tagIncest/TabooFaith Brought Us Together

Faith Brought Us Together


I sent my fantasy woman an e mail.

And I said that I was a son of God.

She is a very religious person, and just so beautiful, it was heart breaking just seeing her.

I didn't know what her reaction to this statement would be; it would certainly make here wonder!

I said this:-

I love you dearly.

That you are the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

And that you are the sexiest woman on this planet.

That your very being, was the catalyst to my existence.

That I couldn't possibly go through my life without loving her.

That never touching her was not an option.

That I was solely here to love her.

That she was here on earth to be loved, and honoured by me.

That to be with her was God's gift to me.

That God's gift to me was his gift to her.

Her walk was the walk of an angel floating in air.

Her smile was the sun rising everyday.

Her tears were angel tear drops.

Her beating heart was life itself.

Her lips, a heart shaped kiss.

Her eyes, like sunbeams.

Her nose, a cute love button.

Her tongue, a pink diamond.

It was a necessity to perform Gods wishes.

To realise the needs in her.

To enact her desire's in her.

To go where no one had gone.

Her body was a temple.

To be worshipped.

To be loved by.

To be given.

That her love for me would grow, like flowers in the morning sun.

That my love for her, was a testament, to her very being.

That we becoming one was as inevitable, as day following night.

That my being was a celebration for her life.

I sent the e mail, and waited to see if there would be a response.

I got one the following morning.

It read:-


Well, I was really taken aback by your message, and what it contained, who are you?

You tell me you are a son of God?

But if you were, would you not approach me, and tell me what was in your heart?

I must confess, I was really really taken with your word power.

Are you powerful?

No one has ever used such passionate vitriol to me.

I loved the play on words, telling me how, and what to feel, and when.

I do believe in God, and I am sure that if he had plans for me, he would let me know, has he, is he?

You describe me as I see myself, I feel somehow that you know me, or if you do not, then know of me, and about me?

You obviously like what you have seen when you have looked at me?

That you know I am beautiful.

That I am as the woman, you describe in your message.

I am totally intrigued to know who you are.

Please tell me.

Looking forward to more revelations from you?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Lisa X.

I was amazed at her response, had I hit the proverbial nail, on its proverbial head?

I wrote back:-

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for you sweet reply

I am glad that you were obviously pleased with my attempt to regale your beauty, softness, and pure love.

Lisa please gaze into your heart, and seek out the person there, the person that I am.

I will come to you if you beckon me.

I am everything

I am all

I am with you

I will never desert you

I will always be at your side

I will carry you when you are weak

I will stand with you when you are strong

I will feed you when you are hungry

I will slake your thirst when you are dry

I will raise you when you are sad

I will rejoice with you when you are happy

I will love you when you need love

My arms will be your wall

My love will be your rock

My heart will be your bed

Lisa, I love you. X

One hour later I received a reply.

Oh my Jesus, I am stunned

How you must love and desire me?

Is that true, do you?

You must, I know it

I am at a loss to know what to do?

I do somehow believe every word you have said

No one could possibly say those things, without ever meaning them

My heart is beating like a drum, crashing into my ribs with a rhythm I have never known

There is a power inside me, telling me to find you, and seek you out

I know I must, God has sent you, hasn't he?

I am at a wall now, how do I climb it?

Are you there on the other side?

Will you be?

Would you catch me if I were to ascend it, and fall over it?

Will the love you profess for me be enough to awake me from my slumber, the one I am in, and have been since I was left alone?

If you are, if you will be, if your words of your love for me are true

Then please tell me what to do?

I have been waiting 10 long years for someone, for you; would you come to me and right the ship of my life?

This ship that has been here on the rocks of my broken heart, a ship wrecked by my loss those long years ago?

I await your answer with fervour

Lisa X

I was absolutely shocked with joy; I had never expected my idea to work like it had done, or was.

I was hoping for contact, but what had flowed from me to her, had flowed back.

I had always known how she felt, what was inside her.

That it needed to be brought forth.

But how was the problem, and I had found it.

I had found it through her faith, her belief in God.

A belief that I now had to ensure, encapsulated me.

I wrote back


You are in Gods hands now, he has sent me to you, and you to me.

It is your acceptance of whom and what I am, that will test your faith.

Will it be true enough, will it be strong enough, to carry your ship into the harbour that is me?

The ropes that will hold your ship, will be unbreakable if they are tied onto the capstan that will hold your life, until he calls you?

Will you be able to accept the gift of God?

Will the bond of God let you embrace him, and me?

Would you deny his love for you, by denying me?

Lisa, the time for your ship to come home is nigh.

She replied thus:-

I am Gods servant, I believe he loves me, I know he loves me, and no one but God himself, could have given you the desire, the need to be my saviour here on his earth.

I will do as he and you ask of me, I will come to you.

I will climb this wall.

I will be saved by him.

I will be saved by you

I will sail my righted ship into your harbour, and will tie myself to it, and you forever.

God is my staff, you will be my life from this day on, and God's will, will be done this day.

I know you, I know who you are.

Your knowledge of me is insurmountable, I will pray at the alter of your love.

Come to me, I am here; I will never deny God, nor you, never.


Lisa X X

I was on my computer in the sitting room; mum was on hers in her bedroom.

My father had died 10 years before, and I had watched her as I grew up, she kept her faith, which was difficult for her to do.

I had grown to love her as the boy I was, to the man I was becoming.

Her faith, and then mine, had brought her to me, and me to her, and us together now.

I knew she would not be surprised in the slightest when I walked through the door, and into her arms.

I walked gladly, strongly and happily upstairs.

Walking into her room, she stood from her PC, smiled, and said to me.

'My darling, my saviour, God has truly smiled on me this day.'

'He gave you the love and foresight to bring me to you, and him forever.'

'My love for you will be unbreakable; the tides will never breach our harbour of love.'

That night we made love, her for the first time in 10 years, me for the first time in my life.

God is good!

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by Anonymous11/03/17


I am not God. But if you asked Him I believe He would tell you that you have taken His gift and turned it into something foul and evil. Then He would tell you that forgiveness would be given if you onlymore...

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