tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaeophobia: What Boys Like

Faeophobia: What Boys Like


"Nothing wrong with big tits," I told myself. I'd been warned about the Fae. With their huge breasts, wide hips, and raging libidos. They said you couldn't trust them; they were too frivolous and impulsive. And they had dangerous, magical powers. The people in the small town I grew up in made a special point to tell me not to stare at their tits; because they'd notice me.
I decided to dismiss most of the warnings. Ever since the special Celestial Conjunction of this century, magic had been possible. And the Fae races from the Land of Fairy arrived on Earth again, after more than a 1,000 years of absence, to teach us their magic, and to learn our science. The fact that these fairy creatures seemed to have impossibly crazed sex-drives frightened parents even more than tales of the new magic.

But I wasn't sure I believed most of it. No one could be that wanton. Sure, I'd heard stories of Satyrs using magic to teleport into women's locker rooms, and women who claimed that the elves were stealing their husbands, and I'd seen the covers of the Adult magazines with all those naked Nymphs. But these had to be stereotypes. Nobody could be so horny, all the time.

And I sure wasn't afraid of the Pixies. Most of the Pixies I saw on the campus of Madison University were no bigger than 6 inches tall, fluttering around on little fairy wings as they went off to lunch, or to some frat party. (But the stories that came out of the frat houses had to be false, Didn't they?)

I wasn't surprised when I saw one of them with a normal, human height over 5-feet tall. I'd heard that pixies were masters of size-altering magic. What surprised me was not her natural, hot-pink hair color, the delicate antennae on her brow, or those glassy wings sprouting from her back. It was her obvious, wanton disregard for human decency; made obvious by the tank top she wore around in public, and her tiny, pink, short-shorts, which had to be unbuttoned at the top to make room for her swollen, pregnant belly.

Sure enough, across the black tank-top were the words ‘BOYS HATE ME' written in gold glitter across her jutting bosoms. Below it was the fleshy, exposed dome of her distended womb, thrusting forward like a spherical announcement of the pixies' slutty behavior. Her navel, which had popped out, was nonetheless pierced by a gold navel ring. That was the first time I began to reevaluate my skeptical opinion of the sexual appetites of the Fae. She sauntered up to me, jiggling mammaries bouncing like water balloons, briefly stretching the fabric of the tank-top with each jiggle, as though to taunt me with the words. Yet, if her belly was any indication, it was patently clear that boys most likely did not hate her.

"Hey Matt." She said cheerfully from behind her stylish sunglasses. While time flowed differently in the Land of Fairy, in human terms she seemed to be no older than 20. Maybe 21.

"Uhm…Hey there…Lissaeluuriel," I said, quite proud that I had been able to pronounce her exotic name in the Fairy language.

"Just call me Lisa. Really." The sunlight glinted fiercely off her natural, hot-pink hair, and was shattered into rainbow fragments by her sparkling, pixie wings. She called to mind mythic legends of magical sprites bestowing wondrous gifts on Cinderella, or some similar mortal.

But Lisa was a modern Pixie. They almost never gave out spells for free these days. Plus, she was majoring in Economics, probably with the intent of starting up a company, or becoming a Market Analyst. Cinderella wouldn't get any magic slippers out of her. (without a price)

"Hey, let's get together at my place later around 8-ish to study for that Accounting test next Monday." She declared matter-of-factly.

"Y-y-uh uh..well, sure!" I was somewhat taken aback. This gorgeous babe invited me up to her room! Could it be that the rumors were true? Nah, no way. No one could be as horny as those stories claim. It just didn't make sense. Not even a chick that bared her pregnant belly in public like this.

"See-ya then!" wait a sec…she didn't deliberately rub her swollen womb against my crotch did she? No way, Matt! Gotta get my mind out of the gutter! I need to pass that Accounting test! I shook my head as the lurid fairy passed me by, stealing a glance at her shapely ghetto-booty.

I didn't need my textbooks that night. But moments after knocking and entering room 169 in the ladies wing, I was no longer concerned. Lisa was writing something in a notebook when I…hey! She was completely topless! The only thing preserving even a shred of decency was a skimpy bikini bottom. She raised her sparkling, blue eyes and grinned wickedly. She threw away the notebook and stood on her knees in the bed, thrusting forward her delectable bosoms into the crisp air. The naked globes were topped by wide aureoles with an almost golden color, the football-sized tits were only barely supported by her jutting belly. She was presenting her female assets to me as though I were some rutting beast about to sniff her. She continued by yanking away the straps of the bikini bottom, baring her shaven pussy to me in lurid invitation.

"And just what are you waiting for?" She demanded.

"Uh…I…I I mean I..l-like you but…well wh-what about f-foreplay? Or something?" I was stunned! Speaking without thinking, the rumors were true! The fairy races really were as fanatically lustful as the stories claimed! She threw her head back in a musical laugh.

"Fine then, I'll give you foreplay!" She practically pounced on me, delicate hands expertly undoing my zipper. Faster than I would have believed possible, her manicured, silky smooth fingers had extracted my hardening cock and gingerly stroked me. Before I could say another word, her pert, rosy lips enveloped my throbbing member. She made deliberate slurping sounds as her flickering tongue laced me with saliva, her other hand tickling my balls, finding points of pleasure with the grace of an expert.

"Wh-why?" I murmured.

"*SHLURRLP* I have a special love for mortal men. *SLLLLURPLE* More specifically, I love your cocks. *SHLLLLLP* Is that so wrong?" Indeed her eyes seemed to be savoring my manhood as well as her mouth, I could plainly see a ruthless lust that would not be denied.
Right when I was about to run my hands through her hot-pink hair, she leapt away, returned to her bed, and from all fours, thrust her ass towards me. The shaven folds of her fairy cunt were already glistening from her own juices. The creamy hemispheres of her lush ass beckoned a hot-blooded, doggy-style, love-making. (If it could ever be called love) In the end, perhaps I am more of a rutting beast than I thought.

Her cunt was surreal, that was the best way to describe the pleasure that seared me as I thrust into her drooling hotbox. The humping continued for several hoarse-throated moments of lusty howling before the changes began. I thought she was grunting with ecstasy, but no…no that wasn't it, the now-sweaty pixie was chanting? Yes, she was chanting something softly as I reamed her slippery slit for all she was worth.

"Definitely…better…than studying…" I grunted, as her sopping sex hungrily devoured my pumping manmeat." Lisa's only response was more chanting. My senses must have failed me, because it felt like Lisa's velvety ass was getting larger. Rather than dwell on this odd development, I ran my hands down towards the gravid slope of her pregnant womb. Who needed Fairy Godmothers when these lusty sluts would let a guy knock them up? She must have been 7, or maybe 8 months along. I decided I could come to like these modern pixies. I gently tugged against her navel-ring, and her quivering form bucked with orgiastic pleasure as she howled wildly with savage sexual fury.

The wind from her buzzing fairy wings was what alerted me. Yes, her ass did seem to be getting bigger, but for some reason, as she rapidly fluttered the diaphanous wings that sprouted from her shoulder blades, the wind they generated seemed to push me back more and more and more…and..and..what? The silky bulges of her shapely ass while they pressed against my pelvis had to be the size of car-tires!

My eyes fluttered, what? Was I…was I shrinking? Her soft, feminine form loomed ever larger before me, the wind from her wings buffeted me as though I were lighter! My…my feet! Was I rising in the air? No, now my legs barely came down past the back of her knees! But…no..no.. this can't be right! My cock seemed bigger and harder than ever! Lisa howled passionately as though I was filling her more than ever before! And then I slipped out. As I beheld myself, my own screams drowned out Lisa's before I passed out.

She was a giant. My vision cleared, but my head swam. I beheld Lisa's delicate, achingly sweet face, yet her head was the size of a billboard! And the rest of her! Her nude, voluptuous form reminded me of something from ‘Attack of the 50-foot woman'! But no, look! Her dorm room was gigantic too! Unless…I…I really did shrink! I must have been about 6 inches, same height as a PixiiieeeYAAAH!!!!

Yes, my body did shrink. I was now the same size as a pixie in her natural form. But my cock…my cock was still NORMAL SIZE!!! My now gigantic member was totally out of proportion with my diminutive frame! My manhood was now equal to my body weight!
How…how would I walk…how would I move?!!

Those eyes, those brilliant blue eyes, told me the purpose, the plan behind my transformation. I could see that same ruthless lust, that relentless, fairy lust that would not be denied.

"I…You shrunk me into…into a human dildo!" I declared in my now higher-pitched voice.

Grunting with wild-eyed lust, my towering mistress gave me a full-body lick, coating me with her saliva before laughing. She then thrust me into the still glistening chasm of her hungering sex. A firestorm of sensation jolted my senses, as I was pressed against the warm expanse of sweaty flesh, to me as large as the front of a house! But she yanked me out with a wet slurp, and held me, using my cock as a handle.

"Why…how could you…I..I never did anything to you!" I protested.

"This isn't about revenge, I already told you how much I love human cocks. Now I don't have to worry about the rest of you getting in the way." Supporting my entire body by grasping my ever-hard cock, she slides the underside of my dick down the towering length of her voluptuous body, I flailed helplessly in her grip, my dick was now so large and cumbersome, that holding it gave her total control over me and my movements.

Down I slid, my cock grazing the hollow of her tender throat, past the jiggling swell of her tits, jolts of pleasure entered me as the most tender region of my manhood swept over the tiny bumps of her aureoles, before hitting her spongy nipples, now the size of fire hydrants from my perspective. I was no biologist, but I was becoming aware of a problem inherent from my disproportionate stature. My cock was unimaginably sensitive, far more so than ever before! The nerves in my cock must now be very different from those in the rest of my body, since my member was now maybe a dozen times larger than ever before, it felt like it had dozens more nerve endings! The slightest touch caused me to convulse with sensation! The pleasure was so strong that it almost hurt, like eating too many sweets, or getting drunk, yet…uniquely different.
It managed to hold out longer than I expected, it wasn't until she rubbed me on her tender, perfect feet (the size of Cadillacs from here) That I burst, some latent foot fetish? My cum rocketed from my gigantic cock, I could feel my balls contracting, the pleasure pummeling my brain as I spasmed with glee. She brought me back up near her thighs, smearing my creamy seed into her velvet-soft skin all the while. I brushed over the colossal dome of her pregnancy, grunting as I felt the kicks from Lisa's half-human infant within. The ring in her navel made me gasp as I touched it. I was at her mouth soon; as Lisa prepared to finish what started this spectacle with her ruby-red lips wide open, ready to accept my spurting rod, though under far different
circumstances this time! While the orgasm was beyond belief, perhaps it was some instinctual fear of being devoured that caused me to pass out this time, while the gusts of her hot breath washed over me as her elegant lips enveloped my manhood for the second time today.

I awoke in darkness. A quick search revealed that the past few hours had not been a dream, and that I remained a living sex toy. It was…some sort of oblong container I was in…there were slits in the top, so I could breath, but from the smell, and the jostling, I could tell that…I…yes…I was inside a woman's purse! Not for long however. I felt movement, and sure enough, The top half of this container was popped off by a familiar, manicured hand, the size of a polar bear, yet somewhat more gentle.

The container I'd been in was shaped like a plush…oil lamp? Like one of those lamps that Arabic genies were supposed to live in. Only the back of it detached for easy insertion of male classmates that had been magically reduced to live dildos. We…we must be in some…stall? Yes, the ladies restroom? At least Lisa had the decency to wear a dress today. Had I been asleep that long? Apparently. But I had other concerns besides propriety.

My cock was aching! I could feel the jism straining to get out, it was as though my transformation increased my sperm output! Worse, there was no way I could pleasure myself to relieve the pressure! I couldn't wrap my hands around my monster dick; it was simply too big for me to jack-off! I could only relieve the fiery ache in my balls if Lisa permitted me. I moaned with pleasure as she grasped my cock, and withdrew me.

But this time, I did not even merit a casual comment. I was truly an object; a plaything to satisfy Lisa's wanton libido! I had become like a cellphone, or make-up case; just another object for her convenience! She drew me under the hem of the red dress she wore today, obscuring the light like a parachute, and prepared to insert me into the moistening splendor of her shaven womanhood. Her lack of panties forced me to smell the pungent aroma of her aroused sex; I tried not to enjoy it. But the explosion of sensual bliss shocked me when she thrust me cock-first, inside her fragrant folds. The wet heat of her churning cunt assaulted my consciousness with a lightning bolt of erotic bliss that battered my brain! Despite the obvious degradation of my condition, I was endlessly grateful for the chance to cum again; I had never, ever, had so much pent-up sperm!

I was unable to stop myself, I began fondling the slippery lips of her sex, caressing the slit that was only slightly less than my own height. I sucked upon the smaller shaft on top, and I could feel her grunts and vibrations, I was truly far better than any common dildo. I felt a twinge a twinge of panic that she might withdraw me and put me back in my carrying case before I had a chance to blow my load inside her cunt! As her inner muscles kneaded my cock, I accelerated my treatment of her outer womanhood.

Luckily, my fears were ungrounded, but the pleasure after I finally exploded was too much; again I felt myself slipping.

She…she had the gall to leave me there! She left me, lodged firmly into her moist pussy, hanging by my over-sized cock. She pulled her dress back into place and left the stall! Held tightly by a velvet vice I did not truly wish to escape, I passed out yet again from the horrible pleasure.

"Please…you can't keep me like this…I-I need to be free.." I wailed, awakening on the top of her taut belly, apparently during the next morning. Her belly to me seemed like a small house. It was hard to move, with the massive weight of my erect cock pressing down on me. It was also hard to see the face of my captor; if possible, her breasts had grown over…however long since I first met her. The burgeoning domes beyond my current vantage point were larger than a jungle-gym set. I suspected that if I were normal-sized, her bulging bosoms would have been the size of soccer-balls.

"Don't tell me you aren't enjoying your weekend?" she purred, while reclining in naked bliss.

"I…I can't live like this-" But I was interrupted by her musical laughter.

"A little honesty is in order. Guys not only think with their cocks, you're motivated by them too. Nearly everything a guy does, every achievement men make, it's all to get yourselves in a better position in life to attract a more desirable female. Don't try to deny it. We both know what boys like!" Her eyes gleamed wickedly.

"I've just simplified things a bit. You no longer need to work, no more office politics, no more final exams. Your only function in life is to ejaculate." Her lower lip seemed to quiver as she described my new purpose. And, due to her relentless magic, my cock hardened even larger than before, preparing itself for my life's work.

"B-But why me? Why now?"

"Silly human. We're both Economics majors; it's obvious. I'll go into business, of course!"

"S-Selling spells that turn men into living dildos?"

"We'll make the Fortune 500 list in no time!" Her eyes shone with a greed nearly as great as her lust, while her elegant lips smiled with a sinister gleam.

"I've seen you in class, gaping at my tits and my pregnant belly, I could practically smell your lust, who better to test my new spell on?"

"This is not enough for me! I…I can't live my life just to be your sex-toy! I need a challenge in my life! I'm a living, breathing, human being, and I'm hungry besides!" I proclaimed.

"Oh, so that's it. You need a challenge, and you're hungry eh?" laughing her sinister, musical laugh, Lisa grasped my cock-handle and carried me effortlessly to the sink that was standard in all the dorm rooms in this building. I should have known what came next, after she tossed me in. Even at this size, I should have been able to escape, it wasn't that deep; yet dragging this unwieldy cock…

But it was not to be that simple: Lisa kneaded and squeezed her naked boobs, until I saw it; the first of many pearly drops of hot, mother's milk. She was pregnant; it made sense I supposed. The drops kept coming; spattering in an increasing tide from her tanned, golden nipples, looming before me like fleshy water-towers.

She moaned as she released; both tits let-down with massive, simultaneous spurts of pure nourishment.

"It's magical, "she informed me. "Humans find Pixie milk to be unusually intoxicating." And the first droplets careened into my mouth as her soft nubs blasted the sink like firehoses! The taste was sheer heaven; it was buttery honey with a hint of cherry, my knees buckled beneath me, never believing that anything could taste so sublimely exquisite as the rich milk spurting luridly from Lisa's tits. Soon, the level of fluid rose to my waist. It was a terrible struggle just to keep my head above milk-level! I needed to start swimming to keep afloat, but I just wanted to collapse, and taste more of the liquid glory erupting from the Pixie's glands.

"At your size, the effect should be even more pronounced." I whimpered in pleasure, spreading my hands to catch the creamy droplets spraying in multiple arcs from the silky softness of gigantic nipples. I couldn't do it. I could not resist the urge to immerse myself in the sea of lactation surrounding me, though I might drown.

The next few hours were a blur. There was breastmilk, the feel of her hand around my member. Lisa's pussy…her sweet pussy, enveloping me. All a blur…I stood on her chest, my massive cock lodged between the towering mounds of those nourishing tits, as she flicked my member with her tongue, I came more times than should have been possible, my ejaculations were more frequent, and had greater pressure, it was as though my cock was fine-tuning itself as I became the ultimate sex-toy. I remember seeing Lisa's soft nipples, dripping with my sperm! A drooling curtain of my hot semen creeped in rivulets down the fertile dome of her swelling womb. And there was still more! More for her legs and feet, more for her pussy, and the rest for her sucking mouth. The pleasure made me weep more than once.

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