Falling for Jennifer


And then she pushed me up and rolled to her knees, her eyes shining in the moonlight. "Now you," she whispered and she rolled on the bed, the mattress squeaking in protest, and she lay on her back with her head lolling over the side.

I stared at her, not getting it. "What do you want?" I asked. I didn't care. Anything would do as long as it involved putting my cock into her somewhere. It was throbbing, desperate to feel her warmth.

"Do my face." She smiled, her teeth white and her hair hanging down like a golden curtain. Her body spreadeagled on the covers, her hands by her sides and her legs open, long and delicious.

I scooted round the bed and stood over her, looking down. My cock was massively hard, bobbing in front of her lips and she giggled. She was trying to capture me with her mouth, moving her head from side to side as it swayed over her, tongue flicking out like a snake's. She giggled. "You look like the incredible stretching man from this angle."

"I am, I am." I laughed with her. "I can stretch my body into any imaginable form, Sis. How would you like a five foot cock?"

She giggled again. "I think I've got one here already." The head was bobbing against her lips but the angle was wrong and she could not capture it. She gave up and grabbed me with her hand, feeding the end into her mouth and tilting her head to clear her airway ready for my entry.

I slid into her until the bulbous head of my cock was trapped in the confines of her throat. I could hear her gagging and I pulled back, savouring the slippery withdrawal until just the head was in her mouth. I could see her between my legs: her tight little mouth clamped around the head of my cock whilst she sucked at me like a popsicle; and I watched the long slow slide into her again, feeling her teeth scraping lightly on the rod until it was buried in her face up to my nuts. She was grunting, the vibrations thrumming through my shaft, and I could feel the leak of my juices dribbling out of me, trickling down her throat.

She let my cock drop out of her mouth, long enough to talk before swallowing me again. "Eat me too, David," she said.

I seized her buttocks and rolled her hips towards me, her weight on her shoulders now and her mouth still full of my prick. My hands were either side of her cunt and I levered her apart, watching as her opening gaped wide, and I plunged my face into her. She was so wet: it was all over my lips and it smeared the insides of her legs, gleaming silver in the moonlight. I stabbed her with my tongue, the sharp essence of her arousal tart on my lips and I knew I had to have her: to fill her vacant, yearning body, to fuck her on this little narrow bed in the moonlit silence of the house.

I flung her legs back on the bed and lifted her shoulders, swiveling her on the covers and climbing over her, pushing her legs open so she was prostrate under me. She knew what was coming and she gazed at me with hungry eyes, all thoughts of denial gone.

For a few seconds we stared at each other, aware that we were on the brink of an irreversible chasm: and then I plunged forward, my cock sliding into her liquid heat in one long delicious thrust.

How can I describe that moment? It was as if we were made for each other. Her cunt devoured me, its warmth and wetness enveloping my shaft like a perfect glove. I could feel the clasp of her flesh around the bulbous head, the walls of her vagina moving reluctantly aside as I slid inexorably towards her belly. She was spectacularly tight, her vulva gripping my cock like a second mouth, squeezing my swollen flesh until I was fully immersed into her. Her face was close to mine, her nails digging into my back as she rode out the long slide of that first penetration. I heard the hiss of her breath in my ear as I bottomed out and then we were as one, stilled for a few moments as we both savoured the incredible feeling of fullness. She lifted her thighs and locked her feet over my back.

She was murmuring, crooning almost, her words like warm honey dripping into my ear.

"I wanted this, David, from the moment I saw you in your room. It's so wrong...I know it's wrong, but I don't care. Do anything you want." And then a few moments later, "Ah, that's good! So fucking good. Can you feel me, David? Tell me what it's like."

She began to undulate her torso back and forth, rocking her hips under me, my cock sawing into her. Each stroke broke the tight seal of our union and I could hear the sucking of our flesh, the soft sound of fucking filling the room. "Is that good?" she whispered again. "Tell me what you feel."

My own voice, groaning with the incredible pleasure of it all, my words thready and tremulous. "I'm deep inside you Jen, buried in you. I can feel your pussy sucking at me, sucking me in -"

"Yes, yes! I'm sucking your cock into me." She shifted her hands, clasping my hips, rocking me back and forth with her thrusts. "Push it deep...ah, yes. Fucking with my brother. Tell me how you'll use my tight little cunt."

"I'll fuck you forever, buried inside you."

Her breasts against my chest and her lips at mine, nibbling. I picked up the stroke, my own hips thrusting in time with her movements, my cock flying into her. Incredible. Beautiful. More than that, but there were no words to describe it. She was a goddess sheathed in gold, warm and pliable under me, and she was mine. Her body welcoming me into its secret depths and her long legs were wrapped around me. She was perfect in every way and I was fucking her.

Long, slow strokes, changing the angle to penetrate every corner of her cunt. Sometimes I stopped with just the head buried inside her, delighting in the grip of her vulva on the rim of my cock- and she would pause too, waiting for me to fill her again. Her pussy was twitching around me and her mouth opened under mine, our tongues entwined; and then she would reach down and seize my buttocks, guiding me forward in a long wet slide into her again, and she would give this little growl deep in her throat.

I could feel the seeds of my first orgasm, the tingling in my balls and the gathering whirlwind in my brain, and she sensed it, whispering to me as I pounded her. "Come into me, David," she said, "fill me up." She rolled her hips upward, shifting her legs higher to give me deeper access. "Fuck me deep...ah, yes. That's it! Fuck your sister's pussy and fill it up," and then that little growl again.

Deeper now, the head of my prick lodged far into her body, the head close to the hungry little mouth of her cervix. My balls banging against her ass, soaking, sopping wet, and all the time her whispering in my ear. "Spray into me, baby. Fill up my pussy...I'm ready - ah, yes, I feel it coming, David. I can feel it coming now."

And from the back of my brain the tsunami rushed into my consciousness, devouring every sensation except the feeling of that warm sinuous body moving underneath me and the tight clasp of her pussy around my shaft. I could feel an ocean of sperm bubbling in my balls, swirling and seething like boiling magma on the brink of eruption: and then the dam gates were opened and the first jet surged through my rod to burst inside her. I felt her spasm underneath me as the heat of my emission triggered her own orgasm, and her cunt contracted violently to suck at me like a hungry mouth, drawing the seed from me like a vacuum cleaner. I heard her cry out and she seized my buttocks, pulling me into her even deeper just as the first scalding jet splattered deep inside her body.

And in the confines of her little bed we clutched at each other as if drowning, our muffled cries of ecstasy filling the room. Our bodies were twined together, muscles straining, her face pressed into my neck and her legs locked around me. Her pussy was milking me with strong rhythmic contractions and my sperm pumped freely - long, searing ribbons of boiling jism splattering against the walls of her cunt, filling the nooks and crevices around her cervix and oozing back along my shaft to bubble around her fluttering lips. I could hear her crying, telling me that she loved me and that she always would - and my own voice responding, lost in wonder at the girl underneath me...my sister.

And at last the storm subsided and we lay still, the chill of the evening air cooling the sweat on our bodies. My cock was still embedded inside her and I could feel the product of our lovemaking leaking around it, dripping over my balls to stain the sheets beneath us. I pushed myself up and gazed at her face: at her shining eyes and smiling mouth, and I heard her voice soft in the silence of the room.

"Stay inside me, David," she said. "Stay and fuck me all night."


Copyright (c) Hot_Sister. July 2011.

Not to be reproduced in whole or in part without the express permission of the author.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/26/18


A very beautiful story so far. I have not looked at chap 2 yet. I loved the anticipation in THAT David and this one. The gradual build up was perfect. The breakfast table/kitchen scene was awesome. Hemore...

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by never2old6605/14/18

awesome story

Loved the story! I can't wait to read chapter 2. Thank you for sharing this and I hope you have many stories to tell.

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by OedipusErectus01/30/18


Thank you for your gift of this story. It was a most enjoyable read. The brother and sister were, at least on one level, a study in contrast. David knew what he wanted from the very beginning. Jenmore...

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by Anonymous10/25/17

Great story

Great story. I could visualize his naked sister during the bathroom scene. Very good stuff.

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by Anonymous09/29/17

what the hell!


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