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Exploring My Sexuality


Growing up in a small rural village in Southern India, life was fairly simple. As with most of rural India, the activities of our womenfolk were restricted to home chores and tending to the cows and goats. We were never allowed to leave the house after sunset and our movements were closely watched by the village elders. Even though I was eighteen, men and women never mingled outside the four walls of their homes.

The men, on the other hand enjoyed the sort of freedom us women could never dream of having. They could roam the fields and the countryside as they wished. The only area that was forbidden to them was the bathing canal used by the women. Like most other girls my age, I had always wanted to enjoy that freedom, to do as I wanted without the fear of whispers that would ultimately lead to the fall of my family's so called honour.

Innocent as I still was, I had started to develop certain urges that were sometimes so strong that it took an immense amount of willpower not to attempt to satisfy them. But at times I would succumb to them and allow the occasional rubbing of my palm over my mound through my thin cotton skirt although I would be quick to retract that hand. I was taught that it was wrong.

Our walks to the canal and back every day were something that I had always looked forward to. It was the only time that we got to see what lay beyond the vast fields of paddy. Traveling in large groups, we would strip down to nothing, enjoying the reprieve from the cool water. We did this in confidence, knowing or rather thinking that they weren't being watched. There, I would get to see women of all ages and breasts of different shapes and sizes and I would compare those to mine, consoling myself that mine weren't the smallest.

On one of these trips, I had wanted to urinate and being a shy girl even amongst so many women, I walked a little distance from the opposite bank until I found a spot behind some bushes. After relieving myself, I decided to walk around and explore the area a little as I had seldom been to this side of the bank. Covered in thick forest, I noticed that I could watch the women bathe without the risk of getting caught, although there wasn't any really. Standing at that vantage point, butterflies started to flap their wings within my flat stomach and those familiar urges could be felt creeping swiftly to the surface.

These urges were quickly subdued when all of a sudden I could hear a muffled giggle some distance from me, between the river and where I now stood. Stealthy as I could be, I tiptoed in the direction of the river, making sure not to rustle any leaves and hid behind a bush the moment the boys came into site. There, kneeling behind a thick row of bushes, three teenage boys from our village looked on over the helm of the thickets, taking in the site of nearly all the women from our village, unknowingly displaying all their wares to these boys.

At first, I was gripped by a strong sense of anger, knowing that they were not supposed to be here. But something about the way they sat behind those bushes captured my interest. Shaking rhythmically were their hands, as if pumping something in front of them. I then noticed that while one of them had his shorts pulling down enough to display a part of his ass crack, the other two had their shorts around their knees. Wearing no shirts, these two were practically naked.

It was only when one of them moved and turned his body to one side that I saw what was in their hands. His head leaned back, his face contorted, the thrusting of his hand increased until a thick load of milky cream spurted out of his cock and dripped down the shaft. It was the first time I had seen a man's privates. I noticed the brown colour of his rod, the curve and finally the head, glistening with his spunk. Those urges were starting to return.

Not wanting to get caught by them, I silently treaded backwards until I felt I was at a safe distance to run further down the river and towards the group to expose their presence. But when I climbed down and reached the middle of the shallow canal, I could not get myself to tell either my mother or my sisters. At first I felt a sudden pang of guilt at having seen those boys like that. It then dawned on me that I wanted to watch more and actually regretted leaving so soon.

That night as we lay in our beds in pitch blackness, I found my hand making its way down towards my crotch and I was unable to stop it. I rubbed there gently over my skirt, feeling a warm, satisfying feeling starting to emanate from that spot. Not wanting to wake the others, I let my hands stay on my thighs as my wrists bunched up folds and fold of my thin skirt until I could feel the helm within reach and pulled it above my waist.

Returning my right hand to my forbidden spot, I let my fingers roam through the soft hair and between the folds, finding myself wet. A finger slipped into my tight hole while my thumb lightly flicked over my clitoris sending pleasant chills down my spine and towards that very area. My hand started to work faster and I could almost hear the wetness from down there when the silence was suddenly pierced by a sharp cough that made me jump out of my skin. My skirt soon covered my legs and I fell asleep shortly after.

The next day I waited until we were all in the water until I could go back to that bush. Neither my mother nor my sisters had noticed my brief disappearance as I headed back towards that same bush hoping to find those boys there. Right at that very same spot were the boys except that there were only two of them this time. They were busy pumping their shafts, their backs arched and their asses stuck out towards me. Sitting on their haunches, I could clearly see their huge testicles touch the soft grass between their legs. One was bent forward even more then the other and I got a glimpse of his hairy asshole.

My right hand instinctively reached down between my legs and I started to rub myself like I had the previous night. Keeping my eyes trained on their movements, my hand was now a blur as it vigourously rubbed over my mound as I could feel an intense feeling building up inside. There I was, kneeling just like those boys were, completely naked, one hand down between my legs while the other pinched and pulled at my nipples.

Just as I was beginning to get lost in the ecstasy, I was taken by surprise as I felt an arm reach around from behind me and wrap itself around my neck while another covered my mouth, muffling my screams. In a state of shock and not knowing who it could be behind me, I started to think I was in some serious trouble. I could feel myself being pulled backwards until I managed to stand up. Trying to turn around, I moved backwards only to feel someone's bare skin against my back and something hard poking against my naked bottom. I then realized it was the third boy who had probably left to relieve himself.

Gaining some courage, I struggled until I felt the hand loosen its grip and set me free. Turing around my guess was confirmed. There in front of me was one of the boys, smiling at me while putting a finger against his lips motioning for me to stay quiet. His eyes roamed freely over my body, taking in my nakedness. My eyes instantly fell on his erect cock, sticking up and staring me in the eye. As we looked at each other's body, his hand reached out and cupped my left breast and I immediately pulled it away. Adamant, his hand found its way back to my breasts and I found myself wanting him to keep them there.

With both hands on my breasts, he was now squeezing them roughly, pulling on my nipples until his mouth found its way to them, taking turns to suck on each nipple. The warmth of his mouth on my tits sent shivers down to the area between my legs and I let out a soft moan, unintentionally inviting him to explore further. A hand then slipped between my legs and a finger pushed itself into my warm hole, pumping in and out. I found myself grinding against his hand while I pulled his head into my chest.

As if on cue, my right hand reached down between his legs and gently gripped his hard shaft. It felt warm and so stiff as though it was made of bone. I let my hand rest there on his cock while he continued to finger me and rub my wetness. I wasn't sure what to do with his cock in my hand so I softly rubbed the palm along the length, exploring it like a blind person.

Before long I could hear my mother calling for me and I pushed him away as I tried to free myself from his tight grip. Without having the courage to look him in the eye, I turned around and ran down towards the river, careful not to let the other two boys see me. Although I pretended like nothing had happened, I couldn't stop thinking about the events of that day as I helped my mother and sisters with the cattle. That night, as I lay in bed, I thought about that boy, the way his cock felt in my hand and how his felt on my chest and between my legs.

I woke the next day with the same thoughts. I waited anxiously for the daily visit to the canal. I hoped he would be there and that we could go back to what we were doing. Once in the water, I let my hand wander between my legs as I waited for the right moment when everybody was too busy to notice my absence. I looked in the direction of those bushes and hoped that those boys were there, watching us. Watching me! Imagining they were feeling themselves up looking at my nude body, I tried to give them a show, standing at the shallow end where the water was at my knees. With my back towards them, my feet parted and I bent down as if to wash my legs then turned around and scrubbed my breasts. I looked down and noticed that my nipples were stiff.

When the time was right, I slowly made my way towards the other side of the bank until I was out of view of the women in the water and climbed up the bank to my usual spot. Kneeling behind the bush, I looked around longingly for that boy. I then realized that the other two weren't at their spot either and felt disappointed. But before I could move, I heard the rustling of dried leaves and turned around only to see the boy who I was now familiar with, standing completely naked. His cock was erect again and I immediately reached out and wrapped my palm around it. At eye level, I now had a better view of his hard cock, barely inches from my face. Took my time exploring it, noticing the dark foreskin and the pink head as I pulled it back. My other hand reached for his balls, cupping them. In what felt like a matter of seconds, he let out a grunt and his cock began to twitch in my hand before spewing thick warm semen onto my hand.

He fell down onto his knees as I kept my hand on his cock and let it remain there as it slowly softened in my hand. Eventually, it was small enough for me to cup his balls and his dick in my palm. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips before getting up and walking away. I sat there kneeling on the soft grass and looked at my hand and the glistening semen that was dripping down my wrist. Bringing it to my nose, I tried to smell it and even considered tasting it before rubbing it off against the grass. Soon after, I joined the women at the river.

But I wondered what had happened to the other boys. Did he tell his friends to stay away? Did they know? What if they were watching? Worse, if they tell everybody, I would be ruined! I didn't even know their names although I'd seen them several times at the village fairs. But as the cool water envelope my naked body, I realized I was also a little excited at the thought that they might have been watching me this time, caressing that boy's hard cock.

In neck-deep water, I was at liberty to do anything to myself in the midst of the crowd. I reached down and rubbed myself, my palm pushing against my clit while my other hand pulled on each nipple. I imagined these were the hands of those boys, exploring me while I surrendered myself to them, to do what they wished with me. Just as I thought I was feeling really good, a sudden wave of pleasure took over me. It started at my clitoris and spread out in pulses to stomach and down to my legs to my feet as my toes curled, my other hand pulling hard on one of my nipples.

As it subsided, I suddenly became aware of my surroundings. I looked around to see if anybody had noticed me but everybody was too busy gossiping about their neighbours or bitching about their husbands. My thoughts went back to the orgasm. I realized that the boy might have felt the same way when I touched him there and he spewed that milky stuff on my hand.

That night I attempted to relive that morning's episode in the river. Quietly pulling up my skirt, I let my hands do their thing, repeating the same actions that had worked in the morning. My sister who was lying next to me shuffled and turned but was deep in sleep. I raised my knees, bringing my heels to my bare bottom as I felt a slight cool breeze touch me gently. I was soaking wet in anticipation and had to do it slowly lest the squishing sounds be heard by everybody. Despite an hour's worth of trying and fantasizing about acts involving all the three boys touching me in various places, I was unable to cum and drifted off to sleep.

After the usual drill the next day, I quickly treaded back to that area when I noticed the boys behind the bushes on their knees and getting off on all the naked women bathing. The guys were as naked as everybody around. Unsure of myself, I slowly approached them until I spotted the boy from the previous day. He was to the right of the other two and I reached over and touched him on the shoulder, hoping not to let the other guys know I was there. From the instant smile on is face, I knew he was expecting me, as were the other two and now their attention turned to me. Holding their cocks, they took in the sight of my naked frame, their eyes roaming from my small breasts to my crotch. I suddenly became aware of the other boy as his hand gently caressed my bare ass cheek.

Holding me by the hand he pulled me down until I sat down on the warm grass. He leaned in a kissed me on my lips as I knelt in front of them and then moved down to my breasts, handling them a lot more gently this time. Looking over at his friends, I noticed that their cocks were still hard and reached over and placed a hand on each of them. I also noticed that their dicks were of different sizes. Before I knew it, I was being slowly pushed back until I was lying down on my back and my legs stretched out.

The boy who was sucking on my aching nipples, moved his mouth further down my stomach and I found myself pushing his head down towards my burning pussy. The other two, encouraged by my feeling up their cocks moments earlier, were now on either side of me, groping my tits. The sensation of the boy's mouth over my crotch almost sent me over the edge. His hot breath was replaced my kisses all over and within my folds until his wet tongue started to gently lap at my pussy, occasionally snaking its way into my tight hole. Soon his fingers gently pushed their way into me, first one, then two.

With the other two feasting on my breasts, my hands reached out on either side until I had a hold of their cocks. I played with their balls for sometime, feeling the soft hair and the smooth skin before pumping on their rods, mimicking what I'd seen them doing to them selves earlier. Lost in the ecstasy caused by the mouth between my legs, I didn't realize it until I felt something warm and wet being placed over my slightly parted lips. Instinctively opening my mouth, I let the head of the cock slip into my mouth and my tongue darted out towards it, tasting the mild saltiness. With his cock now pumping its way into my mouth, my hand reached over and the fingers traced their way around his balls to his asshole, circling it softly.

The boy on my left took hold of my hand on his dick and pumped it vigourously until he arched his back and shot a thick load of cum onto my arm and I watched his face contort as he came. Evidently my efforts at exploring the guy on my right led to his orgasm as I heard him groan, followed by the feeling of his dick twitching in my mouth. Moments later, I could feel his salty cum fill my mouth and I swallowed it to avoid the taste.

The two guys who were on either side of me slumped back on their buttocks and watched the guy between my legs. He seemed to be enjoying doing what he was doing and pushed my legs up high and wide until I could feel his tongue moving further down, leaving a cool wet trail of saliva as it made its way to my ass. Although though I have touched myself in this region before, it was only to wash myself and I never expected that it would feel so sensual.

Wiggling out of his grip, I turned around, getting on my knees and sticking my bare bottom out at him. I wanted to give myself away to him completely and arched my back, inviting him to continue with what he was doing seconds ago. As he spread my ass cheeks, his mouth and tongue returned to their old spot, circling with anus and at times trying unsuccessfully to penetrate it. My right hand reached down between my legs and started to strum my swollen clit, determined to achieve that orgasm this time around. Just when I felt I was about to go over the edge, his tongue could no longer be felt licking my ass.

Before I could fathom what was going on behind me, I felt what I instantly knew was the knob of his stiff cock. He pushed it gently against my tight asshole as I pushed my ass out even further up towards him. Although it started to hurt a little, a big part of me wanted it to make its way into me and I pushed back against the tip of his cock until I could feel just the head inside me. With that initial breakthrough, he pushed a little harder and now more of it managed to go in. My hand right now a blur against my clit, I could feel a thumb pushing into my vagina and I went over the edge, those pulsating waves of pleasure were even stronger this time and I humped backwards against his cock, the sound of my ass slapping against his stomach.

That familiar twitching was felt deep in my ass and he slumped over my back, pushing me flat against the ground and he continued to pound into me even as his orgasm subsided. After laying there for a few minutes, he got up and I felt his soft cock slipping out of me. Still basking in the after glow of that powerful orgasm and partly ashamed of facing the boys I lay still as the rustling of dried leaved on the ground told me that they were walking away.

After about a few minutes, I stood up and walked down towards the river, my legs a little shaky. Reaching down between my legs, it felt wet and I looked down to see his semen, down seeping out of my ass and trickling down my thighs. Scooping some up with a finger, I brought it to my mouth and licked it off my finger, savouring this new taste that I knew I was going to like. I looked forward to coming back the next day, knowing I had a lot more plans for those boys. I wanted to feel all of them in me, somehow at the same time. And I wanted more!!

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