tagNonHumanFallen Ch. 05

Fallen Ch. 05


I still need to feed and I don't want to do it with Sacha tonight. I have something quite different planned. I ponder.

I linger in the sitting room, until Chancey bustles through on his way to gather provisions and prepare sleeping quarters for the boys. He is startled to see me still here.

"My Lord?" he stutters, caught by surprise, something that is unusual for him.

"I wish to taste a boy, one I have not named yet. I tasted him on the day I brought Aqua."

"Yes. Ara."

"Is that his given name or a name given?" I will not tolerate any boy retaining his given name. Usually, I name them myself, but I hunted the boy for a purpose and, when that purpose was achieved, I lost interest.

"I gave it to him myself, My Lord. When you did not name him within a few days, I believed that it was what you would have wanted."

"Indeed it is. You have chosen well, Chancey. Ara. I like it." Chancey smiles broadly. Sometimes, he treads close to the line, but it is usually only when I am rubbing it out and moving it. He still loves to serve me, and does it with care and affection.

"How many boys do we have now, Chancey?"

He responds immediately. "With the two you brought in tonight, there are seven, not including myself, Sacha and Aqua."

"Is that a good working number?"

"It is very good number, My Lord, provided your household and... needs, remain stable. If you... expand then we will need a larger stable, even with rotation."

"I see. We will need more boys when Aqua needs to feed. Well... I think that we will leave things as they are for now. Ensure that there are quarters prepared for more boys. I think that Aqua should hunt for his own stable when he is able, as his tastes may differ from mine. He can share my stable until he has established his own. It will support him for a time."

"Yes My Lord. What of Sacha, My Lord? Where will he quarter?"

"I had not thought of that. I wish him close to me, and he will spend much time in my suite, but he needs space, and quarters of his own. He is to be part of my household now, and he, therefore, deserves to be housed away from the other boys. Besides, I want to have him close."

Chancey considers for a moment. "I could have a suite next to yours prepared very easily, My Lord. I could arrange for a connecting door. He will then be able to entertain his own 'guests' including yourself and Aqua in suitably appointed rooms."

My house is not as others are. It exists in a fold between worlds and it is therefore possible to mould it, manipulate its form to a certain degree. When I handed the responsibility for keeping the house over to Chancey I also handed over the secrets of moulding it.

"That would be perfect. What would I do without you Chancey?" He glows with pleasure, a flush rising in his cheeks.

"Where would you have me send, Ara, My Lord?"

I consider. I don't want to take him back to my chamber. Tonight, that will be for Sacha and me alone. The bathing room is comfortable, but makes me shiver now that I am becoming warm towards humans in general, and my boys in particular. While I think of it, I direct Chancey.

"I wish the bath in the bathing room to be removed completely. Replace it with a sunken seating area, and fill it with more cushions. I want the room to be associated with pleasure now, and not fear or pain."

"Yes, My Lord." He looks a little surprised, but a broad smile breaks over his face.

I ponder again, then smile. "Send him to the tower room." Chancey's eyes widen and I smile. "Don't fear. He will not be hurt." I think that Chancey is more shocked by my reassurance than my choice of room.

I quickly climb the twisting staircase to the tower room, and take a key from my pocket, fitting it into the lock on the heavy oak door. It swings open silently and allows me into a room, which is dark as pitch. Although I have excellent night vision, I take a taper and box of matches from a small table near the door, and light the oil lamps that dot the room.

In the light of the lamps, the room comes to life, and it is red. The circular room is lined with windows, all the way around, and every window is covered with drapes of heavy red velvet. The floor is carpeted with red and the rugs which lie on it are red and gold. Swathes of red and black silk tent the ceiling, and the enormous carved oak bed is dressed with curtains of red velvet and linen of red and black silk.

Elaborately carved cupboards, built into the circumference of the room, contain many things that I will soon be disposing of. One of the reasons this room is red, is to make it easier for Chancey to disguise the blood stains.

Leather straps, attached to the bed, are dyed red by it, as are the headboard and the floorboards under the carpet. The cupboards contain implements whose handles cannot be cleansed of it, and, despite the heady scent of the incense I light, the room still smells of it. But that might be just me.

As I finish lighting the lamps and the incense, I hear hesitant footsteps on the stairs. Ara is frightened, I can smell it. He has been here long enough to have heard stories about what goes on in this room. The stories are, of course, fabricated as no one who has entered this room, other than Chancey, has left to tell the truth. Along with the dungeon and the bathing room this room is universally feared and it is well known that to be summoned here is to be summoned to death. Except that it isn't, not any longer.

Ara is dressed simply in black slacks and tshirt that makes his hair glow. With the red light of the room it is like burnished bronze and I can't wait to run my hands through it. He hovers in the doorway, his eyes downcast, trying to look around the room without seeming as if he is. It makes me smile. He looks very young. If I did not know better I would hesitate as I have a strong objection to taking children. I have done enough of that in my past when I was acting under orders, I will not do it now of my free will.

I take Ara's hand, and draw him into the room, closing the door behind him. He jumps at the very final sounding click as it shuts.

"What have you heard about this room Ara?"

"I..." He looks up, his blue eyes wide and terrified. "I have heard that those who enter don't leave again, My Lord."

"Does that frighten you, Ara? Do you fear to face death?"

He licks his lips and swallows. "Yes, My... My Lord."

"You feel so tense, Ara." I murmur as I run my hands over his chest and shoulders. "You should relax."

He tenses even more, but stands rigid and immobile, as I walk around behind him and brush the hair away from his neck, tilting his resisting head to one side.

"You have nothing to fear, Ara." I whisper, almost regretfully as I lick his neck, tasting the lingering flavour of fear. "You will not be meeting death here today. I swear to you that you will be walking out of this room. I never lie. If you were to die here I would tell you and savour the taste of your fear, but that is not what I am seeking today."

"No... I mean, yes... I mean..."

"Hush, Ara, it's alright. You have no need to speak. Just relax." I lick him again, releasing enzymes into his blood stream through the artery in his neck. He relaxes despite himself and his head grows heavy on my shoulder.

Moving gently away I lead him over to the bed and help him out of his clothes, before lying him down. I have no desire to be pleasured by him, as I have my own entertainment planned for later, and so I remain clothed. I kneel between his knees, leaning forwards to stroke his whole body with light strokes of my finger tips.

Soon, I have him in a fever, moaning and sighing beneath my fingers. The timely release of carefully controlled enzymes into his body assists in my endeavour, and, by the time I have finished, he is balanced on the edge of consciousness.

Slowly and deeply I stimulate him, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. As I administer the last strokes that will bring him over the edge I bend forwards and lick my way up his body, releasing my venom as I do so, ensuring that his climax will be the most intense he has ever had. When I reach his neck I nudge his head aside and sink into him as he erupts in my hand.

Ara bucks, his body convulsing with release, and gasps as his blood pours into me. Oh, it is sweet, it is so very sweet. His body is trembling, and I keep it in a state of excitement by toying with his flaccid penis, releasing my venom into the tip. He moans deeply, a rhythmic tremor shaking him in time with his heartbeat.

Well before I have drained him to a dangerous level, I remove my fangs and raise my head. He is still conscious, barely, still shuddering, still in ecstasy. Lying beside him, I stroke his hair, still playing with his manhood, which is slowly rising again.

"You taste so sweet, Ara, so very sweet. It would be easy to drain you, to glut on your sweetness. You are beautiful and so, so sweet. Do you still fear death, Ara? Do you still run from it?"

He is incapable of speech, especially now, as my fingers are raising his erection to full life again, my enzymes giving him sensations he has neither experienced, nor imagined. His eyes are open, but fixed, staring into the void. I stroke his face and lean close to him, drawing his eyes into mine as a mix of my actions and chemicals begin to send him on a high so deep and intense that if I am not very careful it will kill him.

"Are you afraid, Ara?" He shakes his head slightly, unable to focus on anything other than what is happening to his genitals. "Are you still afraid to die?" He shakes his head again, gasping.

"What would you give to me to have me not stop what I am doing; to finish the ride I have started you on?"

He looks startled, slightly roused from his pleasure coma at the thought it might be ending. "Anything," he gasps.

"Would you give your life?"

"Yes," he says with no hesitation whatever.

I kiss him gently, my fingers caressing his neck. He shudders deeply and his eyes roll. "Wait, wait just a little while. I run my fingers over his head and let a tiny amount of chemical to leak into it and he bucks off the bed, his entire body trembling and straining. I kiss him again.

"Are you prepared to die for the pleasure, Ara? Are you prepared to give your life to end what I have begun?"

"Yes," he cries out as the trembling increases, and his body strains further and further towards release.

"Hold my hand, Ara." I take his hand and he grips me with a grip of iron. I run my thumb over his wrist and he throws his head back and stops breathing, as the most intense orgasm he has ever had rips through him, and violently convulses his body. If I let go now; if I take my finger from his pulse or stop releasing my energy into his body he will die. But I don't, I don't let him go and, when his body stills, he takes a huge shuddering breath and then relaxes, exhausted.

Ara opens his eyes and stares at me, still shaking.

"What... what happened?"

I smile. "Did you like it?"

"Like? It was... it was..." His eyes and smile turn dreamy.

"Would you like to do it again?"

"Not now," he says sharply and I smile.

"I have no desire to kill you, Ara and I would if I did that again now. But sometime, I promise."

He smiles and nods, his eyes bright, but heavy with exhaustion. "Sleep now, sweet boy. I will send Chancey to you in a little while. Until then, sleep." I lean forward and, with a kiss, impart oblivion.

Tucking the covers around him, I let my eyes rove over his peaceful face. A strange feeling washes over me, a kind of fond protectiveness that I have never experienced before. "Ah, Astaria," I sigh. "You were always the better part of me." Her touch still tingles on my body, and I realise there is no going back now. This room will soon be cleansed of the smell of blood, as only very little will ever be released in here again. There is only the smallest pang of regret.

Chancey is waiting in the general sitting room, and looks up, his eyes anxious. I wonder why. He has never been so concerned about one of my pets before and there have been very many who have left this house lifeless over the years.

"Is he...?"

"I told you, Chancey, that he would be alright, and I do not lie. He sleeps. Give him a few hours and he will wake refreshed. He is at peace. Do not fear for him."

I narrow my eyes at the look of relief that crosses his face, then I smile. "It has been a long time since you loved, Chancey. I had begun to believe that you are as incapable of it as I am. Maybe you were. I have found softness and love again and so, I think, have you."

Many different expressions cross his face but eventually he slumps, defeated. "I can't help it, My Lord. He is beautiful. When you first brought him, he was so afraid, confused. His life before was a privileged one. He was pampered and cherished but it hasn't spoiled him. He is a simple and generous person, sweet and gentle. I can't help but love him."

I look at him thoughtfully, tapping my lips with a finger. He has been with me a long time and he has done so much for me. I have never rewarded him, never even considered that he deserved reward. I see a young boy with anxious eyes and, although I know that is no longer the case; still, it is a powerful image to my new consciousness. I find myself smiling.

"You may have him, Chancey. I think that, after what he has just experienced, he will want to repeat it and I will take him when he needs to replenish." All of my pets require to take my blood at least once a month or they would begin to age again. Every day, I spend a little time transfusing my blood, which is mixed with neutral blood that has been obtained by Chancey. He has never told me from where, and I have never asked. The blood mix is then used to transfuse my blood into my pets every few weeks. This is why my stable has a finite size. Only a little is needed for them and I take far more from them.

I always feed from them during the transfusion process so that there is a lesser blood supply from which their body may draw, forcing it to take in my own blood more quickly. As it is absorbed directly, and has healing properties, it replenishes the supply quickly. It has been my practice to pleasure the boys, and myself, during the process.

"Other than that, I will not touch him, and he is yours."

"My... My Lord?" he stammers, looking incredulous.

"Go to him. I will excuse you from your duties for the next few hours. Sleep with him, wake with him, take him to your room. I think it would be best if you organise your own suite down by the stable. Whatever you please, Chancey."

He lights up. "Yes, My Lord."

I take Chancey's face in my hand and look into his eyes. "You still look little more than a child, but there is so much depth in your eyes these days. Sometimes I think it is weariness. I seldom see you smile. I apologise that I have not cared. I have had many years of sadness and I have allowed them to weigh down my shoulders so far that my head was no longer high and my eyes no longer saw what was there." I stroke his cheek, and he bites his lip in a gesture that is more vulnerable, more... human than I have seen in him for a long time.

"I see more clearly now and what I see is that I have done wrong by you, by all of you. You trusted me and I repaid you in blood. Those days are no more. There will be changes, Chancey. For better, or worse, I do not know, but the very least I can do is to bring love into your life if it is in my power to do so. You have served me well for many years and it is time that was recognised.

"Make yourself a home here and share it with whom you please. I will support you in this and will endeavour never to come between you. But you must appreciate that all within this house are still mine to take and I will take them... just not as much and not in the ways I used to. I cannot cease to feed from any one of you and still maintain you... but I will be sensitive to your needs and your lover's."

I pause and smile at the wonder in his eyes. I lean forward and kiss his lips, thinking that it has been a long time since I have tasted them. "Would it please you perhaps if I took you together?"

His eyes widen. "Yes. Yes, My Lord, it would please me."

"When do you next need to take blood?"

"Not for some time, My Lord. I... I have been... seeing to myself. I have not wanted to..."

"I understand, Chancey, but if you have been taking the blood without my feeding it will not be as effective as it should be. I suspect you have had to take it more often than the others. And what of Ara?"

"His time is soon."

"Then arrange it for some time in the coming days. Clear out the tower room. Make it comfortable for you, and for Ara. From now on that shall by our trysting room. You will transfuse there together and I will take you there together... if this is what you wish."

"Oh yes, My Lord, yes. It is more than I would ever have dared wish for." Impulsively he kisses me and then draws back, a look of shocked horror on his face. "My... My Lord I... I..."

I smile and ruffle his hair. "Don't say you are sorry, Chancey, because you aren't sorry... and neither am I. Now, go to your lover and when he wakes start planning your new home."

Chancey practically skips towards the door to the tower. It has been a long, long time since anyone has run eagerly to it. It is over time for a change. The thought suddenly comes to me that it would be good to hear laughter in the house, laughter that is not cut short by my presence.

I am tired by the time I reach my rooms. As soon as I open the door I smell the food and it makes my stomach growl.

Sacha is sitting on the rug in front of the fire, staring into the flames, a glass of blood red wine in his hand. Beside him, on a low table, another glass is poured and two bottles stand waiting. To one side a table is laid with pristine white linen and a meal fit for a king which, in this house I am. Sacha looks up as I enter and his eyes widen. He puts the glass down and rises to his feet.

"My Lord; forgive me I..."

I give him no chance to speak the rest of the sentence, because he is so beautiful, and the love he offers reaches out to my desiccated soul as the food to my hungry belly. He gasps but reacts instantly when I take him in my arms. When I kiss him there is nothing but a kiss, when I cup his face in my hand it is nothing but a caress. Tonight, there will be no venom, no control; tonight for the first time in centuries I will make love to a man who responds to me for no other reason than that he wants to.

Sacha embraces me freely and returns my kiss eagerly, although there is still hesitation there. I draw back, and look into his face which is still somewhat incredulous and filled with uncertainty. I stroke him gently.

"Sacha, you are beautiful and your love shines like the brightest light in my many years of darkness. When I look into your eyes I do not ever want to see fear or hesitation. Your life changes forever tonight. In my bed you are my equal. Do not fear either to ask or to give. If I do not like what you are doing I will tell you and I will expect you to tell me if I am not pleasing you in the way you wish.

"It has been a long time since I have slept and woken in the arms of another and it is something that, now it is within my reach, I find myself yearning for. I have pets, I have servants but now I want a lover. Can you be that?"

Sacha is almost in tears. He nods, swallowing an obstruction in his throat. "It would be my pleasure, My Lord."

"I know. That is why you are here. I will not use my venom on you Sacha and my kisses will be only kisses... unless you ask for it. If you ask it will be freely given."

Again he nods as if he is afraid to believe what he is hearing.

"Tell me, what is it that you wish?"

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