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Extorting Gym Teacher


"Well Kirsten," Ms Stacey Stone pointed out to the frightened senior. "You have two choices. You can either do what I say and graduate this spring, or you can refuse and be expelled from school. You'd better make up your mind which way you want to go."

"Please, Miss Stone. I don't want to be expelled. I have to graduate this spring, if I'm going to get into a decent college."

"That's Ms Stone. And, if you want to graduate on time, you're going to have to do what I say, to come into my office and take off all your clothes and do everything else I tell you."

"But, I don't want to do that either."

"Kirsten, what you want doesn't matter. Don't you realize that? The only thing that matters now is what I want. If I show this video of you smoking in the locker room, you'll be expelled. The only way to keep me from doing that is to be my sex partner today and for the rest of the school year. The choice is yours, but you'd better hurry up, because I'm getting impatient."

She had heard the expression: "between a rock and a hard place" a few times, but Kirsten had never really thought much about what it meant. She did that day. At 18 years of age, she was a beautiful blue-eyed blonde, popular and an honor roll student, certainly one girl in her high school class who would be thought to have the world on a string. However, if she got expelled, all that would change for the much worse. She would have to take her senior year over at a different school starting next fall, and there would no longer be a possibility of getting into any of the many top quality universities that had expressed an interest in her and had informed her of available scholarships. She couldn't think of anything worse than being expelled, but she also realized it was a very real possibility.

The other choice almost had to be less bad, even though she was repulsed by it. She had happily surrendered her virginity two years ago, and had really enjoyed sex with a series of boyfriends, but was never promiscuous. Kirsten knew some of the other girls in school were lesbians, but had never even been curious about experimenting sexually with any of them. Now, unless she was willing to have her life ruined, she was going to have to be the sex toy of a forty year old woman who was almost certain to treat her worse than any of her fellow students would have. Knowing she really had no choice, she gave in, steeling herself not to cry.

"What do you want me to do, Ms. Stone?"

The gym teacher couldn't keep a smile of triumph off her face as she answered: "Get your sexy little ass into my office and you'll find out."

Stacey Stone had lusted after Kirsten all year, and she was finally going to have her way with the hot blonde. First, she was going to suck on those big, juicy tits, and then she was going to lick that hot pussy until the bitch climaxed. After that, there was a strapon in the lower desk drawer that was going to give that same pussy the best workout it had ever gotten. Stacey hadn't made up her mind whether or not she was going to make Kirsten eat her pussy that day or wait for another time. She did expect to fuck Kirsten's succulent ass with the strapon one day, but not that one. The lecherous gym teacher was really looking forward that afternoon to some hot action with a sexy partner, even is she was unwilling.

Kirsten was standing in the middle of the crowded office, ready to do what she had to, when Stacey entered and securely bolted the door. The main reason the office was crowded was the metal couch against the wall across from the small steel desk. It had, supposedly at least, been put there in case one of the girls in the gym class happened to feel faint but, of all the times it had been used, it had never been for that. Kirsten was not the first pretty girl who had been caught breaking the rules and forced to pay the price on the thin mattress, which was covered only by a single clean sheet. .

"Wh..wh..what do you want me to do, Ms. Stone?" She was still trying hard to avoid crying, and not entirely succeeding.

"Take off your clothes. Every single stitch, including your shoes and socks. And do it quickly; we haven't got all day. And quit crying; nobody's going to hurt you. You're in for a treat today, whether you appreciate it or not." In her own way, Stacey meant that. She expected the sexy teenager to cum at least twice from having her pussy eaten and from being fucked with the strapon. It wasn't that she cared about the student; it was just more fun when the other person climaxed during sex.

Trying hard not to give her tormenter the satisfaction of seeing her cry any more, Kirsten slowly unbuttoned her blouse, slipped out of it, and reached behind her back to unhook her bra. As Stacey watched, the blonde hotty pulled the constricting garment off and let her luscious breasts bounce free. Unable to resist, the lecherous gym teacher stepped up, cupped one of the lovely twins in either hand and bent down to lick the cute, pink nipples. They were soft and rubbery under her tongue, but she expected them to be fully erect before very many minutes had passed. She stepped back and waited for Kirsten to finish undressing. The tearful blonde sat on the couch and removed her shoes and sox, trying to take as long as she could, hoping something or somebody would happen to rescue her. It did her no good.

"C'mon, hurry up. We don't have all day!"

Biting her lip, Kirsten stood up and unbuttoned the flap on the hip of her designer blue jeans and pulled down the zipper. The pants were almost skin tight, and it took a considerable amount of wiggling and squirming to get them around her hips and ass. This caused her luscious breasts to jiggle and sway enticingly, and aroused Stacey's lust even more. When the jeans were piled on top of the other clothing she had removed, Kirsten stood beside the couch wearing nothing but her skimpy panties.

As she had said, Stacey didn't have all day, but she also wasn't in such a hurry as to pass up some special fun before getting to the main event. "Turn around," she told Kirsten. I want to be the one to take off your scanties."

Slowly, the blonde turned her back on the extortionist, who came up behind her and rested both hands on her hips. Elated at how soft and smooth the skin was, Stacey squeezed her fingers under the waistband of the panties and stroked her hands all over Kirsten's ass, even squeezing the tip of one little finger into the tight rosebud itself. When the terrified girl tried to move away, the gym teacher pursued her until she was standing against the edge of the bed, and continued fondling a place that no woman and very few men had ever even touched before. Stacey decided to use her strapon dildo on that smooth, sexy ass one day, but she wanted to eat and fuck her pussy first, and the other pleasure would have to wait until the next session. For one thing, she wanted Kirsten to enjoy their first time together as much as possible, and had no intention of inflicting the pain of anal deflowering on the pretty teenager that day.

With one movement, Stacey pulled the panties down around the curvaceous ass they had been covering and let them slide along Kirsten's legs to puddle on the floor. She ordered the student to lift her feet one at a time, and pulled the wispy garment clear and added it to the other clothing. Completely naked, the young blonde was helpless to prevent the indignities that she expected to momentarily be inflicted on her.

"Lie on your back," was the next order, and it was obeyed.

Stacey knelt on the floor and held one lovely breast in either hand. They were totally real, with no silicone, which she had thought would be the case with somebody so young. Grinning lewdly at Kirsten, she leaned forward and started licking the nearest nipple. The little nubbin was still soft and rubbery, and so was its twin when she switched her attentions to it. However, the teenager was sensuous enough that she began responding after a few minutes of the attentions. She had been licked there by some of her boy friends as foreplay, which she had enjoyed, and they couldn't tell whose tongue was caressing them. The cute pink nipples started becoming erect, causing Stacey to grin to herself.

For ten minutes, the lecherous gym teacher licked and sucked the breasts of the girl lying before her and, at the end of that time, both nipples were fully erect, as anticipated. Kirsten was squirming on the couch, as currents of pleasure, unexpected by her, rippled through her body from where the luscious globes were being pleasured by an obviously experienced mouth. Every one of her boy friends had fondled her tits, and some had even licked her there, but none of them had ever spent so much time on them or produced the sensations she was feeling then. Kirsten could actually hear herself cooing in pleasure, something she had never done before. With every second that passed, she felt her sexual arousal building, and she was surprised and ashamed that another woman could have such an erotic effect on her.

Stacey heard and saw the responses too, and grinned to herself. "You like that, don't you?" she asked the pretty blonde.

She had to admit to herself that she did, but Kirsten wouldn't give her tormenter the satisfaction of knowing it. "What do you care? You're going to do whatever you want to me whether I like it or not.

Kirsten was right, of course, but Stacey knew she was giving pleasure and felt satisfaction with everything that was happening. She felt equally gratified with the involuntary squirming and the sighs and cooing and the rigidity of the student's nipples, but she felt even better about the faint scent of fresh pussy juices that flirted with her nostrils. If Kirsten was starting to lubricate, it was time to switch attentions to her pussy, before the delectable nectar went to waste. Licking her cute pink nipples had been a lot of fun, but going down farther and licking her hot little crotch would be a lot more. Stacey's lips and mouth kissed and nuzzled Kirsten's sexily plump belly as she fondled her way to that destination.

"What are you doing now?"

"You'll find out."

Kirsten was pretty sure she knew, and she couldn't help anticipating it. None of her boyfriends had professed any interest in licking or eating her pussy, and Kirsten had always been too shy to ask them. However, she was extremely curious about it, because some of her girl friends had experienced being eaten out, and they had told her and others how wonderful it was. Since there was nothing she could do to prevent it, Kirsten was actually looking forward to finding out if they had spoken the truth, although she couldn't help being dismayed that another woman would be the first to do it.

Stacey's lips and tongue had reached the mons of her newest sex toy, and she was captivated by the soft blonde pubic hair, the creamy skin and, most of all, by the delectable and much stronger aroma of the fresh juices that were being produced. She had been kneeling on the floor and leaning over the sexy body that was available for her pleasure, but she sat back on her heels to bark further orders to Kirsten.

"Sit up and put your legs on my shoulders."

Kirsten obeyed with so much alacrity, she actually surprised herself. Abruptly, she realized that she really wanted this to happen. She wanted the forty year old gym teacher to eat her pussy. This was more than just being curious; she really, truly wanted it to happen, although she would have denied that fact if anybody had asked. As Kirsten watched, the older woman leaned forward, wrapped her arms around the legs in front of her shoulders, turned her mouth to one soft thigh and started licking.

The sensation was incredible, like nothing Kirsten had ever experienced. The gym teacher's wet tongue slowly caressed the very sensitive skin inside her thigh, sending ripples of pleasure through the blonde's body. She breathed in sharply, then wished she hadn't, because the noise made Ms. Stone seem to think she was doing something nice for her victim.

"I'm glad you like that, Kirsten. See, it isn't all that bad, is it?"

To herself, she had to concede it wasn't but, to the woman who was making her do things against her will, she would never admit it. "What do you care?" Kirsten retorted again. "I have to let you do what you want, whether I like it or not. Just get it over with."

Stacey had to admit the blonde was right about her lack of choice, but she didn't care. The sexy student couldn't control her breathing, which was becoming slightly ragged, and she couldn't control her soft cooing, obviously in pleasure, nor could she control the way her thighs were twitching and moving against the lips and tongue that were stroking them so lovingly. After her mouth was through with the insides of Kirsten's thighs, licking up the few small drops of fresh juices that had spattered there, Stacey moved her face in closer and her tongue started stroking the crotch that awaited her.

The skin was softer there, and the aroma of Kirsten's pussy was even stronger and more enticing. Stacey took her time, relishing everything about what she was doing, until she raised her head to observe what effect her ministrations were having on the pretty blonde. It was quite gratifying to see Kirsten slumped against the wall beside the couch, her eyes closed and a look of obvious joy on her face. Stacey had eaten many pussies in her life, and all the girls and women had climaxed uninhibitedly, so this new teenager's reactions were not a surprise.

They were certainly a surprise to Kirsten. The pleasuring tongue that was lapping at some of her most private parts was like nothing else she had ever felt in her young life. Although she would never have voluntarily admitted it to Ms. Stone, there was pleasure throbbing through her body from everywhere the woman's mouth had been, and it was getting stronger by the second. Once in a while Kirsten was able to reach a weak climax with her boy friends. Most of the time, she didn't even do that, and was left unsatisfied, but she felt as if she was on her way to a thunderous orgasm from what was being done to her. She looked down, saw the piercing green eyes looking at her, and turned her face away in shame and confusion. Kirsten could still hardly believe that she was receiving so much pleasure from sex with another woman, especially one who was forcing her to do things she had never done before.

The apparent denial didn't bother Stacey, because the involuntary movements she was feeling and the sounds she was hearing meant more than any dismissive gesture Kirsten might make. The juices being produced, besides being delicious, also said far more than anything the sexy teenager might do to show disdain. After relishing all the freshest of the nectar, she moved her tongue to the very soft and smooth place between the origins of an inner and outer pussy lip and started caressing that very sensitive place.

The response was what Stacey expected. Kirsten's pussy started squirming under her face and the sighs and soft cooing started changing to moans. She continued licking between the lips until she reached the point where they were close together. There, she angled her head to be able to thrust her tongue between the labia and caress both of them at the same time. The inner lip was spongy and swollen through arousal, and gave incredible tactile sensations to the woman who had brought about that condition, even though Kirsten would have denied its presence. Stacey's tongue kept up its slow caressing until it reached the place where the two inner lips merged to form Kirsten's clit hood.

Once again, Stacey raised her head to check on the state of the unwilling, but very excited girl. Once more she was glad to see her attentions were having their desired effect. The pretty blonde's head was rolling from side to side against the wall; her eyes were closed, and her mouth was parted in a smile of bliss. It was obvious Kirsten was deriving tremendous pleasure from having her pussy eaten, just as Stacey was reveling in eating her. The juices just produced by her lovely ping hole were plentiful and delicious, and the lecherous gym teacher rewarded herself by feasting on them, before starting on the other pair of lips.

Kirsten was puzzled, to say the least. She had never been physically or romantically or sexually attracted to other girls and women, and usually enjoyed sex with her boy friends although, more often than not, she was left feeling unfulfilled. Yet, here she was, wantonly reveling in the sexual attentions of a woman, and one whom she ought to despise because of the way she was being forced to give in to her perverted desires. The young blonde had never been in such a state of arousal, not even when actually fucking. Her whole body was in motion from what was happening, and she could even feel her pussy involuntarily thrusting upward against the gym teacher's face. She had never reacted like that, not even when responding to the cock of a boy friend as it surged in and out.

The reactions of Kirsten were total normal to Stacey, and she relished their spontaneity. She was treating the second pair of inner and outer lips as she had treated the first, and the girl under her was moaning and whimpering in time with the lingual strokes, and seemed to be trying to wrap her dripping pussy around the teacher's face. Stacey licked slowly, until she came to the end of the second inner lip. Once again, she raised her head, and saw that Kirsten's whole body was thrashing about on the couch. She looked down and saw how the sexy young woman's clit, which resembled a lovely pink pearl, was so engorged that it had crowded its way out from under its protective hood. Stacey also noted that Kirsten's thighs had rotated outward, presenting her pussy fully to the woman who had brought about her arousal. It was time for her climax.

First, Stacey helped herself to all the fresh juices that had gushed out of the adorable wet hole that was their source. The second thing she did was to press the tip of her tongue against the small area between that hole and Kirsten's swollen clit. The pressure produced a soft cry of joy, and Stacey moved her mouth an inch higher and enveloped the pearl. Her lips formed a seal at its base, and she started sucking while her tongue caressed the engorged sides and top. Kirsten moaned and whimpered, more loudly and still in time to the actions of the mouth that would shortly be bringing her to the most glorious orgasm of her life.

For almost five minutes, Kirsten's movements became wilder, as wave after wave of fabulous pleasure swept over her body, radiating out from where another's woman's mouth was doing incredible things. Abruptly, she was inundated by something she had never felt before, something that felt like a tidal wave of ecstasy. Against her wishes, Kirsten cried out as she started cumming. She had no control over her muscles, and every movement she made resulted from a reflex she couldn't have known she even possessed. Her sturdy thighs clamped onto the sides of the head of the woman who had brought her to that point, and both hands buried themselves in the short, brown hair, She rammed her pussy against the face of the gym teacher, and continued bouncing up and down, while her legs swung from side to side.

Stacey loved the reactions of sexy women when they were cumming from what she had just done, and the young blonde that day was one of the hottest. She kept her arms wrapped around Kirsten's thighs and kept her mouth around her swollen clit and enjoyed the ride. Everything about it was memorable, from the glorious taste and aroma of the fresh juices, to the cries of delight that filled her ears, to the sensations of the soft thighs squeezing her cheeks and the way her mouth was filled by the engorged morsel. Being new at climaxing, at least to reaching a truly momentous one such as she was achieving then, Kirsten remained in the throes of cumming for some of the most marvelous minutes in the lives of either of the two women.

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