tagLoving WivesExposing Katie 001

Exposing Katie 001

byTom and Katie©

One of the benefits of having El Nino out here on the East Coast is that we miss a lot of the usual snow, ice, and cold. I am sorry, but there are certain benefits to seventy (and eighty) degree days in January. If you are in California, Florida, or a similar locale, you might not see my point. Around here, January usually means that everyone has so many layers of clothes on that you cannot distinguish a person's sex, much less their figure.

Since our initial show, Katie and I had not gotten nearly as adventurous with exposing her to anyone else. Rather than exposing her, I was spending time working on getting her to be more accepting of her naked body. She is a bit less than average height, but her build is slender with small, firm breasts. Without being amply endowed, she always figured that nobody would be interested. I would get her to take her clothes off to watch TV in the evening and gently stroke her naked flesh as we watched the primetime lineup. We would snuggle together on the couch, sometimes with just her naked and other times with both of us naked. I think that having her naked by herself was important to getting her used to being naked despite what the conditions might be. Understand that at first it even took some convincing to get Katie to sleep in the nude on a regular basis.

Long car trips were another opportunity to get her used to being naked. On evening drives, I would turn the heat up and she would get naked under the cover of darkness. The other benefit of the car trips was that it gave me the opportunity to get her to accept touching her own body. I would rub her leg and play with her breasts and pussy, but there would be times that I would have to give my full attention to driving. This usually left her aroused and wanting more. One of these times she complained about being so close when I was forced to divert my attention. I replied that there was nothing stopping her from finishing things herself. There had been a long enough break that she was a bit out of the mood by the time that I suggested that she take matters into her own hands, but when the driving was taking less than my full attention, I returned to playing with her and was able to work her up again. When I saw that traffic would be interrupting me soon, I closed my hand over hers where it was laying on her leg. I moved her hand to her crotch and continued playing with her. I would rub my finger along her slit and then along her finger, back and forth between them. I was getting her pretty worked up and had slowly moved her finger until it was touching her clit. Traffic interrupted me then and I concentrated on driving for a few minutes. When I had a chance to look over, she was softly rubbing her clit with her eyes closed. Rather than disturb her, I just watched as she pleasured herself. She finally came, not with an earth shattering orgasm, but it seemed to be pleasurable. Later she confided that it was decidedly different when you had complete control, not better or worse, but nice.

We were also spending a fair amount of time at a local state park when the days were a little warmer. As I said at the beginning, that winter had been extremely mild. We both like the area, it surrounds a man-made lake with wooded areas and fields and everything in between with hiking trails looping through the different areas. For the most part, the rangers stay down around the lake and the public areas. I do not think I have ever seen one back on the trails. Mostly I would just get her to flash me as we walked the trails, but a couple times I got her to take off all her clothes in some remote corner of the park to get her used to being naked outside in the open. After she got over the initial misgivings, she confided that it really felt good to be out in the sun and fresh air in the nude.

We had been doing a fair amount of this over the course of several months, just getting her used to being naked but not actually exposing her to anyone. There were a couple times out at the state park that I think that someone may have gotten a glimpse of her when she flashed me, but I doubt that they really saw anything more than the fact that she had flashed me. I realized that these things take time and was fortunate for the first opportunity to expose her to other people and that it had gone so well. However, I finally decided that it was time to actually expose her to someone again. On a particularly nice Saturday afternoon, I suggested to Katie that we should go for a stroll around the local park. I wasn't sure exactly what we were going to do, but I figured that I would take the opportunity if it presented itself. She agreed that it would be nice and I told her that I got to pick her clothes for the afternoon. She knew that I had something planned and a brief shadow crossed her face, but we had been doing a lot better lately and she apparently decided to at least see what I had in mind before getting upset.

When I laid out her clothes, she gave me a "that's all?" look. I had set out her hiking boots with wool socks, a pair of khaki shorts, and a long, large white T-shirt that she mostly used as a nightshirt rather than clothing. I think that she was expecting me to set out a thong and pasties or something really wild and revealing. She got dressed, sans underwear, and we were on our way. The park is about half an hour from us and the drive was uneventful. In the summer, there is fishing and boating on the lake and there are several "day use" areas with picnic grounds and swimming beaches where most of the people congregate. Further back from the water are camping areas and the hiking trails. Everything is open year round, but in the winter you just find a few locals around, out for a walk mainly. On a nice day, there are usually some people in the picnic areas and a few people on the trails, but there are never really any crowds to speak of. There is one trail that covers some rugged terrain that is somewhat removed from the day use areas. Few people use it in the winter except for some runners that go for the hills for their training. It is rugged enough that we did not have to worry about families or older people surprising us.

When we got to the parking lot, we were the only ones there. I was slightly discouraged, but there was still the chance that someone could come in behind us. We set off down the trail, arm in arm, enjoying the warm weather. Without leaves on the trees, there was enough sunlight to keep us warm even in the wooded areas. With no signs of anyone else around, I told Katie to take her shorts off. The T-shirt was long enough to keep her covered, as long as she did not bend over too much. She hesitated a bit, but finally took them off and handed them to me. At her urging, I took off my own T-shirt, rolled it up with her shorts, and carried them along.

As we walked up the next hill, Katie was starting to get into the mood, pulling the hem of her shirt up to flash her ass and pussy at me every now and then. We crested the first hill and started down into the little valley before the next hill. We still had not encountered anyone at this point and I began to wonder if I had played things too cautious. Katie was in good spirits, though, and was enjoying the game of exposing herself to me. So I was not going to argue with the situation. We reached the final hill that runs up a bit higher with a rock outcropping at the summit. The trail goes up and around the rocks and you can easily climb up the backside of the rocks to overlook the trail below. We wound our way up and around the rocks and decided to climb up to the peak of the outcropping.

Although the slope of the outcropping is not too great from the backside, it sort of stair steps up. As I went up behind Katie, I was treated to a gorgeous view up her T-shirt, showing off her ass and pussy. I think that she was totally unaware of the show she was giving me. We made it to the top and looked out over the edge. Without any leaves on the trees, we could see the trail winding its way back up the last hill and also look out to the lake. The sun was warm and there was only a little breeze blowing. I sat back on a rock as Katie stood out towards the edge, taking in the view.

After taking in the view for awhile, Katie turned to me to tell me how beautiful it all was. I told her that the view from where I was sitting was pretty good as well. She smiled at me and pulled her shirt up to show me her pussy. I laughed and asked if that was all that I got to see. She laughed back and pulled it up higher, exposing her breasts as well. I told her that she looked wonderful and asked if the sun felt good on her skin. She admitted that it did feel pretty good to be out in the sun and the fresh air so I asked her to lose the T-shirt. She looked around her for a moment, saw nobody in view, and pulled the T-shirt over her head and tossed it to me.

I think that a certain amount of the thrill of exhibitionism is the incongruity of the situation. A naked person where naked people are not supposed to be. For me, this extends to clothing. Having Katie totally naked out in nature with only her heavy hiking boots and wool socks on was somehow more arousing than if she had been wearing tennis shoes or high heels. Her boots and socks are not what you would consider to be sexy in and of themselves, but the contrast with her nudity was unbelievably sexy. Sort of the difference between you wandering around in your pajamas in the morning and your wife wandering around in your pajamas in the morning. In any case, she looked beautiful posing in the afternoon sun.

She stood there, nude, just talking to me. She looked incredible and I was sure to tell her so. She asked if she was turning me on and when I said yes, she boldly told me to prove it. I unzipped my shorts and pulled my semi-hard cock out of my boxers for her to see. She pouted at me and said that was not much of a show considering what she was giving me. I responded by standing up and pulling both my shorts and boxers down, stepping out of them, and sitting back down on the rock. As we continued to talk, I sat and stroked my rod for her. I have to agree with her, being naked in the sun and fresh air is great! We were both out there under the sun and sky in just our hiking boots and socks.

She had turned around a couple times to look out at the view (showing me her ass in the process), but this time when she turned around and started to bend over, she suddenly froze. I was back far enough from the edge that I really could not see what was below us, so I asked her what was up. Still frozen and bent half over, she answered that a guy had just come over the last hill on the trail. Surprisingly, she just stood there. I figured that she would have dashed back from the edge and demanded her clothes from me. I asked her if he could see her and she said, "Oh, yes! He is just standing there staring at me." I was still amazed that her reaction was not to hide herself. I asked her what she wanted to do, again expecting that she would at least ask for the T-shirt. "I don't know," she said. "He looks harmless enough." I replied that she should be neighborly then and wave. Continuing to surprise me, she stood back up and waved enthusiastically at the guy.

I asked her what his reaction was and she told me that he had waved back and was coming along the trail towards us. As he came up the hill towards the rock outcrop, I could hear him moving down below. Katie was still out at the edge of the rocks, in full view. He called up, asking what was going on. Katie responded that she and her husband were just enjoying the chance to soak up some sunshine. He made a comment about her not being alone and I could hear the disappointment in his voice. She confirmed that she was not alone and he asked if I was naked too. Katie laughed and said that I was as naked as she was and was showing her how much I appreciated her show. He laughed at that and said that from what he could see, he sure appreciated the show as well. She thanked him and asked him if he wanted to come up and show her his "appreciation" himself. He asked if I didn't mind and she told him that wasn't a problem. She warned him that he could not touch, but he was more than welcome to look if he behaved himself. He said that he understood and would be up in a moment.

I could hear him make his way around the rocks and up to where we were. He turned out to be a few years younger than us, mid to late twenties, in good shape. You could tell that he was a runner and he was dressed in running shorts and a T-shirt. I felt a bit awkward sitting there mostly naked with my cock hanging out, but since I was trying to expose Katie I did not feel that I could complain about my own exposure. Understandably, he was a bit uneasy about meeting my eye, so he mainly focused on Katie. Who could blame him? We introduced ourselves and he said his name was Greg. We made a bit of small talk; he was just out for a run on the trails and did not expect what he found. After a bit of this, I asked him if he was up to showing Katie his "appreciation" for her. I could see his erection in his shorts and I could see Katie had been looking at it as well.

He took a look around and said, "When in Rome…" He dropped his shorts and his pole was standing at attention, saluting Katie. She smiled at him and told him how nice it was to be "appreciated." He leaned back against a rock and started stroking himself as we all talked. Katie continued to stand befor us as she talked. Watching us stroking our cocks was getting Katie hot as well. It was not long before her hand dipped to her crotch. Greg noticed immediately and asked how much she was willing to show. I think that touching herself was subconscious, because she was a bit embarrassed when she asked what he meant. He said that he knew that if he kept up stroking himself he was sure to come and that he would love to watch her come.

She thought about it for a moment before agreeing. She asked me for her T-shirt, spread it out on the rock in front of us, and laid down on it with her knees up and spread slightly. At first she was a bit self-conscious, just rubbing her hands up and down her thighs and barely brushing her pubic hair. The excitement started to get to her though, she was soon rubbing her nether lips and her knees began to part more. As part of our exposure of Katie, I had convinced her to keep her pubic hair trimmed close. She tried shaving, but quickly decided that it was too much upkeep and that a close trim was more comfortable. As her juices began to flow, her lips opened up and we had an excellent view of all her glory.

When she first stuck a finger inside of herself, I thought that I was going to blow my load early. I managed to contain myself and continued to watch the show. She was plunging her finger into her wet hole and pulling it out again, running it up across her clit before diving in again. Her eyes were closed and her breasts were heaving as she concentrated on herself. She brought her other hand down to rub her clit as she slid her fingers in and out of herself. After a few moments of this, her legs tightened up and she moved her one hand to spread open her lips while the other hand furiously rubbed her clit. She quickly came and the juice oozed out of her hole and ran between her ass cheeks as her whole body went rigid. It took a moment for her to come down off her high from the orgasm. She took a moment to open her eyes and prop herself up on her elbows. Looking at us she said, "Let's see it boys."

I have to admit that I had been about ready to blow my load for the past ten minutes, but I wanted to make it last. Both of us were stroking in earnest now. Greg asked if he could come on her tits, but Katie firmly told him that was not allowed. After a few more moments, I could not hold it any longer and shot my load onto the rocks in front of me. Greg did not last much longer than I did, when I looked over he had a puddle on the rocks between his legs as well. We talked a bit longer before Katie said that we had better get going. She put just her T-shirt back on and we headed back towards the parking lot as Greg continued on to finish his run. He said that he hoped to see us out here again sometime. I wonder whether he made his full run after his unexpected detour.

On the way home, we talked about what had happened. Katie told me that it was sort of neat when she realized that Greg got all turned on just looking at her. She also admitted that she had wanted to reach out and touch his cock or hold his balls as he came. She clearly stated, though, that she was not ready to get even that little bit involved with someone else yet. She tried to explain that without contact, it was more removed, there was no commitment. She was not sure if the contact would make her feel differently about it. It gave some hope that she was loosening up about all of this though. As it turned out, this did lead to a whole new set of adventures, but that happened later on.

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