"Look at those big titties..." Mumsie said, gritting her teeth once more, as the Eyesore tried to collect herself. "I never had tits like yours, honey." Mumsie stepped over to the Eyesore and reached past her daughter's golden tresses, and harshly tweaked the Eyesore's nipple through her beige brassiere. The girl flinched.

"What's wrong, baby?" Mumsie asked in a honeyed voice. "Don't you want me to admire your pretty boobies?" The older woman lifted her hand up and slapped-clawed the Eyesore's left breast as she spoke, and the girl burst into tears anew.

"P-please Mama...not here...what're they gonna think if you-" Mumsie reached over and ripped the Eyesore's bra off and clutched the girl's breasts in her claw like hands. As she squeezed, the Eyesore had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming bloody murder. And why was she holding back? She needed help, rescue from this crazy person, her mother.

Mumsie let go of the Eyesore's breasts and reached into her bag again, and the young model breathed, terrified and in acute pain. Long red streaks from Mumsie's nails marred the perfect breasts, and they ached horribly from being crushed in Mumsie's hands. Luckily it wasn't going to be a cleavage shot. The Eyesore wouldn't be able to model for one of those now, for quite a while.

Finally Mumsie brought out a coat hanger, which she slowly un-twisted, bending and pushing it til it was straightened. "Honey. I want you to stand up and arch your back, right now. If you can take a few swats on your precious boobies, than Mama will feel like you had enough."

The Eyesore, biting her lip, arched her breasts and held her hands together behind her back. She knew the drill, for Mumsie had hated and been jealous of the Eyesore's blooming breasts since they'd showed up when the girl was in sixth grade, and her pathetic A cup mother had been quite vicious to them.

Mumsie grinned and swung the coat hanger and it slammed against the Eyesore's right nipple WHACK! "Th-thank you Mumsie for my correction" the Eyesore said in a tremulous voice. WHACK! THWACK! SLAP! The coat hanger landed again and again across the Eyesore's breasts until the girl fell on the floor and held them close to her, and Mumsie slashed the Eyesore's buttocks, greedy for pain.

A few minutes later, the makeup girl knocked on the door, and Miss Yates and her mother opened it. Miss Yates was a bit teary and wearing her bathrobe, and her mother was rubbing the beautiful model's arm tenderly.

"We were just talking about her late daddy...she's a little broken up. But she'll be fine, wontcha hon?" The makeup girl looked at the mother doubtfully...there was something weird going on. But Miss Yates was so beautiful that the Maybelline would take care of the tear streaks.


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