tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaeophobia: Personal Project

Faeophobia: Personal Project


Her breasts were already large enough; the question was what to do with them. Professor Lily caressed the silky expanse of her voluptuous bosom. Her lush boobs were now slightly larger than bowling balls, her thick nipples hardened with anticipation. Fertility magic came easily to her, so much so that it was truly not a challenge, not worth her considerable intellect.

She could have taught magic to the many humans struggling to learn, but for Lily, the teaching of magic itself was only a secondary issue. The Celestial Conjunction during the 21st century that brought magic back to the Earth also enabled the races from the Land of Fairy to return as well. And as far as the busty forest nymph was concerned, that was more important.

She taught environmental science at Madison University; a worthwhile goal and appropriate intellectual challenge. Just as most humans could barely comprehend magic, most of the Fae creatures that had migrated back to Earth from the Land of Fairy were baffled and awed by human technology. Lily had labored tirelessly from the moment she set foot on Earth to master the scientific disciplines appropriate for her career.

But again, the real question was what to do with her breasts? Should she allow her surging nipples to poke luridly through the fabric of her pleated blouse which was intentionally too small, all the while allowing her breastmilk to moisten the front of the garment? Or, perhaps she should try to wear one of those…those… things that start with a ‘B’, that human women wear to support their breasts? If she did, she could use her fertility magic in the middle of class and grow out of it, ripping the straps audibly. That often got a rise out of the student body.

The nature of a forest nymph was to wear as few clothes as possible, so she stretched the blouse over her bulging bosom, nipples tenting the fabric as she prepared for class.

The soothing aroma of spring rain and fresh honeysuckle that followed Lily wherever she went announced her presence as surely as the clicking of her high heel shoes. She could practically hear the cocks hardening as her natural, earthy scent washed over the aisle of seats as she stalked to the front of the room.

Lily noticed that while the number of students enrolled in her classes was about the same, every semester there were fewer girls than before. Word about her was starting to spread. She launched into her lecture concerning sympatric speciation events in regional populations of snail-darters correlating with the detection of ethidium bromide in the groundwater supply.

But it was not enough for a student to stare at the gentle sweep of her bare legs, flaring out into lusciously wide hips. It wasn’t enough that he should quiver with yearning as he gazed upon her flawless, olive-skinned complexion, and her fragrant plume of forest green hair, with the pink blossoms that naturally grew from it. Gawking at her mountainous mammaries as they challenged her blouse might not be enough either. Nor was she entirely impressed by those that were lost in her deep, emerald eyes, and the soft curve of her facial features, somewhat Asian in origin. Most assumed that any expression of attraction would be met with hostile reprisal. How wrong they were. Professor Lily was interested in those students whose lust was so intense, that they had no hope of listening to the lecture; those horny youths that couldn’t even stop glaring at her figure while she was talking to them. They were the most fun. These students were allowed to participate in her ‘Personal Projects.’ No one knew what these projects were exactly, because for some reason, no student would ever speak of them, no matter how intensely he was interrogated.

Yes, there was one. Tyrell Bradford, in the second row. His lust was incredible. She instructed him to meet her in her office after class. It was time, finally. She had much more to accomplish, and the horny black kid would be very effective. She found his kind to be especially shocking and exotic.

“So, Professor Lily, what’s this special project you need my help with?” He seemed much cockier now, as though he knew that he had scored. How right he was.

Professor Lily responded with a practiced motion that completely removed the confining blouse from her vast, jiggling bosom. With a graceful flourish, her right hand grasped Tyrell’s hardening cock through his jeans.


A ward against Sound prevented anyone from hearing what took place within her office during those tense minutes. Though anyone close enough would probably smell the heady aroma that the forest nymph exuded, and they might very well flutter their eyes in delight as Tyrell did. Her secrecy was sufficient, she felt. And her project was worth the risk, nonetheless.

As her magically tight pussy gingerly enveloped Tyrell’s cock, she reveled in the knowledge that life would be created. Her forest nymph sensibilities saw nothing wrong with freely mating with the young studs that surrounded her on a daily basis. But the dean would not agree. It was not that she didn’t care about her job; far from it. That was one of the justifications for her wanton lusts.

All things fade, even the magical Land of Fairy. The races that lived there were slowly dying, losing their magic powers. Earth now was what mattered. With the magic that the Fae could teach, mankind would not need to rely so much on potentially dangerous technologies! The Fae needed a strong foothold in Earth’s population. That was her duty; her mission. By breeding with humans, she would produce magical children that would shape the future of this country; and the world!

She gasped in delight as Tyrell’s probing mouth found the fragrant delight of her turgid nipples. He hungrily nursed the soothing nectar that spurted from the rosy tips of her mammaries. The taste was sweeter than honeysuckle, yet with an airy purity that contained no trace of a sugary aftertaste. He moaned with joy, the sheer pleasure of suckling Lily’s nectar/milk was nearly a religious experience.

There were still some aspects of human society she feared she would never comprehend; each day she surrounded herself with the flower of male youth, filled to the brim with pent-up lusts. Why should she shy away from their beautiful, rigid cocks? Why would she not allow these lusty studs to impregnate her with all the offspring her womb could hold?

Tyrell was anxious to play his part; she noticed with some surprise that his meaty cock had already climaxed multiple times within the slippery folds of her fragrant cunt, as she wrapped her legs around his pelvis while sitting upon her desk. Why…that must have been….the 7th time! Amazing stamina! The hot juices pouring from her pussy might make the surface of the desk too slippery if he didn’t finish soon!

Her own orgasm was accompanied by a beastial yell as savage as a lioness in heat, and she was thankful indeed for the ward against Sound surrounding her office. Amidst the haze of her climax, it was hard to remember exactly when Tyrell left the room, but at least Lily had the presence of mind to cast a Geas over him as he blew his final load, magically preventing him from ever speaking of the experience.

Lily bucked her hips as he withdrew, the searing orgasms jolting her voluptuous frame long after the mating had ceased. What an awesome cock! How could some silly notion of professionalism compete with this feeling? She gurgled with relief as she settled back to revel in the afterglow. She struggled to try and replace her clothing amidst the intoxicating pleasure. Joy soon replaced lust as she realized that the miracle of life was occurring! She was aware of the germination of offspring as she tenderly caressed her dripping slit, as though encouraging the sperm to take root in her moist womb.

And take root it did. It was far, far too soon for the painful pleasure. Usually, she mated with students on Fridays, so she would have the weekend for her magically fertile body to grow the infants, and birth them before school started next week. Many adoption agencies were available to take in her continuous crop of magical young. But now, OOH! Never this soon! She could see the beginnings of the tell-tale bulge as her child magically passed through weeks of growth.

She smiled in delight for a few seconds before she realized something was wrong. No…No…she caressed the tightening dome of her expanding belly, as she realized she was nearly finished with her first trimester! Impossible, even with her powers! What the…how could… But then, she remembered.

Tyrell…Tyrell…Yes! That’s it! He was an Environmental Science Major with a Thaumaturgy minor! She overhead him say something about learning magic to heal the environment. Rubbish! There was only one possible explanation for the swelling bulge of Lily’s overripe womb.

The little punk had used a Virility spell.

That would explain all those climaxes! He was using magic to give himself sexual powers! This was a real problem; the first rule of magic is not to combine two different spells on the same target. The result is synergy; the magic reacts in exaggerated, unpredictable ways! And she regularly cast fertility spells to keep her womb as receptive as possible to human sperm! That was when she felt the burning in her tits.

“Unnghh! Here it comes!” Her silky mounds quivered and erupted in a massive let-down reflex of spurting nectar/milk. And…and they were getting larger! She could feel the slow crawl of her own skin as titflesh rapidly multiplied to brew more nourishment for the kicking brood within her! She was getting the papers on her desk wet, and besides; she couldn’t very well give birth in her office! But, how could she leave in this condition? It would be obvious to anyone in the hall that something untoward had occurred in her office! The lactating nymph panted furiously as sweat slicked her lovely, tanned skin. But wait! There was a way to escape without anyone suspecting her!

Rising ponderously to her delicate feet, Lily began waving her hands and chanting the words to a lactation spell. The most powerful one she could cast! It had to be quick; no time to worry about the targets! She took a few precious moments of extra chanting to increase the range and intensity of the effect before she finished.

In the admissions office down the hall, the student worker Suzy Jenkins almost dropped the papers she was carrying, as her breasts became unbearably hot! The next thing she knew, her bra-straps had become unusually tight…

Cara Matthews grunted in surprise as she felt her hot bosom pressing impossibly against the onerous confines of her C-cup bra. She was stunned, unsure of how to react…

…especially since Mrs. Clinton was in the middle of her speech to the political science students at Madison University with cameras rolling! Luckily, she wasn’t the only woman in the auditorium whose breasts exploded in size, rending through bra and garments alike as the milk started flowing.

It worked! Female students and faculty all over the building (and beyond?) were bursting out of their clothes as mammoth tits exploded forth! Lily could hear the screams and yelps from all throughout the science complex. So no one was suspicious of one more frantic female spewing warm breastmilk onto the floor as she struggled to contain some shred of decency. Likely, they would assume that some idiot freshmen with a sick Breast expansion lactation fetish had cast the spell, probably to impress a fraternity.

Lily suspected that Tyrell Bradford was quite proud of himself. He probably reveled in the compliments he received from grateful women that he pleasured with his virility spell. That little punk and his enchanted cock could put her in danger! When combined with her fertility spells…she had no way of knowing what the results would be! One thing the nubile nymph was sure of, however: She had multiple offspring happily germinating within her enchanted belly. She almost lost her balance as she fled to her Buick LeSabre in the parking lot as she felt kicks from opposite ends of her distended dome at once. She had just barely squeezed her fertile bulk in the driver’s seat as the buttons began to pop.

No, in spite of her size, Lily knew she was not full-term yet. Though her bulging body was the same size as that of a human woman pregnant for 9-months, she could feel numerous children rapidly maturing within her; she was not done growing yet!

It was lucky that the Professor did not drive a convertible. If so, passersby might have heard her throaty howls as her navel popped out, while a gravid womb popped off one button after another. With her tits, the growth was more of a slow creep, yet the pressure was unbearable! Every 10 seconds, the swelling load of nymph milk spurted in multiple streams from her taut nipples, as the blue-veined majesty of the breasts themselves were now approaching the size of Halloween pumpkins.

She had never driven sideways before, but that was the only way to steer the car, and allow for the prodigious growth of her burgeoning belly and mammoth milkers. She was glad now that she lived a mere block from campus. Without taking the time to wipe her milk off the inside windshield, Professor Lily frantically waddled into her split-level house, collapsing onto the plush floor of her living room as she surrendered to the birthing process.

Her mind was in a haze as her body completed the changes brought about by her runaway fertility. Yes…she could feel her womb slowing…the growth…nearly done. Ooh…her innately spiritual nature detected eight healthy infants forming in her swollen abdomen. She caressed her taut globe tenderly, hoping to comfort her offspring before she was able to birth them. Skirt, blouse and bra had been irretrievably sundered by a gravid belly somewhat greater than the diameter of a hula hoop. Her slender legs were thrust aside, and her moistening snatch quivered in anticipation.

That arrogant sophomore! Of all the nerve! Now her hormones were raging! How dare he leave her like this, pussy sopping wet with her seething, sexual desire! She wasn’t sure she’d even be able to waddle! Must be…a side effect…of his virility spell…Not fair! If you’re going to leave a pregnant women this horny, at least you should be around to screw her before she drops her litter! It seemed like common courtesy. She tried as best she could to finger herself, but it wasn’t the same!

But Look! There…on the coffee table…her cell phone…and…and…The Campus Student Directory! Frantically, she searched the white pages until she found a certain number.

“Tyrell? This is Professor Lily, The work that you did in my office today was extraordinary, but I’m afraid I’ll need your personal expertise here at my place of residence, I’ll give you directions.”

And Momma said he was wasting his time with all that magic crap.

The End? Not yet. Others may take up the chronicles of Madison U. if they wish.

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