tagNovels and NovellasExploration Ch. 03

Exploration Ch. 03


The next morning Veronica woke up late. Her muscles twinged at her lazy stretch, protesting from the extraordinary exertion of the night before. As lactic acid drained from her sore muscles, memories of the night before flooded into her mind. She blushed at the thought of what she had done to herself the night before. That was so unlike her; she had obviously repressed her sexual self for too long.

As the memories flooded back, her pussy pulsed in sympathy to her sensual thoughts. Her hand moved down involuntarily to reacquaint itself with its new friend. Just as her independently-thinking extremity reached it goal, her door was flung open.

She started, hands suddenly together, pulling up the sheet to cover her breasts. Feeling the sheet in her hands, she wondered how it had come there, covering her. The last she remembered of it, it had succumbed to gravity, helped on by her ecstatic thrashing. She looked at her friend, who had entered the room bearing a tray with yogurt and muesli, accompanied by a cup of coffee. The smell of coffee all but expunged the memory of when last she had seen her friend, and under which circumstances. She subconsciously decided to file that little tit bit away in the banks of her mind for later examination.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty. I see the smell of coffee is enough to bring you back from the dead, no Prince Charming necessary."

Debbie was already dressed in a black leather mini skirt, matching thigh high stockings and six inch black stilettos. She had fashionably converted underwear for overwear by wearing a plain looking leather bustier, not unlike the one she had chosen for her friend at the lingerie shop the day before. Her long blond hair was tied back severely in a pony tail and she wore dark eye make-up. The effect was startling. She looked alluring, yet intimidating and Veronica would not have been surprised if her friend suddenly produced a riding crop.

"Good morning yourself" Veronica replied. "To what do I owe the pleasure of breakfast in bed?" she added sleepily, eying the steaming coffee with the hunger of a seasoned caffeine addict.

"I have to admit, I felt guilty about leading you blindly into Brazil" Debbie replied, smiling with a twinkle in her eye.

Veronica involuntarily reached down to reaffirm the absence of hair, but caught herself in the act and scratched her leg, as if that was what she was going to do all along. She remembered baring it all, but was suddenly shy, with morning light having chased away the dark cover of night's anonymity.

She gratefully grabbed the coffee with a hearty thanks to her thoughtful friend. She wondered whether it was guilt about the Brazilian Wax, or guilt about voyeurism, but who cared, as long as it earned her coffee. She sipped the strong black nectar and sighed with contentment, wakefulness returning exponentially with every sip.

"So what's on the agenda for today?" She asked her friend who had sat herself down at the foot of the bed with a creak of leather, while she pulled the bowl closer. "Well, I've had a thought that I'll take you to my other favorite shops today." She replied with a conspiratory look, watching Veronica putting down the empty mug and starting on the muesli.

Knowing from experience that she would get nothing more out of her friend for now, she was content with finishing her breakfast. That done, she asked Debbie to pick her a nice outfit to wear, who disappeared to the kitchen where the clothes had been left after the impromptu fashion show and came back with a pile of lingerie. She deposited the delicate burden on Veronica's vanity returned for the next load. She stayed away for about five minutes. All that Veronica could hear was her friend mumbling to herself. She could almost see Debbie, all clad in leather, peruse all the clothing in the kitchen, matching items together and discarding them. When she eventually returned, it was with the first red ensemble they had purchased the day before.

She draped the mini skirt and blouse over the chair of the vanity, putting the shoes on the seat. She ruffles though the underwear and pulled out a red thong and a matching bra. Both had intricate lace patterns on them, which Veronica was sure would be reflected in the pricing.

"Winter's on its way out, so you won't really need stockings. Besides, black will clash with the red, and red stockings will make you look like a walking blood bank. I think your pale complexion will make you legs stand out nicely with the red shoes and skirt.

Veronica boldly threw the sheet off her, baring all to her startled friend, who schooled her features within an instant, so that you would think you only imagined the look of shock and flashing lust on her face. She didn't really know where this new exhibitionistic side of her came from, but thought that it must have been a remnant of last nights episode. Besides, her friend had seen all of her the previous night in anyway, she just didn't know that Veronica knew. She felt a secret satisfaction in this juicy little secret and enjoyed her friend's reaction, as brief as it was. She boldly walked to the vanity and took the underwear from her friend's slightly trembling hand.

"So are you going to tell me where we're going yet?" she asked her dumbfounded friend as she put on the knickers.

Her breasts stood proud as she straightened, pulling her shoulders back, no hint of a droop at the youthful age of twenty-five.

"Still not telling." Debbie replied, having regained complete control. Her posture changed imperceptibly, but she had the commanding presence back. She could now look upon her topless friend without losing her composure. It was a trick that she had to learn for her photography career. When she wasn't touring the world on cruise liners, taking over-priced photos of over-rich passengers, she did freelance work all over Europe and the United Kingdom. She was well known in fetish circles for her professional approach towards shoots. Her unrelenting composure was legendary in these hidden circles. Many have tried to shock her, but she had seen it all. She had learnt to look at such situations as if through a camera lens, separating herself from the reality of what was happening in front of her. Her friend didn't know this of course and she was glad for it.

"Turn around." she said to the half naked beauty before her, holding the bra out. Veronica complied, as she put her arms though the offered straps and turned around, allowing her friend to engage the clasp, adjusting straps here and there, perfecting the fit. She was slightly surprised at the instant control her friend had achieved. She had seen this phenomenon plenty a time, but not being one to pry, never asked her where she learnt such a talent.

Veronica looked in the mirror and admired herself as her friend made her deft adjustments. She had to concede that the underwear made a drastic change in both her appearance, which would be covered in anyways, but also in her attitude. She felt confident, attractive and even sexy. Now there were no stray hairs to mar the lines of her red thong. Her cleavage had improved drastically, no doubt due to the engineering behind modern bra's as opposed to the purely utilitarian items she used to buy before.

"Stop staring at yourself and get into those clothes." Debbie said with a smile and gave her friend a playful slap on the bum, releasing her from the mirror's spell.

Only half-blushing, Veronica reached for the red mini skirt draped over the chair. She put this on at her own pace, her modesty obviously now a thing of the past. She hoped that their relationship had not changed, thinking of the events the night before, but she felt comfortable and so did her friend. Best not to mention it and just go on as if nothing happened. She felt free though, modesty having been stripped from her with what she had shared the night before.

After zipping up the mini skirt, she donned the blouse, remarking upon the low neckline and plunging cleavage.

"Now you're talking girlfriend" Debbie replied. "Use what you have."

Veronica sat down and proceeded to strap the red stiletto around her feet and ankles, admiring the enhanced lines of her calve and ankle as she put on the other one.

As she sat up, Debbie had already arranged make-up on the vanity and proceeded to apply a cleansing facial lotion in sure movements.

"When did you go to make-up school?" Veronica asked she sat back and relaxed, the arduous chore having been usurped from her.

"There's a lot about me you don't know" Debbie replied with a secretive wink, now applying base to her friends face, following up with a light powder that blended perfectly with Veronica's pale English skin. Surprised at the colour of the base, Veronica noticed that she didn't recognize the brand. In fact, there was none of her normal make-up on the vanity.

"Where did you get all this?" she asked her friend, surprised at the variety of obviously high quality cosmetics.

"I'm a photographer, remember?" she replied, applying scarlet lipstick to her friend's lips, accentuating them perfectly against her skin. "I carry a make-up kit around and I only use the best."

"Quite expensive stuff I see"

"It pays to have you clients look their best. That is ultimately what they pay me for. The cost of this makeup is minimal to what I would lose if they don't think I brought out the best in them." Debbie replied, as she applied light shades of cobalt eye shadow, accentuating her friend's blue eyes. "I did a makeup course when I started in photography" she added while plucking a stray eyebrow here and there, "I thought it a brilliant complementary skill and also a backup if I were to fall on hard times", she continued as she lined eyebrows and finally applied mascara in short, deft strokes.

She finished up with applying a hint of blush, creating a perfect illusion of a healthy glow, on pale, flawless cheeks.

"I feel as if I should be paying you" Veronica said as she looked at her own reflection. She was impressed. Never before has she been able to accomplish even half of what her friend had expertly done in ten minutes.

"You know, I've never seen your professional portfolio before, but if you're even half as good a photographer as you are a make-up artist then I don't understand why you work on cruise ships!" she added.

Veronica wondered why she never has seen her friend's portfolio. The conversation had always somehow changed and she had only seen photos of friends and family and the occasional photos from cruises. Debbie was very secretive about her land-bound career, occasionally disappearing for two to four days at a time, just stating 'work' was the cause. Veronica never thought it important enough to confront her friend who was obviously not comfortable talking about it.

"Maybe I'll show you one day." Debbie replied, the enigmatic half-smile reappearing, as she admired her work in the mirror.

"I'd say you're ready now. Here, grab this scarf. Lets go!"

Veronica grabbed the proffered item and followed her friend out. Debbie grabbed a red bag, from the kitchen, handed this to her friend as they headed out the door.

"The other one would have ruined the effect, so I took the liberty" she explained as Veronica threw her an inquisitive look after opening the bag and finding all the necessaries inside.

"So NOW will you tell me where we're going?" Veronica asked as they were finally seated on the southbound Picadilly line. She had noticed some heads turn at their passage and secretly wondered if these guys were looking at her or her friend.

"Camden Town." Debbie stated with a faintly reverent timber to her voice.

"We're going out tonight and I want to buy some items of clothing. You'll need some too, since it somewhat of a speciality club." She added before her friend could inquire as to the reason for their unexpected destination.

Debbie had only been to Camden Town a few times, thinking the place to be a hangout for Punks, Goths, wannabe witches and other fringe-type members of society. She was curious as to the reason for their off-beat destination, but kept it to herself, sensing that she would get nothing more out of her friend.

They kept themselves busy with casual banter and gossip, changing over to the northbound Northern line at Warren Street Station. Alighting at Camden station, they took the escalator up and took a right turn, after exiting via the Camden High street exit.

Veronica noted the bright displays on the sidewalks, psychedelic tie-dyed t-shirts, even more psychedelic bongs, bohemian clothing, and all sorts of off-beat paraphernalia creating a kaleidoscope of colour; a perfect setting for not too normal looking people who seemed to frequent the place.

Debbie purposefully led her gawking friend down the high street to Camden Lock Market. They passed many a stall walking though the warren and finally went up a narrow staircase at the far back.

Veronica suddenly found herself smack in the middle of a fetish shop. Wicked looking riding crops, cat-o-nine-tails, scourges and other intimidating instruments shared a wall with fur-lined leather tethers, cuffs and other assorted bondage paraphernalia, the purpose she could not, or would not imagine. Turning the corner she observed several clothes stands as well as octagonal glass cases. Some of these cases had weird-looking metal implements, which she would later be explained were piercing for a whole range of body parts. Other cases had mannequins in, dressed in assorted leather and latex outfits. One had a white latex mini skirt, that might as well have been a belt and a latex top with holes cut where the wearer's nipples would be. The only thing that broke the unrelenting white was a blood red equal armed cross. A latex hat on the mannequins head completed this twisted nurse's outfit.

Veronica was stunned. Words eluded her; she could but stare in silence at the plethora of devices and garments of a sub-culture she never knew existed. What left her even more speechless was the fact that Debbie's current outfit blended so well with the shop's theme. She obviously looked quite comfortable, even going so far as having a casual chat with the shop assistant, who looked both anemic and anorexic. Dark eye shadow dominated her features, giving her a gaunt look, her narrow waist, encircled by a black corset that threatened to pop out their apple sized burden.

"Let me introduce you to my flat mate" Debbie addressed the emaciated vampire with casual familiarity.

"Veronica, this is Lucretia, an old acquaintance of mine."


The sweet voice with which this greeting was uttered, completely blew her cover and Veronica felt much more comfortable with this lamb dressed in wolfs clothes, and returned the greeting in kind. She didn't ask where these two leather clad girls had met, but joined in the casual banter, for now forgetting the intimidating milieu.

After ten minutes of girl-talk, Debbie turned the conversation towards her purpose for being there.

"I'm taking Veronica to Nosferatu and she simply has nothing suitable to wear. We bought some nice stuff yesterday, but that was more casual. I thought I'd bring her to a professional for her debut to the scene."

Veronica was starting to feel anxious about the night's excursion. If this was the type of clothes that would make her fit in, what type of club could she expect? She voiced her concerns, but was assured by both girls that she needn't worry and that nothing would happen to her that she didn't want to.

Not wanting to insult her friend, she didn't voice her opinion of how bizarre she thought the clothing and other items to be, she decided to play along and at least give them a chance. Besides, some of the things oddly excited her, but she could not say why.

Lucretia went into business mode and guided them to the various stands.

"We got some leather yesterday. I think lets stick to latex for now; pardon the pun." Debbie said when showed the first leather outfit.

The witty remark was lost on Veronica, but at it at least elicited a brief black lipsticked smile from Lucretia.

"Latex it is then. What colour?"

"Well, my favorite colour is red." Veronica interjected, starting to take interest.

Lucretia walked over to a glass case at the far end of the shop, half obscured from their current view, beckoning them to follow. The display case was inhabited by an oxblood clad manaquin. The only thing that could be seen of the original doll, was its eyes, looking like two black holes in a pool of blood. The outfit consisted of trousers, top, hood and gloves in latex and matching leather boots. All the items overlapped each other so that not an inch of skin would be showed.

"I think that's maybe a bit much for you, for a first time. You'll pass out of dehydration in the first hour and miss all the fun."

Veronica was relieved, since she found the outfit quite scary and completely over the top. Although she was now open to new experiences, turning into a dominatrix looking like she bathed in the blood of recalcitrant slaves, was definitely not on her agenda.

"I quite agree. Maybe I should go for something a bit more simple and maybe even in a different colour."

"I'll take it myself though." Debbie said to Lucretia.

"I have a set in the back for you." Lucretia replied, grabbing a set from the clothes stand next to the case. She's obviously known Debbie for a while, because she didn't even ask her shoe size.

They inspected various numbers, but Veronica found it hard to visualize herself in any of them. They all looked like stiff plastic bags, comparing the red garments on the hanger and what was on the mannequin, she decided to reserve judgment though.

They finally settled for black pants, black boots and a black top that was fastened in the front with a wide zip. The top reminded Veronica of a biker's jacket, except for the material, of course.

They made their respective payments and had their new items packed in discreet bags. Lucretia walked them to the door and promised to meet them at Nosferatu, later that night, on Debbie's request.

They took the south bound Northern Line, and found themselves an empty cab.

"So what's this club all about?" Veronica asked while they were being gently buffeted from side to side as the underground train moved on its rails.

"It's a fetish club. Bondage, a bit of S&M and other assorted perversities." Debbie replied with a straight face.

"And you know this place how?"

"Well, I guess I gave myself away when we went there. Have you ever wondered what I do when I'm not photographing sea sick old rich people?" Debbie replied, looking uncharacteristically uncomfortable

"Well, I've always guessed you did private shoots for land bound money-sick old people." Veronica smiled in response.

"The fact is, I specialize in fetish photography. I shoot for magazines, catalogues and sometimes private occasions."

"So THAT's why you know so much about this. I must say, I've always been curious...I mean about what you do, but also about fetish and all that other weird stuff. Well, what do you know. I never thought I'd get to find out this way."

"Well...I guess I'll just have to educate the fetish newbie"

Debbie was both relived and excited that she could finally share this with her friend. She had wanted to tell Veronica for ages, but always thought her friend to be too reserved to be able to take the news without seriously damaging their friendship, so she had kept her peace all these years.

"So how did you get into this field?" Veronica asked, wanting to catch up on this hidden part of her friend's life.

Debbie and Veronica had been friends since that first fateful day at London University eight years before. Even though the one enrolled for Visual Arts and the other in Medicine, the one from a rich family from Oxfordshire with aristocratic ties and the other from a blue collar household in Kent, they had bonded instantly. They had been assigned to share a room in the hostel, no doubt as a prank by senior year students, who thought it would be amusing to see the eventual sparks that would no doubt fly from between this unlikely pair. Their projected xenophobia had the opposite effect. Their personalities complemented each other perfectly. Through the years of studies, the one on a scholarship, the other financed by a trust fund, they had become best friends.

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