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Eye See You


I looked around the place watching everyone enjoy each other's company. I came alone because my night had wrapped up early. Figured I'd stop by the local dive and check it out, seeing as how I'm hardly here. I sat there nursing my beers and screaming at the TV. I've always been quiet and reserved but when my team is playing, all bets are off. I watched in disgust as the referee counted down the final seconds of another abysmal year. I wasn't surprised about the loss as much as disappointed. Most people were just thankful the bloodshed had finally come to an end. Now we could point fingers at management, watch the team re-build and pray they don't get slaughtered next season. I was still upset when the game was over. This beer didn't taste as good as the first one. I ordered another round to wash out the aftertaste.

As I leaned back in my chair with disgust, a pretty face out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. Her sleek long brown hair came down to her shoulders. She had a very cute button face, an approachable demeanor. I liked that. I took another look at her. I could see her looking at me with the same intensity. Had we met before? I tried to imagine where I could have seen her face. There was something telling me I know this girl but I couldn't remember from where.

I looked around and felt that same familiarity feeling with everyone in the room. It soon dawned on me that I was surrounded by people I had gone to school with. I looked up at Ms. brown hair again. The long hair...cute button face...

"Beth." I said snapping my fingers. We stared at each other a second longer and pointed, hoping the other would acknowledge. I've gone to school with Beth since the second grade. She extended her hand out to me but I surprised her with a hug. It's been about six years since we've seen each other. I looked at her again. She was still the same Beth I'd grown up with. I convinced her to have one beer with me.

"So what brings you here?" She asked me.

I shook my head. "I came to watch the game and enjoy the a drink in peace."

Beth started to get up. "Oh. Did you want me to leave you alone?"

"Oh no. That's not what I meant. I meant 'in peace' as in away from my mother and father."

She settled back in her seat. "Oh. Right. I know the feeling."

"Why would I want a you leave? You just got here and we ain't seen each other in 10 years."

"Yeah...so are you a big Browns fan?"

"Gotta rep my city."

"Yeah...too bad they lost."

I shrugged. "It wouldn't be Cleveland if they won."

"So what are you doing again? Teaching?"

"Writing. I teach to pay the bills."

"So what kind of writing to you do?"

"All kinds. Most recently I've turned my attention to erotic short stories."

"Oh really?" Her interest was piqued.

I nodded, flashing a smile at the same time as I drink my beer. "I'm very good."

"And what kind of writing are we talking about? The kind you see in the bookstores?"

"Yea, kinda but not that redundant crap that's out everywhere. I'm not into that. My work is a bit more in depth and...seductive."

Beth nodded her head in approval, surprised but nevertheless impressed. "So where do your ideas come from?"

"They can come from anywhere, just determines on whatever's floating inside my head at the moment." I drank my beer to prolong the suspense. "Take us for example. I could probably write a pretty hot sequence about this."

She scooted her chair in closer. "Really? What would you write?"

I looked down at my watch. "Got a minute?" I knew she would say yes. How else would someone respond after a setup like that? I got the attention of the bartender and ordered another round of drinks. I quickly finished the last of my first beer and held up the second glass. "It began with a cheer. To old friends."

"To old friends." She raised her glass to mine.

"And new lovers."

She blushed and looked down at her feet. I could tell she was smiling. I reached over and extended my arm, waiting for hers. She did the same and I grabbed hold. I start to get up and she follows, not quite sure what's going on. I take her in my arms and start to dance to the music. She laughed.

"This isn't the type of place to do this."

"I know. I'm making it that type."

She continued to fuss but she doesn't stop dancing. My hands were over her shoulders. My legs rocked back and forth slowly. We continued to talk about our lives and past lives. Who we thought we were in high school, who we came to be in college and who we really are out of college. As we talked I allowed my hands to roam across her body, down her stomach and around her hips. I listened to her words, what she said, how she said them, trying to get a feel for the moment.

"You got someone special waiting for you back in North Carolina?"

She smiled, obviously amused. "Why? Is this your 'subtle' way of asking if I have a boyfriend?"

"I'm sure you have a boyfriend. I was just asking you if it was special."

"What makes you think I have a boyfriend?"

"You're too good to be on the open market. I'm sure you have guys falling all over you cause of your personality and that cute thing you do with your face."

"What cute thing I do with my face?" She asked.

"Just the way it lights up anytime someone talks to you. You've always had it. Even when we were growing up."

Her smile was bigger than before. "Thank you. But I'm sure you have all sorts of women now that you write—

I leaned in closer to her lips. "Erotic...short...stories.

Beth looked like she wanted to say something but she didn't.

"Believe it or not, I've never had that great a relationship with women."

"Why is that do you think?" Her arms were locked firmly around my waist, fingers intertwined.

I placed my arms on her hips. Carefully I curled my fingers up under her shirt to feel my skin against hers. My hands were cold but they warmed up quickly.

"Never found the right women. I'm notoriously picky. I think my constantly living in fantasy to write has made me sort of reject reality. That's why I like writing so much. In real life I'm a dork, but in fantasy I'm a God."

I could feel myself start to want her. I knew could feel it too. I started to pull away but she pulled me in closer. She could feel my excitement throbbing. I was shocked but I tried to play it cool. I let her stay close and feel me wanting her.

She looked up at me with those hazel brown eyes of hers. I had seen them in the past but tonight they were the most beautiful pair of eyes I had ever seen. There was an innocent desire in her eyes. It was like she wanted something to happen but didn't know how to do it. She whispered something in my ear. I couldn't believe what she was telling me so I made her say it again.

"Seduce me like you would in one of your stories."

"I thought that's what I was doing." I replied.

After the song ended Beth leaned in closer and whispered in my ear. "Do you have a place we can go?"

For a second I thought about the valley behind the football stadium. It would have been the perfect spot explore our sudden passion. The sexy former co-ed getting one last night with the former varsity athlete. I ran track when I while I was in high school. I wasn't very good at it but I did letter in it. To this day I still have no idea what that means. I looked in her eyes and knew a late night incursion in the back of the car just wasn't appropriate. I suggested a motel room. She nodded. I quickly paid the bill and we left the bar together.

Beth still didn't like hip-hop. That hadn't changed from high school. I changed the song to fit the mood. It was a song about two people getting to know each other as lovers and friends. "How appropriate." I thought to myself. I turned my head and saw her nodding to the music. I smiled.

"How long have you had this car?"

"Since high school." I answered quickly.


"No, not since high school, I'm sorry. Since college. My second year of college." That's when I heard her whole story. Her life in North Carolina and the live-in boyfriend who just moved out six weeks ago, before Christmas no less. She found a ring in his chest drawer the week of his moving out. It was all starting to make sense.

"I just want to feel like there's a part of me that's still alive. I've just been feeling dead for so long."

I nodded. I now understood this night wasn't just about some one night stand with a school friend. There was so much more to it.

"I envy you." She said.


"Because. Right time, right place. All you had to do was sit in a bar and 'boom!' Guaranteed sex."

I chuckled. "I wish it were that easy. I had no idea you were sad at all tonight. It's truly a testament to your skills.

"My skills?"

"Yes. Your skills as a woman."

"And why do you say that?"

"Well, in my profession I have to get a good read on people, see how they are and find out what they're thinking. Most of this has to be done based on everything they're not doing, not telling me."

"Oh. So you think you got a read on me?"

"Of course I do." She was amazed at my arrogance. I knew I hadn't crossed that fine line between sexy arrogant and asshole arrogant because she was still smiling after she gasped for air.

"How could you know that?"

"How could I write about you if I haven't read you first?" I replied.

She shook her head as she smiled. "You're good." She said slyly.

"Thank you." I replied. "Did you want to go someplace and get something to drink first?"

"You still want to drink?"

"Nah, I'm just sayin, ya know?"

"No. That's all right. I like this little thing we have goin here."

"And what's that?"

"This awkwardness. You and me. We haven't seen each other for five years and what's the first thing we do when we see each other? Go get a room."

"Damn straight." I said, hoping all my outward bravado would disguise my nervousness. As soon as we got the room she started taking off her clothes. No teasing or seduction involved which disappointed me a little. I'm not sure why. I guess I figured that the way she was going on that she would want to turn this into strip tease. That would be the easiest way to let out some of the hurt she felt from whatever happened back in North Carolina. Not that I knew anything happened. I just figured as must, seeing as where the night was heading. I chastised myself for jumping to conclusions.

I focused my eyes on Beth and there she stood, in a see through white shirt, white bra and blue panties. Everything was cotton, which I didn't mind. It's not like either of us was expecting this night to happen or else we'd both have been a little bit more prepared, like she might have worn a matching bra and panty set. But fuck it, I liked the spontaneity. Her body was absolutely amazing. I was a little surprised how comfortable she was getting undressed in front of me, like she would see the dorky, thick glasses version of me. I had nothing to worry about though. Her body was beautiful and she allowed me to look at her as a man. In turn I could see her blushing a little as she let me admire her in all her womanhood. She laughs every time I tell her how beautiful she is. At one point I can her hear talking to herself, asking herself if she's really going to do this. I tell her we don't have to do anything if she doesn't want to.

A warning siren goes off in my head. I started panicking as I thought about what I just did. "I just gave her an out. I do want to do this. How could I just give her an out like that?" I salvaged the moment by suggesting we make out in our underwear if that would make her feel more comfortable. I walked up to her slowly. I could see her trembling. I kissed her softly on her lips. Softly. They tasted good. I kissed them again. I moved my lips down her neck. I took her hands and wrapped them around my waist. She held on tight, moving her feet slowly as if we were dancing. It's a nice gesture, but that wasn't what I was hoping for. I pull her arms from my waist and placed them near the front of my pants. I left them there and continued to kiss her around her neck. My hands moved automatically, caressing her back. Her hands were still perched around my pants. I was a bit confused and slight aggravated but I pretended not to notice as I undid the bottom buttons of her shirt. I slid my hands around her waist and pulled her closer. I could feel her body temperature rise. "You really are beautiful." I told her. She smiled as she leaned in to kiss me again. She lowered her head and started kissing around my neck. "First sign of life", I told myself. I turned my neck a little to give her more room. She took one of her hands and placed it around my neck. Her other arm was wrapped around my waist. I took her hands and gently directed them to the button on my jeans. She finally got the hint and started undoing my button. I could feel myself getting aroused by the touch of her fingertips so close to me. I could feel her hands slide up my stomach and reach under my shirt. In an instant she had reached her hands back and grabbed my butt. I smiled. It seemed like she was finally ready for us to explore each other's body.

I let her pull my pants down, exposing my boxers. My body was aching to get inside of hers. I put her hand over me to see how excited I was. She smiled and squeezed the area around my boxers. My body responded at her touch. I could feel myself give out a soft moan. She dug her hand into my boxers to get a better feel. Just the touch of her hand around my throbbing vein was vein was almost too much to bear. I tried to keep myself focused. Everything I had was hers for the night.

When she squeezed my butt again I pulled my pants off and let them fall to the floor. With my legs free I stick one in-between hers, letting them open like a rosebud. I pushed her on the bed and leaned into her, close enough to kiss. I stared at her intently and traced my eyes up and down her succulent body.

"First I'm going to make love to you with my eyes." I told her. I could her body's excitement as she let me indulge myself. My eyes dove into her neck to explore every crevice a tongue could stimulate. I played with her long brown hair, twirling it around my fingers. Her fingers were busy as well as they went over the muscular divisions in my body. My eyes and nose went up her right arm, inhaling her scent. She smelled of cigarettes but I moved past that. That was just the outward layer from the bar. I wanted to smell her. Her arms were so soft but so strong. I wanted to kiss her but I resisted the urge. I ran my cheek down her right arm to get a feel for her softness. She grabbed my face and kissed it. She kissed me with all the pent up emotions swirling through her body. She tasted so good. I wanted her even more. It was difficult to pull and separate me lips from hers.

"She wanted seduction so she's getting seduction." I told myself.

I looked down her chest and around each breast, especially painstaking around each nipple. My fantasy started to break down when I did this because her breasts weren't all that big. She really did look like that same girl I grew up with all those years ago. I thrusted my butt up in the air and dove my face back into her body. Her hands were still on me, around my chest and stomach, enjoying each muscle as they contracted and expanded.

"You're not the tiny little boy I once knew." She said as she admired my features.

"Sssh! No talking!" I said jokingly.

She smiles as she pulled an imaginary zipper across her lips. I nodded accordingly. I went back to her chest, back to her nipples and stared at them intently. I could imagine them getting hard off the sensation of being looked at like that, with such desire. Her stomach was an absolute thing of beauty. Chiseled out of the hardest rock and yet soft enough like it was bathed in body oil.

I allowed myself to cheat and let my cheeks feel the sensation of her skin. I rubbed them over her stomach. I put my hands around her and hugged her tightly. I could feel my body bubbling over with anticipation. I wanted her now. I wanted to pin her arms to the bed, stick myself in her and wait a moment to let her body get used to the idea before I fucked every drop of desire out of her system. I struggled to maintain my speed and let my eyes see her first.

"I want you so bad." I choked. "I don't know how much longer I can hold this thing off." My body was yearning for hers. I couldn't wait any longer. I went back up to her neck and kissed her. She let out a soft moan. She needed that kiss as much as I did. My hands cupped over her breast, my tongue teased her nipples like a serpent staring down its prey.

Beth undid her bra and grabbed for my hardness. I was already overly excited and her touch sent me over the top. I exploded all over her stomach and chest. I started to apologize but I stopped myself. I waited until I watched her rub my secretion over the rest of her stomach and breasts. I'd never kissed a woman after she did that. I had a sneaking suspicion that was all going to change. I looked down and saw that my dick was still hard. I looked up at her with an evil look in my eye. She reached in her purse and pulled out a condom. After she wrapped it around me I stuck two fingers inside her body & explored her ocean floor. She moaned uncontrollably as I went back and forth, back and forth, enjoying the lubrication pouring out of her body. She was so wet. She cried out my name. I wriggled myself around a little bit more. She grabbed the bed frame and held on for dear life. I tried to kiss her (and get her to focus on something else) but it was like her body was in convulsions.

I got her to focus on me for one moment. That's when I began licking her stomach with my tongue. I tried to forget what she had just done and reminded myself that what I was doing was for the greater good of the night. She seemed to appreciate it. She calmed down and watched me as my tongue stroked her up and down her body.

I don't know what came over me but I decided to include her feet as well. I put my hands by her stomach and got on my knees. I tilted my head down and teased her thighs with my tongue. She just lied there waiting for my next movement. I grabbed one of her legs and held it as if it were a newborn babe. I licked and cuddled her leg like a lioness would care for her cub. Beth had both of her hands over her face laughing. I couldn't believe I was doing it either. I stayed around her inner thigh and leg, making my way slowly down to her toes. I put my lips around her big toe. Beth had this amused look on her face. Everyone in awhile she would laugh. I stopped and smiled. She liked what I was doing. Good. I sucked on her toe again. Her arms were over her head like she was trying to yawn. She pointed at me and motioned for me to come back up and take her. Beth shivered as soon as I slide my way into her. I moved in slowly. She jumped up and grabbed my back. When she had a good hold of me I plunged into her. She grunted. I plunged in again, rocking back and forth inside of her. She let out a sound like she wanted to scream but someone had taken the air out of her lungs. I could feel her juices find their way between her lips and my shaft. They beaded down her body and formed a puddle on the bed.

I went faster. I rammed myself into Beth's body. I wanted to be completely inside of her. She moaned my name and grabbed onto me as tightly as she could. I couldn't see her face but I could just tell it was twisted with the look of ecstasy. I heard her call out my name again which only made me want to go even faster and even harder than before. The beads of sweat dripping down my face were telling me something I didn't want to hear. I couldn't keep that pace up for much longer. She didn't seem to mind. I was still inside her and relatively capable. I pulled back and kissed her slowly. I moved around in her as slowly as our kiss. I pretended she was a violin and I was the bow. I wanted to play her all night. Every time I moved I made her sing. I knew our night was coming to an end but I didn't want it to. I refused to hear the curtain call. That's when I felt it. I thought I had released everything in me earlier but I felt something building up in me. I started to speed up from this already insane pace. Beth could feel it too as she braced herself for the grande finale. My body shivered as the last on me came inside her. I held to her for dear life. We both sat there for a minute, just holding each other.

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