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Experiment Gone Bad



[Son is callously used as guinea pig for father's pharmco. Experiment is a success, maybe too successful. Test subject returns with extreme results.]

Caveat: Some stories have romance, love, affection, etc. Alas, this story deals strictly with the base, reptilian responses. Son is abused, misused, and confused. He returns as an Adonis, the ideal man but also the animal within. The creature wreaks vengeance. Not a pretty picture: no one would blame you for stopping here and choosing easier reading.

[What, you're still here? Okay then, put on your Haz-Mat gear, seal tight...you're going in...]

This story is not a pleasant tale. My father always sensed that I was not his actual offspring. I never found out if that was true, though I had my suspicions. Anyway, as a result, I was never accepted by him; indeed, his mistreatment of me only grew over the years.

The local authorities that should have intervened on my behalf instead looked upon me as a potential problem that they'd prefer to be without. In the event, they were delighted that my parents chose to home school me. Occasional black eyes and bloody noses wouldn't concern them anymore. The unfortunate result of this was to allow any abuse of me to be hidden from prying eyes.

During my teen years, we had moved to central Mexico. My father saw an opportunity to be an adjunct for American pharmaceutical firms. In the US, research often had to be coordinated with the FDA at great cost.

However, if research could be done in Mexico, with no controls or expenses, the resulting product would have saved millions. Besides the costs, the ethics of trying out dangerous formulae upon the unwary would've precluded American testing.

The upshot of all this was that we lived in a villa in desolate central Mexico. Being in Mexico, the home had security gates and bars in the windows. Outside the security zone was the laboratory. Lab? It was actually just a shack where concoctions little better than the days of alchemy would be trod out and foisted upon an unwary and helpless test subject: me.

My father, Mal, 53, had bullied not only me but my beautiful mother, Sue, 39. At first, she had been my defender, threatening to call the authorities. That was another reason for him to drag us to Mexico, where we would be 'beyond the pale.' He had caught her once with another man, so she was stuck with him.

She feared divorce might give him custody with even graver implications for me, so she stayed put. When mom lodged objections down there the first time, he left her with a bloody nose and a ringing headache. That ended any assistance from my loving mother.

At this point, I had just turned 18 and was forced to live out by the research building in an attached shed. The only 'luxury' I had was a DVD player and TV. Mom would order the movies by mail and he'd go to town once a week to pick them up. Since I now was kind of 'out of it' after the psychotropic meds that had been tested on me, she chose the movies. I would watch them mindlessly, absorbing them blindly.

For reasons we will soon understand, she slipped the movie 'Mother's Boys' in the mix. That film, with Jamie Leigh Curtis, had the sexiest scene ever made in 'legitimate Hollywood'. Trying to lure her son into a closer relationship, Ms. Curtis arose from her bubble bath. As you saw her (or her body double's) glistening bum and thighs, dripping from the tub, the bubble bath drooled down her perfect body.

For all the world, that dripping soap looked like something else viscous, off-white, and thick that might be put on, or inside of, a beautiful woman's body. Meanwhile, Ms. Curtis told her son about his caesarian birth, showing him where he had emerged. It was such a shocking and sexually charged scene that even I, in my semi-lucid state, sat transfixed.

As mom had hoped, that movie had a lingering effect. While I harbored resentment to the man who had consigned me to be a test animal, seeing that film now added my desire to take that man's woman. Somehow, some day, some way, I would have my revenge upon him while possessing my beautiful mother.

I suppose I should have described the players in this Greek tragedy. My father Mal was a typically male-pattern bald middle aged man. My mom was a true MILF, with blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, a pointed little nose, and pillowy ruby lips.

Her body was outrageously top heavy, with jutting tits, a slim waist, and fantastic legs. Had we been living in an American city instead of the unpopulated plains of Mexico, I have no doubt that she could've found someone better than him.

The third player in our little melodrama was yours truly. Being a test subject, a guinea pig as it were, with little sleep or time for exercise, you can imagine how sickly I'd have appeared.

At 18, I looked like the proverbial '90 pound weakling' of Charles Atlas fame. Five foot nine, I actually weighed 118. The arthritis drug test, which failed, didn't do much for my overall health, I'm afraid. Soft as cookie dough, with toothpick arms, it was no wonder that my bully of a father could slap me around, as he did for fun almost daily.

Eventually, my mother got into the habit of using the bathroom that faced my little shack for her daily baths. She was careful to emulate the movie I alluded to. As a result, I was regularly treated to the spectacle of my gorgeous mother drying off her hour glass figure right by the window.

Often I would be bound, enduring yet another dosage of some untested concoction. Instead of watching the little monitor for the DVD, I could look out the big picture window towards the house and see my supersexy mom emerging from her bath, dressing, undressing, or stages in between. It was no wonder, then, that I thought of her and her alone day and night...or that I could easily project her into that 'Mother's Boys' film.

It was bad enough that I had to endure the testing. However, mom's 'old man' would rub it in to boot. For instance, when I was given the initial trial dose of a new neutering drug for animals and felons, he was cruel enough to make my mom go down on him right in front of me.

If I had been fully alert, I might have noticed that she objected all the way, his 'mighty tool' was a pathetic three inches, and his 'copious spend' was two or three bubbles that dried as they hit the air. As a matter of fact, that was one of the few moments where mom laughed and even I managed a chuckle.

He was not amused, punishing both of us. He grabbed mom by her hair, dragging her back to her room. As for me, he made me stand before a full length mirror. He delighted in pointing out the 'abbreviated' equipment I now had (due to the drug testing) as well as my pathetic musculature.

He correctly dismissed me as nothing more than a 'weak whimpering sissy' who would do well to hide in some closet for the rest of my few remaining years. He then grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the window. Just outside was a shallow grave; he had dug it as a warning, or a preview of my ultimate fate.

It was at that point that mom prayed that I'd somehow save the day. If only there was a 'deus ex machima', the almost magical intervention (literally a gift from the gods) that would set things right as they did in Greek theatre...

What brought everything to a dramatic conclusion was another drug test. There was a steroid for cattle that was going to be tweaked chemically so that it was not technically a steroid. The question was: would it work and work safely?

The unfortunate tendency for drug testing was that they would overdose the test subject to save time and money, literally forcing any counter-indications to come out quickly and clearly. As a result, the poor test subject (i.e. me) was given ten times the 'safe prescription' amount of Bull-Ya-Base, a steroid derivative for cattle.

There I was, in my little shack. As usual, I was chained to the test chair so that I couldn't pull away from the catheters. The Bull-Ya-Base was seeping into me, too fast and at ten times the safe dosage for my age and weight. I had left on that 'Mother's Boys' DVD playing on endless loop and watched the incredibly sexy bubble bath scene as the steroidal dosing came to an end.

As usual when watching that DVD, my breath came quicker as I got excited. This day was different, though. For one thing, my tiny boy's erection had become first a man's, then a superman's.

What was normally thumb sized at perhaps 3 inches now had morphed into a beastly 11 steel-hard inches. My testes had expanded from a boyish pair of green peas to the size of two small grapefruit. As my breath came quicker and quicker, I wiped the sweat off my face, only then realizing that the handcuffs that normally restrained me were hanging from both of my wrists, somehow broken apart.

Looking to one side and then the other, I was amazed that my shoulders seemed to go on forever. My arms seemed painfully hard to move. Quizzically, I made a fist and the proverbial 'muscle'. To my surprise, a mountain of muscle tissue arose where, I think, a bicep should be.

I looked side to side, amazed at my new 24 inch arms. Looking down below my new broader chest, now covered in soft manly hair for the first time, I saw rippling abs, chiseled as if in marble. Then right at the base of my chest, I saw the big uncut head of my new cock, 11 inches of virility.

As a test subject, after years of harmful experimentation, I couldn't correlate the testing I had had with the results. All of this just came as some revelation or miracle. I had been treated as an animal and now acted as one. When I saw that endless loop once again show the scene of the sexy mother dripping bubble bath (i.e. cum?) down her supple loins, I could only say one word: 'MOM!'

At that moment, I stood up, removing the catheter that attached the now empty dosage bottles from my arms, flexing my now huge biceps. As the image of Jamie Leigh Curtis froze on that screen, my newly enlarged cock swelled and then expelled a mighty blast. My manly spend had been projected across the room and covered the 27 inch monitor completely, the goo slowly dripping down. I had some scores to settle in the main house and nothing could stop me now.

I got to the gate outside of their home. It was padlocked. Seeing that as a barrier to my goal of revenge, I put a powerful hand upon the chain near that padlock and pulled. The thick chain and heavy Yale lock finally came apart, unable to cope with my superhuman strength. Getting up to the main home, I pounded on the door to be let in. He had heard the rending of the heavy padlock and now cowered inside, fearful of this powerful 'gorilla' that he had created.

I was stopped momentarily. As I went from window to window, I happened upon the master bath where my gorgeous mother had been bathing. It was incredibly unlikely but true: she was alarmed about the ruckus outside and had stood up to see what was going on.

Seeing the soap bubbles flowing down her perfect figure as she stood from the bath, I went ballistic. Going up to the window of that bathroom, my hands grabbed the two inch thick bars. With an industrial sound of bending metal, my hands separated those bars. Finally I burst in to their home.

Being more beast than man, I crudely grabbed my gorgeous mother. I picked up that dripping wet package of love machine and carried her, fireman style, into the living room. My old man was cowering there behind the love seat. I put my mom on the rug. She sank to her knees in submission.

I then glared at him, flexing my muscles in defiance, showing them the biological freak I had become. It was ironic that the over-dosage of that test steroid had somehow undone all the damage wrought by the prior drug tests.

I had been transformed into a sort of superman, with muscular perfection that no artist could even conceive of. A giant 11 inch phallus now stood erect before my mother's eyes, fueled by huge balls swollen to gigantic size, heavy with incredibly potent seed; my cum was almost 100% baby-making sperm.

To his consternation, my mother saw that beautiful cock and licked her lips, in spite of her reservations. As I stood before her, the absolute image of physical perfection, her sky-blue eyes fastened upon my phallus. She closed her eyes and put her mouth upon it, as her shaking hands attempted to cup my rapidly swelling testes.

My father looked on glumly as his formerly faithful wife went down on me. Her hands cupped those heavy sacks and could feel them charging, building up to a mighty crescendo. I could sense that too, but I had no intention of wasting that wondrous seed upon the carpet or down mom's gullet. No, that seed had a mission of revenge. It was still going to be put inside my mom, but thru a different portal with a different destination.

At this point, mom needed no further preparations whatsoever. Nonetheless, I had to show that useless old fool who was 'boss'. As I sat on the couch, I gestured my gorgeous nude mother to approach me. Quaking ever so slightly, she did. I then lifted her, my powerful hands gripping either side of her soft but firm behind.

With the most beautiful legs in the world now wrapped around my neck, I proceeded to give my mom's private parts some of the most frenetic 'attention' any man has ever given his woman. She at first sighed, then gasped, and then shouted at the top of her lungs. He held his ears, not wanting to hear the utter ecstasy that I had drawn from her, as orgasmic waves coursed thru her beautiful body again and again.

She loosened her tight hold around my neck and literally slid down. Her sopping wet pussy left a trail of excitement the length of my chest as she lowered herself. Our lips met in the most desperate kiss in history. As he watched in jealous rage, we 'made out' for a long time.

Were I a gentle lover at that point, I would have lightly tapped mom's shoulder, telling her that we had other things to do. Being the steroidal ape that I was though, I just yanked her on her blonde hair till she stood up. Her perfect figure (plump breasts, shapely legs) still glistened from the bath oils as I threw her on the couch.

From his coward's corner behind the love seat, he was watching every second of this. He knew what I must think of him. Since he had performed all of these experiments on me, he shook in abject fear and terror.

I again glared at him, flexed my muscles in manly triumph over this ultimate conquest, and proceeded to mount his wife, my gorgeous mother. She realized that the 'gift from the gods' was now in control; that I was doing her out of love and vengeance. To that end, her hands guided my cock to the right place. So, as I slid along her slick-with-bath-oil body, my erect cock went directly into her welcoming vagina.

Betraying her sense that I was still a dangerous 'beast', her pussy lips dripped excitement. Well, after all, whether I was her son or not, or beastly or not, I still had an incredible physique and the mightiest cock she had ever seen.

It was no wonder then that she moaned in pleasure as it roughly brushed repeatedly against her tingling sensitive vaginal walls after stroking her clitoris for good measure. Once again, the sounds of a woman's orgasm could be heard. It was 'music that soothed the savage breast' (mine) while humiliating a certain observer (him).

Mom's rings of muscles in her welcoming vagina gripped and massaged the mighty man-tool that invaded her. My cock was huge, but swelled even larger as it was crushed and released repeatedly by mom's fun-box.

As the rough uncut head of my cock tapped her deepest recesses and came up against a rubbery opening, mom moaned in yet another orgasm. The ear-splitting cry of my gorgeous mother must have been the final insult to her impotent bully of a husband who had never elicited a single orgasm from her, or any woman.

He remained hunkered down behind the love seat, his eyes as wide as saucers as he watched this spectacle as if it was the final scene of a horror film. With the fight over a woman and the appearance of almost comic book superstrength, it was as if the old 'Popeye' cartoons had been made in modern times and in color, rated XXX.

With a final look over at him, then a final look down to my beautiful mother beneath me, I thought back to all the pain of those experiments. Then I thought of the supersexy mom in 'Mother's Boy's', and that damn dripping bubble bath.

That was it; putting my powerful hands around my mother's soft but perfect behind, I gripped her oh so very tightly. My beautiful mother's shapely legs were now draped over my broad shoulders, her sexy mommy feet flailing in the air.

Leaning forward, I drove as deep inside of her as I could go. I grunted like the gorilla that I had become. With that, my balls drew tightly against me, a tsunami wave commenced, and a torrent of sperm-laden cum was splashed deep inside my mother.

As I looked down upon her, I was surprised to see her eyes were closed in passion, her lips beckoning. I lowered down and kissed those lips. For a precious few moments, I was once again Man and not Beast.

As she kissed back with love and devotion, it was enough to make me cum yet again, only with more power and increased volume. We made out for minutes, with my cock swelling and contracting a number of times as it kept shooting again and again. Unknown to the animal that was me, her womb was totally unprotected and incredibly fertile at that moment.

He thought that it was all over at this point. I lay there, totally spent. To his amazement, he saw his still legally married wife, my gorgeous mother, then get up and cup my empty sack. While maintaining her grip on those deflated balloons, she proceeded to keyhole my flaccid staff back to virile hardness.

Sure enough, her efforts succeeded almost instantly. As my mighty Johnson re-gained its staggering eleven inch length, my balls proceeded to charge up, re-filling as if a garden hose had been attached. Mom had to stop holding my cock to 'weigh' my manly testes, now fully re-charged and enormously heavy. She re-mounted me for a tumultuous round two.

As he watched from behind the furniture, helpless to stop this 'passion play', mom did her cowgirl impression. When I pinched her popping nipples that did it for her. She swooned down to kiss my lips. This allowed me to hold her tightly as I pumped another Hoover Dam load of baby batter into the deepest recesses of her fertile depths.

With that alchemy mix coursing through my veins, my sperm were supercharged, lively, vibrant, and capable. Maybe a 100 million of my guys were released during our second go-round. My intensified virility made them hyper-potent, so much so that fully a dozen fell upon her waiting ovum. Fortunately, only five made their way in.

In the aftermath of our incredible coitus, as her weakling cowardly husband looked on in impotence, my gorgeous mother conceived. When the wondrous egg had alighted upon her blessed inner walls, she had been made pregnant by fully five sperm. Quintuplets would soon be gracing our happy home. In one dramatic act, I had made my revenge, possessed his wife, impregnated her in front of him, and showed him who was now assuming the role of alpha male.

This very unsavory tale had an equally unsavory ending. As the effects of the more harmful test drugs wore off, I became less of a beast and more of the loving son that I always wanted to be. Mom eventually accepted me in the role of alpha male and let me move into the main house. She agreed that her 'old man' deserved to be consigned to my former shack.

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