"Amanda," I moaned into her pussy. Her lips were now pressed out over either side of her thong and my breath caressed their surface. That teasing touch elicited a hiss of pleasure over my own cunt.

Immediately my tongue went to work on the familiar piece of art that is the female sex.

I have been with many women and appreciate the subtle nuances and traits that make each one's response to stimulation unique. Amanda's body responded to things that I responded to and later I would wonder if there was some sort of genetic sexual response trait that could be passed within a lineage.

But for now, my thoughts were simply on returning the favor and the pleasure that I felt filling my pussy's depths.

My tongue caressed first the naked flesh beside her pussy, its tip tracing moist circles around her most sensitive areas. I avoided the direct contact that she craved, dodging her hips lunges for my tongue's rewards. In an effort to encourage me, Amanda had gone to work on my clitoris with her tongue, while one of her nailed fingers had pressed its way into my folds.

The two pronged attack was intense, but I decided to try and prolong her orgasm as long as possible. My first orgasm came very shortly thereafter, as she sucked my erect little nub into her mouth and pinched it with her teeth.

I continued my little evasive dance around her pussy until I could see moisture seeping through her bottoms and around the materials edges. I knew that she was primed for my next attack. With one manicured nail I fished her bottoms from between her cunt lips and pulled them out and over her mons, until they rested safely between her thigh and the beginning of her hill.

Then the dance began all over, my tongue circling her pussy until it was tracing the flowering blossom of her labia. My touch was light, teasing, brushing ever so slightly against that pink opening's edge. Amanda's head broke from its fastening on my pussy for a moment as she breathed a sigh of relief that I had finally made contact with her desire.

Once I tasted her pleasure, I could not withhold from her much longer. There was just too much desire built up within me and too much moisture to be reclaimed. Quickly my tongue delved into her depths, forgetting its torturous progression.

I tongued around her hole, twisting my oral muscle back and forth before stabbing it out and back in. I moved my tongue at an alternating pace, speeding it up for a moment and bringing her a notch higher before slowing my pace to allow her to recede. When she did finally orgasm it would be a powerful and overwhelming experience. But that would be delayed a bit longer.

Amanda was hurriedly trying to bring me back to the brink of an orgasm, eager to out shine her sister's pussy eating ability. And she was doing a wonderful job of that. I couldn't keep my hips and ass settled on the bed, so eager were they to feel the plunging caress of her tongue and fingers into my pussy.

My hands were busy separating her ass cheeks from one another so that I could gain access to her puckered backdoor. I had to brush one of my fingers through her spasming cunt lips a few times before I could press it into the starburst shaped hole. The sudden introduction of the new pressure on her asshole, combined with my continued oral assault on her twat, sent Amanda into her first orgasm.

Her knees locked my head into place as they clenched closer to one another in a muscular seizure. I almost got a bloody nose from the force that her pussy pressed into my face as she hammered out the last of vestiges of her orgasm. Her intense excitement constituted enough of a sensation that I too came.

For a good ten minutes afterwards we drank up one another's fluids and tasted our partner's wares. Only after a good deal of time did she turn and slide up beside me.

We would cradle one another as lovers until we slipped into a deep sleep. When I woke, I savored the memories of her touch, taste, and scent. I fondled her a bit while she slept, teasing her nipples and stroking her clit, until I was satisfied with my own curiosity. Amanda woke with a grin and we shared a flavorful kiss.

"Well that was interesting," I whispered.

"Yeah," she meekly replied. Her hand had found its way back to my belly and she was softly stroking its surface.

I was glad that I had a family as open and caring as mine. For the first time, I was okay with someone feeling my belly. I was looking forward to the first time the little tyke decided to start kicking. It was supposed to be soon.

"Can we tell Dad and Tammy," Amanda asked.

"Not yet, sis. When the time is right and things are a little less complicated."

"Please. It'd be real fun."

"No. Let's explore this a little further before we decide to add something new."

"Okay sis," Amanda muttered as she fell back to sleep, her head coming to rest between my breasts.

"Okay," I said, to no one in particular.

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