tagSci-Fi & FantasyExploration Scout Ch. 3

Exploration Scout Ch. 3


Ching! The chime signaling the upcoming jump into hyperspace sounded. "Three minutes to hyperspace insertion," a soft female voice sounded.

"Thank you Marcy," the merc said.

"You're welcome Captain Black. Will there be anything else?" The voice belonged to the onboard AI that basically ran the ship. "Some coffee, some refreshment, maybe me?"

Black laughed. "Come on now Marcy. You know we have company onboard. Maybe you can holo in later. Speaking of our company, what are they up to right now?"

"They are in the galley, Captain."

"Fine. How about setting up a meal in about fifteen minutes? Something light. Okay?"

"No problem Captain. But what about my needs?" It was amazing, but Black could actually hear the need in the AI's artificial voice.

Advances in space travel necessitated the increasing intelligence in computers, but somewhere along the line, the shipboard computers took on a life of their own. They developed personalities and formed intense bonds with their crews. There was one special need the ships had; they picked who would be their Captain. The Gryphonite high command would present their choices and the ship would choose whom they wanted. The Captain was responsible for the "mental" well being of the ship. The two became a completed pair. Ships had been known to disappear when their Captains were killed in the line of duty. Gryphon ships and their Captain's were feared across the universe. They were dangerous to their enemies and revered by those they helped.

The only problem with the AI's was that, just like humans, they needed company and sometimes, a consoling touch. The AI's themselves solved this problem by inventing the holo generator. The generators produced a life-sized solid figure. The figure was an embodiment of the AI itself. It was able to artificially reproduce the same feelings that were present in a human body. Through actual contact with their Captain's, they maintain an even-keel, "mentally". Sometimes this made for some interesting situations. The longer an AI and their Captains spent together, the closer they became.

Black smiled and leaned back into his command chair. "Well, Marcy. Maybe you should just make the meal for, say... thirty minutes from now?"

"Are you saying what I think you are you?" the relief was evident in the AI's voice.

"Yeah Marcy, I guess I am. It's been awhile since we've "touched" one another, hasn't it?"

Marcy's voice was actually purring. "Too long. I need you. I need you now!" With that, the air in front of Black started to shimmer and pulsate with swirling lights. A shape, definitely female, started to form before his eyes. The lights started to fade, and there Marcy stood.

She was beautiful, even if she could reconstruct herself into any form she wanted. The one before Black was what Marcy called her "base" form. It was the one she was most comfortable with, and the one that Black thought of when his mind turned towards her.

Her raven hair was long and hung down past her ass. Skin the color of light copper graced her body. Large breasts capped with puffy dark nipples shown through the gauze-like dress she wore. Her pubic hair was cut close and formed a small inverted triangle between her thighs. Eyes the color of night looked out from a slightly oriental face. Lips full and a deep red begged to be kissed.

Yes, she was definitely beautiful and she definitely wanted Captain Black! He could see the wetness from her juices dampening the crotch of the dress as she moved towards him. Her breasts swayed as she stopped and bent down to kneel in front of him. He smiled at her and lightly touched her face.

"Shhhh..." she whispered. He smiled again.

Strong, long-fingered hands reached out and started to undress him. The pieces of his body armor started to pile up on the floor beside them. Soon, he was clad only in his skin suit. His long rock-hard cock was clearly visible through the thin tough material. Marcy ran her fingers down its length, causing Black to drawn in a hiss of air.

Black stood and started unbuckling the suit's fasteners. The suit fell from his body and pooled on at his feet. His large, thick prick bounced gently as he stepped away from the suit. By doing this, Black had moved closer to Marcy, his cock brushing her lips. She needed no other urging.

Marcy opened her mouth and sucked the head of his dick in. Her tongue swirled against the underside of his cock head, causing him to stagger backwards, pulling his dick from her mouth with a large popping sound.

She smiled up at him, "Sit down before you fall down!" He did, leaving his legs spread wide. Marcy stood up between them, her thighs touching his.

The dress slowly started to fade from view, revealing her firm, lush body. God, he thought as his cock jumped with desire, I love this part of the job!

Moving back a little, Marcy lifted her left leg to place it on the outside if his. As she lifted her leg, her cunt, slick with her juices, was visible in all its glory. Her lips were slightly extended and her clit peeked out from its folds. Marcy then lifted her right leg, giving him the same show. His heart was racing as she smiled down at him.

"Like what you see?" she purred, drawing her finger across her pussy lips. With her finger glistening from her juices, she placed it against his lips. His tongue snaked out, tasting her, savoring her sweet dew. Her chest swelled as she sucked in a breath from the sensation of his tongue on her skin.

Black grasped Marcy's hips and pulled her into his lap. His cock found it's mark, driving up with a mighty thrust into her wet pussy. Her cunt was tight and oh so slick, the feeling was incredible.

"Ohhhhhh..." Marcy moaned loudly. "Ohh God... yesssss... fuck me! Fuck me now!"

Her hips rocked back and forth on his, keeping his cock buried inside her. Her clit was mashed against his pelvis, being rubbed roughly as she moved in time with him. Each movement sent an electric jolt coursing through her. Pussy juice poured from her as she came and then came again.

"Ohhhh..." she cried out. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.... Uggghhhhh!!!"

Her pussy spasmed with pleasure again, as he pulled her in tightly to him. She put her mouth to his and forced her tongue inside. He sucked gently on it as his own tongue swirled against hers.

Black's hands moved up her satiny skin, each finding one of her breasts, their nipple hard and extended. He cupped each breast and started to lightly tweak her nipples. She moaned, the sound echoing inside of his mouth as their tongues danced together.

Her moans seemed to incite him, as he started to rock harder against her. His fingers pulled fiercer on her nipples, twisting and rubbing them. She gasped, breaking their kiss as she came yet again. "Fuuucccckkkk.... fuck... fuck... me harder!" she screamed.

His strong hands reached under her tight ass, picking her up and dropping her back down, over and over. His cock glistened wetly as it was pulled from her cunt's wet grip, only to dive back in with her downwards motion.

Marcy's breath was coming in sobs and her skin shown with perspiration as she and Black work themselves into a sexual frenzy. Her orgasms came machine-gun like, in rapid fire as their midsections collide with each other. Her pussy was swollen and aflame with the force of her cumming and the pounding of his huge dick. She was moaning loudly and screaming, "Now! Cum in me... Do it! Fucking do it!"

Black slammed her hips down on his, burying his cock inside of her. He yelled out as his jism slammed out of his engorged member and into her womb. She screamed in pleasure, rocking from the intense orgasm his cumming into her brought. Their bodies locked together as the feelings tore through them, pain and pleasure mixing to scale the emotional heights of passion.

They leaned back into the chair still locked together, their bodies slowly starting to come back down from the intense rush they had just experienced. Marcy's head was on Black's shoulder, her breath panting in his ear. Black leaned over and lightly kissed her neck. He pulled back, the taste of her sweat on his lips.

"I promise not to wait so long again Marcy, " he whispered. "That was great, like always!"

Marcy leaned back, her magnificent breasts seeming to point at him. She had a huge smile on her face, "See that you don't! You know I need to be fucked, and fucked often!"

He smiled back at her, "I'll remember! Now I guess I better get ready for our "guests"."

"Do you mind..." she started, the stopped.

"Mind what?"

"Well, I know you get busy, and they're both female, so... can I help to "entertain" them?"

Black smiled even wider, "Help all you want to, Marcy! I think this is going to be a great adventure!"

With that, Marcy got up, his cock sliding out from her ravaged pussy. The sensation caused both of them to groan. His cock was still semi-hard and twitching as he stepped away from the chair. The sound of Marcy clearing her throat caused him to turn around.

Marcy's ass was thrust up in the air as she leaned down onto the command chair. Her pussy lips were swollen and bright red. Juice coated the inside of her thighs as her pussy pulsated. Her asshole was coated with juice and seemed to wink at him.

"Are you sure that dinner can't wait for a little longer Captain?" she purred.

Grinning widely, he moved towards her, "I suppose it can. Yes, it definitely can."

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