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Extra Credit


Melissa adjusted her skirt and touched up her lip stick. She then looked at herself in the full length mirror in her bed room. Damn I look hot, if this doesn't get me a passing grade nothing will, well except for actually showing up for class and learning the material she laughed to herself.

Melissa was 5' 7" and a perfect size six; she had medium length brown hair with natural blond highlights. She was a knock out and she knew it. She had chosen the perfect outfit for the occasion. Tight jean mini skirt to show off her perfectly tanned legs and a tank top which exposed her C sized tits nicely.

The door to his office was closed as it generally was. Melissa knocked lightly 3 times before she heard his gruff voice say come in.

"Hi, Professor Henley I was wondering if I could discuss my grade with you?" said Melissa in a timid yet flirtatious voice.

"What did you want to know," he asked coldly

"Well I know I haven't been doing so well this semester and I was wondering if there was any kind of extra credit that is available to me to bring my grade up."

"The syllabus clearly states no extra credit, Melissa, I am afraid you are stuck in your position."

This is when her plan went into effect. She slowly stood up adjusting her skirt, and sauntered to the other side of the desk. As she reached the other side the professor was already looking at her with an almost knowing look in his eye. "Now are you sure you could make an exception for me?" Melissa said with a bat of her eyes at she started to sit on his desk facing him.

"Ehhh, hmmm well," stammered the professor as he looked at Melissa. "I am sure we could work some thing out." Melissa took her cue and moved to sitting completely on his desk facing him with her feet on either side of his chair. The professor had to have a perfect view of her completely shaved pussy.

"So far so good?" asked Melissa coyly

"Mmm, hmm" was all the professor could manage to get out and she could clearly see the bulge growing in his pants. His hands slowly traveled up her legs till they were resting just below her skirt.

"You know I see you every day in lecture and it makes me so hot." Melissa laughed to herself as she saw him just eat up the attention. If she had actually showed up to class she wouldn't be in this position. Slowly her hands moved down her body until they reached her skirt and she began to pull it up.

"I can see you must shave," said the professor becoming bolder.

"Mmm, yes I do"

"You're quite the little slut aren't you Melissa teasing guys with that perfect body and perfect pussy" said the professor as his hands moved up and he began to rub her clit between his index finger and thumb. Melissa couldn't help it this man knew what he was doing and she started to moan under his attention. "You don't need to learn about history you need to learn some manners" With this he pushed her down to the desk and pulled her skirt completely up. "You need a good fucking from someone who knows what they are doing not those frat boys who give it to you now!"

Melissa was completely taken off guard. This was supposed to be a simple seduction and now she was finding herself actually turned on by her dominating professor. He roughly pulled up her shirt and bra exposing her tits. His right hand fell to one while the other he was concentrating on with his mouth.

Melissa couldn't help herself this man knew what he was doing and her moans of ecstasy were getting louder. "Mmm you like that don't you" he said almost menacingly

His one hand removed itself from her tit and undid his pants he was already completely hard and ready. Melissa looked down and gasped at the size not so much the length that was average but at the girth she had never seen a guy that thick before. He didn't even wait to see if she was ready just pounded the entire thing in one thrust. Melissa gasped "Oh my God that's fabulous" she said as she grabbed his butt and pulled him closer. "Mmm, God oh yes," she moaned with every thrust

"Oh God I am close," screamed the professor as he quickened his pace and all at once in one hard thrust he cam.

Melissa was just about to pull her clothes down and get out, when the professor pushed her down. "Oh no you aren't ready to leave yet I don't think you have learned you manners." And with that he ripped off her skirt and sat her up telling her to go bend over a desk. As Melissa did this she found herself strangely turned on more then she had ever been before.

The Professor had grabbed some tape out of his desk and proceeded to tape her arms and legs till she was bent over and completely exposed. "Perfect, you know," the professor said as he walked around her examining her every curve "I knew this day would come. I have seen you girls in all my years of teaching they think they can show off a little, suck some cock, and maybe even fuck me, and run out with a four point. But now, now I make them earn it." And with that he slapped her ass hard leaving a mark.

The position was already getting uncomfortable for Melissa and the tape was ripping at her skin. "Please I have learned manners. It was naïve of me to come here and think I could sleep my way to a better grade," whimpered Melissa desperate to get out of a situation that was no longer in her control.

"Oh no, you are not getting out that easy," and with one finger he slid it slowly in her ass.

"Ahh ouch," Melissa cried.

"Mmm, you like it there don't you slut?"

"Please, no, professor." Her pleas went unheard as a second finger slowly slipped in.

"Uhh, you're so tight it's gonna feel so good on my cock." Melissa was now getting scared but some how turned on at the same time and almost couldn't wait to feel his cock in her ass.

"Mmm, baby this is gonna be tight," he said as he slowly slid himself in inch by inch. Melissa was trying her best to relax for the tight fit but he was so thick and so could only relax so much. Finally after agonizing minutes he was in, and Melissa was relaxed and ready for action.

"Mmm, you like it don't you; tell me how much you like my cock filling your tight ass."

"Oh it feels so good, oh it's so tight."

"What do you want me to do now?"

"Fuck me," Melissa said quietly

"What was that my little slut I couldn't hear you?"

"Fuck me, fuck me with that cock, I want to feel it till I'm sore," moaned Melissa

"As you wish." And with that he went at it in and out faster and harder then he had ever fucked before the whole time Melissa moaning in pleasure and pain. "Oh, God girl I'm about to cum."

"Oh God," Melissa whimpered "Cum, cum inside me let me feel you fill my ass."

"Oh hell yeah girl," he grunted and with one last thrust pushed in all the way and started unloading.

Slowly he withdrew and pulled his pants up and untapped Melissa. "Well do I get the extra credit now?"

"It's defiantly taken care of," replied the professor.

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