Fade to Black

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He doesn't take a beating from her lover lying down.
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Something was odd. Dan looked over at his neighbor's garage. The door was open, and trash cans were spilling out onto the driveway. It just wasn't like Kyle to leave his doors open. Raccoons are such a nuisance in this neighborhood. He walked over and noticed the paper on the lawn. This was just a little out of the ordinary. Kyle ran every day, and always stopped for his paper. He also never left the front door open.

Kyle was a theatrical tech designer, and was always working with sound or lighting projects in his home studio. These projects often required silence or darkness, and for that reason, and the raccoons in the woods bordering their back yards, he had developed the habit of buttoning up the house quite tightly unless he or Jeannie were outside in the yard.

Dan knocked on the frame of the open door and called inside to see if anyone was home. Just as he was about to call out to see if everyone was ok, he saw Kyle lying on the floor in the doorway to his studio. A small pool of blood had formed beneath Kyle's head. His face looked battered. His arm was bent back at a hideous angle, and there was bruising anywhere not covered by clothing. Kyle had been beaten in his own home, and left without aid.

Dan quickly dialed 911 on his cell as he called out for Jeannie. He managed to restrain the adrenaline pumping energy through his veins long enough to give the 911 operator all the information he could, then raced from room to room to ensure that she wasn't also lying beaten in another room, needing his help.

She wasn't there. Dan had barely completed his sweep of the house when a police car pulled up in front of the house, lights blazing. An ambulance followed closely, and while the EMT crew attended to Kyle, the police questioned Dan about what he had found. As Kyle was rushed to the emergency room, one question reverberated in everyone's mind, Where was Jeannie?

Fade To Black

Kyle and Jeannie met in college. They were both enrolled in theatre programs in drama schools in NY, right in the heart of one of the most active theatre communities in the world. She was studying to be an actress, learning how to create the illusion of a story on the stage. She was wonderful, but somehow she had difficulty taking direction, and much preferred to give it. Her teachers noticed this, and noticed how creative her ideas could be. They began to groom her for a career as a director or in theatre management.

Kyle was into the back stage magic of the theatre. He didn't have to create illusions as an actor did, he created different realities through sound, lights, effects and his set designs. He made it so the actor's job was easy for an audience to believe. Kyle was immediately recognized as brilliant. He was one of those rare talents who understood all the aspects of technical theatre, and was as comfortable designing a lighting look as he was a sound plot.

They met when they were both hired to do a summer stock project up in Connecticut the summer after their junior year. Jeannie was brought there as stage manager for her mentor and professor, who had just been hired as the director for two of the company's four summer productions. Kyle had worked there for two previous summers as a house electrician, but this year had become the assistant lighting director, and had the opportunity to design one of the shows. Working closely together the two were instantly attracted to each other. These would be there first of many productions together, both as students and later as they built careers in the field.

Jeannie was a slender, willowy vision, with a killer smile beneath her deep brown eyes. She was deliciously curvy where it counted, but without a speck of extra weight. Her long tanned legs poked out from the shorts she always wore, and her tops were conservative enough to say "Please behave...." while just revealing enough to say "I may have a surprise for you."

Kyle was dashingly handsome. He was an avid runner, claiming his best ideas came during his morning roadwork once his brain was cleared of the mish mash of day to day distraction. He looked like he worked out regularly, but really didn't need to. The day to day lifting and climbing he had to do was a perfect replacement for the weight training his friends advocated. He was fit and trim, and reasonably sure that if he kept doing the work of realizing his plots even when he was the designer, he would stay that way for life.

They had spent two weeks of hollering at each other from remote corners of the theatre, focusing lights, aiming special effects speakers, and calling cues before they finally got to sit down with each other. They had to program cues into the lightboard, and while they sat together became increasingly friendly. When they had finished, Jeannie leaned over and kissed Kyle on the cheek, saying how much she enjoyed working with him, and that he made her job something to look forward to every day.

Kyle kissed her back, only not on the cheek. She responded, and their little tete a tete in the control booth became rather heated. The theatre door below opened and slammed as the director came in and called to them.

"Kyle! Jeannie! Are you finished yet? We need to lock up!"

They quickly straightened themselves out, and came down from the booth.

"All done, and you're going to love it!" Jeannie answered as she scampered down the stairs well ahead of Kyle, intent on hiding their little tryst

They began to look for opportunities to be together, but as the production began its run, time became precious. Jeannie rode every day with her prof from her apartment in the city, while Kyle was staying at home, a short drive in the other direction. One night, Jeannie's prof wasn't coming to the show, but staying in the city to celebrate his daughter's birthday. Jeannie would be in charge, but had no place to stay. Kyle offered the guest room at his home. No one else was there, as his parents spent summers up at the Cape, so there was plenty of room. Jeannie was delighted. She didn't really they would need a lot of room. One bed would do.

It was late when they got to his house. Jeannie had fallen asleep in the car, and he didn't want to put her off by taking advantage of her being so tired. After all, she was becoming very special to him. He didn't feel towards her like he did those shallow girls he'd picked up at either his college parties or one of the many post show theatre parties he'd been to. So when they got to his home, he was the perfect gentleman, the perfect host. He brought her to her room, at least the room where he intended her to sleep, and made sure she was settled. Then he crept off to his own room for a much needed rest. There would be time to visit the next day.

He was vaguely aware of the door to his room opening, and of someone joining him in his bed. Soft, slender arms enwrapped him, and the sweetest kiss he'd ever experience was delicately placed on his lips. He could feel her naked body's warmth pressed against his. She kissed the back of his neck as her hand slid down his chest, under the waistband of his shorts, and caressed his steadily hardening cock. He turned and kissed her hungrily. She slid his shorts down his legs, and pressed her body against his. Her breast felt so warm pressed against him. His penis slid gently between her legs, and entered her welcoming wetness. Their bodies joined, and began to sway beneath the sheets as they kissed hard and groped each others' bodies in the discovery of a first lovemaking.

"Kyle? Kyle? Get Doctor Kenton, he's waking up. Kyle."

His vision flickered and was greeted by the harsh fluorescent tubes of the lights in the hospital recovery room. It was hard to focus, and he was quite confused. Only one eye was working. He tried to rise, but was restrained, and he immediately began to struggle against the restraints.

"Easy, Easy, Kyle! You've been in rough shape, but we'll get you through it. Don't fight us! We're on your side."

He relaxed onto the bed and regarded the post-op nurse who was talking to him. Doctor Kenton will be right here and explain everything.

"What's wrong with my eye!?" Kyle was alarmed as he realized his eye was heavily bandaged.

"It was badly hurt, but I have to wait and let the doctor talk to you. Stay Calm he'll be right here."

Indeed the doctor arrived very shortly. He examined Kyle as he explained his injuries. Kyle had been beaten. His eye was bandaged because it had taken at least one serious blow. An optical surgeon had repaired the detached retina, but work had to be done to repair fractures of the skull around the eye socket as well. He had suffered a pretty severe concussion as a result of the blow that had caused these injuries, and they were very glad to see that he still had control of speech. Kyle's arm was severely broken and in a cast. He had nearly died as a result of a ruptured spleen and internal hemorrhaging. If his neighbor had been an hour later in finding him, he wouldn't have survived. His nose was broken, along with several ribs. He had been unconscious for two days since he was discovered, and they were still trying to determine the time of his attack in order to gauge how long he had been lying unattended.

"I don't remember an attack."

The doctor frowned and began to ask questions of Kyle. When he realized that Kyle couldn't remember any of the circumstances surrounding the weekend or the Friday before, he began to ask general questions. When finished, Dr. Kenton knew that Kyle couldn't remember anything that had happened since his freshman year, before meeting Jeannie. Kyle's attack had left him with severe memory loss, and only time would tell how soon it might return.

Detective Porter, who had been assigned the task of investigating Kyle's case, was visibly disturbed. His timeline of the incidents leading up to the attack had reached a dead end at last Friday, when Kyle had de-activated the home security. Where was Jeannie all this time?

Fade to Black

Senior year had been a blur. Kyle saw Jeannie regularly, and their love grew daily. Both of their careers were already established by the end of the year, with Kyle working regularly as designer at several small suburban houses, and frequently backstage at downtown theatres for established designers. Jeannie landed a job backstage at one of the large opera companies resident at Lincoln Center, a steady job with great benefits she could keep for life. They shared a small apartment around the corner from her theatre and enjoyed the bustling performing arts scene in the city.

He remembered the tender moments they shared. She was a tasteful decorator and a master shopper, and had done their apartment up in such a chic manner they had become a popular hangout for their friends. He was a gourmet cook, and whether making a dinner for themselves and company, or just for candlelight on the two of them, he always had her eyes rolling in delight over his delicious cooking.

Her eyes rolled in bed too! He had a way of pushing her buttons sexually that she never could have wished for. He could make her cum a dozen ways. She was a bit embarrassed that oral and anal sex disgusted her, and had done her best to accommodate him, but couldn't follow through. It didn't affect Kyle though. He always seemed satisfied to finish by slowly entering her, and gently thrusting his penis into her aching pussy. He loved holding it still while buried to the hilt inside her. He loved clutching her tightly to him and kissing her until she could stand no more and began to ride his engorged cock, sliding back and forth while their mouths were cemented in a kiss. She would moan into his mouth when she came, humping wildly against him by that time forcing his own orgasm to explode deep within her.

Kyle woke in a cold sweat, still in his hospital bed. Jeannie. How did Jeannie fit into his life now. They had told him of his amnesia, and how slowly it might come back. They told him he would have sporadic episodes like this, and would almost be re-living his life as the oldest memories lost would be the first to return. He wasn't prepared for how vivid the dreams were, or how much thoughts of making love disturbed him. Earlier today, Kyle could only think of Jeannie as a girl he knew from the summer stock company, and now he had these memories of living with her flooding back. He was anxious to remember how she fit into his life over the years his concussion had stolen from him. Where was Jeannie now?

Memories of their early life seeped back into his mind over the next days. Her advancement in her career led to an eventual position as a stage manager for a very active suburban theatre which hosted plays and concerts alike. It was a company that liked Kyle's work and used him often. The couple did well financially, and decided to marry.

He could remember the wedding now. In vivid detail, the ceremony in the small church came streaming back. He could hear the small organ playing Bach, and smell the distinct aroma of the beeswax candles burning at the altar as his eyes watered at the luscious sight of his bride walking towards him, smiling. He could taste the delectable meal at the little Greek restaurant where they had their wedding feast. They had danced and then hugged their family and friends as they left for the little inn where they would spend their wedding night. It was perfect. The room was lit by the fire in a brick hearth just beyond the foot of their bed. They stood beside the flickering flames and kissed.

They swayed to music that wasn't there. Tenderly, he unbuttoned her satin gown. As elegant as she had looked wearing, the glow of the fire did even more for her nakedness. He body was beautiful, and she approached Kyle slowly, taking him in her arms. He returned her passionate kisses, and swept her body to the bed. They made love slowly that night, each spending time to know every inch of the other's body. They kissed every inch of each other, and when finished making love, spent hours gazing at each other's face, dreaming together of a long life growing old together.

They woke up in the morning as they fell asleep, face to face, gazing at each other. Finally she pulled herself close to him, and he felt her leg wrap around his hip. His hardness responded, and soon he entered her again. Soon her eyes rolled back as she entered yet another orgasm. He wasn't far behind, and he came holding her tightly.

Again Kyle woke in his hospital bed in a cold sweat. He still couldn't stay awake for long, but always woke up distressed when his dreams involved sex with Jeannie. Why did he always awaken in such a startled fashion this way? Was he still married to Jeannie? If he was, where was she? He asked the nurse to tell him what they knew about him.

"I can't do that," she replied. "I don't know enough about you to be able to fill in blanks. I can help prompt you to remember, but if I offer something wrong, it could cause worse problems. Unfortunately, your concussion and the condition of your eye dictate we keep you calm and quiet. Stress isn't an option right now, my friend."

Dr. Kenton came by on his evening rounds. He was pleased to see Kyle remembering events up to his wedding, but there was still a 15 year gap. He agreed to give Kyle some information, as long as Kyle received it calmly.

"You are still married to Jeannie, according to the neighbor who found you and saved your life. You are still working as a freelance theatre designer, and do quite well. You own a fine home very near this hospital. You and your wife have had no children, but otherwise are the stereotypical happy couple living the American dream."

The doc went on to explain the seriousness of Kyle's injuries again, now that Kyle seemed more alert and lucid. They had all confidence that he would recover fully from everything. He went into medical explanations of each injury in detail, and Kyle heard nothing but blah blah blah. He wasn't hearing the answer to the question he wanted to ask but could only think: Where's Jeannie?

Jeannie laid back on the dock beside the lake. The water felt cool on the fingers of the hand that draped over the edge. Clouds hovered overhead, slowly making their journey over the hills that rose steeply on either side of the lake. She was in another world, far from the rat race in the city, away from the constant demands of sniveling actors and Prima Donna musicians that came to perform on her stage. She was also far from Kyle. She didn't quite know what to think of that realization. She was sure she loved Kyle still, but he was such a workaholic. He could never find time to get way, and his schedule was so rigid she just didn't feel like their time together was a priority. This little getaway with Steve was just what she needed.

What could Kyle do to her anyway, divorce her? Oh well! She looked over at Steve. He stood on the shore, with his back turned to her, curling dumbbells in the sun as he completed his morning workout. Muscles rippled up and down his back, his huge arms glistening with sweat. Steve had been a college football star, and had played several seasons in the NFL before injuring his knee. Now Steve ran a local health club chain, and kept his body in this rippling lean state. He had been smart about his money, and hired a manager who invested his NFL earnings in real estate.

Who cared that he was dumb as could be about every thing except money? He couldn't hold a conversation about anything except football and body building, but when he swept her into his embrace it was like something out of a dime novel. She swooned when he lifted her and carried her to the bed. So he was a little small in the department where most men measure themselves for comparison, he loved licking her pussy for hours. She in turn loved the orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

"Ok Kyle," she mused "divorce away! We have no kids to hurt, and look what I'll wind up with! I'll be married to Mr. Universe. That makes me Mrs. Universe! I'll trade in a dusty theatre for a gym where I can work out when I want, or sit around ogling body builders in lycra tights all day if I prefer." She couldn't wait for his call.

After Kyle confronted them at the house as they left last Friday, she had half expected a process server to track her down here with divorce papers anyway. She picked up her cell for the hundredth time today, just to make sure it was working and ready for his call. The battery was charged. There was a full signal, thanks to that convenient cell phone tower she spied up on the hill top. The ringer was on loud, but there were no calls from Kyle. They hadn't called her from work, as she had arranged this vacation week months ago. No calls from Kyle, a week after he had begged her not to go with Steve. How can you beg for someone's attention one minute, and then not call for a week!? Yet here it was Friday and nothing from Kyle.

She sat up on the dock. Her naked body glowed with a weeks worth of sunning all afternoon and touring different wineries and sampling different taverns each night. She loved the Finger Lakes. The evening sun cast such a beautiful glow on everything here. Why had Kyle always insisted on vacationing at the cottage on the Cape? No crowds here, no teeny bopper beaches, just the quiet solitude of the woods.

Kyle again. She couldn't break free from thinking of him. Why hadn't he called, it was so strange? She sat up and called her home number. The message service answered. It was aggravating to hear a recording of her own voice answer. She left a message in Kyle's box, that she'd be home early Sunday, and they could talk then.

When she hung up, she sat pensively with the phone still in her hand. Maybe there would be no divorce. Maybe Kyle would roll over and beg her to come home. Yes, he'd do better from now on! Cook clean and keep her in the manner befitting a goddess. Ah yes, Kyle the cuckold would serve her every whim, while she ran off to enjoy the fabulous body of her stud Steve. Of course, after Steve swept her off her feet and served her with his talented tongue, she could always go home and have Kyle fill her throbbing but empty pussy with that big beautiful dick of his. She'd make him beg, and he'd never ask for oral or anal again. Although, she' found them to be not quite as disgusting since she had tried them as forbidden fruit in her affair with Steve, so maybe she'd offer them to Kyle as a way of placating the anger he was surely feeling. Mmmmmm, it was a delicious dream....