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I had continued to correspond with several of the men who replied to my original Craigslist posting, for a variety of reasons. Many of them wanted to hear how things had gone, some tried to convince me that their load would be larger than anyone else's, others wanted to know if I wanted to "try it again" with them, and so forth. Though I hadn't given it much thought at the outset, the overwhelming majority of the guys who wrote to me were honestly nice guys – they weren't the pervy, misogynistic fuckwits that I expected some of them to be. For the most part, they were all respectful of what I wanted to do, and were nice and polite when I told them I'd found someone else to do what I wanted done, and were genuinely curious as to what was motivating me.

One guy in particular stood out. I would come to find out that he was a member of a sex club in the city – the members would get together and participate in a variety of different sexual activities. It wasn't the typical swinger's club, per se, but more along the lines of a place where they could explore some of the kinkier sides of their sexual peccadilloes. We had carried on a long conversation thread about why I was doing this kind of stuff and talking about other sexual odds and ends.

During the course of our conversations, he'd inquired about my sexual proclivities, and when I let on that I had a strong desire to explore my submissive side, he tied that together with my fascination with facials and introduced me to the concept of the bukakke. Now, I'd heard the word and was familiar with what it meant – after all, as I said in my original story, I was pretty familiar with porn. It's hard to do any serious exploration of that without coming across bukakke web sites and photos. Still, I hadn't seriously entertained the thoughts of doing something like that up to this point. It seemed, however, to be the next logical step in my progressive fascination with facials.

Tom's was an invitation-only club. You had to be recommended by someone who was already a member to even be considered, everyone had to be tested and disease free, and they had to swear allegiance to the club. This meant that they didn't have sexual contact with anyone else outside the club, which, theoretically at least, precluded the risk of diseases entering the group. The idea was to allow them to have condom-free sex with each other with little risk of transmitting anything.

As Tom read through the tales of my facial exploits, he continued to tease me with the idea of participating in a bukakke session. Apparently, the women who were members of his club weren't too keen on the idea of being cum repositories for multiple men, and some of the men had hoped my fascination with being a cum slut would carry over into allowing them to use me as a surrogate for that at one of their sex parties. He eventually put forth the idea of paying me to do it, so needless to say, my interest piqued at that point. My standard "fee" for using my face was $100 per person. Tom indicated that he wasn't sure exactly how many guys would be at any given party, but we settled on a figure of $1,000 for me to be there and let them do what they wanted, short of penetration. Tom gave me the club's web site link to review what they were about, and we set a date and time. I spent the next few days watching several bukakke videos so I'd have some idea of what I was in for.

When the time came, I nervously drove to the address Id been given. I had looked it up online, so I pretty much knew where I was going, and they'd had photos of the inside of the club on the website so I had had some comfort with the facility itself, but you never really know what you're getting into until you've walked through the doors. I parked my car, spent a few minutes composing myself, got out and rang the door buzzer.

I was greeted by a gorgeous woman who appeared to be in her early 30s. She welcomed me and made a comment about the guys were going to love playing with someone as pretty as I was. I thanked her sheepishly and followed her back to a moderate sized room where a handful of people were milling around in various states of dress. Everyone stopped in their tracks when I walked through the door and stared at me, making me feel a bit uncomfortable. A man I recognized as Tom approached me, extended his hand and welcomed me to the club. He then introduced me to the rest of the folks who'd assembled for the evening's festivities.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Caitlain. She's our cum slut for the evening." A collection of wows, ooh, and ahhs emanated from the group. My guess was that they weren't used to having someone my age and looks available for their use in any capacity, let alone as a semen receptacle. Everyone exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes, and then Tom ushered me into the kitchen where he explained to me what he had in mind.

"Basically, I'm going to leave it up to you to decide how you want to let it play out. You can just sit on the floor; we can lay you down on a table or on the floor; or whatever you feel comfortable with. The girls are going to blow or fuck the guys until they're ready to cum and they'll move over to you and finish themselves off on your face. Pretty simple, really."

"How many guys showed up?"

"Right now, there are 14 of them here. I expect another couple to show up shortly, though."

"Cool. I noticed a kind of rack looking thing in the room. As I've explained, I am kind of on a submissive kick right now. Would it be okay if you tied me to that in some kind of position where my face is at cock level, maybe in a spread eagle kind of way so I can't use my hands? "

"Oh, hell, yeah. That'll make the guys even more excited than they are now I bet. You're welcome to go out and grab a bite to eat and something to drink if you'd like."

"Okay, what about the payment?"

"It's right over here on the table. A thousand dollars in cash, just as you requested."

"Cool. Thanks. Where should I put my stuff?" pointing to the bag of clean clothes I brought with me. I grabbed the envelope, as we headed out of the room. Tom walked me back to one of the bathrooms and told me to just put my stuff in there; it'd be perfectly safe. I dropped my bag and went out to the bar and grabbed some potato chips and dip and a diet coke. Several of the people walked up and talked with me, wanting to know how I ended up here and about how I got started with all of this. Several of them commented on the stories I'd written and how hot they were – Tom had shared them with the group so they'd know a little bit about what brought me to this point. I happened to catch a glance of a woman going down on a guy sitting on one of the large couches in the rear of the room, and almost as if that were a signal people started shedding clothing and cocks sprang to life.

Tom and another guy spread a sheet of plastic across the floor in the center of the room, put a blanket over it, and moved the rack over on top of the blanket. He then went over the rules with everyone so they'd know what they could or couldn't do. "Basically, Caitlain is here for you to use as you see fit, but there's to be no penetration, including the mouth. You can cum on her, slap her, spit on her, grab her hair, talk dirty to her – she'll probably talk right back to you. But she's not going to touch you in anyway. Are there any questions?" No one said anything, and he then reminded them of the safe word we'd agreed upon. Someone in the back of the room, whose cock was already in someone's mouth, said something to the effect of "Let's get busy."

I took that as my cue and started disrobing. When I was done, out of nowhere, someone grabbed my hair. "Come here, slut." I was dragged by my hair over to the rack I had referred to earlier, forced to my knees, and held in place while a couple of the women tied my wrists to the rack. When they were done, one of the women grabbed my chin, turned my head up and spit in my face without warning, hitting me in the space between my left eye and cheek. Though that had caught me off guard and I wasn't terribly fazed by it, I could feel the heat well up in my face as I turned red from embarrassment.

I'd never actually had anyone spit on me before, even though I'd offered to let others do it when they were using me. My initial instinct was to return the favor, but I elected not to since I'd indicated in much of my conversation with Tom that it was part of my submissive fantasies to be treated like that. The agreement for tonight was that I'd be used in any way until such time as I used the safe word we'd agreed on. There were no limits placed on this, with the exception of penetration, as had been the case with my previous forays into facialdom.

I sat back and watched the scene that was unfolding before me. I had been in a room with one other couple having sex before, but to see two dozen people fucking was just surreal. It was like watching a live porn scene unfold. Women were blowing the guys, guys were eating pussy, and guys were fucking the women, all within a few feet of me. One woman had her back to a wall and her mouth was being railed by this one guy as if he were grudge fucking her cunt. I'm guessing she had no gag reflex?

All of this was taking place with the singular purpose of getting the guys ready to ejaculate on me. I was trying to decide if I was proud of this, but I knew I was infatuated with it, at least at this point. I felt like some kind of fertility goddess awaiting worship from my loyal subjects! The sounds were just as incredible as the visuals – hearing the slopping and sucking that takes place when someone is being face fucked was incredibly erotic to me, I found. I began to get wet in anticipation of what was to come.

Before long, two of the guys took their cocks out of the girls' mouths and moved over towards me. "Fuck, yeah, cum on my face. Give it to me!" You could see the intensity build in these guy's faces as their orgasms welled up inside them. The first guy's spurts hit me square in the right eye. Fuck, that stung.

Almost immediately the guy on my other side blasted the left side of my face. "You like that, don't you, you little whore?" I turned my face up so they could finish off and tried to keep my eyes out of the direct line of fire. One of them got off five strong shots, while the other one kind of fizzled after the first one. When they were done, it really didn't feel any different than the other facials I'd had up to that point. Nice and warm to begin with, and then they got really cool, almost cold. My eye was burning like a mother fucker, though.

Very quickly thereafter, a third guy moved toward me. He grabbed my hair and turned my face up and continued jerking himself off right above my face. I truly wish they'd do a "point of view" camera shot of that in porn from time to time! The sight of that cock just a few inches from your face, knowing it is about to explode all over you is orgasm-inducing! Pretty soon, he started oozing cum out. I don't know if he did it intentionally or not, but his cum came boiling out right into my eyes again, though I'd managed to close them this time before the man juice landed in them. I had taken the precaution of not wearing my contacts, knowing it was quite likely I'd be getting cum in my eyes on this trip, so I wasn't overly concerned about that. He finished draining himself and spanked his cock on my face, splattering what was there, and then I heard him hock up a mouthful of saliva and spit it in my face. The impact caused me to jerk back and knock my head against the rack. "I've always wanted to do that to a bitch before."

Before I had a chance to regain any understanding of what was going on, another squirt hit me in the mouth. I had my lips parted so I could breathe through them while the third guy was finishing up and the fourth guy's cum shot almost right down my throat, causing me to choke a bit. I closed my mouth quickly as his second shot hit me in almost the exact same spot. I could now feel the cum dripping off my face onto my chest, and the coolness of it causes chill bumps to rise on my body; even my nipples were becoming more erect than they already had been.

I can only imagine what I must've looked like, sitting there with all of that cum on my face, glistening in the lights of the room. I'd watched those Bukakke videos in anticipation of this night, and I had masturbated to the thought of myself being used this way on several occasions. I wondered if the visual appearance I presented to these people was living up to what I had seen for myself in the pornos. I'd never know, though, since club rules didn't permit any photos or videotaping of the things that took place there.

I could barely open my eyes, even though the semen had finally slid out of my eye cavities and drained down my cheeks. Four more guys were standing before me jerking their cocks. "Come on you fuckers; spray your seed on this slut's face." Almost before I got the words out, I felt a strong blast on my right cheek. It must've been a strong one, too, because the guy who unloaded on me let out a guttural moan that I hadn't heard very often before. Clearly, he'd experienced a strong contraction, judging by the strength of the splatter – it felt like being squirted with a strong water gun. He and the three other guys unloaded a ton of cum on me, with one of them aiming for my boobs instead of my face.

You begin to lose yourself in the moment after a while with so much going on around you. And when you can't see, the rest of your senses begin to take over to try to compensate. It was hard to breathe with my nasal openings clogged up with semen, and this was forcing me to leave my lips parted to breathe. This allowed the juices draining off my face to drip into my mouth. I tried blowing cum bubbles like I'd seen in the videos, though it was hard to gauge how successful I was given that I couldn't see myself doing it. The quasi-chlorine smell of the semen was intense. That combined with the musky smell of sex and perspiration that permeated the air in the room at this point made for a primal, erotic mixture.

Your hearing also increases in sensitivity. Since I couldn't see when someone was approaching me, I tried to listen to see if I could hear the guys walk up to me. What I found interesting was that I could hear people sucking and fucking in the room. The slurps and gags of the women sucking cocks, and the staccato slapping of skin of people who were actually fucking was interesting overlaid with the sounds of the guys in front of me jerking their cocks. I could distinctly hear two guys in front of me jerking themselves off; the sound of their hands sliding back and forth rapidly on their cocks reminded me of the last time I'd given a handjob.

One guy came up and asked me to beg him to cum on me. "Please cum on me, baby. I need you to cum on my face." I could tell someone was with him, and a woman said something that led me to realize that she was doing the work for him. It sounded like she was alternating between sucking his cock and jerking him, and with my begging for his cum he finally reached the point of no return. She managed to aim his cock right over my forehead and he got off about four good shots. When he was done, he rubbed his cock all over my tits and cock-slapped them several times. I could tell by the splattering sounds that even my chest was coated with a decent layer of sex juices.

By this point I had lost count of the number of guys who'd actually ejaculated on me. A couple had shot their loads on my tits instead of my face, but the goo on my face was very thick. It was starting to dry on some of the edges, and your skin starts to feel kind of like a face peel has been applied to it. I could still feel the impact of every guy's blasts, though, as more and more cum was deposited on my face and head, the warm liquid draining down my cheeks or worse yet my nose. Every time it'd run down the bridge of my nose and drip off the tip, it would tickle the shit out of it. With my hands tied, I couldn't reach up to scratch it, so I'd wiggle my head back and forth to try to dislodge it. I also couldn't reach down to masturbate myself. I was soaking wet and wasn't wholly sure the pool of liquid at my crotch was just cum from the men. I tried to squeeze my legs together to make myself orgasm, but the position I was in didn't allow me to do that very well. My name had become "slut," "whore," "cunt," or "bitch," depending on who you asked.

The feeling of being dominated and used purely as a fuck toy or a trash can for a roomful of guy's spunk just does it for me I'd discovered. I wish I knew specifically why it did, but I don't. Perhaps it is because I feel it is one of those ultimately submissive things. When people find out that I do this kind of stuff, they frequently ask if or why I don't find it degrading. My answer is that I fail to see how providing someone else with sexual pleasure can remotely be degrading if it is mutually consensual. I have absolutely no problem allowing someone else to use me, my mind, or my body to get themselves off, within reason. Getting paid for it is a side benefit, of course, but I don't feel any less of a human being because I'm letting people use me to achieve sexual pleasure for money.

"God, she looks like a slut. Look at all of that cum." Someone laughed and wondered aloud what would make a girl want to do something like this. I thought that was odd, given the very nature of a sex club to begin with; I could easily have asked the same question about what they do. Of course, none of the female members apparently enjoyed being used this way, so perhaps it was unique here. That would explain why Tom was so grateful that my fantasy had taken shape in the manner it had, I suppose.

When the last guy had blown his load on me, a couple of people came up to me and starting scooping cum off my face. "Open your mouth, cunt." I did as I was told, and they started shoveling cum from my face into my mouth. Warm cum is not the best tasting stuff in the world to begin with, and when it cools off it doesn't get much better. I tried to swallow as much as I could, but I finally got to the point where it was just too much, so I locked my mouth shut. Someone slapped me across the cheek. "Fucking whore." That stung. It sounded like that same woman who'd been spitting on me. What a fucking bitch.

Finally Tom chimed in. "Untie her and walk her back to the bathroom so she can clean up. You did an excellent job, Caitlain. Everyone give her a nice round of applause." The room erupted in clapping and hollering. It made me feel good that I had provided them with a good time, but I was ready to get this shit out of my eyes.

A woman untied me, grabbed my hand and told me to follow her. When we got the bathroom, I expected her to leave me and close the door behind her, but she remained in the room. I moved over to the sink, grabbed a washcloth, and began cleaning the dried cum from around my eyes so I could see well enough to navigate around the room unaided. When I could see again, I found that my accompanist was the woman who'd spit in my face the first time. She had taken her clothes off. "Get in the shower. I'll help clean you off." I hesitated for a second as I looked in the mirror to admire the semen splattered face that I saw. I looked like a glazed donut. The whole upper half of my body was covered in a slimy, gooey mix of cum and saliva. I thought it looked quite....slutty.

Though I was startled at her demand and wasn't sure how to expect, I did as the lady asked. She turned the water on to allow it to warm up as I walked over to the huge, glass-enclosed stall. As soon as I stepped in she grabbed a handful of my hair and ordered me onto my knees. I kneeled down outside the water stream and she moved to a position in front of me so that her pussy was right at my face level. I was waiting for the command to eat her pussy, but instead was met with a stream of hot piss from her cunt. She was pissing on my face, holding my head in place by my hair. "Let me help you wash all of that jizz from your face, sweety. I've been holding this just for you." With that she began moving her hips so her urine stream was washing over my face. When she was through, she pulled me up by my hair, looked me in the face, and spit on me again. "When you're ready to explore your submissive side with another woman, give me a call." She left me there dazed as to what had just happened – that was not a part of the plan I'd worked out with Tom, so I was a bit taken aback by her.

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