tagSci-Fi & FantasyExposed Ch. 02

Exposed Ch. 02


"Annuisetvio. Annuisetvio." Solus's voice quivered as the tendrils of mist ran over his naked crotch again, softly tickling his hardening member. "A-Annuisetvio."

"This is a bad idea," Larya hissed. "You hear when I say it's bad, yeah?"

He couldn't spare even a glance at his apprentice. Larya was young, he knew—though mature enough to suffice. Her nineteenth birthday had been one month ago, and she had grown fast indeed for her age.

Alright, he thought, just one look. The summoning spell was supposed to work better if he was aroused, after all. Larya, a dark-haired beauty with dark green eyes and jiggling round breasts, had never failed to arouse the aging wizard before.

She saw him looking at her and glared. He had assured her that the spell required both of them to be naked. In truth, only he had that rule, but it was only fair she share the burden.

He quickly returned to the task at hand, casting a handful of red sand over the summoning circle. "Annuisetvio," he whispered again.

"Master, it's a succubus. You can't control those crazy bitches."

He steadfastly ignored her. Actually, he didn't so much ignore her as forget her. The tendrils began to feel more solid, and yet even more slippery, and their caresses were pulling all semblance of thought from his mind.

He shook, struggling to remain standing. The tentacles teased his cock—unwisely, he'd held off on masturbating for a full week in preparation for tonight. If I blow my load before she even shows up...

As if on cue, the candles flickered. The circle started to glow, and the tendrils emanating from it intensified their efforts. His knees started to buckle. "Annuisetvio...Annuisetvio!"

The candles went out.

He heard feminine laughter.


Annuisetvio—now known as Anne—watched as the spy Claire was exposed to the room full of Chosen knights. The succubus smiled. Soon, Claire, too, would understand. That made Anne so happy.

Each of her hands was occupied with the dick of a soldier. She pumped up and down, beaming as they groaned with pleasure. It felt so good to serve her rightful masters.

Once, her naughty, sinful demonic spirit had railed against such ideas. Fuck servitude! her old self would have screamed at her. You know what feels good? Fucking their stupid mortal brains out!

She smirked. Her silly old side was still inside her, but the smart, wonderful, sexy Chosen Commander had sealed her deep down. She had learned her place.

Sensing that the two soldiers were about to orgasm, her fingers sped up. She leaned over to one soldier and whispered incomprehensible nonsense into his ear. She leaned over to the other and murmured the exact same nonsense. They both stiffened.

"Wh..." One soldier stared at her. "You stupid—aah! You stupid whore! What'd you do? I can't cum!"

She only laughed innocently. She knew her place, and she knew what these soldiers wanted.

"Hey!" The other soldier looked around frantically. "Somebody! The biiiiioh god oh god..." The pleasure was getting beyond what he could comprehend. In the hands of a succubus, even a handjob could be indescribably intoxicating, and these two were putty in her talons.

She giggled again. And she was putty in theirs. "We're gonna keep fuckin'..." she cooed, "forever an' ever an'..."

At least, until one of the other soldiers put a stop to this. But judging by what was happening in the center of the room, that didn't seem terribly likely to happen anytime soon.

Anne watched, her constant state of near-orgasm heightened as she watched the addled Claire get cast onto the floor.

"She's all yours, men," said the Chosen Commander. Anne gave a tiny little orgasm at the sort of the Commander's wonderful voice.


"I did it!" Larya heard her master say. "I—I did it! The lust demon is mine!"

Larya took a step back. She couldn't see a thing, but she smelled something really...really nice. It smelled like nutmeg, and incense, and...there wasn't any way around it. The musky aroma of a woman's sex hung like a wicked fog in the tower basement.

"Fool." The voice echoed off the walls. Larya clutched the staircase rail, suddenly feeling faint. That was the most beautiful, melodic, sexy voice she had ever heard. It oozed with lust, with amusement, with the total awareness that anybody who heard it was about to be fucked very, very hard.

Larya gulped. She'd never told her tutor that she was bisexual, but somehow, she knew that this otherworldly monstrosity was fully aware, and very, very happy about the fact.

"I—" Solus's voice was small. He cleared his throat, speaking louder. "Demon! I summon you to bless me with pleasures unimaginable!"


Larya felt her slit getting wet. The voice was too much for her, she knew. She started backing up the stairs, clumsily, haltingly, half not wanting to leave.

Why am I feeling like this? she thought, eyes widening. It's just a...a voice...

"Demon!" Solus shouted. "I present you with a sacri—aah! What—what is this?"

"The tendrils. You summoned them, silly man."

"They were—just a material component..." Solus was clearly having a great deal of trouble concentrating on his words.


Larya tripped and fell on her butt. She sat there on the stairwell, staring wide-eyed into the darkness.

"Demon! I—oh, god—I command you to send aw-away these...tendrils. Agh! For now. Gnn! For a very short while. Oh!" Solus's voice came out shaky with his final modification. "F-for a minute."

"Oh, why, when we're already having so much fun?"

"Please! Oh, god, they're—make them stop! I command you!"

"Mm. And why should I follow your orders, mortal?"

The question seemed to jolt Solus, because he answered slightly more coherently. "I offer you a tribute, demon! The flesh of a virgin!"

Larya blinked. Wait. No.

"Oh? Those are always the most...entertaining."

Get up! Larya's subconscious screamed at her. Run! Run!

Instead, she felt her treacherous hands stray down her naked body and slide between her thighs. They started masturbating to the sound of the voice.

"Let me...examine her."

She felt the cloying scent of sex suddenly increase, and her fingers sped up their tempo. "Gnaaaa!" she moaned as she came to orgasm. Mind-controlled masturbation or no, it was the best sex she'd ever had.

But, the sane part of her knew, not the first. Not by far.

"Ooh. Pretty girl, you've already been tasted. No, don't stop fingering yourself. I like that. Mmm...just sit there and listen to me, sweet tits, while I wrap up some loose ends."

Larya hesitated. Slowly, she started masturbating again. This time, she knew there was no mind control. She just couldn't help herself.

"D-demon." If Solus had sounded nervous before, now he sounded terrified. "Th-the tendrils...oh, no..." He started outright moaning.

"Sorry, little wizard. She's no virgin."

Larya's free hand sped to her breasts and started twisting her nipples, as her fingers sped up.

"What? No! I—"

"You, on the other hand...heh..."

There was a blinding flash, and Larya lost control and gave a scream of delight as she came again. Her legs and had were now covered in her juices, but she was still going.

"Ooh!" This voice sounded younger than Annuisetvio's, about Larya's age. "Fun! A young one!"

"Oh, yes," a similar voice cooed, "we'll take care of this one for you."

"What—let go! No! NO!"

There was another blinding flash. When Larya's vision returned, the candles were lit again.

The succubus stood before her, smirking.

"Alone at last," she purred.


Claire's face was a picture of idiotic bliss as the soldier Anne had fucked earlier, Belkir, descended upon her. She gave a happy moan.

He laughed, drawing out the cylinder. "Brainless little slut."

"mm...yea..." She giggled.

He opened the lid. "Gonna show her what a real god feels like."

She could only beam. Anne watched, her tail sliding over her ever-moist slit in anticipation.


The succubus advanced on Larya. She had long, curly red hair, shining crimson eyes, and a pair of breasts that put Larya's own fair-sized ones to shame. A long red tail flicked back and forth behind the demon.

The succubus—Annuisetvio, Larya corrected herself. Her name was Annuisetvio. It seemed important to get the name right. Annuisetvio put her hands on her hips, surveying Larya. "Oh, yes," she hissed, her voice losing its echoing quality but none of its silky promise, "you'll do nicely."

Larya stared up, utterly overwhelmed. She had never before seen anything so...erotic. From Annuisetvio's filthy expression to the way she had just looked over Larya like a piece of meat, this creature was lust incarnate, and it was about to act on its urges. With Larya.

She felt like she should muster some resistance. "I..."

She trailed off. What could she say? She was already fucking herself to this creature's beautiful voice. She didn't have any resistance to muster, and she never had. She had lost, and quite willingly.

The succubus's smile widened. "Good girl. Yes, you'll do very nicely."

She leaned down, cupping Larya's chin in her palm. Larya shuddered and orgasmed again, but kept thrusting into herself, faster and faster and faster and...

"Tell me, Larya," she whispered, leaning closer to her lips brushed Larya's when she spoke, "how badly do you want to be fucked?"

Larya stared back at her.

She whimpered.


Two hours later, Annuisetvio left the magician's small home. She was grinning like a cheshyrbeast. That had been fun. She'd captured a would-be warlock, sent his apprentice to a land where she could...ripen...

She noticed her tail twitching towards her cunt just thinking about it, and grabbed the errant appendage. "Down, girl," she cooed. "Don't—eh?"

She looked around. The village was strangely empty.

Strange, she thought. You'd think there'd be—

What felt like a loop of molten iron suddenly wrapped around her throat.

"Aah!" She collapsed, writhing, struggling to grab...whatever it was. Demons didn't need to breathe, but they rather liked to. Also, ow.

"Got her!" a man's voice cried. "I've got her, Chosen Commander!"

"Excellent." The voice was smooth, confident. Young.


Annuisetvio understood. Men. She gave a weak smile, despite the pain. Men she could deal with. She twisted on the ground to look at her attackers.

No, not even men. Boys. Six of them, none above thirty in age. Her smile widened. This was too easy.

"Demon," their leader said. His hair was short and black, his eyes gray, and he wore full plate. Inwardly, Annuisetvio smirked. He would be straining to get that armor off by the time she was through with him. "Demon, do you know who I am?"

Annuisetvio knew the sort of game he wanted to play. He wanted to feel like the conqueror. "Y-yes," she whispered, adopting a mask of horror. "The..." What had they called him? "The Chosen Commander. Oh, no. No, please."

"Stupid whore!" one of the men sneered. "You'll be beggin' for the opposite by the time—" He was silenced by a gesture from this 'Commander'.

The Commander got on one knee and laid a hand on her shoulder. "Demon, you are the truest representation of sin." Oh, a fun one. Probably a virgin. "You are living proof that this town—and all lands unclaimed by the Chosen—are..."

She tuned him out, concentrating on her right hand as it snaked towards an unnoticeable bulge in his trousers. The fool wasn't even wearing a codpiece!

"N-no..." she fake-whimpered. "Please, I...I'll be good. So, so good. Isn't there anything I can do to persuade you to have mercy?"

"Chosen Commander!" one of the soldiers cried. "Look out!"

Too late! Annuisetvio grasped the man's bulging rod and—

Something was wrong.

The man was smiling.

She pulled on the 'cock', and it popped out of the false loincloth. Behind the loincloth was solid armor. This man was not a fool.

She held in her hand a long ceramic cylinder. She frowned at it. Some of the symbols on it were vaguely familiar. They reminded her of...what was it? "What..."

And then she remembered. Screams. Torn wings. Scores of succubi and incubi fleeing, throwing their comrades down just to buy themselves a bit more time to escape. Symbols on the walls of the innermost rings of the Second Circle of Hell pulsating like hundreds of heartbeats.

"Do you want that so badly?" the Commander breathed.

Giving a cry of terror, she tried to throw the cylinder away. It didn't budge from her hand. She flailed the hand like it was on fire, but the cylinder had attached itself to her skin like a terrible graft.

The Commander kept smiling. She looked up at him, eyes wide, acidic tears streaming from her red eyes. The most horrendous thing was that his smile was...kind. Like he was doing her a favor.

And then, he spoke. A word which she could not and never would understand. A word that no human had any right to know.


Anne smiled dreamily as the same word was spoken now by the thuggish Belkir. The cylinder was about to be activated again, and she couldn't wait to watch it claim another victim.

The cylinder shook. The dying words of a thousand gods rang in the room. Gods of masculinity. Gods of obedience. Gods of lust.

She beamed brainlessly, still effortlessly jerking the a soldier off in each hand. They were still moaning, unable to come until she willed it (which would not be for hours yet, if she had anything to say about it!).

Those words...seemed...familiar...

The memory came rushing back to her, and for an instant, she paused her merciless ministrations. The Reality.

Her lands had once had gods. Many, many gods. Hell, Heaven, and the mortal worlds had them. So many gods, each dearly beloved by at one mortal. And then...the Reality. Something had happened and they had died. To learn the Reality of their fate was known to be a fate worse than death. Mostly, the people of this world and hers tried not to think about it. Indeed, they tried not to think of the gods at all.

And something strange happened to her, as she remembered this.

She heard the dying words of Amnia, the goddess of lust, humiliation, and femininity. Her goddess. The last words any mortal or demon had ever heard her speak:

Ooh. That feels...nice...

The succubus blinked blinked.


Glowing tentacles poured out of the canister's lid. Claire squirmed eagerly, presenting her sopping cunt for all to see.

Belkir held the tendrils just out of reach of her crotch. Claire squealed. "Ooh, yes! Yes, please! Yes!"

Belkir leered at her. "You want this? You want this, my little slut?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"You want it in your hot little pussy. Don't you? It's gonna fuck your mind to mush, just like you all really want!"

"Yes! In! In! In!" Claire couldn't think anymore. She didn't want to think. She just wanted that thing inside her. She knew she'd always wanted it inside her.

And Belkir obliged.

The tentacles surged into her pussy. Claire shook, but several of the big, strong men she so wanted to serve were there to hold her down. She writhed helplessly, screaming with wordless bliss.

The tendrils kept coming in, more and more, tickling and throbbing and oh god she was cumming...

"This is you!" she heard Belkir roar. "This, on the table, is all of you! The Chosen Commander showed you, didn't he?"

Claire could only grin, completely devoid of thought, as she came, and came, and came.


The Goddess let out a loud moan as Yillit entered the room. One of the more talented new priestesses was currently occupied, her head emitting loud slurps from between the Goddess's thighs.

Yillit alone looked straight at the 'Goddess'. He wasn't a member of this kingdom's faith. He knew how things really were. And right now, he wasn't sure he liked what he saw.

The little gray-skinned creature scampered over on all fours and got to his feet, waiting. His long ears twitched.

"Oh!" the Goddess squeaked. "Right there, yes, yes, good, good! Keep tonguing...and...OH! OH YES! OH YES!"

The priestess kept licking, moaning alongside her Goddess as she came in sympathetic ecstasy.

Yillit tapped his hairy foot impatiently.

Finally, the Goddess recovered enough to open an eye and notice her adviser. "Oh...mm...Sister Riel, go wait in the other room, mmkay?"

Not looking right at the Living Goddess, Riel crawled out of the room. No doubt she'd have to go finger herself off in private. Not for the first time, Yillit wondered why the humanoids didn't neuter their firstborn. It made ruling a kingdom so much easier.

"Ahem. Yillit, I trust you have a good reason for interrupting some of the best tongue I've gotten since Claire left?"

Yillit crossed his arms. "It's about Claire, actually. She got found out."

The Goddess—or, as he knew her, Emily—blinked. "Oh. That's...that's terrible."

"Uh-huh. Funny thing is, I thought we'd agreed to put anti-hypnosis charms into the other fake bracelet." Yillit glared. "Instead of a sound recorder."

"Oh, but Yillit..." Emily's hand glowed, and a marble appeared in her palm. Screams of bliss emitted from it. "...you know I can't resist good audio porn."

"Turn that off!" Yillit shrieked. The diminutive creature leaped up onto Emily's arm, grabbed the marble, and shook it until the sounds died. "You think this is funny? God of Sharp Teeth and Eyes, Emily, I knew her! Claire was my friend, and your loyalest priestess!"

"Relax, Yillit." Emily waved a hand. "Thanks to the intelligence that marble's provided, we know exactly where the Commander is headed. As soon as Snatch and Larya get back from some silly ghoul mission they were on about, we'll send them and some of our own agents, catch the Commander, and make him pay."

"And Claire?"

"We can fix her. The Conversion relies on conditioning to sustain itself, and there are always chinks."

"And what about her emotional state?" Yillit sprang off his old adventuring buddy's hand and landed back on the floor. "That girl's been through enough hell without you using her as a pawn!"

The last word got a bit louder than Yillit had intended. He winced.

For a long while, there was silence in the chamber.

"Yillit." Emily the False Goddess's voice had grown quiet. "You've beaten me at enough games of chess to know that not every pawn gets to become a queen."

Yillit's eyes widened. Trembling with anger, he picked up his cane and left the room.

He didn't care what Emily said. Claire could still be saved, but only if he hurried. Once conditioning got to a certain point...


"You've done good so far," Belkir hissed in Claire's ear.

Claire shuddered as the tentacles worked their magic. "uh-huuuh..."

"Real good." His hands toyed with Claire's breast, and she let loose another screaming orgasm. Wen it subsided, he continued. "Ready to go all out? Or...all in?"

He stood up, and Claire saw his bulging, throbbing cock, dripping with precum, descending towards her gasping mouth. Her eyes and mouth both widened, and she smiled dumbly, ready to receive her final initiation.

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