tagBDSMFallen Angel - Movie Night

Fallen Angel - Movie Night


You've told me to go get ready to go out. I'm not to wear underwear of any sort, (although You've told me to wear a bra). We're apparently going to see a film with these friends, and like I said, we're not out to them at all. It's real warm out, so I figure I can get away with wearing shorts and a shirt. I put on a pair of black leather shorts and a black sleeveless shirt and black docs. The shorts are rubbing against the welts, making them ache and burn, but I ignore this as best I can. I quickly run a brush through my hair before returning back downstairs to You. You're sitting on the sofa waiting for me. You look up and smile at me as I enter the room, "Take your clothes off dear." I frown and begin to open my mouth to question You, but stop before any sound comes out. I pull the shirt up over my head and remove it, then unhook my bra and let it fall to the ground, and then I undo my shorts and lower them before stepping out of them. I bend down to untie my boots, but You stop me saying, "No, they can stay on. Come here." I walk over to You, stopping in front of You.

"Kneel down"

"Yes Sir," I reply as I obey You.

You remove a couple of nipple clamps from Your pocket and show them to me, grinning suspiciously like a wolf. "I told you tonight would be fun, didn't I?"

I smile up at You and nod my head a couple of times, and then gasp as You roughly grab hold of one of my breasts and pinch the nipple hard between Your thumb and forefinger. The nipple immediately becomes erect and You put one of the clamps on – making sure it is very tight. Then You take my other breast in Your hand and draw it up to Your mouth (lifting me off my knees), biting not-so-gently on the nipple, until it too becomes hard. The second clamp is placed on it, sinking into the sensitive flesh, making my clit throb suddenly. I groan out loud and You laugh quietly at me and pat Your lap. "Come on dear, up and over."

I stand and move to Your side, and lower myself across Your thighs, keeping my chest raised off the seat of the sofa. As soon as I do so, Your hands are running over my sore and beaten ass and thighs, admiring the marks, pinching the occasional welt. A butt plug appears in front of my face, and I hear a smile in Your voice as You say, "Open your mouth wide dear, this is larger than any I've used on you before, and I dare say you'll need as much help as you can get."

I do as I'm told, and the plug enters my mouth – pushing into it and moving round in small circles. It's abruptly removed and I feel You pulling my butt cheeks apart, probing with Your fingers. By this stage, my pussy is again very wet, and You are spreading moisture all the way up and down my crack. I can't help it – I start wriggling around on You, only to get my ass slapped twice - hard. "Stop that! We're not here for your enjoyment or amusement, so just lie still or you'll be sorry…"

I immediately stop moving, biting my lip to keep from saying anything.

"That's better…now behave yourself."

"Yes Master." I feel the tip of the butt plug being pushed into my ass, and then pushed in further and further. I cry out as it goes deeper into me and it stops for a minute. "Did you have something you wanted to say to me?," You ask threateningly.

"No, Sir, no, sorry…it just…slipped out"

"Then lie still…and …shut...up. I won't tell you again."

I lower my head and bite down on my arm to muffle any other sound that may escape from me. You give one final thrust, and shove the plug the rest of the way up into me. Tears spring into eyes, but somehow I manage to not make any noise. You pat my ass a couple of times, saying, "You may get up and get dressed now." I push myself up off You and the sofa. The plug feels huge in me - like it's as large as Your cock. I tell You this and You just grin at me, "Good. Get used to it dear, it's about to become your new best friend."

I swallow hard and lower my head slightly while going back to where my clothes are and getting dressed again. I can sense Your eyes on me, watching my every movement. My ass feels like it has been well and truly stuffed, and still burns from the caning. I feel like when I'm walking, it must be very obvious that there's a butt plug inside of me.

"Um, Sir?"

"What is it?"

"It's just that, um, well…. Sir it's gonna be obvious what's going on here…"

"What are you talking about now, dear?"

"Well, uh, everyone's going to be able to tell from the way I walk that, uh, I've got…something…in me Sir, and even if they can't see that, how can they miss seeing the clamps?"

"First of all, if anyone can tell anything from the way you walk, you'll be damn sorry when we get back here tonight, I promise you that.

Secondly, you'll leave the first three buttons of your shirt undone, so it's loose enough to hide the fact that you are…wearing tokens of my hold over you…and if by chance someone does happen to notice, well, we'll just have to admit that you're a kinky little slut, won't we?"

I sigh softly; I really should have known better I guess.

You come over to where I am and gently take my face between Your hands. "You are going to learn that nothing in your life is as important as serving me; pleasing me. If I decide to give you to our friends for the night you'll do whatever they want, because it's what I want. If I decide I want to take you out naked tonight, you'll do it with a smile on your face – because it's what I want. Do you understand me yet? I am your Master, you cannot say no to me, you cannot lie to me … you cannot disobey me without bringing so much pain and humiliation upon yourself. I own you completely and utterly, body, mind and soul. The sooner you figure this out the better it'll be for you. Don't EVER make the mistake of assuming I will allow you to get away with anything at all. Now, are you ready to leave?"

I look into Your eyes, slightly stunned by this impromptu speech, and simply nod.

"Good, then let's go."


We're meeting the others at the theatre, which is only a few blocks from the apartment, and as it's a warm evening You decide we'll walk there. We head off down the street and You put Your arm around my shoulders. After a few minutes, Your hand reaches down and gives a sharp tug on one of the nipple clamps. I gasp out loud and stop walking for a second, as the pain shoots down the front of my body, causing me to tremble. A couple of people turn to us with questioning looks, and You say softly in my ear "Don't make me pull you along by this." I'm blushing deeply by now, and shake my head at You and we keep walking. Your arm drops from my shoulders so that You can rub my ass – and of course apply a bit of pressure to the butt plug there, making it feel larger than ever. I glance up at Your face to see that You've got an incredibly evil smile that promises I'm in for a rough evening…


We get to the theatre and our friends are waiting there already. After the usual greetings and foolin' around, we all traipse into the foyer. You get in line to get the tickets, and I go off with a couple of the others to wait for You. It's a long queue so we're standing around talking for quite some time. I catch Your eye and You give me a big smile and surreptitiously run a hand across Your chest – as if I needed reminding of what was under my shirt. I feel my face blush and turn away quickly from Your gaze. I figure You're probably frowning at this, but hey, I'm likely to buckle at the knees, (or worse, cum right then and there) if I see You looking at me like that for much longer.

You come over and join us as soon as You have the tickets and we go straight in – the film's about to start. There are about 8 of us and we manage to find an almost empty row near the back so we can all sit together. You end up sitting on the seat nearest the aisle, with me in between You and one of the other guys. Almost as soon as we've settled down, the house lights dim to almost nothing and the previews begin. We're all talking and joking and generally just fucking around during them, and then the lights go out completely and the feature begins. About five minutes into it, Your hand finds its way onto my leg and gently strokes my thigh, sending waves of pleasure coursing up and down me. It moves slightly higher, and just before it reaches my groin, where I so badly want it to go, You lean over and whisper in my ear, "Go to the bathroom and masturbate until you're just about ready to cum." I turn to You, startled. "What?"

You grip my thigh hard. "Don't make me repeat myself."

"Ok, ok, I'm going," I whisper back. I get up out of my seat and step over Your legs to get into the aisle. As I turn to go, You grab my wrist, "You've got four minutes."

I hurry up the aisle and out into the foyer area. The bathrooms are off to one side, and fortunately empty. I lock myself in one of the stalls and quickly lower my shorts, grinning to myself – this isn't going to take long at all. I lean against the door with my legs apart and gently rub my finger over my swollen clit while pulling on the nipple clamps one at a time. I was right, within seconds I'm dripping wet again, and about to cum. I stop JUST before I do however, knowing that to disobey You on this one would be … well, hazardous to my health to say the least. I wipe myself, pull up my shorts and leave the bathroom. I walk back into the theatre feeling more aroused than I can ever remember being before; so very aware of the butt plug inside of my ass and the clamps on my nipples. My face feels like it's burning and I'm scared that when I sit down again the pressure of the shorts on my clit is going to make me cum.

I get to the right row and step over You again and slowly lower myself back into my seat. Without looking at me, You place an arm around my shoulders while reaching over and undoing the zip of my shorts. You put Your hand inside, feeling my clit and my pussy. An involuntary gasp escapes me, causing the guy next to me to turn around and ask if I'm ok. I simply nod my head – because You've taken my clit between Your thumb and finger and are pinching it real hard. Your little finger is in my pussy and I'm beginning to wriggle round and my breaths are becoming shorter and more ragged. Without warning, Your hand clamps over my mouth and You give my clit a HARD squeeze before removing Your hand from my shorts altogether. It's a good thing You covered my mouth, because I yelp out loud, but it's smothered and doesn't get past You. Your arm goes back to resting on my shoulders but I hardly notice, I'm panting and half blind with lust by now, and would do pretty much anything to be allowed to cum – just once even. You know this of course, and sit there quietly for the next 45 minutes with only Your arm touching my shoulders. I'm not bothering to try and follow the film; my whole body is screaming for Your touch and it's all I can do to sit there and not squirm in my seat or beg You to fuck me.

Intermission comes. We stay in our seats (Your idea) and a discussion of what's happened so far ensues. Of course, I have absolutely no idea what the film is about or who's even in the damn thing – I can't seem to get my mind out from between my legs. Someone says something to me and I just stare blankly at them. "Sorry, what was that?" You decide to be merciful and come to my 'rescue' with, "She's not really feeling herself tonight." I shoot a black look at You, which was obviously intended for my benefit, another of Your "little jokes" no doubt. Very fucking funny I'm sure. One of the women comments that I do look a little flushed, am I maybe coming down with something? I mutter something about being fine, really, thanks I'm ok and hear You chuckling next to me.

Intermission finally comes to an end, and the lights are dimmed again and the second part of the film begins. I try to concentrate on it and at least make an effort to figure out what's going on, but know it's not really going to happen. Especially when You grab hold of my hand and pull me out of my seat whispering "Come on." The guy next to me turns and asks again if I'm ok. "Uh, yeah, no, uh, I'll be back in a minute. Sorry."

You rush us out of the theatre and when we get into the foyer, You glance round to make sure no-one's looking and pull open the door to a closet that is half hidden in a dark spot. You push me inside and close the door behind us, engulfing us in complete darkness.

"What are…," I start to ask

"Shut up! Get those pants off, turn around and don't say another word."

I do as ordered, removing my shorts (again) and turning so my back is to You. The butt plug is abruptly removed from my ass, only to be replaced seconds later by Your cock, which rams up into me in one sharp sudden thrust. I'm thrown forward by the savagery of it and catch myself on what feels like a shelf of some sort. You're pumping Yourself into me; I feel Your balls slapping against my pussy, Your hands like talons on my shoulders, Your cock like an iron rod inside of me. You're thrusting as hard as You possibly can, and it feels like You're tearing me open. I clench my teeth as hard as I can to keep from crying out and my jaw is aching within seconds. "Ahhh…yes yes yes yes yes," You cum in four jerking thrusts, spurting hot cum in my ass, before falling against me for a minute. "God that's better, don't you think?."

I groan loudly, "Sir please…I'm so horny…my pussy is aching for You…my ass is so sore...my nipples hurt…please Sir please, let me cum? I'll be so good from now on Master, I promise…"

In response, You pull out of my ass, shove the butt plug back in (keeping all Your cum there) and tell me to get dressed and to "stop acting like a whore and meet me back in the theatre," and then You leave. I pull my shorts up, wincing with every movement, thinking this has to be one of the worst punishments You could possibly come up with (selectively forgetting that I think the same thing about every punishment).

Again, I make my way back to my seat and carefully sit down. I don't even bother to look at the screen this time. I just put my head back and close my eyes for a while. When the film finally ends and the lights come back, the general consensus seems to be that it was a great movie, really worth coming out to see. Fabulous. Most of our group decide to go out for something to eat, but You look at me and say to the others "Sorry guys, but we're gonna bail on you this time. We've got…stuff…to do at home. Right, dear?" I smile and nod at the others, "Yeah, we should probably get back soon I guess." With that, we say goodnight and head back to the apartment. After we've gone a block or two You turn Your head to me, "So, are you feeling more…obedient than you were earlier this week, dear?"

"God yes Master. Hell, right now? I'll feel anything You tell me to feel."

"Good. So I won't need to punish you for anything for a while then?"

I give a short laugh, "No Sir, absolutely not. I'll be so well-behaved from now on, I promise I will."

You stroke one of my cheeks gently and laugh, "I won't recognize you…"

"I'm sorry Sir, have I really been that badly behaved lately?"

Your voice tightens for a moment. "You know you have – or has tonight been a complete waste?"

"No. No it hasn't Sir, I guess I have been a bit of a brat recently. I am sorry Sir."

You laugh again and slap my ass, "I bet you are."

We get back to the apartment and go inside. You lead me straight upstairs to the bedroom and tell me I've got exactly ten minutes to get ready for bed – but that the butt plug and nipple clamps cannot be removed. I nod resignedly and go off to get ready.

When I return, naked of course, I see You have a pair of handcuffs waiting on the bed. You see me notice them, "Well – aren't you going to ask?" I just shake my head, "No Sir"

You smile broadly at me "By God I think you might actually be learning something…." You come over to me and place Your hands over the nipple clamps, and lean down to kiss me. As Your lips meet mine, You pull both the clamps off at once, sending lightning bolts of pain to all parts of my body as the blood rushes back, and causing my knees to give out completely.

You laugh softly as You lower me to the bed and gently rub my nipples, easing the pain away to a dull throb. You then roll me over and cuff my hands behind my back and take out the butt plug – much more gently this time, and pull the sheet up over me. "Go to sleep now. We'll talk again in the morning, and if you promise to behave, well, we'll see what we can do about this," and with that, You rub one hand against my pussy for a minute or two, just enough to get me very excited again and then take it away with one last pat. "Sleep well now..."

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