tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExtra Credit Ch. 01

Extra Credit Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Univariate Analysis

"So the short explanation is 'you really need a good grade in this class'? Right" he said, having heard this from students for years.

"I do. I really do. If I fail this I'll have to drop out of school and go back home, and I can't take that...my parents are so strict...I'll do any extra credit assignment you give me ... anything." She said, clearly desperate for help.

"So you would do any extra credit I think up?" he said, with just the right kind of leering at the "any". She knew what he meant; he knew what she would do.

She smiled, nervously, "yes, anything."

"Well, what do you think would be an appropriate extra credit assignment?" He said, keeping himself just on the right side of the law.

She looked at him, right in the eyes, they both knew what he wanted, and she just had to say it. "I could ... I could fuck you" she said tentatively "or something like that..." not sure where else to go with the idea. He knew exactly where he wanted to go.

"Oh no, that certainly won't do. I need something that you turn in, something more concrete." He loved the puzzled expression on her face. She had thought she knew exactly what he wanted, but now he was turning the tables on her. "I think I need a series of assignments to make up for your poor grades. You have missed many homework assignments, as well as doing very poorly on three exams. I think there will need to be four different assignments for you. Does that sound fair to you?"

She was confused, wasn't he asking for sex? Wasn't that how the game was played? She had done this before, and usually a quick fuck or a good blow job did it. Sometimes she hated herself for it, especially when the prof was old or fat. This guy wasn't hot, but at least he wasn't repulsive. Where was he going? "Well, I guess that four assignments would be OK..." she said, puzzling over the assignments expression.

"Terrific. I assume you have access to a video cam?"

Surprised by the question she simply said "yeah..."

"Fine then. Your first make up assignment – you might want to take some notes – is to video yourself masturbating." Now she began to see, apparently he was something of a voyeur. Well that was fine with her, at least she didn't have to have sex with some fat old professor with a wimpy dick. "I want you and the camera positioned so that I can see your face, your cunt and your breasts. I expect you to use your fingers, and some kind of device. It could be a vibrator, or something you think up. Obviously, the more creative the idea, the better your grade. Most importantly: you must bring yourself to orgasm. It must be real, if I think you are faking, it will be a lower grade. Now, I'll give you two days to get this first assignment back to me. Just bring me the video and then I'll give you the second assignment."

She told him OK and returned to her room in the dorms. Luckily she had a single, so she could do this in private. Carefully setting up the video camera, she lay down on her bed. It was hard to ensure that she captured herself in the frame, maybe she should ask someone to help? No, this is too embarrassing, she didn't have a steady boyfriend that she could ask, and she certainly didn't want just anyone seeing her. She chuckled at that, of course she was making a video for apparently something like that purpose. She owned a vibrator – if her mother knew they would both die of embarrassment, and her mother would tell her she was going to hell. If her mother knew all the stuff she did at college she would be sent to a convent.

After she relaxed, she was able to forget about the camera and just get into a rhythm. Soon her lips filled and parted, and her juices started flowing. That warm, tickling feeling was building. She slipped her fingers inside her canal and began to work them in and out while she gently moved the vibrator in circles around her clit. She thought about the professor watching the tape she was making and was surprised to find it turned her on. He was kinda cute, in an older man sorta way. As she thought of his dick getting so hard while watching her she felt her nipples become hard and sensitive. She imagined what he might do while watching, surprised at how powerfully arousing the idea of being watched was. She took her fingers out of her wet hole, and made little circles around her nipples. She wondered if the professor liked her large tits. She had never thought of her tits as great: they were too big, but she found men loved them. Did he stare at them in class, when he saw this tape would it turn him on?

As her clit became sensitive she plunged the vibrator deep into her pussy and began gently circling her clit with her wet fingers. She began to moan, just a little, and soon was lost in a double whammy orgasm. Thoughts of her professor masturbating to the video brought her to orgasm a third time. As she relaxed, and recovered from the orgasm, she figured this ought to be an A+!!!

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