tagBDSMFalling into a New World

Falling into a New World


[This is fiction. In this story are scenes of oral sex, punishment, pain, anal play and penetration, coitus, threesome sex and the discovery by two characters of a whole new world. No one was actually harmed in the writing of this story. Your comments and votes are welcomed. If any of the listed activities offend you, please don't bother reading the story. I have no desire to offend anyone.]


"Marsha, stay with Mr. Peterson. Answer any of his questions and do whatever he asks you to do. You are his guide."

"Yes, Master." She bowed her head less than an inch, but it was a bow. A signal of her submission to him. He was a colleague of mine. Adam Pelphery, professor at the same university where I teach. We got to know each other over the last eight years of sharing an office and occasionally working with the same gifted students.

Here I was, at a party hosted in a warehouse on a Friday night, at Adam's invitation. I had asked more about his away-from-campus life and his answer was to ask if he could trust me. That answered, he invited me to come to the party to see what his life was like, away-from-campus.

There were about forty or fifty people at the party. Well dressed men and women with some dressed in ways I had never seen in public. Marsha, my guide or escort was one of those. She was a tall, red haired woman, with a very nice body. She wore a long dress that came within an inch of touching the floor. The dress was emerald green, belted at her waist and tight above the waist fitting her form nicely to the bottom of her breasts. Above the bottom of her breasts she only wore a collar. Her chest and upper back were bare. In her left hand she held the end of a chain that attached to her collar. In each of her areola, a barbell of gold, with the ball at each end being almost half the size of her nipple. The skirt portion of her dress was slit to her waist in four places, up each thigh and up the middle of the front and back of the dress.

When I first met her I didn't notice the slits. When she stood still they touched and hid their presence. As soon as she walked her legs parted the slits and showed themselves. She wore four inch heels and thigh high hose.

Adam said that he needed to mingle for a short while and while he did Marsha would take good care of me. He took the leash from her hand and handed it to me. He smiled and walked away into the crowd.

"Marsha, please tell me about this group."

"Yes, Mr. Peterson. This is the Society for Southern California meeting for April. Any and all Dom's from the membership can attend and bring any or all of their subs to the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is for the Doms to show off, to publicly punish a sub who has been disobedient or otherwise offended her Dom or to sell or buy a sub. If I heard correctly, there may be a sale tonight and three punishments."

I held the leash lightly in my hand. She looked at it and said, "Please hold the leash firmly. Holding it lightly is a signal that you may be displeased with me. Holding it firmly shows that I am yours and that you are proud to have me."

I held the leash tighter.

"Over against the wall to your left are three couches. On the black couch are Mr. Walters and his two newest subs. He is here to show them off. They have been his less than three months and are, he says, very well trained."

"Doms? Subs? I don't understand."

"Dom is short speak for Dominant. A person who Dominates others. A sub is short speak for a submissive. In this room there are many subs. Each of us finds that being submissive is how we love living our lives. My life belongs to Mr. Pelphrey. I gave myself to him."

"So, he told you to dress like this?"

"He bought the dress and he asked me to wear it tonight. If I am able to comply with a desire he has I will."

"Do you like having all these people see your breasts?"

"It pleases Mr. Pelphrey to have people see my breasts. If it pleases him I am pleased."

A glass bell rang twice.

Marsha turned and faced me. "It is time for the punishments. I recommend that we sit over here." She pointed to some chairs. "That way I can be free to tell you what is going on and help you understand."

We sat in the chairs she had pointed to. I felt like I was in some other world and felt blessed to at least have a guide. As we sat I noticed others sitting near us. Each of them held the leash to another person, a sub. Each of the subs was dressed to show their bodies.

A large man walked into the room with a woman behind him, being led into the room not by a collar but by a choker chain. She was blindfolded by means of a black leather helmet covering her entire head except for a hole where her mouth was. There were no openings for her eyes. Excerpt for the hood, she was nude.

The man led her to a platform in the center of the room and assisted her in standing on the platform. Another man walked to the edge of the platform and spoke.

"You will tell everyone in the room what you did to embarrass me."

Her voice was shaking and stopped every few seconds to sob. "I forgot my position and spoke during a dinner party when I had not been spoken to. I gave an opinion that was not my Masters and not given with permission."

No one in the room moved. Silence lasted a long time, perhaps two minutes. The young woman was shaking. I was thirty feet from her and could easily see her shake.

The man spoke again. "Do you know what your punishment is to be?"

"No, Master."

"Are you afraid?"

"Yes, Master."

"The punishment is designed to teach you something. Do you know what I want you to learn?"

"To keep quiet, Master."

"Very good." He turned to the man holding her leash. "Remove her hood, please."

The man nodded and unzipped the hood, removing it. The woman blinked and glanced around the room. The man holding the hood approached her and reached into his jacket pocket. As he pulled a device out of his pocket her Master spoke again.

"I have devised and made a tool for teaching you to be quiet. It is a clamp that will hold your lips closed. All along the upper and lower edges of the clamp are tiny sharp teeth that will barely penetrate your skin. Any attempt to open your mouth will tear those teeth from your skin. If you can hold still until midnight the clamp will be removed and no more will be said about the embarrassment you caused me. If you fail at this you are no longer mine and will be sold or given away at midnight." He paused. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master, I understand." Tears streamed down her face.

"Offer your lips to the man before you." The man showed her what he wanted her to do. It looked like an exaggerated kissing posture. As soon as she pressed her lips together and forward he attached the device. It looked like a barrette that girls use to hold their hair in place, a spring loaded barrette. As he released his pressure on the device the sharp teeth bit into her lips. Tears sprang from her eyes and her hands involuntarily moved up as if to protect herself from the pain or to remove the clamp. They only moved up an inch before the man slapped her across her breasts.

"You will not reach up for the clamp. You will not do anything to lessen the pain or allow anyone else to remove it. Do you understand?"

She nodded. It was obvious that moving her head hurt.

The man holding her leash led her to a chair and sat her in it. Her Dom spoke again. "Soon there will be music. Every time you are approached to dance you will accept. You will hand your leash to the person who invites you to dance and you will dance. Understand?"

She nodded. He walked away. The man who had been holding the hood had left the room. He returned with another woman.

This woman was heavier, older and bore several tattoos on her body. Her hair was long and obviously something important to her, or her Master. The ritual followed the same routine of her being led to the platform and then her Master approaching.

"Tell them what you have done."

"While out shopping for my Master I stopped at a bar and drank three beers."


"And I allowed a man to touch me and dance with me. I did not have permission for the beer or the touching."

"Is this the first time this has happened?"

"No, Master."

"What was your punishment last time?"

"Master, I was flogged." I noticed tears on her face and fear on her face.

"You will be flogged again tonight. You also will give up something I prize and you hold as your best feature. Your hair."

Like the young woman now seated with a clamp on her lips this woman's hands started up from her sides towards her beautiful hair.

"When you have no hair I will not want anyone to see you, after tonight. You will be confined to the house until it has regrown. I am very disappointed in you." He paused and turned to the audience. "Anyone here who would like to purchase this slave, either now or after she is shaved is welcome to make an offer."

A man sitting on the tan leather couch next to a nude black woman asked, "What skills does she have?"

"Tell him," Her Master said.

"I cook, and keep his home for him. I am open to his pleasure at every opening. I can be bound for hours and tortured with water and other devices. I am difficult to bruise."

"May I test her?" The same man asked.

Her Master nodded. The man got off the couch and took off his jacket. It was obvious he was well muscled and big. He stepped onto the platform and without prelude slapped the woman across the breasts. The slap was hard enough that she was turned nearly completely around. She did not make a sound. When she turned back around his hand print was easy to see on her breast. The man reached into her pussy and felt her. When his hand came out he held it to her mouth and she sucked. As he pulled his hand back he asked, "Bitch, when was the last time you were taken in the ass?"

"Yesterday, Sir."

"Did you bleed?"

"Yes, Sir."

He turned to her Master and said, "I offer you a week with Alice in your home in exchange for this one."

"A week? You mean to return this to me in a week?"

"No. I mean to have Alice back in a week and keep this one. I offer Alice for a week so you have a fresh pussy to enjoy for the week."

"Do you want her flogged and shaved?"

"Leave the flogging until I have her home. Shave her head completely."

"Deal! Thank you." He turned and walked away. Her new Master took the leash and handed it to the nude black woman. He told her to wait until she was shaved then put her in the car and bring Alice in from the car.

The man who had walked both women into the room stood behind the woman to be punished and the room filled with the buzz of clippers. We watched as all her hair fell from her head to the floor. I watched her face as the depth of humiliation and shame deepened with each stroke of the clippers.

When he was done another person brought a trash can to the platform. "You will pick up all the hair and throw it away." She got on her knees and gathered every hair and put them in the trash can. Then she was led away by the black woman.

Marsha leaned to me and said, "She got off easy and she knows it. The man who bought her will not flog her enough to hurt her. Losing her hair was enough. Next month he will bring her back to the meeting to show that she is still aware she screwed up. It will also remind the rest of us not to screw up."

The man brought a third woman into the room. She wore a robe, almost like a monk's robe that covered her except for her head. She was wearing make up that had run from her crying. She stood on the platform and her Master approached.

"Tell them what you did."

"I fucked without permission. Again."

The man on the platform unbuttoned the single button at the neck of the robe and pulled it off. The nude person on the stage was a transgendered pre-op. Her breasts were c-cups and beautiful. The result of good hormone treatments. The body reshaping was good, with hips and waist of a woman, great looking slender legs, and a pert ass. What was seemingly out of place were the cock and balls.

"Do you know what your punishment is to be?"

"No, Master."

"I have decided that since you fucked without permission, again, and since you fucked a virgin that was mine, you will never fuck again! Tomorrow you will have a partial surgery, not to make you a vagina but just to remove your cock. Then, I will give you away. You will no longer be my slave. If no one here will take you, I will turn you out."

She dropped to her knees on the platform and sobbed into her hands. The man holding her leash jerked her back up and led her to a chair. She continued to sob.

Marsha leaned to me again. "It won't happen. Sometime tonight he will be given an opportunity to end his own life and I believe he will do it."

"Will no one save him?"

"Masters do not want a cock fucking their slaves without permission. He cannot be trusted. His Master really had no other choice. Carla knew what she risked when she fucked his Master's fresh girl." There was no pity in her voice. She believed the man had known what he was doing and took the risk.

The punishments were over. The platform was removed and the music began. I sat to watch for a few minutes and saw that in this group dance didn't mean waltz. It did mean waltz but it also meant sex. When the music began I saw women all over the room removing what little clothes they wore and beginning to have sex with the men holding their leashes.

"My I suck you?" Marsha asked. I looked at her face and realized that if I said no she would lose face. She would be shamed by my turn down. I had never had a blow job with anyone watching. I nodded.

She helped me stand and helped me remove my slacks and boxers. From her knees she asked, "Would you like me nude or in this dress?"

"Nude." I wanted to see all of her. It took her seconds and the dress was off. My cock was in her mouth and she was sucking me as if giving me pleasure was what her entire life was about. I wondered if she could give my wife lessons. Then I wondered if my wife would accept the lessons. Her hands held my ass and my balls. I am a healthy six and a half inches and she had no trouble taking all of me.

For balance I held her head and she looked up at my face as she sucked. It felt incredible. She pulled back far enough that her mouth was empty and asked, "Would you please fuck me?"

The request should not have surprised me. There were many people in the room fucking in various positions and combinations of participants. I nodded and she asked, "How do you want me?"

"Ride me!" The position my wife likes least. She has various reasons she gives for not liking it but I like how it feels and how it looks so that's what I picked. Marsha helped me onto my back and slowly lowered her shaved cunt onto my cock. I noticed two gold rings in her clitoral hood and noticed how they moved as she raised and lowered herself on my pole.

"Oh, I love how you feel inside me!"

I thought, 'Oh, how I love how I feel inside you!'

At the bottom of her stroke she ground her pussy against me.

"Do I please you?"

"Yes!" As she lifted she turned and in eight strokes she had turned completely around. Each stroke had her feel different on my cock. If I closed my eyes I would have thought I was fucking eight different women! I felt my balls pull up and the juices of life boiling towards release.

"You're ready to cum?" She asked.


She lifted and sat back down thrusting my cock into her ass in a single push. She was tight and I shot inside her! I worried for a second that she was so tight I had the skin peeled off my cock but it felt so good at the same time that I really didn't care.

Marsha turned and saw the transgendered woman who had been punished sitting in her chair. She motioned to her and she came to us.

"Carla, clean his cock for us, please." She lifted off me and Carla didn't hesitate a second. Her mouth took all of my cock in and she cleaned me. As she was bent to her task a man came to her and knelt behind her. He touched his cock to Carla's ass and Carla opened to the invasion. Carla was hard but did not touch her cock. The man came inside Carla and pulled out. Carla turned and cleaned his cock too.

Marsha helped me stand. She gathered our clothes and we took them to a shelf. She finished undressing me, folded my clothes and we walked around watching other "dancers." As we walked I noticed the first woman, with the device clamped to her mouth. She was standing near another sub who was holding her leash and they were both dancing. Marsha saw me watching and said, "Every time she moves it hurts. It will hurt for days after the clamp is removed. I don't know why anyone would pick such a mean Master."

"What about the other woman?"

"She was ordered to dance with her. Someone likes knowing she is suffering."

"Is there nothing that can be done?"

"No. To interfere is to invite worse on the person who interferes. In any case it is almost midnight and it will be over."

I kept watching. Her dancing became less fluid, more jerky and then she collapsed. It hit me that the exertion of dancing when she couldn't breathe through her mouth had forced her to run out of oxygen. When she fell she opened her mouth.

I rushed to her and saw beads of blood all around her open mouth. She was breathing but still out. Her Master stood beside us.

"She failed. I no longer want her. Does anyone here want her?"

No one spoke or even moved for many seconds. I looked up at him and said, "I do."

He smiled and said, "Perfect. You know nothing about being a Dom. You are her new Master. I give her to you." He turned and walked away.

Marsha knelt beside me and said, "Why did you do that?"

"It was the right thing to do."

The woman started to come around and blink. I asked Marsha to get me two napkins, one wet and one dry. She helped me tend to the tiny puncture wounds and soon the bleeding stopped. The woman had not spoken. She looked at me and then Marsha, then back at me.

Marsha spoke, "This is your new Master. He will take you home. You will no longer be coming to the meetings. Your new Master is a guest, not a member. Do you accept him as your Master?"

She nodded. As I helped her up Adam joined us.

"Congratulations. I think you saved her life. Marcus is a tough man and I think her punishment would have gone on for weeks. By the way, her name has been Bonny. You may rename her if you like. She is yours. When we are alone at work you can count on me as your guide into the new world."

He handed me a robe for Bonny and we wrapped her in it. Back at the shelf she helped me dress and the four of us left the building. Adam had his arm around Marsha. When we got to my car Adam said, "Marsha tells me you are an excellent lover. Thank you for taking care of her while I took care of other business."

They turned and left. I got in and started my car. Just as I turned onto the highway home I realized, my wife knew nothing about what had happened or that we now owned this young woman! What would I say?

After driving half way home I looked over and she was leaned against the window with her eyes closed. I pulled her to me and she leaned against me the rest of the way home.

The lights in the family room were on. Janice had waited up for me. I pulled into the garage and shut off the car. The young woman sat up and looked at me.

"I'm leaving you here for a little while. I will bring you into the house. I think you will be warm enough here. Do not get out of the car."

"Yes, Master." Her voice was a whisper.

I got out and went towards the house. On an impulse I went back, opened the car door, leaned in and kissed her cheek. Then I closed the door and went to the house.

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