tagIncest/TabooExtorting Victoria Ch. 02

Extorting Victoria Ch. 02


With procedural delays and Victoria's resistance to Ben's terms the proceedings were dragging on for month after month. It had been over six months since the split with no end in sight. I figured Victoria hadn't shared the CD with her lawyer hoping that it would just go away or she could somehow win without the information coming out.

She and I were meeting about once or twice a week for increasingly rougher and steamier sex. There was no love there at all; in fact, mostly anger and pure animalistic lust. After probing her for information I concluded I was right that her lawyer did not know about the CD and mailed another copy of it to her attorney's office.

Meanwhile, Ben was getting a bit depressed as his lawyer had advised him that as contentious as this case was he should not date until there was some agreement in place. He had asked about dating if he was out of town on business and she said that would be fine. Unfortunately, his company picked this time to cut the travel budget and keep him in town.

I could see a huge bulge in his pants every time he was near his own mother. This made Barb and I nervous as the same bulge would appear when Victoria was there to get Byrum. We pondered what we could do about it. Plans to find a woman for Ben to have secret sex with were being formulated as the last thing Ben needed was to get back together with Victoria. We considered everything from sending him on a hot Las Vegas weekend to making it with one of the secretaries or a particularly hot manager in the office I worked in. We were doing our best to make sure that Victoria could have no reasonable suspicion of why a woman was in our house as one of my coworkers being at our house was commonplace.

I barged into Ben's room to tell him of our thoughts without knocking and was surprised to see him jacking off with a pair of Barb's panties held up to his nose. My cock had sprung to life in that instant. I had some guy on guy fun before Barb and I got married and we had a couple of threesomes and foursomes in our early days. But, I hadn't really thought about playing with another guy for several years until that moment.

He looked up at me like a deer caught in the headlights. He was frozen in place as he knew he had been caught and could not explain what he was doing. The next words out of my mouth were as much of a surprise to me as they were to Ben. I walked toward the bed as I spoke with the erection in my pants aching trying to get out of the confinement.

"Ben, don't worry about it. It is perfectly natural. Don't stop just because I barged in on you. Go ahead and finish up. Your mother's panties smell great don't they?" I said as I sat down beside him with our hips almost touching. He had been so into it that he resumed stroking himself and didn't notice me pull out my rigid member.

"I think you are bigger than me. Let me have a sniff of your mom's crotch," I whispered. I was matching him stroke for stroke. Then I placed my hand over his until he let me take over jacking both of us. His breathing became erratic so I slowed down to make him last as a new plan came to mind. I called for Barb to come in and join us.

Ben was oblivious to what I said as he was licking Barb's cum from the crotch of the soiled garment. I hoped that the lust she had expressed for her son now several times would overtake the taboo aspects of what was happening. My wife walked into the room and her jaw dropped. I put my fingers over my mouth to quiet her and motioned for her to sit on the other side of her son. I calmly whispered to her that it was now or never.

She stood there for a minute pondering what to do. At first she backed up as if to leave the room but thought better of it and removed her blouse an eased herself next to Ben. Ben suddenly tensed up when he noticed her there. Barb swung into action not giving him time to think. She took her panties from his hand and gave them to me. She then cupped his chin in her hand and pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him deeply.

I watched as she placed his hand on her chest. Ben got the hint and fondled her boobies as he took off her bra. While they passionately kissed I fell to the floor and took my son's cock into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. I knew in a couple of minutes the real action would be between mother and son. Ben was so excited that in seconds I was swallowing his cum.

As I wiped the cum from my lips into my mouth I slid in front of Barb and helped her off with her shoes, socks, and pants. I caressed her legs as Ben suckled her tits and they worked each other into a frenzy. Barb didn't totally forget me as she played footsie with my member. As she grabbed Ben's cock she moaned, "Dad and I want to see you happy again. We know you need to have sex; we are ready to play with you. Do you want to fuck your mother? I really want your cock."

"Ahhh, yeah," Ben gurgled as he could barely talk with Barb's thumb swiping over his piss hole. As Ben kissed down her belly she had to let go of his cock. But Barb solved this problem by pushing him down onto the bed and sat her pussy on his face. I could hear him slurping away and watched her grind her cunt on him. She gently stroked his pole as she beckoned me over and we kissed passionately as I pinched her nipples.

Then to allow her full enjoyment of her son I sat in a chair beside the bed and watched her make love to him. Their fucking was fantastic as Barb rode her little boy hard and deep. I knew from experience with her that she came over and over again. When they moved apart Ben's balls and thighs were covered in Barb's honey. We made love the rest of the night.

We fell asleep in each other's arms with Ben's face between his mom's breast and my cock resting in her ass crack. It became a regular thing. The understanding was that things would slow down and eventually end after the divorce. In the meantime we had lots of threesomes and Barb and Ben had alone time as well. To our surprise Ben and I also had several times with one another. He said mine was the first cock he ever had up his ass.

Life continued routinely while we waited to see what would happen with the divorce. Victoria was under orders to make sure something sexual happened between us every time I saw her. One day I called her a couple of hours before she was due to come by and told her to pull the car over a block or two away, unzip her pants and call me, "it is me; now what."

"Make yourself cum my fucking slut. I want to hear you cum. Let the juices soak those panties and whatever you do don't clean up; don't even wipe off your fingers," I ordered sitting in the office in my home with my member in my hand. Things had progressed nicely as she didn't even argue with me this time. In just a few seconds I could hear her breathing pattern change.

"Oh fuck I am getting wet; feels so good but I need a cock! Oh fuck yes my pussy is tingling," she groaned after a couple of minutes. We were both approaching rapid orgasms. The picture of this bitch out on a public street stimulating herself was more than I could take and my cum sprayed all over my lap.

"Come on you fucking slut cum right now in front of God and everybody," I said breathlessly. She screamed a couple of times and then I could hear panting as she proclaimed that she had squirted as she came. I told her to get her ass on over to the house so I could inspect her before she left with my grandson.

The rest of the family was in the basement when Victoria pulled into the driveway fifteen minutes early. I waited at the door for her to come in. I grabbed her hand and sniffed and then licked her juice from it. Looking down I saw the top of the wet spot that had soaked through her pants. Before letting her all of the way into the house I smacked her ass several times and then fell to my knees hugging her ass and then her cunt into my face. I informed her that she finally had learned how to follow orders. Five minutes later she ran out the door with Byrum by her side.

At Thanksgiving she and I ran to get the dinner rolls from the store which she had agreed to bring. I made her drive to a remote spot and laid her across the hood of the car yanking down her clothes. While I didn't like her at all her ass was too amazing to resist. I rammed my cock hard into her tight bowels. Her ass was turning blue as it was ten degrees that day.

She screamed in agony as she wasn't prepared for the anal intruder expecting my cock to find her pussy. But, within a couple of minutes she was thrusting her ass up to meet my strokes and diddling her clit. I pounded her relentlessly and it took no time until I shot a massive load into her back door. When we got home everyone easily accepted the explanation of a busy store.

At the end of the evening she pulled me aside to talk. I took advantage of the moment and roughly toyed with her boobs through her clothes as she revealed that her lawyer had confronted her with the CD that I had sent. It had taken the lawyer almost a month to listen to it after she got it. Victoria called me every name in the book. I simply told her that I wanted this thing settled so Byrum could have a nearly normal life.

It was late the next week that we all got an early Christmas present as Ben received a signed settlement from his lawyer in which Victoria had given in to all of his demands. Two days later Ben was on a date. It did not take Ben long to rebuild his sex life and our encounters diminished quicker than we had expected. But, we still have sex with him on rare occasions.

It was Barb's idea that we should seek out other people for threesomes. She figured that we should try another woman next. Briefly I toyed with the idea of proposing Victoria but discarded it as than I would have to explain all that happened there. Instead I suggested the manager from my office. As for Victoria, she told me after the divorce was final she would meet me for one last time but never again. I did not argue with her and arranged an entire day with the slut.

To be honest I was not ready for our sessions to end. Victoria was a hot lover but, there was nothing that special about her love making except for one thing. Her ass was absolutely perfect; big pillows of soft flesh that made my cock hard every single time I saw her. Even if I were pissed off at her my thoughts always returned to her nasty, stinky, lickable, and fantastic ass.

The more Victoria and I fucked the easier it was to understand why Ben had stuck with her as long as he did if just for that ass alone. I don't mean to insult her tits as they were nothing to sneeze at either as they were at least D cups. Thoughts of all of this ran through my mind as I drove to her apartment on the appointed morning. My cock was already hard as I rang the bell.

Even though we had most of the day I could not waste time. My goal was to cum with her every way I could which requires sufficient recovery time between orgasms. This would also perhaps be my last opportunity to try some things I had always wanted to do. Victoria was shocked when she opened her door and I burst in and pinned her against the wall screaming, "What the Fuck?"

"What do you think slut? I'm just treating you like the real bitch you are," I spat back as her plump ass bounced off the wall. Quickly I reached up and tore open her blouse sending buttons flying across the room. I grabbed her by the back of her head and kissed her angrily, biting her lips and tongue. Her blouse sailed away as I viciously ripped her bra from her chest.

I worked down to her tits licking and biting her shoulders until I sucked her boob into my mouth and bit hard. I repeatedly bit from boob to boob as Victoria began to roughly grind her crotch against me. Panting I groaned, "You really are nothing but a fucking slut aren't you?"

"I want your cock," was all she could reply as I dropped her pants to her knees. I did not want to cum as a result of this slut humping me but I did pull her into my arms and passionately kiss her so I could play with her ass. I squeezed and kneaded her cheeks roughly until the kiss was over. Grabbing her arm I pulled her over to her easy chair and sat down in front of her.

"Then suck it, bitch! Suck my fucking cock, I demanded as I kicked off my shoes and took off my shirt. Dutifully she fell to the floor and unzipped my fly. Seconds later her head was bobbing up and down on my member. I wrapped my legs around her back drawing her tighter to me and fell back into ecstasy. My hips came up to meet the mouth fucking she was giving me.

She had never sucked me this hard as she appeared to be crazed with lust. Her tongue constantly swirled around my cock as she used her fist to pump me. I was in heaven with my hands knotted in her hair. Excitement was building and building as my balls tightened. With a loud roar I shot my first load into her throat then yanked her face free of my cock and sprayed a massive shot all over her hair and face. As I yanked her further away another small load shot onto her tits.

Then I reached down and grabbed her by the underside of her boobs and pulled up on them as I told her to stand up. This time it was a droplet of my cum about to drip from the same boob as I had seen that night in their bedroom. Ignoring it I inhaled the overpowering smell of her pussy and hugged my face to her crotch. I spun her around and buried my face in her ass before standing up behind her and swatting her ass hard.

"Get into your bed now Cunt," I ordered smacking her rump again. Ditching my pants in the middle of the floor I ran behind her. When I got to the bedroom she was sitting on the side of her bed waiting as I removed my socks and underwear. I was surprised that my cock was still hard as I approached her. Bending down I grabbed her ankles and pulled them straight up until she fell back on the bed and as I stood there the only parts of her body touching the bed were her shoulders and head. She squirmed but I had the power.

In the excitement I had forgotten she still had her shoes and stockings on. The shoes fell softly to the floor as I grabbed a foot in each hand and kissed and caressed them. Putting one foot on my shoulder I rolled off one of the stocking and then repeated this for the other one. Hungrily I devoured her feet for about five minutes as blood rushed to her head. I tongued between each toe and sucked up and down her high arches

For such a bitch and slut she had one hell of a sexy body. Unceremoniously I dropped her feet and joined her on the king bed after grabbing a pair of scissors I saw on her dresser. She was wearing a pair of white cotton bikini panties with little flowers on them. There was a large wet spot in the middle of her crotch. I ordered, "Sit that big ass on my fucking face, now."

Positioning myself so I was ready for the next course I made sure she climbed on top of me so that she was facing my toes. Taking a deep breath I watched as her rump got closer and closer. I placed her hands on her own tits and pulled her down hard against my face and motioned for her to grind her ass and cunt roughly over my head.

The combination of soft cotton with the wet material in the middle of the crotch when combined with the smell and taste was amazing. After a couple minutes of this I reached for the scissors that I had left on the pillow and cut the material on each side of the panty and then yanked them off by pulling the remaining garment through her legs.

Victoria assumed I wanted to eat her pussy but after taking a couple sample licks I guided her body so that her rump was directly over my face. My face was engulfed by ass flesh as I literally attacked her bumm. When I got to her shittie hole it opened up like a flower to allow my tongue deeper access than I had ever had before.

After about five minutes of this pure heaven I suddenly grabbed her by the side and rolled her off me. She landed, just as I hoped, on her side next to me. Immediately I joined her on her side and resumed kissing her beautiful butt. I positioned my cock by her feet and I rubbed it up against them, "play footsie with my cock and balls. Don't be gentle; the rougher the better, make me cum my little whore."

"You are a kinky bastard," she replied almost purring then grasped my cock between her feet and pulled. I held on to her hips as I kissed and bit all over her soft cheeks. As my hands kneaded her butt I pulled the cheeks apart for a renewed assault on her crack and butt hole. Her feet danced all over my cock and balls; it felt great but alas not as rough as I wanted.

"Damn it; rougher bitch, when I say rough I mean rough," I groaned. Then Victoria finally let me have it. Using her heels she kicked me in the balls. Then grabbing my cock between her arches again she yanked as hard as she could. She quickly mastered foot play as she would be rough for a minute or two and then rub her feet up and down the length of my shaft.

Before long my ass kissing had virtually stopped as I hugged her butt tightly while my orgasm got closer and closer. Burying my face deep between her pillows of flesh my cock exploded all over both of her feet and my stomach. She did not stop playing as she continued to coax more sticky cream from me. I rolled on to my back to recover as she rubbed her feet together until most of the stuff was soaked into her skin. Then noticing the spunk on my tummy she methodically licked me clean.

We kissed as she fed me the remnants of my cum. I was exhausted and suggested that we eat lunch as I was starved. This also would give me time to regain my stamina. She sat on my lap as we ate sandwiches and fruit. I made it clear that this was not our last time together. Sometime down the road she might marry another guy and might take her cunt and even tits away from me but her ass was mine for life.

I would play with it whenever I wanted to forever. Surprisingly she did not object as I roughly squeezed one of her cheeks. We gently played as we sat there, including me licking some strawberry juice from her tit that she had dribbled there. Once we had enough to eat and drink we returned to her bed to finish the day's events.

It was hard to decide what to do next. The decision was agonizing for me. I noticed the tube of lube on the nightstand and glanced at her backside and my decision was made. I pulled the slut up on to her knees and coated my cock with the contents of the tube before jabbing a couple of fingerfuls of it into her bowels. She pushed her ass back toward me and I rammed the head of my cock into her. She only grunted out loud once as she pushed herself further back onto my cock.

She was still so tight that it was difficult to pound into her. I grabbed her big boobs and took a deep breath and gave a couple of hard thrusts. Now that I was all of the way in I pulled back and stroked in and out of her shittie depths. All the while I milked her tits like utters pausing only occasionally to slap her big bottom. My pounding became fast and furious.

It did not take long until I exploded a load of my cream into her chocolate cavern. It was so tight in there that we could both feel the spunk hit our skin. Pulling her ass tightly against my hips I savored the feel of my cock buried to the hilt in her rectum. My balls were being soaked by the pussy juice oozing from her twat. I pulled out and helped Victoria roll over onto her back.

She looked a lot like she did that first night that I saw her nude body with matted pubic hair and cum all over her chest and face. Wasting no time I climbed on top of her and licked and sucked down her front paying particular attention to her tits and stopping to tongue fuck her deep belly button. The smell of sex was overpowering.

My now ex-daughter in law anticipated where I was headed and pulled her legs up and apart. Juices were flowing from her as I licked her snatch for the first time that day. I had to eat her like a maniac just to keep up at first. Her juice was so sweet. It was completely different from the bolder taste of Barb's honey. I can't say I liked either taste better; they were just different. My tongue thrust and licked all over her hole until I found that special button. Her clit seemed larger than ever as I sucked it into my mouth. I swirled my tongue all around it as I stuck a single finger into her pussy.

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