tagMatureExtra Credit Ch. 02, Pt. 3

Extra Credit Ch. 02, Pt. 3


Here’s the last part, hope everyone enjoys!

Shannon’s eyes popped open the next morning bright and early. Turning to see if James was awake, she discovered him out cold. Shannon didn’t want to wake him, so she got up quietly and took a quick shower to wash off the remains of last night. Her anus was still sore from the reaming James had given her, but the pain brought with it pleasant memories and she found herself growing aroused. After her shower she put on a white sundress with matching heels. A strapless bra and a brand new white thong completed her outfit. She was going to go exploring while James caught up on some sleep.

As she made her way down the sidewalk she would hear the occasional whistle or wolf howl and all she would do is smile. The sun felt wonderful. Shannon passed a little sidewalk café and decided to get a cup of coffee. She seated herself at a table and crossed her long legs. A man across the next table took the liberty of starring a hole in Shannon’s tanned legs. Shannon gave the man what he wanted. She uncrossed and re-crossed them again, very slowly. The man’s jaw was literally wide open. “There’s my good deed for today,” Shannon thought to herself.

Finally, a waitress walked up to Shannon’s table. The young blonde – mid-20s, Shannon guessed – was dressed in a stylish pair of low slung jeans, long sleeve t-shirt that was maybe a size too small, and a small black apron around her slender waist. She tucked her shoulder length blonde hair behind one ear and said, “Hi, my names Kelly, what can I get you?”

“Coffee please, with cream and sugar,” Shannon replied.

“Coming right up.” Kelly said.

After a few moments, Kelly waitress returned with Shannon’s coffee. “Is that guy bothering you?” Kelly asked.

“You mean the guy starring me down? Nah, it’s kinda flattering,” Shannon said.

“Ok, I just wanted to know because he comes here everyday and stares at me until I tell him to leave.”

“Say do you know what the nightlife around her is like?” Shannon said, pulling out a chair for Kelly to sit down. She struck Shannon as a young and attractive woman who might know where to go for some fun.

“Well there are a few clubs that are alright, but if you want a real fun time, I’d go to club Oasis.” Kelly said, sitting herself down. “Are you looking for some company because at club Oasis you’ll see all kinds of hot guys,” Kelly said grinning.

“Oh no, I don’t need company, I brought my uh…. boyfriend with me.” Shannon blushed at the term.

“That’s good too, you and he will have a great time there, well I better get back to work, nice to meet you.” Kelly said, getting up.

When Kelly got back around, the corner she saw a young man sitting at a table. As she got closer, she noticed how good looking the guy was: tall, dark hair, good skin, and by the looks of him under that tight t-shirt, a great body. “Calm down, Kelly, he’s just an extremely good-looking guy,” she thought to herself.

The guy at the table was a very tired James who went out looking for Shannon. When he saw the waitress coming toward him James looked her up and down. His eyes were immediately drawn to the exposed skin above her hip-hugger jeans and short, tight t-shirt. He was pleased to see the glimmer of a navel piercing on her skinny, washboard abdomen. While she didn’t quite have the curves of Shannon, she was by no means anorexic. “Not bad,” James thought to himself. Her short blonde hair made her look cute, matched with her large, blue eyes and lovely face.

“Hello, my names Kelly, what can I do for you?”

Kelly kind of starred at James for a moment, trying to soak up every detail. It had been awhile since Kelly broke up with her boyfriend and any cute guy in sight was fair game.

“Just some coffee, I guess. Black” James said.

“Be right back,” Kelly said.

While walking away, Kelly did her best to sashay her ass. James took notice like any red-blooded guy would, eating up the dimples just above the low waistline of her jeans. And was that a high, thong tan line he detected at her hips? When Kelly got back with his coffee, James invited her to sit with him. After the two chatted awhile, James said that he was about to leave but Kelly wasn’t going to let him just walk away.

“Ummmm……..if you don’t mind me asking….what are doing later tonight?”

Kelly was shocked at the directness of her words but didn’t care because James was the best thing she’d seen in a long while.

“I’m not real sure right at the moment. You see……my girlfriend”

Kelly interrupted him as soon as she heard the word girlfriend. “Oh…uh…never mind…I….didn’t know…” Kelly said, her beautiful face flushing red.

“Hey don’t mention it. Hey there’s my girlfriend coming now,” James said.

Kelly turned and saw the woman she was just talking to rounding the corner. When Shannon saw James, she smiled and walked up to him. Kelly sat frozen for a moment. She had just tried to pick up the boyfriend of the woman she had just told about club Oasis.

“Hey baby,” Shannon said, giving James a quick kiss on the lips.

Kelly tried not to but she starred at James and Shannon as they kissed. It had been too long since she had some physical contact.

“Shannon, this is Kelly,” James said.

“Yes I know, we’ve already met,” Shannon said giving Kelly a weird little stare.

“I’ve got to be going, nice to meet the both of you,” Kelly said, exiting as quickly as possible. She knew the look Shannon gave her. All women know that look: the get the hell away from my man look.

“She seems like a nice girl,” James said.

“Oh really?” Shannon said, arching her eyebrows.

“What? She seemed like she was a really nice person, besides she doesn’t hold a candle to you,” James said, giving Shannon a quick kiss on her cheek.

“That’s exactly what you should say,” Shannon said smiling. “I know a great club we can go to tonight, what do you say?

“Sounds fun,” James said as they walked back to the hotel room.

Back at the café, Kelly was thinking about James. She couldn’t get him off her mind. He was type of guy that drove her nuts. He was in good shape, tall, dark and sexy. “I wish that was me he was kissing today, I could show him a real good time,” she thought to herself. “And I bet he could show me a good time as well,” she blushed, that warm and pleasant sensation beginning to stir between her legs. She didn’t think of herself as a slut by any means, but she had shared a few one-nighters in her time – only when times were desperate – and found herself thinking that tonight was going to be one of those nights.

After a few hours, the sun finally gave in to the night and Shannon and James started to get ready for their first official night on the town.

“Does this look alright?’ James said, coming out of the bathroom in shiny black pants and a tight white long-sleeved shirt. He did a spin for Shannon.

“Oh yeah, that’ll work just fine,” Shannon said, loving the way the shirt clung to his skinny yet toned frame.

She walked over to James and wrapped her arms around him, squeezing his ass.

“Ummmm….you smell good,” Shannon said, tracing her index finger along James’ chest.

Shannon’s proximity and the smooth material of his pants had James’ cock pitching a tent in no time. Shannon grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down through his pants.

“Sorry, that’s just the typical male response,” James said grinning.

“No problem as long as you’re ready for the typical female response a little later,” Shannon said, finally relinquishing her grip.

She disappeared into the bathroom only to emerge about an hour later looking absolutely stunning. Shannon wasn’t about to waste her first opportunity to do a little showing off. James gawked at the gorgeous woman standing in front of him. Shannon’s outfit for the evening was sure to have an impact at the club: tight, red, and slinky. The thin material clung to her body as though it were vacuum-sealed, spaghetti straps twined up behind her neck, halter-style, before sweeping down over her chest, leaving her back bare nearly down to her full buttocks. The dress was so short and tight that she felt virtually nude to the world, and the thought of going into public dressed like this got her wet between her thighs. Not only did it offer plenty of deep cleavage, it offered onlookers glimpses of the sides of her soft breasts, as well as most of her legs.

“Jesus Christ!!!! You look great,” James exclaimed, eying the shortest dress he’d ever seen outside of porn magazines. She wore more make up than usual, enough to set off her high cheekbones and beautiful, dark eyes. A bit of glitter, a bit of lip gloss, and she looked like the cover girl to a fashion magazine.

Shannon blushed and gave James a kiss on the cheek. As they walked out the door, James rubbed Shannon’s ass through the thin material of her dress, feeling the tiny g-string she had on. “If I could purr, I would,” Shannon thought to herself.

About the same time, Kelly was getting home from the diner and preparing herself for her night out. She stripped off her work outfit and stepped under the hot water of her shower, letting the warm water wash away the day’s kinks. Kelly rubbed her new strawberry body wash all over her tight body and thought about her day. Inevitably, her thoughts went back to James and Shannon: James with thoughts of lust, Shannon with thoughts of jealousy. As she soaped her womanly curves, she found herself comparing her body to Shannon’s. Sure, her tits weren’t as large as the brunette’s, but Kelly was also more slender, more athletic, and her firm B-cups were perfectly proportional to her form.

As she carefully shaved her legs, Kelly smiled devilishly as a wicked thought crossed her mind. Rinsing off her legs, she reached for the shaving cream again and applied the white foam to the trimmed area around her pussy. She’d always kept her bikini trimmed close, maintaining a little, triangular patch of the light blonde fuzz. But tonight, she was feeling naughty. Carefully, she shaved all the hair from her mound, first stroking with the grain, then against to assure silky smooth results. Looking down at herself when she was finished, a thrill ran up her spine at the sight. She let her fingers slide from her washboard stomach, down her tummy, up and over the slight curve of her bare mons and down between the silky smooth petals of her labia. She groaned as her fingers slipped over her clit, her wetness mixing with that over the hot water of the shower. Her pussy lips were small and tight lipped, now plump with arousal, fat and swollen. She coaxed her lips open, slipping a finger between them, and she let out a little gasp.

“Mmmmmmmm……….yeah,” Kelly moaned as she dipped her finger inside her pussy once again.

Before she knew it, the blonde was all out fingering herself, her left hand spreading herself while her right went at it, fingers racing up and down her clit. “Ahhhhh…… ohhhhhhh…….” she moaned. She leaned up against the wall of her shower, groaning as her shapely back touched the cold tiles. Kelly was in a trance, lifting her left hand to her breasts, pulling and tweaking her small brown nipple. “Yea, yea! Oh, yea!” she cried, biting her lower lip. Kelly felt the little convulsions that signaled her impending orgasm. She felt the waves build, racing higher and higher.

“Ohhhhhhh…………ohmygod……… yeah….fuck..that’s it………. OHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!” Kelly screamed, forcing two fingers deep into the velvet glove of her cunt. The walls of her pussy tightened like a vice around her slender fingers. Breathing heavily, regaining her composure, she removed her fingers and turned off the shower.

As she was getting out Kelly looked at herself through the fog-covered mirror, her eyes immediately drawn to her shaved pussy. The hairless lips had closed back up, her pussy no more than a tight slit between her legs, no downy triangle to point the way. She shivered to herself, the urge to touch it again almost overwhelming. She felt so bad. “Perfect, since tonight, I’m going to be bad,” she thought to herself, smiling wickedly.

Kelly took her time picking out the perfect outfit. “No panties tonight,” Kelly thought with that same hint of wickedness, slipping a tight, white mini-skirt over her legs and ass. Her halter top was black, tying around her neck and in the back. The front draped to just above her belly button, which she’d decided to decorate with her Playboy bunny navel piercing. Kelly put her blonde hair up, leaving two strands to frame her strikingly beautiful face. Silver hoop earrings, makeup, the perfect amount of eye liner and mascara. “After all this trouble, if I don’t get some dick tonight I’m going to scream,” she said, grinning to herself. She finalized her makeup, applying some glittering red lipstick, slipping on tall black heels, and off she went.

As James and Shannon arrived at the club, Shannon started to get a little nervous.

“What’s wrong,” James asked, sensing the brunette’s anxiety.

“Oh nothing, it’s just that…….well here I am, all dressed up, having the time of my life with you, and……”

“And what,” James asked as they stopped.

“Do you think I’m a bad person for…….you know………..coming here with you…having sex with you……..cheating on my husband?” Shannon asked with her head down.

James lifted Shannon’s head with his finger and starred into her eyes.

“Shannon, this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me…..you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. As far as you cheating on your husband, that’s something I think you have to come to terms with, but do I think you’re a bad person? No. Honestly, I don’t.”

Shannon starred deep into James’ dark eyes for a moment, and then took his hand and they walked into the club. Still uncertain, she decided that she wasn’t going to let it ruin tonight’s fun.

The club was very crowded, filled with beautiful young men and women writhing to the rhythm played over the large speakers. You had to shout in order to be heard.

“Let’s dance,” Shannon yelled, grabbing James’ hand.

“Ok, I guess, but I’m not that great of a dancer,” James said smiling.

“Be inventive, like last night,” Shannon grinned.

When the couple got onto the dance floor, it was like they had an invisible spotlight on them. They ignored the attention and danced for about twenty minutes before taking a break.

“I need a drink,’ Shannon said, out of breath.

“I know it’s customary for the guy to get the drinks, but remember I’m legally a minor,” James said smiling.

“Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot. I’ll be right back.” Shannon said.

Shannon made her way to the bar but had to stop halfway there to stand in line. “This sucks,” she thought to herself. While in line, every guy that walked by had to stare, even the guys with their girlfriends with them. Shannon would just smile, getting turned on by all the attention directed her way. After about five minutes, Shannon felt hot breath on the back of her neck. When she turned to see who it was, she was shocked. A gigantic black man was starring her down. “He must be seven feet tall,” Shannon thought to herself.

“Can I help you,’ Shannon asked coyly.

“I can think of a few ways you could help me,” the man said in a deep, rumbling voice.

Shannon blushed, “I’m sorry, but I’m here with someone. Maybe next time,” Shannon added before she could help herself. Why did she say that? She felt her heart flutter.

“It’s your loss, baby, you could have had the night of your life.”

Shannon was speechless; she hadn’t ever been hit on before. “I’m sure I would but I’m already taken,” Shannon said meekly.

“Maybe a little preview would change your mind,” the black man said.

Before Shannon could react, the man grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch.

“Oh my god!!!” she cried out. She could feel the black man’s dick through his pants and it was huge. It was like grabbing a baseball bat. Shannon’s hand stayed there for a minute as her brain tried to process the size her hand was telling her she was feeling.

“I’mm…..uh….sorry…..but……I’m here with my boyfriend,” Shannon finally said.

“Like I said, your loss baby,” the black man said as he walked away.

“You won’t have any problems finding a date with a cock that big,’ Shannon thought to herself. Shannon could feel the heat from her pussy, she was kind of in a daze. “Goddamn, and the night is just starting,” Shannon thought to herself.

“Man, this is a kick ass club,” James thought to himself as he waited at a table, looking around at all the beautiful dancers. No one really held a candle to his escort for the night, but that wasn’t really a fair comparison.

About this time Kelly arrived at the club and made her way inside. She had been to the club many times and knew her way around. In no time she had found James.

“I’ll be damned,” James thought as he saw Kelly coming toward him, appreciating the way her short white skirt and small, black halter clung tightly to her willowy body. He loved the way her skirt sat low on her slender hips.

“Damn that girl is fine,” James said under his breath.

“Hi there,” Kelly said as she approached. Her mission was underway.

“Hey, what going on, I didn’t expect to see you here tonight,” James said, starring a little too obviously as Kelly’s long legs.

“I was bored, so I decided to go out tonight. Mind if I have a seat,” Kelly said, all too aware of James growing excitement.

“Help yourself, Shannon’s coming back with drinks,” James said.

“That’s good, I could use a drink. It’s kinda hot in here,” Kelly said.

When Kelly sat down, she didn’t pull her skirt down at all, letting the stretchy material ride up her thigh.

“Goddamn, she’s trying to seduce me,” James thought to himself.

Kelly uncrossed her legs and crossed them again slowly with her head turned toward the dance floor, as though she were thinking about something else. James looked down and was shocked to catch a flash of Kelly’s bald pussy, the image burning itself into his mind forever.

“Have you danced any tonight?” Kelly asked.

“Um……..oh….dancing….yeah…a little earlier,” James stammered.

Kelly smiled and grabbed his hand and pulled him up. “Maybe we should wait for Shannon,” James said.

“We’ll be right over there. Come on, don’t be a party pooper,” Kelly said laughed.

When they got onto the dance floor, Kelly pushed herself up right next to James’ body.

She could feel how well James was built as she put her arms around his neck, and she could feel her pussy getting wet.

“That’s better, isn’t it,” Kelly said, rubbing her stomach against James’ cock. She wasn’t trying to hide her seductive attempt, that was for sure.

James could barely speak. Kelly smelled wonderful, almost intoxicating. “Uh…..yeah…that’s better,” James said, trying to keep his cock from becoming hard.

Kelly kept up her grinding through three songs; finally she got what she wanted. She could feel James’ cock becoming hard. “Damn, that thing is huge,” she thought to herself.

“Shit, this is just what I need,” James thought. “I’m here with a gorgeous woman, and another gorgeous woman is trying to dry hump me on the dance floor.” Kelly broke the silence finally.

“How serious are you and Shannon,” she asked.

“Uh…..I’m not sure…..kinda serious I guess,” James said, knowing what Kelly was doing.

“Then this shouldn’t matter.” She leaned in and kissed James. As his lips touched hers, Kelly felt light headed. She stepped back and looked at James to see what he would do. James looked dazed and Kelly was just getting started.

“I…..don’t know…if…..” James said but was interrupted as Kelly again pressed her lips to his. This time, Kelly parted James’ lips with her tongue and tasted the young man. “Ummmmm…….you taste good,” Kelly moaned as she continued.

Little by little, James started to reciprocate. Almost by instinct his hands lowered to Kelly’s firm ass. It was so perfect, round and tight, not flat like the ones so many other skinny girls were plagued with. Kelly moaned as her tongue wrestled with James’. When he squeezed her ass, she knew she had him.

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