tagInterracial LoveFaith Debased Ch. 1

Faith Debased Ch. 1


Chapter 1: Working up to the Real Thing

I am a 26-year-old, blue-eyed, ash blonde, white woman. And, at 5' 4", 118 lbs, with 32b-26-28 measurements, I'm considered petite.

I was a naïve virgin when I married shortly after High School and Brian, my husband, was the only man I had ever been intimate with. Even my name, Faith, says unsullied innocence, and the fairly straight marital sex we engaged in hadn't opened my eyes all that much. Sex, while definitely enjoyable, I had always considered a necessary concession to married life.

What happen to alter this perceived concept you now have of me, what I am going to relay to you in graphic detail, occurred near the end of the 6th year of mine and Brian's straight-laced…with an occasional excursion into extremely mild kink…marriage.

It began "innocently" enough with a pornographic movie, no plot line or anything; just a number of explicit vignettes depicting couples in various sex acts. Brian had thought a porn flick might spice up our sex life. What he hadn't counted on, and I certainly hadn't expected, was that the vast majority of those graphic vignettes featured black men with white women.

Something else neither Brian nor I had anticipated was my reaction to witnessing those white women, not only fucking and sucking those dark-skinned men, but their obvious enjoyment at being so thoroughly used by those unbelievably hung black men. I sat there in bed wide-eyed, my small pink nipples hard as pebbles and aching, and my pussy becoming hotter and wetter with each successive interracial vignette. And, even though half way though the video I had to pee so bad I was afraid my bladder would burst, I wasn't about to get up to relieve myself and chance missing even mini-second of an interracial coupling. I was so into the explicit video, so totally captivated by the hot interracial sex that I wouldn't let Brian so much as touch me until it was over.

After the screen had gone blank, then the touching began, in earnest and on both sides of the sexual equation. Brian and I made love like uninhibited minks and I came several times, instead of my normal once at end when Brian came. In the heat of things I even came close to doing something I had always refused to do for Brian. I, as another matter of marital conciliation, had mouthed my husband's penis, never for very long, and absolutely never with the expectation that I would even consider letting him come in my mouth. That was disgusting, something only a slut would allow a man to do. That night, however, I sucked his penis with a new sense of wonder and came so close to letting him actually ejaculate in my mouth that I think it scared both of us.

* * * *

Over breakfast the following morning I said I would drop off the video when I went shopping. What I did before getting dressed and leaving the house was something else relatively new to my married life. Like all young girls, I had masturbated, but I had forgone that solitary pleasure once I was a married woman. That morning, as soon as Brian left for work, I put the video in the recorder and masturbated to each and every interracial coupling, not once, but several times to every one of those inspiring coupling. It wasn't my own fingers, but the sights and liquidy sounds of those white women being so physically pleasured from being used by those huge black cocks which made me cum repeatedly, and very wetly.

I didn't want to take the video back to the store. I wanted it all for myself, but I knew I would upset Brian if he ever found out where I might hide it from him. So, I reluctantly took it back, but while I was returning it, I noticed an entire rack of videos devoted to black on white sex. On sheer impulse, I bought--not rented--a dozen of them and when I returned home, I spent the rest of the afternoon watching one after the other and masturbating like some sort of demented inmate in an insane asylum.

The next day was a repeat of the day before, beginning the moment I heard Brian's car pullout of the garage. A video would disappear in the recorder slot and my fingers would slither into my anxious cunt. I had always referred to my pubic mound and vagina, and Brian's penis, in those clinical terms. When Brian and I were having sex, I would even shyly call it a pussy and his a dick to be naughty. But, after listening to the well-fucked women so openly and unashamedly express themselves in "My" videos, I now knew what I had between my white legs; a cunt, meant to filled and over-filled with hot cum from a big, hard cock. The problem I had with this newly discovered concept was that the cocks "My" women were enjoying were easily five to six times more impressive them my husband's normal-sized white dick. 'Why is that?' I wondered to myself, then seeing one jerk hard into a white slut's cunt on the screen, I realized, "Because they were black, silly. Big, hard, and black!'

I soon grew frustrated trying to compete with the women in the videos with just my fingers--three of them plunging in and out of my wet cunt before early afternoon. I needed something far more substantial. I found it in the fridge; a nicely shaped zucchini I had purchased at the supermarket that morning--dark in color, of sufficient thickness, properly tapered, and almost as long as the big black cocks "My" women were enjoying. I trimmed the stub of vine from the end, washed it thoroughly in warm water, then brought it experimentally down to my cunt. From being in the fridge for several hours, it was cold. Damned cold! Too cold to put inside me, that was for sure. So, I popped it in the microwave for half a minute and tried it again. Much warm, much better, and with it firmly in hand, I rejoined "My" lucky women and their gigantic black cocks.

Down on my hands and knees in front of the big screen TV in the living room--just like the blonde with the big tits in the video I had paused while going in search of a big black cock of my own, I hit the play button on the remote. The action resumed and I inserted the zucchini into my cunt right along with the black man pushing his big black cock into her cunt. She went gaga for it and went crazy, cumming the instant I felt it pass my cervix and continue even deeper. Imagining it was the black cock on the screen entering unfathomed territory, you could even say I went fucking ballistic. I came so many times on that phallic zucchini that afternoon, while enviously watching white women getting the black fucks of their lives, I lost completely track. Actually, I quit counting after a dozen incredibly wet climaxes.

Vaguely hearing the grandfather clock in the entry chime five times, I realized fun time was over and I had to get the mess I had made on the towels I had wisely laid out ahead of time on the floor cleaned up, as well as myself. And I had to be quick about it; Brian would be home in less then an hour. I temporarily hid my videos and saturated towels underneath the dirty clothes in the half-full clothes hamper--I would find a much better hiding place tomorrow--then showered and had dinner started when Brian walked in the front door.

My unsuspecting hubby never knew he had cum-glazed zucchini along with his Salisbury steak and fries that night. And I was almost thankful he was bushed from his long day and didn't feel like fooling around when we went to bed. I had made myself cum so many times that day, I wasn't sure I could convincingly fake an orgasm--something I had been forced to do a few times in our six years of marital sex.

* * * *

I made a flying trip to the market the following morning, scrupulously examining every zucchini in the bin for a suitable replacement for the "black cock" my husband had said was uncommonly tasty the night before. I found six that were very suitable for my purposes and one big boy I had some reservation about, but bought, anyway--telling myself, "No pain, no gain."

With one of my phallic zucchini's always stashed away in the cupboard above the stove--where it wouldn't get too chilled to be used--the rest of the week was spent exactly the way as the previous two days; with me butt-naked on the floor in front of the TV, merrily fucking myself along with the lucky women in my private stock of black on white porn.

Over half the videos in my collection were professional productions, actors and actress paid to perform sex acts on film in a convincing manner, only a couple of them were pure amateurs. Of the professional productions, the performances of the women were convincing enough that I knew they sucked and fucked black men off screen for free as well as for pay. I know it sounds crazy, but while the videos were playing, I was in my own fantasy world. I was with the characters in the movies, enjoying the sex we were sharing right along with them. I became intimately involved with all the characters, the women who had names in the films I used their names, those who had no names, I gave names to. I did the same for all the well-hung black men. I used their names on a personal level to vocally encourage the women to service their well-endowed black men even better and the big black men to really give it to their nasty white sluts. I came right along with the women and wished that I was the one the men were cumming in… and all over.

The result of all this intimate, interpersonal fantasizing was that, by the weekend, I was irretrievably hooked, and I knew it. Black on white sex had become a major turn on for me and I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied just watching it acted out for much longer. Eventually, I was going to want the real thing for myself, live, naked black flesh on naked white flesh, me as the lucky white woman being used by big black cocks. And, as deeply as I was into the interracial sex by now, I knew it was going to be sooner rather then later. I could see only two ways of accomplishing my new goal; I could either sneak around and cheat on Brian with willing black men, or somehow get Brian to go along with it.

Since I wasn't keen about cheating on my husband at the time, I opted for the later method. Back then, the thought of Brian seeing me with a black man added an extra jolt of spice to what I knew I was going to do, anyway. One way, or the other.

"How about you rent another of those nasty videos, tonight," I casually suggested to him over dinner.

He completely missed his mouth with the hotdog he was eating. "You mean like the last one we watched together?"

"Sure, why not? You seemed to enjoy the way it got me all worked up."

"It sure did," he joyfully replied. "Especially, it seemed to me, the girl/girl vignettes. You seemed to really get into those."

"I did," I partially lied. The girl on girl vignettes had indeed stirred me, but only half a much as watching well-hung black men using their fantastic black cocks on white women had. "Tell you what, I'll get things cleaned up down here then shower while you run to the video store, and be I'll waiting for you in bed, wearing nothing except that naughty baby doll outfit you like so much when you get back."

"You're on, Babycakes! Girls with girls always gets me worked up, too."

Brian wolfed down the last of his hotdog and was on his feet, headed for the front door. "Get another one of those videos with vignettes," I called to his retreating back. I knew from previously scanning the racks of porn videos in the store that virtually all of them contained black on white scenes. "That way we'll have some variety to watch and get all worked up over."

He turned his head at the front door. "Babycakes, I don't know what's come over you lately, but I like it." He grinned in a way I figured he thought was wickedly lecherous. "I like it a whole lot!"

Brian scuttled out the door, I cleaned up the kitchen then ran upstairs and quickly showered, masturbating myself to a quick cum in the shower, and was waiting for him on the bed, in the promised baby dolls when he bounded through the bedroom door, three videos clutched in his hand.

I smiled and held out my hand. "Why don't you go grab a quick shower. I'll put one of these in and watch a little of it. That way I'll already be a little worked up while we watch it together." I pulled the frilled edge of my panties aside, brazenly showing him my blonde snatch. "We might even get in some naughty touchy/feely while we watch this time."

"Hot fucking damn!" he yelped and ducked into the bathroom.

I quickly substituted one of my private videos…that I had hidden under the bed for this express purpose…for one of those he had rented, then put one of his tapes in the player and hit fast foreword. I wanted it to be on a black on white vignette when my unsuspecting husband returned. I found one, conveniently right after a girl/girl vignette, put it on pause, got back on the bed and fingered myself to the still picture while Brian showered. The second I heard his bare feet headed for the connecting door, I hit play and was dreamily masturbating when he stepped into the room.

"You're more then a little work up already," he said, watching me finger my wet pussy. He glanced at the screen and gulped. "But… but that's a black and white scene, not a girl on girl."

"Oh, one of those was on before this one," I lied. "I'm working myself up thinking about that one." I closed my eyes and continued to masturbate.

"Oh, I see." Brian got on the bed beside me. "Have you ever thought of being with another woman?" he asked, watching a big black cock disappear entirely down a milky-skinned redhead's throat.

"I suppose all women have at one time or another," I answered, watching the black on white scene through slitted eyes while fingering my wet slit. "I'm sure most me have thought about the same sort of thing themselves."

"Not hardly," Brian scoffed. "Least, none of the guys I know."

"But you would like to see me with another woman?"

"Well, ah… sure I would. But only if you wanted to do it, Babycakes. I would never force you to do anything you didn't want to."

I silently congratulated myself. My husband had taken the salacious bait, now to hook him. I opened my eyes and stared past him at the screen. "What about me with say… a black man?"

"No way, Babycakes!" His verbal explosion had said no, but the brief flicker I caught in his eyes shouted, "Hell, yes!"

"It's not something we need to concern ourselves with right now, Hon." I took his hand and placed it inside the leg band of my panties, right against my wet pussy, then wrapped my hand around his hard white dick. Even hard, I could hide most of my husband's cock inside my fist. The lucky women in my videos needed to use both hands to properly caress their men's black cocks, and sometimes they even required third-hand help from one of their girlfriends to completely enclose their stupendous black cocks. In one of the videos, the girlfriend of lucky woman who was going to get that black cock in her actually had to use both hands to help conceal that gigantic black cock from my enraptured view.

However, I wasn't as lucky as my women friends… not yet. I would simply have to work with what I had in hand at the moment. "Why don't we play with each other while we watch this video." I started stroking his cock, making sure to rub my thumb across the sensitive head, just like I had learned to do from closely studying the white women in my porn do for their black men. "I get worked up enough from some naughty playing, I just might let you put it in me while we watch another one."

Brian and I stroked and fingered our way through the first video. I had to keeping backing off every time I felt my husband's cock swell to keep him from blowing his wad all over my hand. He wasn't about to cum until I was ready for him to shoot off. I, on the other hand, didn't place the same restrictions on myself. I wasn't denying myself the pleasure. I moved and worked my ass continuously, making sure his probing fingers hit just the right spots and came on Brian's hand three times before the video was over.

"Put in another one, Brian," I told him breathlessly. "I'll get out of these baby doll panties you've made so wet." He hadn't made them wet, I had. He had just provided the fingers for me to fuck my juicy cunt on.

Another video disappeared into the slot and Brian was back on the bed with me. I had removed my wet panties and had stuffed them under my pillow for safekeeping. I wanted to try something with them after Brian had finally gone to sleep. I had also divested myself of the flimsy baby doll top so my husband, or myself, or both of us at the same time could play with my tits and pinch my hard, aching nipples.

The screen lit up and I was instantly into the black on white scene being played out for my benefit. I had stacked the deck on my husband by putting my video second. Brian had three fingers working in my dripping cunt and I was fisting his small white dick, imagining I was actually jerking off the big black cock weaving back and forth before my enraptured eyes. I came quickly and hard, my cunt opening up and literally spaying my hot juice all over my husband's hand and the bed.

"Did you just pee?" Brian gasped.

"No, Honey," I laughingly assured him. "It's called gushing. It sometimes happens with women… If they're excited enough."

"Geeze! I've never known you to do that." He looked at the screen. The blonde in the scene already had the head of her man's black cock in her throat and was enthusiastically working on swallowing the rest of it. "Was it because of me, or the scene you're watching right now?"

"Mostly because of you, Honey," I responded without taking my eyes away from the hot interracial action. I was lying to my husband on a regular basis now…at least where my sexual interests lay. "But, you have to admit, this is pretty hot stuff." I scooted around on the bed so I could lay on my belly with my feet at the headboard. I was much closer to the TV screen this way. "Why don't you swing around where I can stroke you while we watch it together?"

My husband moved so that his groin was more or less even with my face and his cheek was resting on my butt. I took his cock back in my hand and parted my legs to give him access to my pussy. It was all the invite Brian needed and as I slowly stroked his cock, he finger-fucked my very wet pussy from the rear, which coincided perfectly with the blonde in the scene I was intently studying; she was rapturously getting it doggie from a well-endowed black man.

I knew this scene quite well and came at the same time she did. I also lost it a bit and began stroking my husband's cock harder and faster, wanting cum from a cock--even Brian's much smaller white dick--spurting somewhere near me when the black man shot his load all over her arched back. The timing was close, the black man on the screen, in my mind, winning because he lasted at least twenty seconds longer then my husband.

Brian's first jet cum shot out of the head of his dick in a high arch and landed across the bridge of my nose. Hot cum hitting me right in the face was a galvanic jolt to my entire system, eliciting a sexual response in me that would have shocked my husband, but which I knew would be the case the first time it happened to me. Instead of being repulsed by it, I wanted to clamp my mouth over the head of his dick and let him finish right there. And, if it had been a powerfully spewing black cock I was jerking on, instead a much smaller, three-jets-and-it's-all-over white dick that's exactly what I would have done. I would have instantly gone down on a big black cock and sucked the rest of his copious milky cum from his big black balls like a cum-slut dying of thirst.

"Oh, Baby," Brian apologized in a startled whine when he realized that he had shot a part of his small load in my face. "I'm so… sorry. I… I didn't mean to do that. It wasn't on purpose. Honest. You've got to believe me."

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