for a few extra dollars, this place will let you have the real thing all the while acting as if you are paying for a construct. It's a neat little trick, especially for us old schoolers that long for the down home feel of a real woman.

I decided to go for a big girl today and seeing an attractive red head the stood a full three inches taller than me, I reached up and tweaked her holo nipple indicating my selection. All I had to do now was go to the desk, negotiate and then head up to the room. The retinal scanner would engage once I headed that way and the door with the red head behind it would light up for me.

When I moved over to the desk, there was a man in front of me having a bit of a problem in the negotiation. The man behind the desk had actually had to call a holo image over to so the man could explain what he wanted, "Look, I don't know why this is so difficult. I want to fuck her, but I want it to feel like she is giving me a hand job."

The man replied in fractured Englock, "Yez, I stand under your quest re the woman." He then hit a few keys on his keyboard and suddenly the clit on the holo image began to grow, slowly twisting and stretching until it looked like a hand.

"No, no you stupid Ock, I want to put my cock in her pussy and fuck her, but... now this is important, I want it to feel like a hand job."

"Side in pussy?" the little man asked.

"Yes, side in pussy you ornip. Side in pussy."

"Ah, okay," he hit a few keys and the hand slowly slid into her pussy, waving at him as it disappeared between her lips. "Hair, into this scan look, but walk that way."

The man walked into the hall pausing as a red line appeared and ran down his body. He then walked quickly into the hallway, disappearing from view.

The small man then looked at me and said, in perfect Englock, "Can I help you?"

"You're accent is gone," I said.

"Yeah, that's guys a real fucking asshole, I just like to fuck with his mind."

"Well you did an excellent job. Look, I'm an old schooler, I need something real."

"Ah, okay, no enhancements?"

"Woah, I'm an old schooler but not a barbarian, I meant let me have the mechanical drive, I just don't trust those digital pussy drives. I heard about one guy who got his DNA rewritten in the middle of a fuck. Turned into a woman. Fortunately for him he always wanted to be a lesbian, but I don't think I'll take any chances."

"Well, they've cleaned up those glitches, but hey, I like the old mechanical drives myself. Okay were looking at eighty two hundred."

"That include gratuity?"

"Yes, standard thirty percent unless..."

"Yeah, put her down for an extra ten percent if I enjoy it."

"What cum reading do you want in enjoyment for the tip?"

"Give me a seven."

"Seven it is," he said, tapping a few entries from he keyboard. "Have an enjoyable time."

"Thanks," I said, stepping into the hallway and waiting as the red line ran over me. A door then lit up and I headed down the hall towards it. Opening the door, I looked over at the tall red head, sitting naked on the bed. I stepped inside, closed the door and quickly undressed. Moving over close to her, she took my cock in her hands and gently stroked it until it got hard. She then pulled me closer, spreading her legs and guiding me in.

Looking at my face she asked, "Fast or slow?"

I said, "Let's start out slow and then we can get faster."

"Okay, you just tell me when you want to increase or decrease speed." I then saw her eyes turn up, the pupils disappearing behind her eyelids. Suddenly her entire pussy began sliding back and forth over my cock without either of us having to move. Her eyes returned to normal and she whispered, "I like a man who can appreciate a woman's mechanics."

I moved my hands to her large breasts taking one in each hand and gently squeezing. They were soft and sagged a bit, which is just how I like it. While I played with her breasts, her pussy continued to slowly move back and forth. I whispered, "Faster," and her eyes turned up again and the speed of her pussy increased.

When her eyes returned to normal, she looked at me with such a sensuous look that I reached behind her neck and pushed her orgasm button and she quickly moaned and her pussy pulsated as she came. Grabbing my face with her hands, she kissed me on the lips and whispered, "Thank you."

I've always been one to please my women and well, the little button makes it very easy. It's a shame all women don't have them, maybe there'd be fewer nagging bitches in the world... or maybe it's just me. Anyway, her pussy got to be feeling very good for me then and I whispered, "Now slow, until I come and then you need to stop right away."

Her eyes turned up once again as the changed her settings and her pussy slowed down, sliding ever so slowly over my cock, covering me in her juices. It was just moments before I arched my back and came, the cum spurting into and activating the auto stop, so with one last movement, her pussy took me as deep as it could and then clamped onto me, gently holding itself over me. I stood there for a few minutes before the pussy released me and my now flaccid cock slid out of her.

"Thank your for the extra tip," she said, I guess notified by the computer that my orgasm was a seven or above.

"Oh, you are quite welcome," I said, reaching my hand up and squeezing her breast. "How I love a real woman."

She smiled at me saying, "And how I love a real man." Leaning forward, she kissed me on the lips and whispered, "Come back real soon, you can push my button anytime."

I got dressed, opened the door and headed out to the lobby. The man who went in just before me was leaving and the small guy at the desk said, "Bye good Mr. Asshole."

"That's Hollis, not asshole, Hollis."

"Very good Mr. Asshole."

The man stepped outside and tried to slam the door, but the door closer slowed it down. "And good bye Mr. Alphonse, I hope you hand an enjoyable evening."

"Thank you, and yes I did," stepping outside, thinking, "Wow, eighty two hundred, boy I'm glad my company is paying for it." I walked back to the hotel, completely relaxed, ready for a good nights sleep and another productive day at work.

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