tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaeophobia: Spring Break Ch. 05

Faeophobia: Spring Break Ch. 05


"Orgasms," she explained. Professor Lily's rose flower, which grew naturally from her scalp, seemed to shrink back into a bud, and retreat under her thick mane of forest-green hair. A sure sign that the buxom forest nymph was distressed. "That's why Dryads seem to be bound to their trees; Orgasms." She and the pink-haired pixie, Lisaeluriel (Lisa for short) were staring through the steamy glass of a greenhouse that sat alone in a cleft of hills, nearly hidden from view. The golden-haired Unicorn girl, Corona of the Elysian Fields, (Cori for short) stood lookout; her golden eyes scanning the nearby doors, and the small gravel road leading away from the secluded greenhouse for any sign that their investigation was being noticed.

Peering through a window clouded by the humid steam that roiled within the moist confines of the Greenhouse, Lily pressed her copious breasts against the glass as she continued;

"Human myth teaches that Dryads were nature spirts bound into a tree, that their lifeforce depended upon the tree, but the humans were mistaken; look closely Lisa, inside there by those roots, and you'll see what the Dryads really are." Brushing away a strand of hot-pink hair, recently stained with multiple loads of semen, the pixie stared wide-eyed into the Greenhouse...


She had to remind herself of her name. As Viviana sprawled naked in the soil, she had to sift through her own mind, overcome as it was by the waves of pleasure. The Trees were unlike anything she had seen before; unlike anything on Earth; interspersed amidst the leaves were the vines, vines that ravished her. Green ropes whipped, thrust, and slipped in and out of her cunt with preternatural agility. The busty, naked human did not need the velvety flowers to blast that strange, golden pollen into her face, electrifying her senses with narcotic ecstasy, yet they did so. The flowers were all in the shape of vertical, puffy lips. each with a small, hooded bud at the top. The blossoms swelled and pulsated, giving the impression that the lips were engorged with lust. Light glistened off small, almost transparent hairs that surrounded the blooming lips.

As the vines entwined her hips, her legs, her pussy, The flowers caressed her, moving with uncanny volition. Golden, glittering pollen tingled against her olive-colored skin, her every synapse firing with bliss. Periodically, the flowers would begin to drool, and a substance sweet enough to make nectar taste like ashes by comparison would sometimes appear inside the lips. The soft blooms were pink, yet they seemed to shift radiantly through different phases and shades of pink, as the obscene angiosperms dribbled clear juice onto her.

There was an impulse to bury herself in the sensation; to forget everything that she had been, so that no thought, no reservation would detract from the soul-searing ecstatic rapture that melted Viviana's resistance. The vines, the creeping vines from the plant filled her womanly sanctum, channeling pure sensation into her tenderest flesh; the experience defied explanation or comprehension. It was as though her leafy paramour was ejaculating the essence of ten-thousand orgasms into her at once; indeed the dark-haired human could not even tell if she had orgasmed herself! Was the sweet, copious ejaculate that glistened luridly against her toned thighs from a woman's body, or was it more of the plant's sex-nectar?

Viviana neither knew nor cared. As it ever was with the Dryads and their trees, the mere moment it touched her sexual core; she was buried beneath an avalanche of bliss that had no conclusion, no increase. There was no building up towards climax; when the plant buried its pleasure-givers within her womb, she has carried to a sensory level higher than mere orgasm, stimulation far less should have brought on the spurting, the slickness, the release of female lubricant as her girl-cum eased the path for impregnation for some lucky sperm.

She had almost forgotten the pleasure to come. With each impact, with each planting of the precious Dryad seeds, she lost some measure of herself. She became devoted, with each thrust, to caring for, nurturing the new life within her womb.



"Th-nn..." she gurgled in primal bliss. "F-four!"

"N-nahh! F-fi..." her grunts became fearsome, inhuman, beastial, as her sweat-slicked body glistened beneath a shiny layer of sexual fluids. "SEVEN!" came the howl.

What Joy! What a blessing! This was why the humans had told the Dryad legends, the women seemed so dependent upon their trees; and so they were! But not for life; for the pleasure! The ecstasy of the impregnation; the exaltation as the tree chose to implant more, and more of its precious seeds!! Before, she had only carried three at a time; yet the Tree was pleased! It now deemed her worthy to nurture seven of its precious seeds! The new women; those just recently implanted, were given only one seed in their wombs, perhaps two if they were exceptionally voluptuous. The Tree needed to invest its seeds wisely; depending on how quickly she fed them, how well they were nurtured, how soon she birthed the matured offspring, the Tree might decide to give her more seeds for care. It trusted Viviana! It trusted her to nurture seven of its precious spawn! She would not disappoint her lover; she had grown wise in the ways of procurement; she knew that especially now, with Spring Break in full swing, she could provide the seeds with their proper nourishment:

Male Sperm. And busty, sultry Viviana would not fail.


Lisa felt a slight tingle in her pussy. Although she had attracted the attention of more than enough human males to become fully impregnated; her baseline state of scarcely contained nymphomania sent shivers through her at the site of the human woman under such sexual onslaught. The gravid fairy rubbed the mound above her own pussy in subconscious sympathy with the rapturous ravishing that was going on inside the Greenhouse.

Strangely, pregnancy only took the sharp edge off of her lust; it did not cancel it. Her belly had grown slightly over the past half-hour, from the rapidly gestating offspring within her, as if she'd gotten an apple caught there, above her crotch. The hormones of a magical pregnancy often filled pixies with even greater fires of libidinous frenzy; yet Lisa's lust was not much greater than what a human female could expect! The mesmerized Fae looked deeper into the glass, closer at the plant-human mating unfolding like the buds in a garden of orgies. The hardened nipples capping her melon-sized breasts tented easily the fabric of her pink bikini top; and even pressed to the glass, anyone watching inside the Greenhouse would notice her blatant arousal.

It was good that Lisa had already postured her naked womanhood to the humans for mating today; impregnated with human sperm, the urgency had gone out of her ubiquitous sex drive. And yet...it was odd; it should not be. With most pixies, and with Lisa herself, pregnancy had only increased her urges! Yet her body's response was comparatively lackluster from what she might have expected. Now that the humans had sired offspring upon her, all that remained was her everlasting love of sex itself; she no longer craved it with a rampant passion beyond all reason; at least for the next few hours. She could observe, and concentrate on the events before her, without being consumed by the need to join in them. How odd.

It was easier for Lisa that for Professor Lily; The pixie could see a primal yearning overtaking the nymph academic. The look in her eyes was the same as what an artist might express when beholding a radiant sunset, or what a grandmother might look like as she gazed upon a family photo album. The plant sex with the human female had triggered something ancient, something wild within the nymph's brain, and Lisa knew that Lily was in danger of losing herself to the yearnings, while Lisa still needed information on well...exactly what the hell was going on?

She gripped Lily's right breast; a soothing gesture that at once commanded attention; the preferred greeting amongst fae.

"You were saying something about the Dryads, Professor Lily?" Lisa said, attempting to trigger the nymph's intellect, rather than her hormones.

"Er...eh... Y-yes..." Blinking, Lily's higher brain functions reasserted themselves. "As you see here, the Dryad Tree has a complex, symbiotic relationship. Though nearly extinct on Faerie, much is known. The females attracted to the Tree are used as reproductive surrogates;" she made a restraining gesture with her delicate hands. "It is not that Dryads need their Trees to survive, but they are protective of them simply because the sex is so good." Lily's formidable intelligence was in control, as she entered lecture mode, inspite of her body's reaction. Her breasts quivered, expanding slightly from a rush of feminine hormones from party balloon size more towards the diameter of a soccer ball, yet she still resisted the urge to masturbate herself, which would have overcome most nymphs when exposed to such a scene.

"The effect on humans is much more severe;" she continued. "Against a Fae female, the Tree has little permanent effect, but it appears that human females experience a dramatic sexual augmentation and exponential libido increase. Basically, the Tree implants healthy females with its seed, which require the genetic material and nutrients found in sperm. That's why it's so important to choose attractive females, and to enhance their sexual characteristics further, because of the need to secure vast amounts of raw, fresh semen." Lily allowed herself a shiver of pleasure, as her bikini top creaked from the enlarging burden of her fertile bosom. "The Dryads themselves, in the humanoid life-cycle, they feed off of what humans call the Y-chromosome, they feed from masculinity, consuming it as their sole food source. Male fae, with their magical health and sexual potency suffer no noticeable effects. But humans...." Lily rubbed her chin. In distress, a chrysanthemum that grew naturally from her scalp joined her rose and sank below her hairline. "I have some disturbing theories on what might happen if a healthy Dryad started feeding off the Y-chromosomes of human males."

"But...Dryad Trees..." Lisa began in confusion, "Aren't they extinct? Even on Faerie? Where could they have come from?"

"I think someone is using them, someone preserved them for a specific purpose, and someone must do something before the Dryads, both Tree and Humanoid can feed from the vast, male potential on Earth; I think I know just what would happen....."


You couldn't trust the Fae. Clayton used them often enough; the trouble was...well the little sluts were too flighty. They loved this type of work! So they said. Clayton grit his teeth in frustration, pacing backstage at the dressing room, the everpresent cigarette smoke creating a palpable haze. Here in Florida, it wasn't difficult to find giggling, man-hungry mermaids, stumbling into his establishment on magically-conjured legs. These mythical creatures begged for the chance to strut naked on the stage of the 'KA-BOOB', Exotic dancing and stripping was especially important, they said, because they needed the chance to practice walking on legs; most having spent centuries in faerie swimming around with their fish-tails.

But really, mermaids only started moving on land because that's where the men where. And they found them all too easily. All the Fae Clayton had employed lacked the self-control to avoid gang-bangs with the audience. If you didn't stop them, the silly little sluts would allow themselves to be taken right there on stage, from every hole! Hmm...perhaps he should get into the Adult film industry. Those blasted mermaids; each evening, they would go home with some random patron, and neither of them would return for days, if ever. Most Fae just couldn't keep schedules.

Clayton paced by the now empty women's dressing rooms, trying to block out the drone of impatient voices of the customers. It was a big night! Spring Break with the Bosom Builders in town! Tons of horny college boys looking for action! And wouldn't you know it; his last human girl had left after he'd had to reneg on her pay; and he'd tried to contact Pacifica again, easily the most popular Mermaid in the KA-BOOB's history....

"Hey P! We gotta gig! I need ya girl! It's gonna be a big..." shouted Clayton over the phone, struggling to contain his nervousness.

"Mmm-mmuuh..." came the muted groan.

"Pacifica! Ya listenin'? This is big! Yer gonna make a motherload in tips!" his hands shook.

"COCK!! IT'S SO....SO BIG!!!" came a feminine moan followed by a wet slurping sound.

"Babe! Lissen! Ya said you were available! I need girls! We can rake it in!!!" His heart sank, knowing the result of his entreaties.

"Nuuuh...*SHLUNK* *SLUCK*..." The phone, held much too close, picked up the most lurid sounds, as the faerie creature allowed some random human male to vent his lusts inside her well-lubricated femalia. Male grunts joined a chorus of feminine shrieks, it could've been at least two or three guys from the sounds, pumping the mystical being full of human sperm. "MISH'RA YAA-ANAH! LEASCHADJIILYN!" The faerie was lapsing back into her native language; a sure sign that her brain was too drugged with lust to even consider getting out of bed, much less leaving. There was a thump as someone kicked the phone, and Clayton's pleas where answered only by the creaking of bed springs accompanied by rhythmic, feminine grunts, the mermaid no doubt getting screwed royally by a former patron of the 'KA-BOOB' that she couldn't resist taking home.

He hung up; maybe it was his fault. He rarely allowed his Fae employees to give him blowjobs while on the job, as they all offered. Would that have kept them happier? Not that he wasn't interested, but he preferred to focus on business. In truth, his industry was changing from the new complexities introduced by the Fae; the magical creatures were notoriously unreliable as employees, yet the human girls seemed furiously offended by their very presence. Some nights, he attracted bigger crowds by using some mermaid or pixie with boobs the size of midgets, but they couldn't be trusted, and the more reliable humans felt inadequate and alienated.

Of course, Clayton wasn't that much to look at; balding, beer-bellied, hardly an Adonis. Though he always thought he had a strong, commanding gaze that got people's attention. Would the Fae stick around if he'd been a stud? Hmm...what he needed was the new breed of professionals; the new, enhanced sex-workers that were cropping up in the bigger cities. There were women that used the new magic to maximum effect in the Adult industries. There were spells to duplicate the work of the best 20th century plastic surgeons, spells to youthen older women, and if a girl invested early, she could make a life-long career of dancing, stripping, and adult-films without even resorting to prostitution. But that took some cash, and you didn't get girls like that in smaller clubs like the 'KA-BOOB!"

*THUMMMP* It was the metal door to the emergency exit, (boy was this an emergency!) Probably some drifter or bum trying to beg for scraps. There was a muffled cry as he reached for the door;

"MALE!" came a high-pitched voice. What-the....mail? The Mail-man? At this time of night? Without a clear purpose, Clayton opened the door....

The serendipity of it was enough to make him believe in God; the fact that she was naked, making no attempt to cover the slender splendour of her gracefully feminine body bespoke of her comfort with a task such as he needed. There was no time for names, interviews, he needed a girl! Needed one on stage in minutes! And this naked nymph just popped up at the Emergency Exit! She was a nymph wasn't she? The seductive girl-creature had the same, forest green hair as a nymph, but they all had flowers in their hair; not her though. Well so what!? Maybe she was just what he needed! He needed her on-stage! he needed...he needed....need....

Clayton only experienced the briefest flashes of awareness, glimmers of intelligence as the rutting began. Perhaps this was how the Fae felt, he mused as the iron-grip of sensual desire stronger than life itself gripped him. His portly physique had never impressed women, but this nymph-faerie creature tackled him with a relentless hunger. Was the mermaid Pacifica consumed with similar desires right now? Wrapping her magically-conjured legs around the pumping pelvis of a human partner?

Then the tingling seized him; it was as if currents of power, currents of magic surged through him. His mate's eyes glowed green for a second, amidst a throaty howl. As their crotches joined, the magical lure of her cunt seemed to bind his member; their two sexes seemed to seal against each other. The sensation overloaded whatever intelligence still remained after the initial burst of beastial lust. He could not tell if magic was pouring into him, or if something was being sucked out of him.

"Not...much Male...Need More! Feed More!! FEEEEEED!!" proclaimed the sex-creature, digging her nails into his back, seeming to suck his penis farther and further into her ravenous womanhood. It would take over a minute for Clayton's sex-crazed mind to register this comment as an insult, not that it would have deterred either of them.

Then....the floating came. The searing lightning-sensation that coursed through him scorched Clayton with forbidden pleasure. He felt light...lighter than air.... so smooth...so perfect. His attempts at laughter came out as gurgles of lust, however, as vision, and hearing blurred. The sensation, the tactile bliss was all.

With a trembling rush, he felt as if his entire center of gravity was changing; gone was the familiar weight of his gut, yet his crotch burned with an erotic frenzy!....and...and his chest! Like a building of pressure, and increasing sensation of pleasure waiting to explode!


Two female vaginas disengaged with a wet, audible sound, sending droplets of tangy cuntjuice flying. Simultaneously, both cunts throbbed in a pulse-pounding orgasm. Clayton ran small hands from widened, smooth hips; towards the alien sensation of a female crotch, up the soft slope of a tight belly, towards the great mounds of womanly whoppers that had sprouted. The tremulous globes of love-flesh jiggled and bounced like pliable balloons, nearly the same size. The woman that had been Clayton tensed as spasms of lustful tension exploded through her crotch.

"Male....gone now..." murmured the green-haired, slutty predator. She curled up into a corner, seeming to doze off, with the smiling satisfaction of a good, full meal.

"I'm not..." stammered the woman, a curly mane of reddish-brown hair falling over her green eyes. "Not.. a woman..." I don't....NNNAHH!" Clayton knew that there were differences between the brains of men and women, so it was less of a surprise as the rush of magic and hormones assaulted his/her brain; causing a flash of confusion; disorientation. The magic was giving him a female brain to match this ridiculous, jiggling body of outrageous voluptuousness. Stumbling across the wooden floor in fear and confusion, Clayton saw a reflection in the open door of a currently unused dressing room.

The pathetic slut was probably no older than nineteen, sweaty curls of strawberry-blond hair wove around her full cheeks and wide, green eyes. She was a short, wobbling mound of sex-flesh carved from Clayton's own wet dreams; but now he was the dream. He could hear the voices of the men from outside, nearby the stage, eagerly demaning their lascivious entertainment. No matter what the magic had done to her, no matter what had happened; The 'KABOOB' was still his titty bar! He would be flexible, and adapt. He needed dancers, but now he....

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