tagBDSMFalcon and Domino Ch. 01

Falcon and Domino Ch. 01


From his desk inside the office of The Daily Chronicle, reporter Dirk Peterson gazed at his screen. There had recently been reports of robberies committed by a scantily dressed woman. They had all been on convenience stores and other soft targets. No one had been hurt, but they were still crimes nonetheless. She had been nicknamed Domino, as she always left a domino tile as her calling card. So far the police had failed to catch her. Dirk knew that if she wasn't apprehended soon, she would continue committing petty crimes, and being a nuisance to society. His sources told him that she was operating from a disused warehouse in the red-light district, and he felt that the police needed help.

In his apartment that evening, Dirk's mind wandered as he thought about Domino. When darkness fell he removed his shirt and looked in the mirror at his chiselled face and muscular torso. He undressed before taking a chest from the wardrobe. From the chest he removed a bright red leotard and red tights, which he put on. The skin-tight lycra accentuated all of his muscular bulges. He then pulled on a pair of thick black trunks, leather knee-length boots and gauntlets. He clipped his bulky utility belt around his waist, and placed his stun gun in the holster. Finally, he pulled a black hood over his head. Falcon – the city's fearless crimefighter - was ready for action.

When Falcon arrived in the red-light district, he saw a small group of nightladies. Falcon and these prostitutes knew each other well, for he had been responsible for apprehending most of them and handing them to the police. As he emerged from an alley, one of the nightladies approached him in a threatening manner. Although, when she saw his red and black costume, she retreated sheepishly, for he was someone she feared.

Falcon reached the warehouse and found the door locked, which he felt was suspicious for a disused building. He took an electronic keypad from his utility belt, and placed it over the door lock. Lights on the keypad flashed rapidly, before a click told him the door was now unlocked. Once inside, Falcon found himself in a dimly lit corridor, leading to a room at the end. As he walked slowly along the corridor, he removed his stun gun, and held it firmly. When he reached the room, he saw that it contained a wooden table and a chair, with someone sitting with their back to him. As he entered, a floorboard creaked, causing his quarry to stand up quickly and face him. He saw that she was wearing a skimpy black dress, with a silver belt. Her arms were adorned with long black gloves, and she wore sheer black tights and black thigh-length boots. She had short blonde hair, with a black mask covering her eyes.

'Domino, I presume,' he said. Even though he couldn't fully see her face, he realised that she was an attractive young woman.

'Don't hurt me,' she said, with a tremor in her voice.

'I'm not going to hurt you. But the police will want to speak to you,' he said. 'Hold out your hands.'

She obeyed instantly and Falcon clamped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists. He noticed that her belt contained small pockets, similar to his utility belt. Her reached into one pocket and took out a domino tile.

'You won't need this anymore. I'll keep this as a souvenir of my conquest,' he said triumphantly, as he put the tile in his own utility belt.

'Please don't turn me in to the police,' she said, weakly.

'Tell it to the judge,' he retorted.

'Do you always wear that stupid costume and mask?' she said, in a more defiant tone.

'My mask protects my true identity. I've captured many villains over the years, and no one has ever seen my face.'

With Domino handcuffed and unable to resist, Falcon allowed his eyes to wander over her body. The heels of her boots concealed her true height, although she had shapely thighs and a slender waist. He also couldn't help notice her ample breasts beneath her dress. He desperately wanted to see her face, and knew there was no reason why he couldn't unmask her. After all, the police would do it when they arrested her.

'It's time to see your beautiful face,' he said, as he grabbed the side of her mask. 'Ready or not, it's coming off. Three.'

'No,' she protested.


'Please,' she pleaded. 'Not my mask.'

'One,' he said. He was about to remove her mask, when she took a deep breath, causing her breasts to rise inside her low cut dress. Falcon removed his hands and leered at her cleavage. He knew that there was nothing to prevent him from touching her breasts. She could hardly complain to the police, as they wouldn't believe a criminal's word against that of a respected crimefighter. He had never taken advantage of any of the nightladies, but this was different. This was an attractive woman. He placed his hands on the top of her dress.

'I wouldn't do that if I were you,' she said.

'Just try and stop me,' he said, as he pulled on her dress. Suddenly, he felt a jet of gas spraying into his eyes, and fell to his knees in pain.

'I warned you not to do that,' she said. 'You've just triggered my 'booby trap'. That gas won't harm you, but it will paralyse you for a few minutes.'

Domino reached into his utility belt for the key to the handcuffs and freed herself. She adjusted her dress, before removing his gauntlets and snapping the handcuffs on his wrists. She then grabbed a control pad and lowered a hook from a winch on the ceiling. She attached the hook onto the handcuffs before raising it again, pulling his arms above his head, and then lifting him up from his knees until only the tips of his boots were touching the floor.

After a couple of minutes, Falcon felt the effects of the gas wear off. He tugged at his handcuffs, but knew he couldn't break the shackles. Domino reached into his utility belt to retrieve her domino tile.

'I'll have that back,' she said. 'And I'll take a souvenir of my own,' as she unclipped his utility belt. Falcon was now fully alert, and aware that he was now the one who was helpless and had been disarmed. Domino stood behind him and placed her fingers on his neck. Slowly she ran them down his back, feeling his muscles beneath the skin-tight leotard. When she reached his waist, she placed her thumbs under the waistband of his trunks. She then pulled them down to his ankles, before effortlessly taking them off his dangling feet.

Domino stood in front of him and dangled his trunks tantalisingly on her finger. Falcon felt an erection forming and was aware that his tights alone offered little protection to his modesty. Domino saw the throbbing bulge in his tights, and gasped.

'Do I excite you Falcon? Don't worry, it can be our little secret,' she said, as she stroked his chin with her finger. 'You came here tonight to capture and unmask me. But I've captured you, and now it's time for me to unmask you.' She placed her hands under his hood. 'Ready or not, it's coming off.'

'No! Please don't do that,' he pleaded. Domino simply smiled at him, before casually peeling off his hood and dropping it onto the floor. Falcon's true identity had finally been revealed by an opponent.

'You're such a handsome man Falcon. It's a shame to hide your face,' she said. Falcon felt helpless as he dangled, wearing only his red lycra costume and boots. He felt exposed and humiliated.

'Let me go now Domino,' he said. 'You've got what you wanted.'

'There's one more thing I want from you,' she said. With a pair of scissors, she cut away his leotard from the waist upwards exposing his chest. She then placed two clamps on his nipples, which made him wince. 'Swear your devotion to serve me,' she said.

'No,' he replied defiantly. Domino turned the clamps, causing him to yell in pain.

'Say you'll be my servant!'


Domino hesitated. Her attempts to break him were not working. She knew she had to try something else. If pain didn't work, then pleasure would. Using the scissors, she cut his tights around each knee, before making a cut up each leg to his waistband. Falcon knew what was about to happen, but was unable to resist as she snipped the elastic and pulled the shredded lycra away, leaving him fully exposed. Domino stood back and stared at his erect cock.

Without saying a word, she removed her gloves and stood behind him, taking hold of his cock. She then started to lightly tap it with her fingers ensuring that he remained erect. With a firm grip, Domino began to move her hand up and down his shaft, increasing her speed then slowing again. She continued to stimulate him for several minutes until his gasps told her that he was reaching a climax. She then quickly released her hand, aware that she had brought him back from the point of no return. She repeated this several times and knew that she had complete control over his cock. He desperately wanted to be released from the tension that had built up in his groins.

'Please Domino,' he pleaded.

'Do you swear to serve me?' she said, as she continued to stimulate him.

'Yes,' he replied, unable to resist any longer. 'I promise to serve you,'

'That's what I wanted to hear,' she said, as she increased the pace, and this time she didn't stop. Falcon was now unable to control himself and ejaculated into the air, crying out in pleasure as he did so. When he finished, Domino released his handcuffs, and Falcon fell to his knees. She stood in front of him in a haughty pose. 'You're now my servant. Show me your loyalty by kissing my boots.'

Falcon was now so weak that he had no choice but to comply. Slowly he started kissing the toe of her boot, working his way up to her thigh, before moving his lips back down again. He repeated this with her other boot, until she told him to stop. Slowly he stood up and looked at her. This petty criminal had turned the tables on him. She had overpowered him, unmasked him, stripped him and finally milked him. She led him to the door and opened it.

'Go now, and don't return,' she commanded. As Falcon staggered out into the alley, he knew he would need time to think of a way to rectify what had happened tonight. He had arrived earlier that evening as a fearless, costumed crimefighter. Yet now he was leaving, wearing only his boots, and with his flaccid cock dangling in the cold night air.

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