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Fair Is Fair


Please enjoy this story, and do not republish it anywhere without my permission. I was greatly helped by the editing of Gina, and thank her profusely.

I welcome feedback and ask you all to vote. We all need to know how our public reacts to our creations.

This is a work of fiction inspired by events I did experience.

Again, please vote!

The summer light was fading as I stood in the cool transparent stream. My dry fly snaked through the soft air to settle ten feet in front of the protruding rock. It began to drift downstream; suddenly a hungry trout attacked it. When the fly was in its mouth I gently pulled back on the line. The fish was hooked and the fight began.

Keeping my delicate bamboo rod at right angle to the line and gently reeled in the trout.

"Don't fight too hard, fish," I said under my breath. "I don't want to hurt you; I've already proven I could fool you. Now come to me and I'll let you go."

A few minutes later the lovely Brook trout was at my feet being unhooked.

"On you way, fish, fair is fair, you make me think I'm smart, I'll set you free."

The light was fading fast and I really couldn't see to tie on a different fly, so I decided to head for the B & B where I was staying. While reeling in my line and untying my fly I suddenly heard a woman's scream up stream. I got out of the water and ran along the bank. Not more than one hundred yards north, I saw the woman thrashing in a deep pool, clearly in trouble as she tried to hold onto her fishing pole and swim in her waders.

I wasn't wearing waders so I stripped off my vest and shirt and jumped in to help her.

"Give me your pole and let me grab you from the back. I'll slip my right arm across your chest, you just lean back onto me and I'll swim you to shore." I told her as I got near.

She couldn't answer, as she was coughing water, but she handed me her pole and let me grab her. I pulled her to shore and dragged her onto the grass. I rolled her on her side and let her cough up the remaining water in her lungs. As she heaved, she held my hand tightly as if for comfort. I didn't move and let her calm from the panic of being alone and almost drowning.

When she let go of my hand I unhooked her waders, pulled them off, and emptied gallons of water. She had on a fishing vest, also full of water, but I would have to wait to help her take it off.

"Thank you," she sputtered, "I couldn't swim with my waders. I'm not a good swimmer anyway, but they really make it hard to move. Where were you fishing? I haven't seen anyone all day."

"Actually I was only a few yards downstream of you, and I heard your first cry. By the way, my name is George, are you alright now? You really should take off your vest; it is full of water and will make you cold."

"Yes, of course," she said as she tried to unzip the vest. "Oh, George, I am so lucky you were near, you really did save me!"

I took her trembling fingers from the zipper and slid it down and pulled the soggy cloth off her back. She was wearing only a T-shirt and of course it was soaked, showing off her lovely small breasts and stiff brown nipples. I had to force myself to look away as she truly had a divine shape and looking at her assets was very distracting.

"Let's take our stuff and get to my Jeep," I said grabbing the poles and waders. "I have towels there and you'll be freezing now the sun has set."

I walked her briskly to calm my lecherous thoughts, and to keep her warm. While walking I asked her if she was staying nearby.

"Well, yes, and no," she said. "I live in New York and am sleeping in my car tonight. I didn't plan on falling in! And George, my name is Sally, and I am really glad you're here."

"Let's get you to my Jeep and dry you off," I answered. "I need a towel too, so let's hurry."

We made it to my rig quickly and started toweling off, in an attempt to warm up a bit. I told Sally to remove her shirt and warp herself in the towel to keep warm. I could see she was still shivering and knew she needed to get warm soon.

"Listen, the best thing is for you to come with me to my B&B and take a hot bath and get into some dry clothes." I told her as I started to drive. "Okay," she answered between shivering teeth.

Arriving at the B&B I quickly told the proprietor Sally would be taking a bath in my room and perhaps staying the night so they could adjust my bill accordingly. She answered, "Not to worry, just get the poor girl warm."

We entered the room and threw all our clothes in the corner of the bathroom as I ran a bath. The large old bathtub, with clawed feet, was perfect to completely cover Sally with hot water and finally get her warmed. I started to leave her alone but she told me to stay.

"I have nothing to hide from you anymore," she laughed. "I would appreciate your rubbing my back and even joining me in the tub. There is room enough for both of us, and you must be cold also."

I didn't ague, and slid in behind her. The hot water warmed me instantly, but the contact with Sally's body set me on fire. I busied myself soaping her back while trying to stop my rigid prick from poking her. She giggled and turned around taking hold of it under water.

"So, you like what you see, Mr. Lifesaver," she said smiling. "Well so do I and I have a great idea for getting us really warm!" She hugged me while she continued holding my firm equipment. "Allow me to thank you with my love, and warm us both."

We rinsed and stepped out of the bath. I rubbed Sally vigorously with the bath-sheet provided by the B&B, which made her skin blush. We fell onto the big four-poster bed and became enveloped by the fluffy down comforter. I could no longer restrain my desire to make love to my gorgeous survivor. I kissed her face gently, her eyes, her nose, her ears, her cheeks, and finally her wet soft lips. I let my lips taste hers without pressure until she opened hers and touched mine with her tongue. Her invitation to passion aroused me more and my tongue met hers as my body pressed along her full length. The contact was exquisite, her skin so soft and smooth I wanted to touch all of her with all of me.

We continued kissing, increasingly passionately, as our hands explored. I cradled her small breast feeling the hardened nipple in my palm. My fingers played circles around her areola before tenderly pinching her nub. She moaned into my mouth telling me to play more there. I used both hands to caress and tweak her breasts causing her to increase the tempo and volume of her whimpers. My legs moved against and between hers, augmenting the heat between our bodies. I wanted to feel every inch of her skin and warm her with both my body and my desire.

My hands and mouth continued caressing and tweaking her breasts and nipples. Her sighs encouraged my actions while inflaming my cravings, leading me to increase the pace of my explorations. I sucked intensely on her nipples while letting my hands glide lower to her belly.

Oh, how I wanted to possess her completely! But I held back waiting for her to want me at least as much. I tenderly touched the warmth of her tummy between her fur and her navel, making slow circles. Her hips responded by rising off the comforter trying to make contact lower.

"Touch me, please," Sally whispered.

I slipped my fingers between her curls slowly slipping along the sides of her inner thighs. Again she moved her hips. I knew what she wanted but stayed along the sides of her seam, not touching the tender lips I knew hid under her fur. I wanted her to be as anxious as I was, and I intended to have my mouth be the first to make contact with the petals of her flower. She made cooing noises and tried to thrust her pussy against my hand. I quickly retreated to again stroke the inner side of her thighs.

"Don't torture me," she cried. "Caress me where I want it!"

Moving down the bed, I spread her legs and covered her whole slit with my mouth. I sucked her lips and ran my tongue between them for the full length. When I touched the top she jumped and cried out. Holding her down I began to really use my mouth to savor her womanly taste. She began to move constantly while talking incomprehensibly, just making noises and saying words. I knew I was definitely keeping her warm and I was becoming completely inflamed.

Leaving her on the bed I ran to the bathroom to collect the condoms from my travel kit, but I was back in a flash. Again I dove between her legs and delved her tunnel with my tongue. From time to time flicking her nub with the tip and slipping a finger into her depths. Her whole sex was soaking with her nectar and my saliva. I let my fingers stray to her puckered opening and circled it softly. She moaned at this touch but pushed her dripping cunt against my mouth.

Restraint was no longer an option. I quickly rolled the condom down my shaft, coated it with saliva and placed the head at the portal of her pleasure. She pushed herself against me and I slipped in. Suddenly she took control, flipping me onto my back and taking her pleasure at her pace. I was in heaven. Looking at her small breasts, flushed face, and feeling the heat of her cunt caressing me was bringing me to ecstasy quickly. I reached for her nipples and pulled both quite forcefully. Her head fell back, her eyes closed, and a long moan escaped her lips. Then she leaned forward grabbing my ribs and began pumping her hips until she climaxed loudly.

Sally collapsed on my chest mumbling something, I thought I heard "thank you" but I'm not sure, I just wanted to cum myself but I didn't dare move. We remained locked together for a few minutes until she pushed herself up.

"Oh, George, I think you have warmed me completely," she moaned. "Now fuck me 'til you cum!"

We rolled over and I slowly began the wonderful dance again. I sat back on my heels, pulled her hips to me, and pushed as deeply into her as I could. The rhythm built slowly as every stroke was fully retracted to fully penetrated. Our curls met and parted on each thrust caressing the full length of my shaft each time. The feeling became too intense and the speed had to increase. I tried to hold back but Sally told me to let go.

"Let it go, George, take me however you want. I want to feel your power; I want you to take me!"

I started to thrust faster, but still made the long strokes to get the full feeling of her tight tunnel. My whole prick could feel her walls embracing its length. I didn't last long and exploded deep in her belly. It was my turn to fall onto her chest and breathe deeply while moaning her name.

Finally I slid out of her warmth and slipped to the bathroom to dispense the condom and wash a bit. I returned to find Sally waiting for me saying how much she enjoyed our session.

"I hope you're not too tired from saving me and fucking me so energetically," she giggled. "Because I still have some needs you have to address. Do you have more condoms? I want you hard and coated again soon!"

"Well then, you might have to try something other than just lying there naked, to wake up this droopy thing between my legs," I announced defiantly.

Sally knelt in the center of the bed. She turned her back to me, looked over her shoulder and fell forward with her butt in the air.

"If you have a tube of lube in your stuff," she challenged me over her shoulder. "You might get excited by a little anal action. Is my presentation good enough to catch your trouser trout?"

She suddenly laughed while looking at me. My prick had answered her question and was swelling rapidly. I went back to the bathroom to collect my lube before she changed her mind. Her lovely ass greeted me upon my return. Her seam was still soaking from our previous bout and even her rosebud was wet and shiny. I knelt behind her and began licking her wetness. She squirmed at my touch and pushed back onto my mouth.

Spreading her cheeks I ran my wet tongue along her crease. When it touched her butt hole she let out a little cry and pushed back more. I pulled her cheeks further apart and pressed the tip of my tongue into her passage. Her O-ring opened slowly and let my tongue slide in. I flicked it back and forth while getting things as wet as possible. She clearly enjoyed my tongue action. Her hips were moving in rhythm and her cries were almost constant.

I hoped I had excited her enough for her to be ready for the next phase. My own desires were overtaking my courtesy. I pulled back and put a dab of lube on my finger. Placing my fingertip right at her opening I slowly pushed in. I slid in easily and began to fuck her ass with my digit. My other hand rolled on the condom and began to caress her slit until those fingers found her clit. I made circles there while sliding anther finger into her butt. I was getting way too hot; I really needed to enter her back door.

"Oh, you are so hot; may I fuck your butt now?" I asked.

"Yes, please, now. I want you in me," she moaned.

I greased my pole and put it where my fingers had just been. When I pushed, it slid right in. Sally pressed her ass back onto my shaft and began to move at her own pace. Damn, she felt good and looked good. Her little round ass, all covered in goose bumps, was pink from her exertions. As I watched my pole slide in and out I began to lose control. I reached for her clit and tweaked a nipple; I had to excite her as much as I could.

Sally sat back onto me; one of her hands joined mine to play with her pussy as she rode me like a bronco. Her fingers were circling her clit as her hips slapped against my thighs. She was taking long strokes and I was completely losing it.

"I'm cumming, Sally, I can't control it," I wailed.

"Pull my nipples, hard, now," she ordered as her rhythm increased. Doing as I was told I began to fill her insides with my release. I kept pushing against her and pulling her nipples in hopes of hurrying her along. I knew I would fade soon.

"Oh, George, oh, George, harder, it's so good," she howled. "Yes, yes, now," she screamed as she pushed me back and sat all the way down on my pole. I could feel her sphincter milking me, making me cum a few more spurts before I almost passed out. She lay back onto my chest but did not pull off.

"Thank you, George, I needed that, "she said softly. "I think I'm warm now, but I do need to clean up a bit." She slowly disengaged and went to the bathroom. I was too spent to follow.

When she returned she told me she was hungry. "Well, let's go find some food," I said. "What am I supposed to wear?" She laughed. "Maybe I should just wrap the sheet around me and pretend we were at a Toga party."

"Try on some of my clothes; we'll get your car after we've eaten. I hope you'll join me for the night here," I almost pleaded. I did not want to lose her, or even spend a moment without her. Sally was much too captivating a personality. I wanted to really get to know her.

"Here, try on these jeans and this shirt. I don't think you want my boxers, and I don't seem to have a bra around," I joked as I handed her the items.

She slipped into the jeans and rolled up the legs. They definitely looked better on her than me. She slipped on my button-down shirt, leaving the top three buttons open and tying the tails just under her breasts. She was stunning!

"Let's go get some food," she implored. "You have given me an unbelievable appetite, with all your warming exercises."

We drove to the next fairly big town and found a cozy little Italian restaurant, where we both ate heartily. We drank plenty of wine and even finished off with a strong Grappa. We were laughing and truly enjoying ourselves as we left the restaurant not knowing what came next.

Suddenly Sally turned to me and asked, "Do you ever play with toys in bed?"

Surprised, I answered, "yes, they can be fun!"

"Do you think this town has an adult toy store?"

"I don't know but we could ask the barman at the restaurant," I answered. "Get in the jeep and keep it warm while I go ask him; I think I gave him a good enough tip for him to help us."

When I returned I had the addresses of two shops. I was told one was a bit sleazy with lots of videos and the other mostly B&D clothing and stuff. Sally wanted to see the B&D shop, so off we went. The store had leather corsets and thigh-high boots in the window, all decorated in dark red and black. It really looked quite fancy and inviting to the kinky. We entered and found racks of exotic clothing as well as chains, whips, cuffs and a large assortment of toys.

Sally went right up to the sales-girl without looking at any of the displays. "I would like to see your best strap-on harness, and a nice sized black cock to fit in it," she said in a matter of fact manner.

The sales girl, a Goth girl all in black with quite a few visible piercings and two red streaks in her black hair went to the back of the shop and returned with three models to show Sally. "These are the best we have," she said. "I prefer this model; it stays put better, and lets you feel the dildo in the right place. The only decision is whether you want a single strap going between your cheeks, or if you want the jock style."

"I'd prefer the single strap," Sally answered. "OK, would you prefer black or red?" asked the girl.

"Let's go with the red," Sally replied. "Now do you have a really nice black dong to go with it?"

They started looking at a few models, and discussing the pros and cons as I toured the store. I couldn't believe I was shopping in a B&D store with a woman I had literally fished out of the river a few hours ago. Yet, as I browsed, I saw a few items I thought we could share. I gathered them and took them to the counter.

"So, George has found a few toys to play with also," Sally cried. "Let us finish with this then we will see if we like them." The girls continued evaluating the dildos and discussing the merits of one over the other.

"OK George, I have decided on what I want," announced Sally. "We will need some good lube, a few more condoms, and what ever you were adding." I showed her the four leather cuffs and the four chains with clips. "Oh, those look delicious, let's take them. Only problem is my wallet is in my car, so you'll have to loan me the money to pay for all this. I promise I'll pay you back tomorrow."

Sally gave me a big kiss as the sales-girl totaled our bill. "We're going to have fun," she cooed. "Let's get to my car and head to the B&B quickly."

We almost ran out of the shop and sped to where she had parked her car. As she followed me to the B&B I wondered how I had been so lucky to be at the right place to save such an exciting woman. We grabbed our toys and her clothes and ran to the room, we were both so excited. Upon entering Sally immediately took control, ordering me to undress and be ready follow her instructions.

She disappeared into the bathroom with the bag from the toy shop. I could hear water running as I undressed. A few moments later she emerged, naked, wearing the harness, with the large black dildo aiming at me. As I stood facing her my pole pointed right back at her. I guess I was excited to know what she wanted to try.

"Hold out your hands," she ordered with a firm voice. Gone was the drowning, lost, girl of earlier. I complied. Sally encircled my wrists with the black leather cuffs, and quickly led me to the foot of the big bed. She clipped one of the chains to the cuff on my right wrist and wrapped it around the post of the bed. A tight circle was made high above one of the balls on the bedpost, placing my hand well above my head. She swiftly did the same to my left wrist, leaving me standing facing the bed with my arms raised and spread.

"I will leave your legs unattached unless you misbehave," she laughed. She began to caress my butt and thighs with featherlike touches, awakening every nerve and fanning the flames of my desire. My prick swayed emptily in space hoping for her touch. She seemed only interested in my rear, and continued to stroke the outsides of my hips and thighs. I desperately wanted more, but she continued tantalizingly making unhurried moves along the back and outside. When I felt her finger slide, lightly down the seam of my ass, I groaned and tried to push back.

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