tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 20

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 20


Gina: Happy Birthday

Gina lied. The happy babble of the normal kids stuffed into the campus coffeehouse pressured Gina like water on a diver too deep. Gina loathed these anesthetized idiots. Their cheerful eyes accused her, their frivolous mania smothered her, and their oblivious chatter trampled her fragile confidence into the mud of their privileged, inane lives. Their despotic conformism bullied Gina into joining her fellows in condemning the pretentious pervert artiste, the lying little girl, herself.

Gina couldn't face Ashley, but she was surrounded and could not retreat, and so she stared resolutely at tabletop and lied, "No, Edward didn't do anything weird. No nothing kinky. Yes, we go to a hotel and make love, but he is a perfect gentleman." Gina lied badly; her antisocial life had provided little practice in the art of deception.

Gina and Ashley had made a fetish of honesty. They avowed that their unblinking truthfulness set them above the mundane self-deceived world and bound them together as comrades. Ashley openly admitted she could not tell Gina everything she was up to, but promised she wouldn't lie. Ashley was a genius at deception via strictly constructed truth.

Gina simply lied. These were Edward's instruction; she obeyed. Gina fidgeted uncomfortably in the hard chair in the middle of the student coffeehouse avoiding eyes—laughing eyes, contemptuous eyes, blank eyes, and especially Ashley's loving eyes. Gina stared at the tabletop, blushed with shame, and fought tears.

Gina could not sit still. It wasn't just her lies that made her fidget, or even that she knew her burning face betrayed her deceit. It was her burning ass chafing from Edward's repeated rape over the past two weeks. It had been consensual sex, but Gina had just turned eighteen that day, thus rape under the laws of the commonwealth. To Gina, Edward's crime was a trivial misdemeanor, not a corrupt and deviant felony aggravated by the inequality of power conferred by age, authority, and duty, and by the pure perversion of the act. Gina saw herself as the truly guilty party. She had deceived and seduced the honorable Edward. She concealed her age (liar); she corrupted him (criminal); she loved the things he did to her (pervert). The Voice of Truth testified that the defendant had lusted for each depraved detail.

Gina fretted, "I've betrayed Ashley. I'm a craven liar worse than any of these happy idiots laughing and joking about their stupid lives with their stupid friends. It's my birthday and no one cares or even knows—happy birthday to me. I just lied to the only friend I ever had. I am utterly alone again. Happy birthday to me."

The renowned Professor hadn't been much interested in Gina's pussy. He only wanted to fuck her where it hurt, and so she let him. That's what he wanted, and so she offered herself, and her ass, up to him. Welts from weeks of beatings Edward had inflicted with his belt striped that beautiful ass. Not one of his many fine designer belts, but a heavy strap he wore only for Gina.

Gina didn't simply accept this abuse; she loved it. Kinky sex was a thrill, a great adventure. Gina was no prude. Besides, the great Professor couldn't get hard until he had slapped her around a bit. In just two weeks of passionate abandon, Gina had embraced utter submission to the brilliant and beautiful Edward. Gina was desperately in love. She crawled to him, sucked his cock, endured his thrashings, and took him into her bowels. Now she dutifully lied to her only friend, "No, Edward didn't do anything weird. No, I said nothing kinky."

Edward had said, "Lie." He also told Gina that he could not be seen with her in public because of his engagement to Anna. Gina would have to skulk off alone to the cheap hotel for their secret, sordid trysts. That Edward was embarrassed to be seen with her hurt worse than the beatings or butt fucking. Nevertheless, Edward wanted Gina to hide from the world, and so she did.

What Gina didn't know was that Anna already knew Edward was fucking Gina. And Edward knew that Anna knew. Ashley knew. Everyone involved knew everything, except young Gina. It all began with Anna. Then Ashley arraigned everything for her.

After Edward had fucked Gina twice, Anna ordered him to her boudoir where she let him lie to her about the affair one last time. Anna sat serenely peering into her vanity mirror, applying makeup, and ignoring Edward while he lied. Anna admired how the glistening colors in the pools of her eyes meandered from blue to green and through the aqua rainbow between. How rare and lovely her eyes, how the elusive hues flattered her fair complexion. The rosy shimmer of her hair flowed around her face. Anna leaned in close to check her mascara and her silken gown opened about her luridly spread legs.

All the while Edward stood behind her attempting to explain the unexplainable. Anna checked her lipstick, leaned back, absent-mindedly brushed her hair, and feigned ignoring the garbling lies falling about her like the muttering of drizzling rain. Edward secreted excuses, lies, and flop sweat. Anna patiently let Edward make a fool of himself. Then she confronted him as she leaned in to touch up her eyeliner. Anna didn't even look away from her mirror. "Darling, you are a terrible liar. I know all about the freshman. You really are so predictable." Edward was mortified. Had he lost Anna? Had he lost the game?

Anna finally glanced at Edward's reflection in her mirror. She critically looked him up and down, and at length indulged him with a listless smile. With the forbearance of an adult allowing a bad child to gobble up a second serving of desert, Anna casually granted Edward permission to fuck his student. "Have the girl, I insist. I want my man to be happy. I realize what a slut you are."

Anna fondled her hairbrush, resisting the temptation to punish Edward immediately. The time was not quite right. She looked back to her image in the looking glass and for the millionth time the uncommon mystery of her eyes surprised her. Anna returned to brushing her lush mane. She was meticulous in her old fashion rituals—a hundred scrupulous strokes of the brush every day, proper order, proper discipline. The panicked Edward looked on in silent confusion. A bead of cold sweat crawled down his back.

Anna finally turned her chair toward Edward. She crossed her legs and adjusted her gown to cover up. She held the hairbrush on her lap, drumming it with her fingers, and set forth her conditions. Edward could fuck the girl. He must keep it quiet. Not a hint of this could reach gossiping lips. No consorting on campus. He was not to breathe a word to Gina or Ashley of her acquiescence to the affair. He must shower thoroughly before returning to Anna.

Anna scolded, "I don't want a scandal over this fling. Do not let the girl in on our secret and don't think I won't find out if you do. I have spies everywhere. Do not discuss any of this with anyone, especially Ashley, understood? She is an innocent child; we must shelter her from this sordid business. Yes, I know Ashley's part in setting you up, but she is just a high-spirited youngster. I will hold her to suitable account upon the appropriate occasion."

Edward was stunned but pleased, bemused but wary. Anna knew Ashley set up the affair? He was uncharacteristically still.

"Trust me darling. I want my love to have everything his heart desires. Go ahead; fuck the girl. I want you to be happy. Just don't lie to me and keep it quiet. Now you may thank me."

Anna pulled her robe back exposing her legs. She took a sip of tea, uncrossed her legs, and leaned back in her chair. Anna opened her thighs and displayed the lips of her cunt. Edward stared at it. It seemed to smile back at him. "Go on; don't just stand there with that stupid look on your face. Thank me properly. Get your face in it. That's a good man. You're learning."

Edward bowed to his beloved's wishes and accepted everything. He didn't ask questions. After all, his betrothed was allowing him to get laid by a beautiful young girl. Edward was suspicious of course, but what more could a man ask for? His fiancée was directing him to fuck the girl. He laughed to himself, "Ok, if you insist darling, anything for you. But had Ashley betrayed him to Anna? And Ashley an innocent child? Oh well."

His lips hovered under Anna's cunt. Edward would do as he was bidden. He would orally massage Anna's genitalia, not his style but ok. And he would fuck the pretty girl, lucky Edward. However, Edward was just getting to know his beloved, so he foolishly ignored Anna's final command issued just as he grid himself to tongue his fiancée's vulva, "But nothing kinky with the girl."

The problem was that Edward loved dominating young women. He needed it kinky. He could not dominate Anna, so Gina would be the perfect outlet. The girl surrendered so quickly and completely he could not resist. Besides, Edward had already fucked Gina in the ass. Was that over the line? Did that qualify as "kinky"? He had already slapped her ass, just love taps, not quite kinky, right? He couldn't back off once started; Edward could not control himself. If no one knew, who got hurt if he beat the girl a bit? So, despite Anna's admonition, Edward used Gina the way he always used young women. He stupidly deluded himself that he could hide all this from Anna and her spy Ashley.

Edward was desperate to marry the brilliant, beautiful Anna. Edward realized that Anna was more than he could hope for in a wife. It was not just her money, beauty, and academic brilliance, but that Anna accepted that Edward could never be monogamous, and that she promised to accommodate that failing. More, Anna promised she would provide him with women. Her only restriction was that he could only have the women that she gave to him. Anna had shared several of her friends, including her protégé Ashley. Edward was in paradise, but paradise was not enough.

Shortly after the beginning of the fall term, while doing a threesome, Edward had proposed marriage to Anna, right there with Ashley's slim young body lying naked under the sheets, her face in Anna's pussy. Anna laughed at Edward's proposal, saying, "You like our sex life don't you? You especially like it when I share my girl friends with you. But I think what you like best is my money. You're such a greedy fool. Edward, please don't think you can ever deceive me; I know you for just what you are. There is a lot to despise about you, but you have your redeeming qualities. You want to marry. Yes, Edward I will marry you, but it will be on my terms."

Edward was thrilled. Anna would be his. She had never looked so beautiful, her face flushed with happiness, and she seemed to adore Edward, despite her words of warning. However, the true source of Anna's radiance lay under the sheets. Anna ran her fingers through Ashley's hair and languidly humped her face.

She glowed at Edward, "Yes I will marry you. I must have a prenup of course. You will be the perfect husband I waited so long to have. I will give everything you need and deserve. I will even allow other women; you couldn't live without that. But you may have only those I choose. If I want you to do a friend of mine, you must promise to serve her without complaint. Don't worry darling, I know the kind of women you like; you seem to be happy with my choices so far. Yes, you may be my husband.

"You must understand that I expect to get my way in all things, and that you will make no such demands upon me. I will be free and not have to account to you for anything—not so you. I will give you a luxurious life, more sex than you can handle, and the pampered lifestyle befitting a top intellectual. You must promise to love, honor and obey. You said you wanted to marry, so that should not be a problem. I will love you. Despite your shortcomings as a man, I do love you Edward. You cut a striking masculine figure, and you will make a fitting consort for me. You do understand that it would be ludicrous for me to pretend to honor you and of course, I will obey no man. Those are my terms. Do you accept?"

Edward the conniving control freak was suspicious, but he did not appreciate the depth of the downside. All he saw was lots of money and lots of sex. He accepted. Throughout this negotiation, Ashley passionately tongued Anna. Anna remained so aloof that Edward almost forgot about the girl under the sheets luxuriating in Anna's sopping heat. Anna climaxed just as Edward said yes. Edward misinterpreted the glaze in Anna's eyes as joy at the prospect of marital bliss. He left the room in triumph to get a bottle of Anna's Champaign to celebrate. Ashley popped up grinning.

"Congratulations Anna. I am so happy for the two of you. That man is perfect for you, so smart, so stupid. Anna, with your permission I'd like to give Edward an engagement present. There's this gorgeous freshman in Edward's Honors Intro class. She's a naive Midwestern girl on an art scholarship, real green. I've had my eye on her and I like what I see. She is perfect for Edward, just what he likes. She's got a crush on Edward, and he's got the hots for her. Let me fix the two of them up."

Anna kissed Ashley. "You are such a considerate girl. What a thoughtful present. Yes, give the freshmen to my Edward. But don't let Edward or the girl know that I know. I want to teach my slut man who is in charge. You spy on them and report to me on what's going between Edward and this girl. I want every juicy detail."


Edward had mentioned the pretty girl from his class to Ashley, but it was really just a passing fancy. The girl seemed too young and too shy for an affair with the Professor. Ashley checked out the meek girl hiding in the back row of Edward's class. Ashley discovered not a girl, but a woman more beautiful than she had imagined possible. Ashley's intuition insisted this was not mere cosmetic beauty, but a portent of cosmic power. Ashley fell in love. Her devious mind spun. How could she capture this rare thing for herself? How could she free this humble angel from the shackles of banal, common custom weighing down and intimidating the celestial seraphim imprisoned within? Anna would know.

Anna concocted the plan and ordered it done. Ashley coupled the lusting pair. Edward took the bait. He ignored Anna's admonition that he could only have the women that she offered to him. Edward indulged himself and suppressed what he should have realized, that Anna was in on everything.

Edward thought Ashley's matchmaking perfect. Ashley arraigned things and he didn't have to deal with the adolescent fears of the naive bumpkin. Edward sold himself on the foolish delusion that he had convinced Ashley to lie to Anna. "Ok. We wouldn't want to upset Anna. I couldn't tell her hurtful things." Edward also dismissed as an unimportant afterthought Ashley's final admonishment, "Nothing kinky with my young friend."

Ashley felt an unfamiliar twinge of guilt in not telling Gina the whole story, but she did not directly lie to her darling Gina, and Gina didn't guess enough to ask the right questions

Edward realized that Gina would make a lousy liar and so he had coached her in the art of half-truths. "When Ashley starts asking about us don't tell her what I do to you. That's none of her business. But don't deny we are having an affair; she would never believe that. Keep it simple. Tell her we just fuck, straight missionary fucking. And make her promise not to tell Anna."

Gina was desperately in love with Edward, he had instructed her to lie about his kinky exploitation, and so Gina lied. Gina was terrified she would lose Edward. The lies mucked her mouth with the taste of ashes.

In this wilderness of multitudinous lies, from a million weeds of deceit, could an overarching forest of truth somehow emerge? Innocent Gina could not see it. She sensed only the hostile eyes of predators watching her from the bush.

"Nothing kinky."

Ashley watched Gina squirm in her chair. Ashley knew Gina's asshole was burning. Ashley knew Edward, and knew what it felt like the day after. Ashley examined her friend. Gina avoided eye contact, squirmed in the coffee house chair as tears welled in her big brown eyes. Ashley guessed that as Gina lied she was thinking about Edward's huge cock splitting open her asshole and driving into her bowels.

"Absolutely nothing weird, Edward is a perfect gentleman. Really, I promise, nothing kinky."

"Ok," Ashley sniffed, "It is just not like him. Edward wants it kinky. Believe me I know. But you are such an innocent. Maybe he is afraid he'll scare away his beautiful chaste new thing. Or maybe he has turned over a new leaf."

"Maybe he likes me and respects me. I have no idea what kinky things he did to you, but he respects me." Gina regretted this the moment she said it. She realized this was just a hollow wish sprouting from the lies put into her mouth by Edward. Edward didn't respect her. He fucked her in the ass, whipped her, and he was engaged to Anna. He made no pretense he would break that off for Gina. Edward clearly liked using Gina, but he didn't like or respect her. The self-absorbed Edward hadn't shown the faintest interest in getting to know the real Gina. If he didn't know who she was, how could he respect her? Edward was flattered and amused by Gina's infatuation, but he requited her devotion with abuse. Worse, Gina had just insulted Ashley.

Ashley hissed, "Just watch yourself girly, that guy will hurt you. I thought you were too cool to fall for that bastard once you got to know him a little. You know he is engaged to Anna. Maybe he is treating you right now, but just wait. He likes to fuck little girls in the ass. He likes to hurt them. Sure, he is can be a lot of fun. He's smart, witty, and gorgeous. Just don't let him get the upper hand, I'm warning you."

"Nothing kinky." Gina lied too loudly. The kids at next table looked up and smirked, as if to say, "Oh, it's just Ashley and her hillbilly reject. The girl was warned."

Ashley got up and left. Gina felt like crying. She sat in the crowded coffeehouse all alone and miserable in the midst of the cheerful buzz of happy students hanging out with friends. She had just alienated the only friend she had ever had. She was lost head over heels in love with a man way out of her league. All the normal kids were having normal fun, laughing, and talking with buddies about trifling normal stuff. She sat alone, trapped in a perverted affair with an older man who didn't give a shit about her except for fucking her butt. Oh to be oblivious. Her ass burned.

Gina understood Edward was playing with her like a cat with a mouse. In the end, when the mouse is exhausted from the abuse, when its desperate struggle to survive is no longer amusing, the cat eats and moves on to fresh prey. Gina knew Edward would tire of her struggles, but there was nothing to do except to struggle on. Gina thought, "Happy birthday to me." Gina was eighteen.

That it was just a matter of time until Edward dumped her made the Gina's few moments with him even more precious. If the only way to win his attention was to offer herself up for abuse, fine. Gina would do anything for seconds of Edward. Gina pretended to like what Edward did to her, and in part, she did. Gina loved the seductive sensation of being possessed and used by Edward, but she hated the acute bite of actual physical pain. The passionate theater of suffering for love was sublime. Gina craved the heartache that swept through her when she looked up into his face, when she could smell him, touch him, taste him—and submit to him. Gina yearned for Edward.

When Edward forced Gina to her knees and drove his cock into her ass, Gina's love bloomed, despite the burning pain. Letting a man drive his cock into her bowels revolted her, but somehow filled a deep need. Gina never felt more completely Edward's object than when his cock painfully split her open, drove deep into her entrails and filled her with its love. She suffered the hurt to luxuriate in the surrender.

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