tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaerians: Consummation

Faerians: Consummation


It took Dawn seven hours to build-up enough energy to shift back into human form. Vindrin stayed with her the entire time and shooed both Derimic and Sergei out of the room right before the shift.

"Why do we have to leave?" Derimic asked, curious.

Sergei, curious as well, responded, "I'm not really sure. Maybe she doesn't want us to see her go through the transformation procedure again." Sergei shrugged along with his suggestion.

~You have to leave because once she shifts back she will have no clothes on. I'm trying to spare her dignity. She wouldn't like it if you were standing there gawking at her~ Vindrin informed them primly.

Sergei grinned. "Maybe we should go watch?" He jokingly suggested to Derimic. "Because that's a sight I wouldn't mind to see," Sergei continued.

~I heard that~ Vindrin said with a growl, her eyes on Dawn as the dragon began to pulsate in shades of reds.

Derimic smirked. "Same here," he said.

~Hush you two~ Vindrin snapped.

Dawn let out a moan of pain and the light around her body increased. She let out a small shriek as the lights blended together and blinded Vindrin. Vindrin had to blink several times before she could see again. Dawn stood nude before her, shivering.

Vindrin grimaced and handed her a towel.

Sergei had heard the shriek and began to worry a little. "I hope everything is ok in there," Sergei said, looking at Derimic.

Derimic frowned. "Listen. I don't hear anything now," he said quietly. He reached for Vindrin's mind only to find himself locked out. He growled in frustration.

"Vindrin won't let me in," he said furious.

"Hmmm." Sergei sighed. He did not like the fact that neither he nor Derimic had any clue as to what was going on. ~I don't like it, Derimic. I need to know what's going on. ~ Sergei thought, frustrated.

~You always were nosy~ Dawn growled into the link.

Sergey's frustration became joy after hearing Dawn's voice. ~Can't help it. It bugs me whenever I miss an opportunity to see you in the buff. ~ Sergei kidded jovially.

There was a moment of silence and Derimic burst out laughing. ~I do believe you've embarrassed her Sergei~ he replied.

Sergei grinned. He knew he had tapped some of the right buttons. ~Are you alright Dawn? I don't hear your pretty voice. ~ Sergei asked with a small chuckle.

~Sergei doesn't bait her! ~ Vindrin snapped as she helped Dawn towel off the residue gooey substance left behind from the change.

~Ah! Dawn knows I mean no harm. Right, gorgeous? ~ Sergei responded, pointing his comment to Dawn.

Dawn's snort of denial rippled through the conversation. ~Of course sweetheart~ she drawled as she put on the dress Vindrin handed her.

Sergei laughed and looked at Derimic. ~I don't know what I'd do without her. ~ Sergei chuckled.

Derimic smiled and walked over to Sergei and caressed his arm. Privately he said to Sergei, ~we need to do our mating tonight, otherwise all will be lost~

Sergei smiled. ~Agreed. We do need to solidify this bond between the three of us. ~ Sergei said, looking Derimic straight in the eyes.

Derimic gave Sergei a wolfish grin. ~We might have to give her something to loosen her up. She's never lain with a man before~ he explained.

Sergei raised an eyebrow. ~Yes. This will be an intriguing consummation, an intriguing one indeed. ~ Sergei said his smile growing as he pondered the mating to come.

~I will have to be gentle with both of you~ Derimic mused and felt Dawn's ripple of unease at his words.

The door opened and Vindrin came out followed by a subdued Dawn.

Sergei's smile softened as he saw Dawn. His thoughts of bonding pushed to the back of his mind and once again the feeling of worry ran over his thoughts. The sight of Dawn filled him with joy. ~Are you okay, Dawn? ~ Sergei asked a tender smile on his face.

~I'm fine. Hungry but fine~ she said quietly her mind on what Vindrin had been explaining to her while the guys were outside waiting. She was frightened because Vindrin told her no more running. Dawn kept her conversation with Vindrin buried deep as she pasted a smile on her face and took Sergei and then Derimic's hand. "Let's go eat," she said cheerfully.

Derimic exchanged a glance with Sergei over Dawn's head that said watch her carefully.

Sergei just nodded and followed the two towards a good meal.

Derimic took them to the dining room, which was deserted. Dawn gasped when she realized why. The entire room was bathed in candlelight and roses of various colors were everywhere.

Sergei stood behind Dawn and wrapped his arms around her waist. He held his chin over her shoulder and smiled. "Do you like it?" he asked Dawn, waiting for a reply.

"Yes little one? What do you think?" Derimic asked eyes shining as he ran his hand gently up and down her arm.

"You did this for me?" she whispered in surprise as she looked first at Derimic and then at Sergei, her eyes bright and wide.

Sergei chuckled in light amusement. "Of course! There is no one else we would do this for, beautiful," Sergei said smiling, as he caressed Dawn's face with the back of his hand.

Dawn shivered at the double assault to all her senses. She felt the stirrings of something and it frightened her. It was like nothing she had felt before. She stiffened and jerked away from the men. "It's beautiful and thoughtful. Thank you," she said casually as she put distance between herself and them.

Sergei frowned. ~She feels too uncomfortable. We have to let her relax. ~ Sergei said on a tight link to Derimic.

~Agreed. Spike her fruit drink. We have alcohol that has no smell or taste. The cooks know what to prepare~ he said.

Sergei took a few steps off to the side. "Allow me to get us all something to drink. I will be right back," Sergei said to the two, smiling and left the room for a few moments, returning quickly with the drinks in hand.

Derimic made small talk with Dawn until Sergei came back. Derimic took his drink and Dawn accepted hers.

"You didn't really have to do all this guys," she said, tears in her eyes for the first time.

Derimic looked at Dawn in surprise. He'd never seen her cry before.

Sergei walked over to Dawn. "Shhhh! Don't cry," he said, wiping the tears from her eyes. After he had wiped away the falling tears, he put his free arm over her shoulders. "This is your night, Dawn! Enjoy it!" Sergei said smiling.

"Ok I will. Cheers!" she said and raised her glass.

Derimic clinked his glass against hers and they waited for Sergei.

Sergei smiled and raised his glass and let it clink against the other two. "Cheers!" Sergei said quietly.

Dawn downed hers in one gulp. "Hmm that was good can I have another one?" she asked Sergei as she took some of the meat fruit and began eating it. She missed the smirk Derimic gave Sergei.

~Told you. I think two more glasses should do it. She has a high metabolism after all~ he told Sergei as he sipped his own drink.

Sergei smiled as he took a gulp of his drink. He nodded and took Dawn's glass to refill it, disappearing momentarily and reappearing shortly thereafter.

"Here you go Dawn," Sergei said, handing her the glass.

"Thank you," she said and drank a little slower than the first time. Derimic laughed and joked until he felt Dawn's mind starting to relax.

~It's starting to work. She's relaxing. Go ahead and do something sensual. Let's test the waters~ Derimic said softly.

Sergei walked up behind Dawn and slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her petite body in closer to his. "Tell me Dawn, are you feeling any better?" he asked, his hands running down her flat stomach and over her hips and back up again as he trailed soft kisses down the side of her neck.

"Umm much better, thank you Sergei," she said as she felt herself getting hot and tingly. "What are you doing to me?" she asked as the unfamiliar feelings raced through her.

Derimic's eyes seemed to glow. ~Nothing love. It feels good doesn't it?~ he asked as he got up and kissed her, his hands taking a path opposite Sergei's so that no part of her upper body was untouched.

~Yes very good~ she said for once not frightened by the feelings they were invoking in her. She liked them. She'd never felt this kind of rush before.

Sergei continued to trail kisses along her neck and down her smooth shoulders, occasionally allowing his tongue to gently trace a path from her chin down her neck. He slowly worked his hands up her stomach and ran his hands over her heart, caressing her chest, slowly and methodically.

Derimic was gently massaging her shoulders and nibbling on her neck too. He worked his strong hands down her sides and to her legs he shifted position and took her right leg and began to massage it, while working his way up higher.

~Shall we get a room? Whose quarters should we use? ~ He asked Sergei.

~Doesn't matter to me. We can use my quarters if you wish.~ Sergei answered as he kissed down from Dawn's shoulders to the small of her back and kissing each corner of her lower back while running his hands up and down her legs.

Dawn was whimpering in pleasure. The sensations were awesome and she was feeling something deep in her body flaming hotter. "Please," she asked, not sure what she was asking for but wanting something.

~Your quarters then. Mine is cluttered and Dawn, she doesn't have a room~ Derimic said to Sergei.

~Dawn we need you to teleport us love~ he said as he reached up, kissed her and felt her teleporting energy build. Derimic seized the energy and a picture of Sergei's quarters from Sergei's mind and teleported all of them to Sergei's room and on to the bed.

Sergei sat on his knees on the bed and quickly removed his unconventional uniform top, tossing it to the floor. He positioned himself in front of Dawn and kissed her hard, gently nibbling her bottom lip as he pulled away.

Sergei got down at the foot of the bed where Dawn's legs dangled off the edge of the bed. He rubbed his hands up and down her legs, his hands paying special attention to her calves. He began to kiss down her thighs, letting his tongue trace a path further up, towards her center. He inhaled the sweet scent of her lower mid-regions as his tongue playfully worked its way around, between her thighs.

~You smell so good, luv. ~ Sergei said, her body intoxicating his senses. He pushed her dress up to get a better position.

Derimic grinned and helped Dawn out her dress. She was moaning in pleasure. ~Is this what I've been missing because of my fear?~ she asked as she arched up and dug her hands into Sergei's hair as Derimic removed her bra and laid siege to her breasts.

Dawn was on fire everywhere and she loved the feeling. She felt so alive and free that she wanted to shout out in joy.

Sergei removed her bottoms when he noticed her reactions and gave himself full access to every inch of her moist interior. His tongue worked around her slick inside and feverishly touched and teased every part of it as he further spread her legs with his hands.

~This is just the beginning Dawn. ~ He answered as he continued to ravage her soft center. ~It gets much better! ~ He said, finishing his thought while he continued to feed on her sweet honey like a bee.

~Better? ~ She asked almost purring.

~Yes better our beautiful wildcat~ Derimic said as he moved behind her and worked his tongue and teeth up and down her back while he played with her breasts.

Sergei smiled as he pulled his mouth away from her body. He slowly slid one of his fingers inside her and stopping once he hit her wall, remembering what Derimic had said. He gently ran his finger in and out a time or two, being carefully not to penetrate her hymen. He pulled his finger out and licked the juice off of it, enjoying the flavor.

Dawn let out a small scream of pleasure as Sergei's fingers entered her and she instinctively squeezed her inner muscles wanting to feel more.

Derimic chuckled as he lowered his hands from her breasts to her stomach and down toward her center.

Sergei looked up at Derimic and gave him a kiss. He withdrew and smiled. ~Would you like to taste her, Derimic? ~ Sergei asked, wanting to play with her upper body some more. By now he had reached his full size and was beginning to feel the fire in his loins.

~Definitely~ Derimic said as he kissed his way down Dawn's body and traded places with Sergei.

Sergei moved to the side and removed the rest of his uniform, revealing his full form. He massaged Dawn's breasts with his hands and ran his tongue from her chest up to her neck and stopping momentarily to nibble on her neck.

~I don't know how much more~ Dawn started and then let another gasp of surprise when Derimic's tongue entered her. She could feel the wetness between her legs and she was arching again and again, wanting him and Sergei inside her. ~I WANT both of you~ she growled, her eyes bleeding to silver.

Derimic froze. ~Sergei~ he said softly as he looked at Dawn's eyes.

Sergei stopped for a moment and looked at Derimic and then noticed Dawn's eyes. ~I don't know if this is good or bad this time~ Sergei responded.

~It's a good time. She won't attack you to kill you but she'll wear both of you out~ Vindrin's voice echoed in both males' minds.

Sergei smirked. ~Mmmm. Sounds good to me! ~ Sergei said and returned to marauding Dawn's breasts with even more vigor. He continued to caress her chest firmly and asked her in a hungry tone ~who would you want to go first, Dawn? ~

~First? I don't care. Choose! Just do something about the fire in my body~ she growled savagely

Sergei grinned and looked at Derimic. ~May I? ~ He asked Derimic pleadingly. ~Or would you prefer to go first? ~ Sergei continued, the hunger in his eyes revealing his true desire to go first.

Derimic looked at Sergei. ~You can. You've waited long enough~ Derimic replied as he licked Dawn one more time and trailed kisses, bites and nibbles up her thighs and to her stomach, moving to give Sergei room.

~Don't worry. You're next~ Derimic said to Sergei as he continued working his way up to Dawn's mouth where he kissed her.

~Taste your juices love~ Derimic said as he kissed her.

Dawn devoured him with her hot mouth as she writhed beneath his and Sergei's touches.

Sergei gave a devilish grin. He slowly entered his throbbing member into her up to her thin barrier, stopping for a moment before thrusting himself the rest of the way inside. He rested there for a moment before resuming with a writhing, rhythmic thrusting, entering to the full extent, backing a way's out, and entering completely again. He continued this, slowly gaining speed.

Derimic had kissed Dawn the moment Sergei entered her and she let out a small scream but then the scream changed to a moan of desire, as Sergei started moving. Dawn felt herself moving with him and she felt stretched, filled and on the edge of something wonderful.

~More~ she growled as her nails raked down Sergei's back leaving marks.

Sergei continued to pump and pick up momentum. He gathered one of her legs up as he continued to pump and placed his shoulder under it. He continued to work as his thighs started to burn. He pushed even harder and faster, trying to bring her to the edge of ecstasy.

Derimic grinned and then gently pushed both Sergei and Dawn's mind and released the floodgate of passion that Dawn had been suppressing instinctively. In their minds colors of all shades exploded and raced through one to the other and then again as each wave of climax rocked Dawn and Sergei and Derimic.

Dawn bucked as she came her nails digging into Sergei's shoulders while Derimic supported her body.

Sergei's climax released almost instantaneously after Dawn's as he rolled off top of her, breathing hard, but not quite finished, as he remained aroused.

Dawn was breathing hard and her eyes widened when she felt Derimic's arousal against her back.

~I don't know if I can go another round~ she said, breathing hard.

Derimic smiled. ~Who said you had to go next? ~ He replied as he looked over at Sergei with lust in his eyes.

Sergei raised an eyebrow and then slowly smiled. ~My turn, huh? ~ Sergei asked, knowing it would have to happen for the bonding to be complete.

~Yes your turn. I'll be gentle. I wanted you and Dawn to have that moment together and to give her a breather. Now it's your turn my handsome soldier~ Derimic said sensually as he moved from behind Dawn and gestured for Sergei to come sit next to him.

~Dawn, feel free to join in. It will probably be easier on both of you if we do it this way~ Derimic said as he sat tensely and waited.

Sergei sat up and moved over to beside Derimic. ~I'm ready, Mon captain. ~ Sergei said waiting for Derimic's response.

Derimic grinned and Dawn watched in silence. Derimic slowly leaned over and kissed Sergei gently and without pressure.

~I won't hurt you Sergei. If you tense up, it'll make it worse. Maybe I should have gotten you drunk too~ Derimic mused.

Sergei smiled and kissed Derimic back. ~Maybe....~ Sergei replied as he loosened up and gave Derimic complete access to his body.

Derimic felt Sergei relax and he began trailing his hands down Sergei's body. He slowly wrapped his hand around Sergei's penis and began stroking it up and down.

Dawn who had finally recovered crawled across the bed and eyed the two of them with interest.

~Can I play? ~ She purred

Sergei moaned with pleasure. ~Feel free. The more, the merrier, luv~ he answered as he felt the pressure build back up inside.

Dawn straddled his lap, careful to give Derimic room as she leaned up and kissed Sergei hungrily.

Derimic kept stroking Sergei with strong deft strokes and he mentally caressed and relaxed Sergei's mind.

Sergei felt his body relax and moaned as the sensations traveled through his body. He kissed Dawn back and felt his breathing get heavy as Derimic continued to work on Sergei's sexual girth.

~Dawn switch me places please~ Derimic said, passion in his voice as he started using his teeth and tongue on Sergei's sensitive spots as he increased the pressure and the speed of his stroking.

~Ok~ Dawn replied as she nimbly moved behind Sergei as Derimic sank to the floor in between Sergei's legs.

Derimic replaced his hand with his mouth, taking all of Sergei into him. He sucked, tongued and gently nibbled on Sergei's hardness.

Sergei's breathing increased as pleasure overtook his body again. He let his inhibitions go and let Derimic lead him.

Derimic wanted to feel Sergei. ~Sergei I'm going to put a finger in you ok~ he explained as he stuck a finger in his mouth to wet it.

He telekinetically moved Sergei forward enough so that he was barely sitting on the edge of the bed and his ass was exposed.

He took his wet finger and slowly inserted. He grinned at the tightness and almost lost control. He slowly took it in and out as he took his hot mouth off of Sergei's penis and licked his way towards his jewels, which he played with for a moment before continuing to his ass.

Dawn meanwhile was having a field day with Sergei's upper body. She was using her teeth, tongue and hands to good use. Her eyes had bled back to silver and she wanted them both again.

Sergei's eyes rolled back as he felt the sexual assault on his body. He moaned and arched his back slightly when he felt Derimic's finger inside. ~Ahhh...~ was all Sergei could say as continued to revel in the pleasure.

Encouraged, Derimic slowly inserted a second finger and telekinetically worked Sergei's penis.

Dawn was growling savagely in pleasure and it washed through the link to both men. Her pleasure was building and she wanted both of them so much that she was aching with need.

Derimic took her need and fed it back to her and Sergei, increasing it, molding it and amplifying it.

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