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Exploring Dee


I am 23 years old, auburn haired, brown eyes, stand 5'3 with an average body that matched my height, not model material, but not all that unattractive as I had been told either. I had been living in my uncle's home on the beach and going to college for the last three years. I was thrilled that he had given me the use of his beach cottage and since it had helped him to have someone watch it while he was going to be away for several years in Europe, it was the perfect setup.

I stood on the front porch leaning against the white post looking out towards the ocean. It was a beautiful summer night, a full moon and a cool gentle breeze in the air. I took a deep breath, always enjoying the smell of the salty air and the sound of the waves as they crashed along the beach. I smiled, noticing a couple walking hand in hand down by the water; it definitely was a romantic night.

"Hey Dee, want to go for a walk?" Mike said as he approached the house. Mike lived next door with his parents. He was 27 years old and quite attractive with wavy blonde hair and hazel eyes with a nice build. We had been friends since I moved to the beach house; although he had let me know many times that he would like us to be much more than that. Our relationship involved a lot of flirting and teasing back and forth, and sometimes I wondered what it would be like to be with him in other ways, but because of our good friendship, I was hesitant about getting involved with him in that respect.

"Thanks Mike, but I think I'll pass tonight." I said when he came up and stood at the bottom of the steps looking up at me.

"Oh come on. It's a beautiful night, so romantic and all. Who knows, maybe I'll even try to steal a moonlight kiss." He said softly and a grin came over his face.

"You are such a tease Mike, besides, you're always trying to steel kisses. Sometimes I wonder what you would do if I took you up on half of your offers." I laughed.

"You'd know what great sex was like, that's for sure." He chuckled and grabbed my hand pulling me down into his arms. "Come on, let's go for a walk."

"Mike, I'm not even dressed. I only have panties on underneath this shirt." I giggled, feeling his arms around me.

"Uhmm, is that right? Are you sure?" He teased and moved his hand down my back until he ran it across my bikini panties and the exposed flesh of my ass cheeks.

"That's enough, Mike now put me down." I said squirming to get out of his arms. He was such an obnoxious flirt, yet I couldn't help but laugh.

"Yep not much under there." He said, letting his hand linger a bit longer. "Don't worry though, you're shirt is pretty long and it does cover you up." He chuckled finally putting me down and I straightened my shirt. "You know, one of these days you're going to give me a chance."

"You never know, maybe one of these days I will." I teased and then was distracted by a shadow. At closer look, I could tell it was a man who obviously had been watching us, but now was walking away.

"That's Rick, he just moved in next to me. A quiet kind of guy, a little strange, but seems okay. Come on let's go for a walk, maybe I'll introduce you since you're interested." Mike said as he took hold of my hand.

"Who said I was interested?" I asked, walking with him, but watching the man walking slowly near the water. Being dark, I couldn't see much of him other than his shadow, but I could tell that he was tall, possibly dark hair, and a nice build.

"Hey Rick, I have someone I want you to meet." Mike called out and the man turned.

"Dammit Mike. I'm not even dressed!!" I said, a blush coming across my face, yet actually curious as to who the man was.

"He doesn't know that. Quit worrying, besides, I bet it's been a long time since you got lucky and well who knows." Mike laughed.

"You're incorrigible! I actually should be mad at you for that comment!" I said pulling my hand from his and slapping him hard against his shoulder.

"Now that's more what I like, a girl with a temper." Mike said as we approached Rick. "Rick, this is Dee, a very good friend of mine. Dee this is Rick."

"Nice to meet you, Dee, nice name." Rick said, just his voice sent a shiver through my body. He talked with a soft drawl, which sounded so sexy. Now with him standing so close in the moonlight, I could see he had to be at least 6foot tall if not taller. I was overwhelmed at how good looking and sexy he was, although obviously quite a bit older than myself, at least by ten years was my guess. He had shoulder length dark brown hair that was wavy and looked so soft and thick, I had to resist the urge to run my hands through it. His eyes were dark, sensual and I could feel myself immediately being drawn in by them.

"Nice to meet you, Rick." I managed to say softly, not able to take my eyes off him and I couldn't help but notice he was taking me in as well. I heard Mike chuckling in the background, and finally pulled myself from the trance like state I was feeling. "So I heard you just moved in, do you like it here so far?"

"I know I'm going to enjoy it a lot more now." Rick said and just hearing his voice set my heart beating, especially when I saw him grin obviously knowing he was having an affect on me.

"Earth to Dee!" Mike laughed, and I blushed again at his acknowledgement of my reactions to Rick. "Don't worry Rick, Dee is not always at a loss for words like this. Sometimes I wish she were."

"Knock it off Mike." I said, my eyes squinting in disapproval of his comment along with feeling embarrassed by it. "I'm going back to the house. Rick it was nice to meet you, and I hope we get to know each other better sometime."

"Mike, go home, you've embarrassed her." Rick said not angry, yet with a certain authoritative tone. "Walk with me." He said now looking directly into my eyes and surprised me by taking my hand; again I was at a loss for words.

"Have fun you two." Mike snickered as he walked away, and I was beginning to wonder if this had actually been a set up. Damn, though, I didn't care feeling myself mesmerized by this man.

"Mike sometimes gets out of hand with his comments, but he is a nice guy." I said, finally finding my voice again.

"Obviously not nice enough since you haven't slept with him yet." He stated, his tone holding no sarcasm.

"Apparently he has told you more about our relationship than I had hoped, although I'm surprised he didn't lie and tell you that I had actually slept with him." I said trying to ignore the fact that his bold comment had bothered me, yet his bluntness intrigued me.

"That is what he told me, that's how I know he didn't. Most guys that brag like him are just talking about something they want, not what they have had. Let's sit down here." He said and at the same time he sat down in the sand, he pulled me along to sit next to him.

"Do you always just tell people what to do?" I asked, trying to straighten my shirt now beginning to feel a little self-conscious having very little on. I finally looked directly into his eyes and saw that he was staring at me and felt slightly nervous yet excited at the same time.

"Only when I feel it warranted, Dee. Do you know how beautiful you look in the moonlight?" He remarked, not skipping a beat as he quickly changed the subject. He brushed a strand of hair away from my eyes and his fingertips gently stroked my cheek and down my neck. I shivered and again felt myself being drawn into his eyes as they continued to stare at me while his fingers still caressed me.

"So uhmm Rick, tell me something about yourself." I said trying to distract the situation. Usually I was the one in control of things and this was quite different. I was not at all use to having someone that was this forward which now was exciting me tremendously.

Ignoring my question, his hand went around my neck and he drew me to him, his lips first brushed slightly against mine, his kiss soft and gentle. The feel of his lips were so incredible, I let out a soft moan and as I did this, our kiss deepened, his mouth pressed more urgently against mine. I felt the heat of his mouth open against mine with the sweet sensual taste of his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth, brushing it against my own tongue. He began sucking on my tongue, drawing it into his mouth deeper. My body was warming quickly all over, never having been so excited by just a kiss before and this man definitely knew how to kiss.

He continued to kiss me, making love to my mouth; the taste of him was intoxicating and made me actually weak in the knees and I thought I was going to faint. I felt his fingers running through my hair, actually giving me goose bumps all over, it was such an awesome feeling. His other hand was pressing flat against my back, crushing me to him. Not able to resist any longer I leaned against him, both my hands combed through his hair, which made his kiss grow intensely more passionate.

When he finally broke our kiss, his lips traveled along my neck, nibbling softly on each earlobe before moving further down my neck. His lips and tongue lightly planted such soft sweet kisses, I sighed softly with pleasure arching myself towards him and I heard a soft chuckle escape him. His hand at my back relaxed some as he continued to kiss and lick down my neck while I felt his other hand go to the top button of my shirt, unbuttoning the first one and then the next one.

I gasped softly, taking a deep breath, when I felt the warm wet tip of his tongue lightly lick down my throat and between my breasts where my shirt was opened. His fingertips went across the outside of my shirt, slowly circling each breast, gently brushing over one nipple, then the other, causing my body to tremble and a warmth stirring inside my panties. His touch was so light and teasing, my nipples became erect immediately. I leaned into him; all I could think of was how I wanted to feel his hand pressing harder against me.

"Ahhhh, you have little patience, Dee." He whispered in my ear, moving his hands now to cradle my face in them, his lips again were on mine, slow soft and tantalizing. I went to put my arms around him, but he took both of my hands with one of his, holding them tightly against his chest and continued kissing me while teasing my nipples with his other hand.

When our kiss broke I was breathless and I noticed he was smiling at me, looking deep into my eyes. I gazed back at him wondering if maybe that was all he intended to do and I was actually beginning to feel disappointment if that was the case. His smile slowly changed to a grin, obviously knowing what I was thinking or feeling. I wanted to say something, but was at a loss for words when his fingertips went to my lips, letting me know that words were not necessary. How strange it was to feel as if this man knew me, knew what I thought or felt or wanted or even needed for that matter.

He let go of my hands, letting them fall to my sides and he grabbed the bottom of his black t-shirt and quickly pulled it over his head tossing it aside. Even though it was dark, the moonlight made it bright enough to see his chest, tanned, muscular and so inviting. He actually laughed softly at my reaction to him and I felt myself blushing, not able to take my eyes off him.

"You've obviously been with only boys, Dee." He said, his voice melting and arousing me further.

"Your kisses alone seem to prove that Rick, and damn, you're one gorgeous man."

"And you're one very beautiful, but innocent young lady." He said and by his comment I wondered if he thought I was a virgin. I went to say something, not wanting to give him the wrong idea but again his fingertips pressed against my lips and his look told me that I was the one misunderstanding his comment. His fingertips lightly stroked my cheek, then down my neck lightly caressing along the top of my breasts and I couldn't help but shiver again, his fingers felt hot and electrifying against my skin.

He turned and moved both of us, with his legs spread so that I was half sitting half kneeling between them my knees pressing against his jean covered thighs. With the way we were facing now, his face was more in a shadow where the moonlight was shining against me and I knew he did this so that he could see me better. Both his hands cupped the back of my neck and he pulled me to him, his lips now crushed against mine, his tongue pushed hard into my mouth. A sudden jolt of excitement went through me at the change from his previous kiss to that of ravishing my mouth with his. My hands reached out, my fingers stroked his chest, combing through the hairs, feeling and squeezing his taut muscles that trembled at my doing this.

He pushed my hands away from him and began to slowly undo the rest of the buttons on my shirt, but his eyes remained focused on mine. My first thought was that I should stop him; hell I didn't even know him. But as I gazed into his eyes, almost hypnotized and felt the heat in his touch, I realized I didn't want to stop him. When he had all the buttons undone, he pulled my shirt open and off my shoulders, but not completely off my arms. I went to reach to finish taking my shirt off but he stopped me.

"Patience, Dee," were the only words he whispered. His eyes now gazed at my naked breasts and I heard him sigh softly. With both hands, his fingertips lightly caressed down my neck, down the valley between my breasts, my belly, my navel and back up again to circle around my breasts and he did this so slowly, teasing me, taunting me with each feathery touch that was beginning to drive me wild. I squirmed beneath his touch, my breath became quicker and my pussy was becoming moist and extremely warm. I had never felt such a maddening desire like this before.

His one hand grasped both my wrists pulling them behind me and held me where my back was arched slightly and my breasts thrust out towards him. I was excited beyond words at how he was arousing in me, and at this point didn't care who he was. All I was sure of was that I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone before. I gasped when I felt the tip of his tongue flick across one nipple while the tip of his finger lightly circled my other nipple. His tongue began licking and sucking, until it hardened and increasingly became more sensitive. His finger and thumb at the same time worked my other nipple to the same erotic state and I was feeling a heat building inside me unlike anything else. I moaned more now with every touch, not wanting him to stop, but suddenly he released his mouth and hand from my breasts.

I let out a frustrated gasp and heard him chuckle softly. Just as quickly as he stopped, I felt a cool breeze as he lightly blew cool air against each nipple, and again felt his mouth, now pressing hard against my breast. This time hungrily sucking my nipple in into his mouth; his teeth nibbling and gently biting while his other hand firmly cupped my other breast, his thumb and finger pinching and pulling my taut bud. My body shook and trembled violently, I screamed out, arching and thrusting myself against him, my body shook with such intensity while my panties became soaked from the juices of my climax. Never had I felt that before from this type of stimulation making me overwhelmed and delirious. My body continued to shake and he continued ravishing my breasts with his mouth and hand while his other hand still held my wrists pulling me back even more.

"Oh my God, Rick!" I cried out again and again.

"Yes, so innocent sweet Dee." He whispered softly in my ear while kissing and nibbling, now pressing me tightly to his naked chest, holding me until my body and breathing calmed. Once my climax began to subside, he finished removing my shirt and before I had a chance to totally relax, I again felt the light tingling touch of his fingertips across the back of my neck, my shoulders and slowly down my back.

"Damn you're so good with your hands!" I exclaimed continuing to lean against him with by breasts rubbing against his chest as I quivered from his touch and again I heard him chuckle. My hands now softly caressed his back while his hands continued to travel down mine. The lower he went and the more he teased, the more sensitive I became and the more my body squirmed and wiggled against his. When I felt the tips of fingers lightly brush across the exposed portions of the cheeks of my ass, my entire body shook as if suddenly from a chill.

"Ahhhh Dee, such a charming and delightful creature you are." He whispered again in my ear. Without waiting for my response, his lips crushed mine and I felt the fire in his kiss, igniting mine once again.

If someone had told me that I was going to be almost naked on the beach in the moonlight, letting a perfect stranger touch me like this, I would have laughed and never would have believed them. Yet here I was doing exactly that and aroused more than I had ever been in my entire life, wanting him to continue even more. I wanted to explore him more, the taste of his lips, his skin; breath in his scent, so intoxicating and feel the warmth of his body against mine, all of which had an overpowering sensation on me. He then surprised me by standing up, pulling me up with him and picked up our shirts to drape them across his arm. I looked at him with a confused and actually shocked expression, not understanding why we were stopping. He smiled at me, kissing me lightly on the forehead and then the lips. When he took my hand and began to walk back to my house, I stopped and just stared at him in disbelief.

"What's wrong, Dee? Did I not please you?" He asked turning to look at me, with almost a devilish grin on his face.

"Well yes... but... well I thought..." I stuttered, and suddenly I felt my blood pressure rising, my thoughts swirling inside my head wondering what this had all been about and damn, that grin on his face.

"Well you thought what?" He asked, again that same grin on his face. With the moonlight now shining on his face, I saw the twinkling in his eyes and I actually felt a strange anger building up inside me.

"Never mind, it's nothing and if we're walking back to my house can I please have my shirt to put back on?" I said slightly aggravated and I reached to take my shirt from him but he held his arm away from me.

"No, it's dark out, you're obviously very warm and besides that, you're beautiful. You shouldn't hide that." He said as he took hold of my hand, his tone now low and direct. "You shouldn't hide that temper either, I like a woman with fire in her eyes and also between her legs."

"Why you..." I started to say, my voice trembling now from anger, but then changed my mind. I yanked my hand from his and started to walk quickly away from him.

I was almost to my house when I noticed Mike leaning against my front porch. Realizing how I must look walking back in just my panties, my immediate reaction was to cover my breasts with my hands, but before I had the chance to do this, I felt an arm reach around my waist. Rick pulled me around, pressing me against him and again I felt his lips crushed to mine. As angry as I felt, the force of his kiss made my knees weak and I felt myself melting against him.

"You really must learn patience, Dee." He whispered with a deep chuckle before releasing me.

"Seems I always miss out on the fun." Mike said with mocking laugh.

I looked first directly at Mike, then to Rick, my eyes almost burning a hole through each of them, wondering if I had just been a part of some game the two of them had cooked up. Seeing the expressions on their faces, I quickly changed my attitude, not wanting them to think they had gotten to me

"Go fuck yourself Mike!" I said more with teasing sarcasm than anger, grinning at him. I then turned back to Rick, who was grinning ear to ear, and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him urgently to me. My body and lips melted to him in a deep, sensual, passionate kiss. Before he had a chance to put his arms around me, I released him and with my head held high and my breasts thrust out, I walked passed Mike and into my house.

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